Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Venezuela Confirmed That President Hugo Chavez Is Dead!

Daughters with Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez in a Cuban clinic.

U.S. being blamed for Chávez death for causing him cancer that claimed his life. The U.S. Government denied the allegation that it was responsible for Chávez fatal cancer.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 5, 2013

Caracas, Venezuela - After thousands of students marched in Caracas demanding information about President Hugo Chávez, 58, health, Vice President Nicolás Maduro finally confirmed that Chávez is dead. Chávez apparently died at 10:45 p.m., Caracas time, according to Maduro's announcement on Tuesday.
Chávez death opens the government of Venezuela to hold new elections within 30 days.
The news of Chávez death comes two hours after Maduro ordered two U.S. diplomats expelled from Venezuela for sying and allegedly blaming the U.S. for causing the cancer that Chávez had suffered for two years. Medical doctors have confirmed that cancer is not contagious or can be transmitted in any form disclaiming allegations that the U.S. Government conspired to infect Chávez with cancer as Maduro or Chávez had claimed.
Maduro who is the president of the government's assembly (Congress) with take over until elections are held in 30 days, according to the Venezuelan Constitution. 
Chávez governed with a socialist government. Chávez loyalists have come out in wake of his death to remember their president. 
Diego Molero, head of the Venezuelan Armed Forces (Fuerzas Armadas Bolivarianos) stated that they will keep the peace and hope the government transition is peaceful. Molero publicly gave his support to Maduro and the Chávez socialist government.
Chávez was re-elected to a fourth term in October, but could not govern due to his illness. Maduro had insisted that Chávez was in control and governing the state.
Many of the opposition had alleged that Maduro had been stalling the announcement of Chávez' death in order to continue to hold their socialist government from falling and becoming a democratic government in the next election.
Last week, Venezuelan President Chávez was removed from life supports that helped him breathe. Chávez was apparently declared brain dead on December 30, but both the Cuban and Venezuelan governments had conspired to manipulate news about his health and continue to say that Chávez was still in control of Venezuela.
No one had been allowed to see Chávez from other political officials to prove he was alive. His body was brought back to Venezuela, but has been kept on isolation and under guard. He was diagnosed with cancer on June 2011 and spent some time in Cuba trying to recover from his illness. He had at least four operations for the illness.
News reports coming out of Venezuela and his daughthers saying that the Venezuelan government had been lying about Chávez actual death raised speculation. The daughthers apparently were tired about Chávez health manipulation by both governments involved and decided to leak the news that Chávez has been dead since December. 
Venezuela transports at least 350M barrels of oil to the U.S. per year.

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