Monday, April 2, 2012

Citizens for a Stronger South Side Engaging In Dirty Politics And Fabricatiing Allegations To Oust Alderman Witkowiak

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Two suspects from the Pérez campaign caught by police passing out slanderous flyers pretending to be from a non-existant fly by night group called Citizens for a Stronger South Side denouncing Milwaukee Aldermen salaries, fabricating allegations of corruption and putting a parking lot address in a disclaimer.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 2, 2012

Milwaukee - On Monday, Two individuals were detained around 8:30 p.m. by police after posting slanderous flyers targeted at Alderman James "Jim" N. Witkowiak on vehicles. They were stopped in the 1300 block of W. Greenfiels Ave. The suspects told police they were authorized by the José Pérez campaign to distribute them and a phone number was issued to them to call if they encountered any problems.
The suspects called the number and Juan Carlos Ruiz, a supporter of the Pérez campaign showed up and managed to call attorney Micheal Mastleman who represents the Democratic Party.
Witkowiak plans to pursue legal action against those involved and the Pérez campaign.
The two suspects were passing out flyers from group calling themselves the Citizens for a Stronger South Side (CSSS) have been placing cheap flyers denouncing the salary of Milwaukee Aldermen and especially targeting Alderman Witkowiak in a last minute attempt to oust him from office. They added a disclaimer to the flyer to make it look as an official group, but added the address of a parking lot from W. Mitchell St. By doing so, these individuals are obviously a fly by night group who actually don't exist and seemed to be supporting candidate José Pérez for Alderman in the 12th District. They don't have any problem for Pérez to earn the same salary as other Aldermen, which they are opposing.
The CSSS alleges that Alderman Witkowiak has made hundreds of thousands of dollars for his private businesses and claim that his salary as Alderman has "gone through the roof." They also claim in the flyer, Alderman Witkowiak had shaked down bar owners and people should call him to let him know that they are "sick of his corruption."
Alderman Witkowiak said, that the address used in the CSSS disclaimer is actually a parking lot that he owns. Witkowiak denies the CSSS allegations of corruption and he had been targeted for being White. Witkowiak said, the allegations of corruption are false.
Sahin Chheda, who is the manager of the Pérez campaign and is also the current chairman of the Milwaukee County Democratic Party had also raised allegations that Witkowiak has been taking money for favors and the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office is investigating, which truns out Chheda can't provide any proof substantiating his allegations as well.
Candidate Pérez is "not proud" about his supporters engaging in negative campaigning, but seems to condone their actions as a last resort to remove Witkowiak from office.
The CSSS would like change, but failed to denounce Pérez who is seeking to replace Witkowiak and would like to earn the same salary as alderman. Pérez is of Puerto Rican descent.
The CSSS group and the Pérez campaign are obviously engaging in false allegations against Witkowiak.

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