Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mexican National Tells Judge He Killed Two CA Deputies And Should Be Executed

Defense lawyers for a self confessed killer in court scramble to save him from the death penalty for killing two California deputies.

By H. Nelson Goodson 
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

February 5, 2015

Sacremento, California - On Wednesday, Luis Enrique Monroy Bracamontes, 34, aka, Marcelo Marquez during a court hearing shouted in open court that "I'm guilty, I killed those cops, I'm guilty, I just want my execution now" as defense lawyers pleaded with the cop killer to remain silent. Bracamontes lawyer argued that their client was suffering from anxiety and they weren't ready to make plea, despite Bracamontes's objections.
Bracamontes guilty confession in court is not considered as a formal guilty plea, because it wasn't being held to determined whether he knew what he was doing when he killed the deputies. The hearing was held to determine, if there was probable cause to hold the suspect and the judge ruled there was probably cause to proceed with charges.
The defense lawyers argued to restrict media from the court hearings, but the judge ruled that no cameras, video or sound recording would be allowed through the pre-trial phase. Reporters and public will be allowed to the scheduled preliminary hearing for March 27, according to Sacremento Superior Court Judge Steve White.
Bracamontes is facing the death penalty for fatally shooting Sacremento County Sheriff Deputy Danny Oliver, 47, and Placer County Sheriff Detective Michael David Davis Jr., 42, on October 24 during a multi-county crime spree. Oliver was fatally shot in the forehead at a Motel 6 parking lot. Davis was shot with an AR-15 assault rifle and was pronounced dead at a hospital.
Bracamontes is also accused of shooting another deputy and Anthony Holmes during a carjacking, both survived. Another carjacking victim, Jesus Cruz Juarez Salas also survived.
Bracamontes was charged with multiple felonies including for two murders, attempted murder, carjacking, driving a stolen deputy squad and weapons charges.
His wife, Janelle Monroy Marquez, 34, is charged with one felony count for murder, two counts of attempted murder, four counts for carjacking including in possession of an assault rifle while in a commission of a crime. She is not facing the death penalty, according to court records.
Court records indicate that Bracamontes was convicted of drug charges in 1997 in Arizona and had been deported to Mexico twice.
Janelle's family told media that Bracamontes was an abusive husband, would make her strip naked at home so she wouldn't go out and she was about to leave him. She was expected to reach Arizona to visit her parents and were supposed to travel from Utah to Arizona, but they don't know how they ended up in California. When her father Mario Marquez spoked to Janelle when she was at the Sacremento County Jail, she told him that Bracamontes had killed a cop.

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