Monday, September 19, 2022

FL Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) Facing Criminal Investigation In Texas For Allegedly Flying 48 Undocumented Venezuelans Including Children From San Antonio To Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts On False Pretenses

An estimated 48 undocumented immigrants including children from Venezuela in Texas were lured to fly to Martha's Vineyard on false pretenses in mid-September for a video and photo session with the promise of getting jobs, which the Bexar County Sheriff's Office later learned that the migrants became stranded in Massachusetts.

By H. Nelson Goodson 
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

September 19, 2022

San Antonio, Texas - On Monday, Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar announced that his department is initiating a criminal investigation against an unidentified individual (first name is Perla) and Governor Ron DeSantis (D) from Florida in connection with an individual being hired (contracted) to allegedly lure in false pretenses at least 48 Venezuelan undocumented immigrants including children from the Migrant Resource Center in San Antonio to Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.

The 48 migrants from Venezuela were promised jobs after agreeing to travel by flight to Martha's Vineyard for a video and photo shoot on September 14, 2022, then after the video and photo shoot, they were left stranded in the East Coast to fend for themselves and with no jobs.

DeSantis last week admitted that two charter flights were part of a State of Florida program to relocate undocumented immigrants from Florida to Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, but the migrants originated from San Antonio, according to Sheriff Salazar.

The DeSantis propaganda relocation video featuring the Venezuelan undocumented immigrants has not been publicly released.

According to other news reports, the undocumented immigrants were flown from Texas to Florida and then to North Carolina and final destination to Martha's Vineyard. The total estimated flight cost for the State of Florida was more than $615,000.

Sheriff Salazar, a Democrat called DeSantis' relocation of 48 Venezuelan undocumented immigrants from San Antonio to the Massachusetts, a "political theater" and confirmed that he is currently working with a private attorney representing the migrants affected and with local immigrant rights advocacy groups that have stepped up to help the migrants involved. Salazar also indicated that he will cooperate with federal authorities, if the need arises, according to a press conference on Monday.

Salazar did not name DeSantis or the individual facing a criminally investigation during the press conference.

DeSantis has not responded to Sheriff Salazar's criminal investigation probe that could implicate him with conspiracy to lure 48 Venezuelan undocumented immigrants and children to travel out of state on false pretenses for the sole purpose to produce a political video to benefit DeSantis politically.

If Sheriff Salazar's criminal investigation is successful and suspects are criminally charged in Texas, the 48 Venezuelan undocumented victims could very well earn legalization in the U.S. for being victims of a crime under federal immigration laws.

On Saturday, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) organization offered a $5,000 reward for the identity of Perla leading to her arrest, according to Domingo García, National LULAC President. LULAC is taking this action of offering $5,000 reward to help stop the deliberate and possible illegal actions of deceiving people by  enticement, García says.

Perla was described as light complected woman with blonde hair.

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