Friday, February 6, 2015

Jimmy D. Patterson Jr. Sentenced To 26 years In Prison For José Rivera’s Murder

Patterson Jr. was ordered to pay restitution of $5,663 for Rivera's death.

By H. Nelson Goodson 
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

February 6, 2015

Milwaukee, WI - On Friday, Jimmy D. Patterson Jr., 28, was sentenced to 26 years in prison for the reckless homicide of José Rivera, 32, aka, "Chino" in May of 2014. Patterson will be confined for 18 years and will serve 8 years of extended supervision when he is released. He was ordered to pay restitution of $5,663 to Rivera's relative.
Patterson pleaded guilty on January 2015 to a felony charge for 2nd-degree reckless homicide, with enhancer party to crime and a felon in possession of a weapon.
The criminal complaint says, Rivera was fatally shot at the 700 block of S. 32nd Street while sitting inside a vehicle with a friend, who was driving. They went to the residence with intent to buy marijuana, but as they sat outside in the vehicle, Patterson apparently showed up in another vehicle. He approached both Rivera and his friend and attempted to rob them. In the process, Patterson fired several shots into the vehicle striking and killing Rivera. Rivera's friend was not reported injured.
The driver witness later identified Patterson from some mugshots as the shooter. Patterson lived about three blocks away from the crime scene and was staying at the 3000 block of W. National Ave. 
Patterson fled from Milwaukee and was arrested more than three months later and was returned to Milwaukee to face homicide charges.

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