Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lawsuit By 49 Plaintiffs Against MC Multiservicios Tax Service Dismissed

Multiple lawsuits dismissed, including 49 plaintiffs v. MC Multiservicios Tax Service.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 28, 2013

Milwaukee,  WI - Multiple civil lawsuits that were filed in Milwaukee County by various parties involving the owners of MC Multiservicios Tax Service and the MG Income Tax have been dismissed, according to court records. The legal battle ended when local Attorney Thomas M. Bartell, Jr. from the law firm of Stupar & Schuster, S.C. representing 49 plaintiffs in a civil lawsuit for money judgement (Luis Gomez v. Jenny Contreras) filed on January 29, against Jenny Contreras and Juan Contreras, owners of MC Multiservicios was dismissed on February 18.
The case fell apart for Attorney Bartell Jr. when Attorney Victor Arellano who represented the Contreras claimed that one of Bartell's plaintiffs, Juan Vasquez Diaz denied "having any attorney/client relationship with your (Stupar & Schuster, S.C.) firm...Mr. Vasquez denies making any such claims against MC Multiservicios." Arellano claimed that other plaintiffs against his client were dismayed "about the actions you have taken without proper authority;" therefore, Arellano asked for copies of all legal retainers that have been signed by the plaintiffs, which some retainers were not available and later forced Bartell to submit a dismissal request of the case that he filed for 49 plaintiffs against the Contreras and MC Multiservicios, according to court records.
In the case, the Contreras will receive an undisclosed amount of money by the law firm of Stuphar & Schuster, S.C. who represented 49 plaintiffs,  including Miguel Garza, owner of MG Income Tax Service. 
In this case, the plaintiffs had alleged that MC Multiservicios had not refunded a part of their 2009 federal tax refunds, but multiple irregularities in the lawsuit resulted in an erupt dismissal of the lawsuit by Bartell Jr. in favor of the Contreras and MC Multiservicios. Bartell Jr. has not responded to an e-mail request by Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) to comment on the merits and his decision to dismiss the lawsuit against the Contreras. 
Another lawsuit for intentional tort (Jenny Contreras v. Miguel Garza) was filed by Attorney Victor Arellano on behalf of the Contreras on November 16, 2012 against Miguel Garza, owner of MG Income Tax Service, but was later dimissed on March 11. In that lawsuit, the Contreras claimed defamation allegations. The Contreras decided to dismiss their lawsuit under a settlement agreement. In that case, Bartell Jr. who represented Garza removed himself from the case, court records show. When contacted, Garza would not comment citing nondisclosure agreement with the Contreras. 
In the third lawsuit filed for intentional tort on February 27, by the Contreras (Jenny Contreras v. Miguel Garza) against Miguel Garza, Bartell Jr. and Stupar & Schuster, S.C., was also dimissed by the Contreras on March 14, after a settlement in favor for the Contreras was reached. 
Attorney Arellano released an undated statement signed by Garza concerning the Luis Gomez v. Jenny Contreras case. (See attached image, click on image to enlarge)
Community organizers, Luis Urdaneta from United We Stay; Felix Martinez from Centro de La Causa Org. in Chicago; Rosa Yañez from the Eighteenth Street Development Corporation in Chicago and Ivan Flores, who held public meetings to get plaintiffs for the Luis Alvarado Gomez v. Jenny Contreras case, which was dimissed could not be reached for comment.
In an unrelated case, Attorney Arellano was reprimanded on March 21 by the Wisconsin Supreme Court for lying and soliciting a client. He was fined $10,000 and must pay the fine within 60 days. Arellano's law license was not revoked, which the Office of Lawyers Regulation was seeking in the complaint.

The lawfirm of Arellano & Phebus, S.C. released the following undated statement by Miguel Garza from MG Multiservicios and Income Tax Service, regarding to Jenny Contreras and Juan Contreras from MC Multiservicios and Income Tax Service retracting any claims of misconduct against the Contreras" and their business "because the allegations were/are not true."
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