Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mexican First Lady Bodyguards Searched CNN Spanish Reporter's Cellphone For Photos Of Her

CNN Spanish reporter was forced to show photos from his cellphone to the bodyguards of the Mexican first lady at a Miami restaurant on Sunday.

By H. Nelson Goodson 
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

February 25, 2015

Miami, Florida - On Tuesday, Fernando Del Rincón, a reporter for Spanish CNN posted a video on his Facebook account condemning the actions of five bodyguards assigned to Mexican First Lady, Angélica Rivera who forced him to show them his personal cellphone to see, if he had taken any photos of her while at a local restaurant on Sunday. Del Rincón says, that he and wife, including some friends were at a local restaurant in Miami when Rivera and her bodyguards came into the restaurant. Rivera sad next to Del Rincón's table and several bodyguards began to show gestures of intimidation at him and were watching Del Rincón's party for any sudden movements, according to Del Rincón.
When a chair was moved at Del Rincón's table, one of Rivera's bodyguards jumped quickly and managed to accidentally break a plate on the floor. 
When Del Rincón and his family were ready to leave, the five Rivera bodyguards surrounded him and demanded for Del Rincón to turn over his cellphone to see, if he had taken any pictures of the first lady.
Del Rincón says, that he complied because he was afraid what they would do to his family at the restaurant.
But on the video, he condemn their actions and contacted the Mexican government regarding the Miami incident. Now, Del Rincón says, that the bodyguards violated federal laws by demanding to search his phone without a warrant and free speech to report news. 
The bodyguards of the Mexican first lady have no authority to confiscate or review any cellphone photos taken in the U.S. They have no jurisdiction to conduct unwarranted seizures or searches of cellphone photos.
The photos that Del Rincón posted on his Twitter account on Monday were taken by a friend of his that was at the restaurant as well. Del Rincón didn't say, if he would file a lawsuit against Rivera and her bodyguards for violating his civil rights and committing a federal criminal act in U.S. soil. 
Rivera's bodyguards do not enjoy diplomatic immunity, according to the U.S. Department of State.

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