Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Milwaukee Common Council Approves Jude's $2 Million Settlement For 2004 Beating By Off-duty Police Officers

Frank Lee Jude Jr.

Mayor Tom Barrett expected to also approve Jude's settlement.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 29, 2012

Milwaukee - On Tuesday, Frank Lee Jude Jr., 33, who was beaten by 15 off-duty Milwaukee police officers at a party in 2004 was awarded a settlement of $2 million dollars by the Milwaukee Common Council as a result of a civil lawsuit. The Council voted unanimously to award the settlement. Mayor Tom Barrett is also expected to approve Jude's award, as well.
Jude and his wife, Maria had filed a $30 million lawsuit for damages on June 19, 2006 and named all the officers involved, including Bartlett's wife, a former officer, Milwaukee Police Department and the City of Milwaukee. In January 20, Jude received the settlement award figure in mediation when an agreement was reached. The agreement was later announced in federal Judge Lynn Adelman's U.S. District Court room in Milwaukee.
The Jude settlement called for the City of Milwaukee to pay a total of $2 million to Jude.
The brutal off-duty police officer's attack occured when Jude attended a southside Bayview party with two friends Katie Brown and Lovell Harris. During the party, Jude was jumped outside and beaten by Milwaukee police officers on October 24, 2004, while Brown witnessed Jude's assault.
At least 15 Milwaukee officers were involved in the brutal beating of Jude, after the host of the party accused Jude of stealing his police badge and wallet. The badge was never recovered by the department.
Former Police Chief Nannette Hegerty fired eight officers in May 2005. Former officers Jon Bartlett, Daniel L. Masarik and Andrew Spengler were each charged with one felony count for substantial battery. Both Bartlett and Masarik were charged with 2nd-degree reckless endangering safety. Masarik was also accused of perjury in connection with Jude's beating.
Officer Nicole Belmore testified at a Milwaukee County Circuit Court trial that Bartlett and Masarik had kicked Jude while he was handcuffed and then Bartlett put a knife at Jude's neck. But a state jury on April 14, 2006 acquitted Bartlett, Masarik and Spengler. The jury became deadlock on a felony charge of substantial battery and couldn't reach a verdict.
On October 19, 2006, a federal grand jury returned an indictment against Bartlett, Spengler, Masarik, Ryan Lemke and Ryan Packard for violating Jude's civil rights. Packard was indicted for violating Jude's and Lovell Harris civil rights under the color of state law and assaulting Jude. Three other officers, Joseph Stromei, Jon Clausing and Joseph Schabel pleaded guilty to related crimes in connection with Jude's beating. Schabel admitted that he stomped on Jude's head several times under a plea agreement and immunity from being charged for perjury, according to court records.
On July 2007, Lemke under a plea agreement pleaded guilty to reduced charges.
On July 26, 2007, a federal jury found Bartlett, Masarik and Spengler guilty on two counts. Packard was aquitted on two counts.
On November 29, 2007, Bartlett was sentenced to 208 months in a federal prison, Masarik was sentenced to 188 months in prison and Spengler was sentenced to 188 months in prison and each of them received 3 years supervision.
On December 6, 2007, Schabel was sentenced to 32 months in prison and Clausing was sentenced to 28 months in prison, according to court records.

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Vargas, Known as Jimmy Bauer Sentenced To Six Years In Dominican Prison For Heroin Mule Smuggling Conviction

Jaime Vargas, aka, Jimmy Bauer

Vargas will serve jail term at Najayo prison.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 29, 2012

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - On Wednesday, Jaime Vargas, aka, "Jimmy Bauer," a New York City bachata singer from the state of New York was sentenced to 6 years in prison and was fined 50,000 pesos (U.S. $1,282.16) for a heroin mule smuggling conviction. Vargas will served his term at the Najayo prison, according to court records.
Vargas was charged for drug trafficking and trying to smuggle heroin into the U.S. Vargas had been held in jail since, November 1, 2010 after being arrested for trying to smuggle one kilo of heroin (88 pellets) in his stomach, known as "Mule Smuggling."
He collapsed at the Santo Domingo International Las Americas Airport when detained for suspicous behavior and minutes after a small pellet full of heroin ruptured inside his stomach. The rupture caused an overdose that almost killed Vargas.
Vargas later admitted that he tried to smuggle the heroin, because he was broke, having financial problems and wanted some quick cash to make a bachata music video, according to the criminal complaint. If Vargas would have made the flight to the U.S., most likely he wouldn't have survived the flight, according to authorities.

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Federal Lawsuit Claims Wisconsin GLK Sauerkraut Processor Wrongfully Fired 100 Mexican Guest Workers

GLK sauerkraut processor fired Mexican guest workers to avoid paying higher wages set by U.S. Department of Labor.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 29, 2012

Greenbay - On Wednesday, a federal class action lawsuit was filed against Great Lakes Kraut Foods (GLK), a Wisconsin sauerkraut producer and its owner Ryan A. Downs for wrongful termination of 100 Mexican guest workers. The lawsuit was filed by Farmworker Justice and Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym, a Chicago law firm. The plaintiffs claim GLK fired the guest workers after a threat of a federal mandated wage increase by the U.S. Department of Labor for firms that hire foreign guest workers.
Congress later block the wage increase, but GLK replaced the guest workers several months after they began working at the processing company with a migrant work crew from a Florida contractor.
The plaintiffs cited in the lawsuit, that GLK violated federal and state labor laws, including the Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protect Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Wisconsin Migrant Labor Act.
The guest workers were issued H-2B visas in 2011. Their work consisted of trimming, cutting and preparing raw cabbage as a process to make sauerkraut.
The fired guest workers were unable to make nearly enough money to repay their recruitment fees, travel and immigration expenses as required in order to work for GLK. The expenses for the Mexican workers to come work in the U.S. totalled thousands of dollars, according to the plaintiffs.
Another lawsuit was also filed for a smaller group who were recruited to work in Wisconsin and received H-2B visas from a U.S. Consulate, but were sent home before coming to the U.S.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wisconsin Chase Ave. DMV Licensing Agency Posted Free ID Signs For Voting Purposes

Photos: HNG

The Chase Ave. DMV Service Center became to first to ignore state directive not to voluntarily notify people about free ID's for voting purposes.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 28, 2012

Milwaukee - A Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) station in Milwaukee's south side has posted signs in both English and Spanish advicing people that free ID's for the purpose of voting are available. The first DMV station to ignore Governor Scott Walker (R) and the DMV administration's decision not to voluntarily let people know about the free voter ID's was at the 2701 S. Chase Ave. agency located in the UMOS Center.
The Chase Ave. DMV agency began to ignore the directive about several months ago and the staff posted the signs up to notify people seeking ID's to vote, that they were free and could be used for the Primary February 21 election.
The GOP controlled legislature allocated over $6 million to pay for the ID's, especially for people needing them and couldn't afford them. It is not known how many other statewide DMV agencies followed the Chase Ave. DMV to notify people by posting up signs.
A new Voter ID law went into effect this year.

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Outgoing CA State Assemblymember Submits Several Bills To Grant Driver Licenses To Illegals

Gilbert "Gil" Anthony Cedillo

Two recent bills in the legislature aimed to granting driver licenses to undocumented drivers in California.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 28, 2012

Los Angeles - Last week, State Assemblymember Gilbert "Gil" Anthony Cedillo (D-Los Angeles) submitted two proposed bills to reserve several legislative spots geared for unlicensed drivers . The Cedillo bills have yet to contain any exact wording pertaining to licenses, but has given the legislator enough time to draw up legislation allowing undocumented immigrants to apply for special driver license in California.
Assemblymember Cedillo was able to make last Friday's deadline to submit bills for the year, especially when his final term ends in December. He won't be able to get re-elected due to term limits.
Cedillo has a history of trying to authorized driver licenses for undocumented immigrants, but some of his bills have died in committee and others have been vetoed.
Last week, Cedillo told the Los Angeles Times that he was encouraged once again to submit bills by comments made by several law enforcement officials in support to allow undocumented drivers to get a license. The favorable comments came from both the Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck and Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca.
Cedillo told the LA Times, "As we are now hearing from the police chief and the sheriff public safety has to be primary and we have to take politics out of public safety. Unlicensed motorists are more dangerous, and we have an opportunity to make sure every motorist is licensed."
Governor Jerry Brown opposes granting driver licenses to undocumented immigrants in California.
A statewide campaign to allow driver licenses for undocumented immigrants has recently surged in the state.
Undocumented drivers continue to drive without licenses and most that are involved in hit-and-run accidents flee the scene. Those drivers detained without documentation or licenses, had their vehicles confiscated and towed to lots costing them hundreds of dollars to recover, which eventually they decide to forego the recovery of the vehicle. Unlicense drivers face fines of more than $2,000 per infraction.
The proposed Cedillo bill's has infuriated anti-immigrant groups who are launching an all out oppostion campaign to granting licenses to illegals.

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GOP Attorney Kelly Engaged In Lies And Deceit Claiming Latina State Legislator Supported Redistricting Maps

JoCasta Zamarripa

State Representative Zamarripa claims GOP attorney Kelly engaged in lies and deceit when he told a three federal judge panel that she supported the disputed GOP redistricting maps.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 28, 2012

Milwaukee - On Friday,  GOP attorney Dan Kelly told a three federal judge panel during closing arguments in a redistricting map lawsuit case that State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa (D-Milw.) had actually supported the GOP redistricting maps by not opposing the redrawn maps. The state GOP controlled legislature and Governor Scott Walker (R) approved the maps in February, which actually splits up a Hispanic voter-age majority district in Milwaukee.
Friday's testimony by Kelly brought harsh words and allegations of deceit and lies from Zamarripa on Sunday. Zamarripa said, she was scheduled to testify in the federal trial, but was cut as a witness when the trial was set for only two days. The approved GOP redistricting maps divided the south side predominately Hispanic 8th Assembly District, which Zamarripa represents.
Zamarripa's press release stated that Republican attorney Kelly's closing argument on the redistricting case highlighted a quote of Zamarripa out of context, and claimed that it displayed her support of the maps. They went on to falsely insist that Zamarripa supported the Republican maps because she did not testify during the two day trial.
Zamarripa in response stated, “I am outraged that the GOP attorneys would resort to potentially slanderous statements in order to defend the Republicans in their web of lies and deceit of the public.
“In fact, I was on the witness list to testify, but in a strategic decision by attorneys based on the court’s directive that the trial conclude in two days, I was not called to testify.
“This redistricting plan deliberately and cynically divides our Latino community. It is an abuse of power designed to marginalize Latino voters.
“I cannot state emphatically enough that I do not and never have endorsed the redistricted maps that were forced upon Wisconsin with no public input, no timeline, and no regard for our fellow Wisconsinites,” Zamarripa said.
The three federal panel of judges will take at least three weeks to decide on the case.
According to Zamarripa, Republicans in the state legislature decided to split the Latino community along S. Chavez Drive. The East side of Chavez Dr. will become the 9th Assembly District and the West side will become the 8th Assembly District.
The state approved redistricting SB 148 bill created a Hispanic voting-age majority population with 54% from the current 22.9% in the 9th Assembly District and the 8th Assembly District was cut to 60% of Hispanic voting-age majority. The Republicans cut Zamarripa's majority and created the two Districts. Zamarripa said, they could have added a 68% to 70% Hispanic majority to the 8th District, but didn't.
Zamarripa lives in the 8th Assembly District.
The Republican state redistricting process only held one hearing, withheld the maps from the public, kept the process secret, and Democrats were given one week notice before they were approved.
They disenfranchised the Latino community from actually participatiing in the process and by not providing more time to challenge the plan and rushing to approve their redistricting plan.
Democrats, Voces de la Frontera and the NAACP filed a federal lawsuit claiming the state GOP legislators violated the Federal Voting Act of 1965, affording minority populations majority Districts calculated by results from the U.S. Census every ten years.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Wisconsin Republican Governor Walker Won't Challenge Signatures From Recall Petitions

Governor Scott Walker

Photo: HNG

GAB to decide by March 19, whether there are enough signatures to proceed with the Walker and Kleefisch recall election.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 27, 2012

Madison - On Monday, Governor Scott Walker (R) decided not to file a challenge on recall signature petitions. The Government Accountability Board has until March 19, to decide if there are 540,208 valid signatures to proceed with a Walker recall election.
Walker's campaign spokeswoman, Ciara Matthews reported that they had reviewed about 400,000 signatures, which had a 15% margin of errors. But that simply, the campaign had ran out of time, thus deciding not to file a challenge by 5:00 p.m. on Monday against the 1 million signatures in recall Walker petitions submitted by Democrats on January 17.
The Walker campaign had previously reported that they had at least 13,000 volunteers going through 152,000 pages of recall petitions looking for errors. Walker has raised up to $10 million in campaign funds, since the recall began.
Governor Walker was given 30 days to review the petitions and a judge later denied extra time that was needed to complete the process.
Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch (R) is expected to follow as well and not challenge more than 850,000 recall petition signatures filed against her.
Democrats, grassroot organizations and state employees who lost union bargaining rights (Republican control legislature, including Walker eliminated union bargaining rights) are looking forward to oust Walker and Kleefisch from office.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ruiz Arrested For Tausan's Homicide At Hells Angels Funeral In San Jose

Steve Ruiz

Hells Angels murder suspect caught at a Fremont Hotel over the weekend.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 26, 2012

San Jose - On Sunday, police reported the arrest of Steve Ruiz, 38, of San Jose for the alleged October 15, 2011 homicide of Steve Tausan, 52, at the Oak Hill Memorial Park Cemetery in San Jose. Homicide investigators learned that Ruiz was hiding out at a local hotel and executed a warrant. Ruiz was taken into custody on Saturday night at the Days Inn in Fremont without incident.
Both Ruiz and Tausan are members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. Tausan was the sergeant-at-arms for the Santa Cruz chapter and Ruiz belonged to the San Jose chapter.
They were among the 4,000 mourners attending the funeral for San Jose Hells Angels chapter President, Jeffrey Pettigrew, 51, who was killed inside a Nevada casino during a bike rally.
Ruiz and Tausan got into an altercation at Pettigrew's funeral and Tausan was fatally shot after he punched Ruiz at the funeral gathering. When police arrived at the scene, investigators found that evidence at the crime scene was tempered with and the scene was cleaned up by fellow Hells Angels. Police were able to get enough evidence to identify Ruiz as the alleged suspect who killed Tausan. Ruiz had been a fugitive since last October.
On September 23, 2011, Pettigrew was fatally shot four times in the back inside the John Ascauga's Nugget Casino in Sparks, Nevada.
Ernesto Manuel Gonzalez, 53, a rival member of the Vago's Motorcycle Club has been charged with Pettigrew's homicide.

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"Park It" On May 1st Expected To Shutdown Major U.S. Operations

Soaring gas prices by mid-summer to effect working class.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 26, 2012

Los Angeles - This Summer, the U.S. will face its most challenging issue and is expected to effect most of its population, especially the working class, including suppliers of food and other items. As gas prices are expected to surpass the $6.00 mark per regular gallon and even higher prices contributed to gas price gouging, Americans in the mainland will be left with no alternative, but to park it (vehicles) and excercise other means to move around the city and country.
In Los Angeles, California within the last 36 hours, a Chevron gas station located on W. Olympic Blvd. and Figueroa was selling regular gas at $5.49 per gallon. The gas price was expected to go up even higher this upcoming week and the higher price for gas is likely to spread nationwide. By mid-summer, gas prices are expected to reach up to $6.00 per gallon of regular in the Midwest.
In a radical move by Americans, a Gas Revolution has been gaining popularity around the nation. Most Americans are being asked to park their autos or vehicles on May 1st for a week long protest against the soaring gas prices. Which the U.S. government has no control over the demand and supply of gas triggered by major oil companies cutting back on production or having difficulty with keeping up with demand. 
Will most Americans stop driving for a week? Some will, but others will sacrifice food and other family needs to buy gas and continue to move around.
Long ago, gas had become convenient when prices were affordable in the early 1960's when the price per gallon was between 14 cents to 24 cents and Americans could afford to travel.
Today, many working people and families have restricted travel and the use of their vehicles for work. The good old times for just getting into your vehicle to go cruising around and check out the urban scenery have perished for most Americans. To others, its an addiction without a cure, no matter how high the price of gas will get, they will continue to pay the price, regardless of the consequences it may have on their economic situation and families. Major oil companies know, what ever the price of gas will be decided, Americans will pay.
As an alternative to soaring gas prices, many Americans will turn to carpooling, jogging, walking, bicycling, motorcycling and using public transportation as an alternative means to move around the urban settings.
The solution, alternative energy source and better vehicles that get more mileage to the gallon, electric and hybrid cars and other means yet to be invented.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Feds Arrested El Paso County Commissioner Gandara Jr. For Drug Trafficking And Money Laundering Charges

Guillermo "Willie" Gandara Jr.

Juan Canales

Photos: El Paso County Sheriff's Department

El Paso commissioner and an associated arrested for possession with intent to deliver marijuana.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 24, 2012

El Paso, Texas - On Thursday, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Investigators, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Drug Enforcement Administration announced the arrests of Guillermo "Willie" Gandara Jr., 37, of El Paso, Texas and Juan Canales, 50, of San Elizario, Texas for federal drug-trafficking and money laundering charges. Gandara is the 3rd Precint El Paso County Commissioner who recently filed as a Democrat to run as a State Representative in the 75th District.
Both Gandara and Canales are charged in an indictment with one count of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute 50 kilograms or more of marijuana, and one substantive count of possession with intent to distribute marijuana. The federal indictment also charges Gandara with three counts of maintaining property for distributing marijuana.
The indictment alleges that from November 2010 until the present, the defendants conspired to possess and distribute over 50 kilograms of marijuana using property owned by Gandara located at 1000 Coker Road in El Paso County, Texas.
Gandara owns the Socorro Iron and Metal business in El Paso. The indictment also contains a notice of criminal forfeiture whereby the government is seeking to forfeit any and all proceeds derived from their alleged marijuana trafficking operation, according to feds.
Both Gandara and Canales are facing each up to 20 years for each count in a federal prison, if convicted.
The following agencies also assisted in the investigation: the Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Border Patrol, the El Paso Police Department, and the El Paso County Sheriff's Department, according to a news release.

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Asian-American Voter In Arizona Mistakenly Identified As Latino By TIME Arizona Cover Magazine Editors

TIME magazine editors are apologizing for error in identifying Asian-American as Latino on their Arizona front cover magazine issue.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 24, 2012

Phoenix - This week, TIME magazine editors apologized that Michael Schennum, an Asian-American was placed on the front cover behind the big "M" and mistakenly identified as a Latino voter on the latest March 5, 2012, Arizona edition. TIME was focusing on the emerging Latino vote and their possibility to becoming instrumental in picking the next U.S. President.
Fifteen portraits of Hispanic voters were placed on the cover, except for one who was later identified as a non-Hispanic. The headline read, "Yo Decido." (I decide) on the cover, including a subtitle "Why Latinos will pick the next President."
TIME's editors says, that at least 151 photos (portraits) were taken and believed everyone was a Latino.
Schennum is employed as a staff photographer at the Arizona Republic. He told the Arizona Republic, that TIME staff never asked him, if he was Latino. But, Schennum, who is actually part Chinese, Norwegian and Irish was surprised to see his photo on the March edition of the TIME magazine.

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15-year-old Boy Waived To Adult Court For Vehicular Homicide

Daniel Barrios-Pérez

Teenager admitted of drag racing that ended in a deadly crash in the south side.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 24, 2012

Milwaukee - On Thursday, Daniel Barrios-Pérez, 15, was waived to adult court and charged with one felony count for homicide by negeligent use of a vehicle and a misdeamenor charge for driving without a license causing death of another person. Barrios-Pérez is accused of crashing into Barbara McIntosh, 58, of Waukesha on November 22, while he drag race with another vehicle along the 3400 block of W. Forest Home Ave. Barrios-Pérez told police he took his mother's vehicle without her permission, according to the criminal complaint.
McIntosh died of multiple injuries caused by the car crash with Barrios-Pérez. He remained at the accident and was taken into custody.
Barrios-Pérez remains free on a $10,000 cash bond and is expected back in court on March 5, for a preliminary hearing.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Whitney Houston's Open Casket Photo Published By National Enquirer

Readers for the National Enquirer got an exclusive view of Houston's photo during Friday's private family wake.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 23, 2012

Newark, New Jersey - The U.S. tabloid, the National Enquirer gave its readership an exclusive open casket photo of Whitney Houston taken during a private wake on Friday. Houston's front page photo appeared in the latest edition of the National Enquirer.
The Enquirer didn't provide a by line for the photo and no information has been revealed for the cost of obtaining the picture. Enquirer's headline read, "Whitney: The Last Photo!"
Houston's wake took place at the Whigham Funeral Home in Newark, New Jersey. Funeral services were held on Saturday followed by private burial on Sunday.
She wore jewelry worth at least $500,000, according to family members. Houston's family is keeping quiet about who took the open casket photo, which has raised criticism targeted at the National Enquirer.
Houston died on February 11 at the age of 48. Her body was found at a Hilton hotel room in the bathtub. Preliminary investigation results indicated Houston had died from a combination of mixing prescribed drugs and alcohol. The coroner's report later confirmed, that Houston's heart stopped after taking a combination of suppressants that included xana, valium and alcohol, which were found in her body system.

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Students Demand More Diversity At Marquette University

Photos: HNG

Student rally targets the lack of diversity programs and faculty at Marquette University.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 23, 2012

Milwaukee - On Thursday, more than 25 Marquette students composed of Hispanics, Native Americans, Whites and Afro-Americans gathered at a rally on the Marquette campus to demand a more diverse university, including faculty. The rally focused on "Open Up Marquette" calling for the Marquette administration to create a social justice center at the Sensenbrenner Hall to house existing social justice programs, to increase multicural faculty and to increase support for ethnic and gender studies.
The students at the rally are pushing for a more diverse faculty to deal with the projected 25% of upcoming freshmen who don't consider themselves as White. Sean Orr, a sophomore student at Marquette said,  that there is an "overwhelming dominance of White male educators on campus." Orr told students, "There is only one tenure African-American male professor at Marquette" and no mention was made of Latino professors with any tenure at the university. The university has minorities working on campus, but lacked high percentages in faculty and administrative positions to reflect the changing influx of a diverse group of students enrolling at the downtown campus.
Another issue raised by the students during the rally was that Marquette lacked involvement in partnering with the neighboring Black and Hispanic communities to help solve Milwaukee's most pressuring problems such as a 50% Black male unemployment rate and a 50% Milwaukee Public Schools dropout rate among minorities residing around the campus.
Orr says, a student petition drive is ongoing to establish a multicultural and social justice center on campus.
The rally was organized by a two week old student organization called Youth Empowered in the Struggle (YES), a student worker rights group, which is affiliated with Voces de la Frontera, a workers and immigrant rights non-profit organization.

Quick stats by College Prowler dot com

Marquette University is a Catholic Jesuit university and the following statistics by the College Prowler indicate a troubling overall student and faculty make up.

Student make up:

Black           6%
Asian           4%
Hispanic      6%
White          81%

About 60% of the students are from out of state.

Faculty make up:

Female Faculty        40%
Male Faculty            60%

Black               3%
Asian               7%
Hispanic          4%
White             81%

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Minority High Ranking Officer To Become The Next Racine Police Chief

The next Racine Police Chief could either be a Hispanic or an Afro-American.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 23, 2012

Racine - On Wednesday, the Fire and Police Commission decided to continue with the process of selecting the next police chief. The five-member Commission drew protests and accusations of racism when it decided last Monday to reopen the search for a new chief after two minority candidates were left as alternatives to replace the chief. The search for a new chief began in November and has cost the city at least $23,000, according to city officials.
Community members, several non-profit organizations, the NCAAP and the Racine Police Association cried foul and accused the Commission of discrimination for trying to search for a White candidate after two minority candidates were left to compete for the job.
The two minority candidates were left out of 11 candidates who applied for the chief position. They were identified as an Hispanic, Lt. Carlos Lopez and the other Afro-American, Deputy Chief Art Howell. Both Lopez and Howell are well qualified for the position and are high ranking veteran officers in the Racine Police Department.
The Commission was force to reverse their decision by pressure from Racine Mayor John Dickert, the city attorney and other city officials, including aldermen. The Commission will now have to pick either Lopez or Howell to replace retired Chief Kurt Wahlen.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ethics Board Sent Findings To DA's Office Alleging Supervisor Romo West Violated Campaign Laws

Supervisor Peggy Romo West with campaign t-shirt riding inside Milwaukee County vehicle during Labor Day parade in 2011.

Photo: HNG

Milwaukee County DA's Office reviewing Ethics Board preliminary complaint findings focused on Supervisor Romo West.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 22, 2012

Milwaukee - On Friday, the Milwaukee County Ethics Board referred a complaint to the District Attorney's Office alleging that Supervisor Peggy Romo West used County time to campaign and wore a campaign t-shirt while riding inside a County vehicle during the Labor Day parade in 2011. Apparently, Supervisor Romo West for the 12th District has not received any notice from the Ethics Board notifying her of the pending investigation and complaint being referred to the DA's Office for review.
The Ethics Board could have dismissed the complaint, but referring it to the DA's office indicates there in enough probable cause to proceed with the Ortiz complaint. Romo West has retained an attorney and believes she has done nothing illegal.
Hispanic News Network U.S.A. has made several attempts to contact Supervisor Romo West concerning the Ortiz Ethics Board complaint, but Romo West has declined to comment.
Ortiz also would not comment, confirm or deny, that she received a notice as well from the Ethics Board concerning the Romo West complaint findings.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hispanics Move Forward In Several Milwaukee Aldermanic Districts To Face Incumbents In The April Election

(L-R) Angel Sánchez stopped to congratulate James Witkowiak in the south side and gave his endorsement.

Photo: HNG

Former Milwaukee Alderman Angel Sánchez endorses James Witkowiak in the 12th Adermanic District for the April 3, General Election.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 21, 2012

Milwaukee - On Tuesday,  Primary election results showed that in the Milwaukee Aldermanic 8th District, Alderman Robert "Bob" Donovan, 55, (Incumbent) and Benjamin Juarez, 29, an educator will faceoff and in the 12th District, Alderman James "Jim" Witkowiak, 62, (Incumbent) and José Pérez, 43, a business owner will also faceoff and move on to the April 3, General Election.
Donovan has been an alderman for 12-years and Witkowiak for 17-years.
Witkowiak says, it was the lowest voter turnout he has ever experienced in years. He thanked all his supporters for coming out and making it count and looks forward to continue his quest to get re-elected on his track record. Former Alderman Angel Sánchez, 42, who ran in the 12th District came short from gaining enough votes to stay in the aldermanic race.
Sánchez said, that at least ther are about 65,000 residents, including 15,000 registered voters. It's unfortunate that about 3% or 1,123 voted in the 12th district.
Sánchez later gave his endorsement to Witkowiak.
Pérez on Tuesday night was celebrating his win with family members, which gave him a spot to face Witkowiak in the general election. Pérez said, that he was grateful for all the support the community has given him during the last several months. He is looking forward for the general election in April and says, he will continue to knock on doors to get the vote out. 
Both the 8th and 12th Aldermanic Districts have a majority Hispanic voting-age population and where the predominately Latino community resides in the south side.
The Milwaukee Election Commission said, that there were few problems with the new Wisconsin Voter ID Law.
In other election results, Carolina Maria Stark, an attorney and a Fire and Police Commissioner who happens to be a Latina will faceoff Judge Nelson Phillips III (Incumbent) in the Milwaukee Circuit Court Branch 17.
City of Sheboygan voters ousted Mayor Bob Ryan in a recall election and elected Terry Van Akkeren as Mayor. Akkeren will take office on March 15 and will finish Ryan's term, which ends in 2013. Ryan became the first Sheboygan Mayor to be recall.

Election results:

Milwaukee 8th Aldermanic District

100% of Precints reporting

Bob Donovan (I)       935   60%   
Benjamin Juarez       309   20% 
Jennifer Morales       252   16%
Ches Ordoñez              63     4%

12th Aldermanic District

100% Precints reporting

José Pérez                     550     49%
James Witkowiak (I)     399     36%
Angel Sanchez              174    15%

Milwaukee Circuit Court Branch 17

Carolina Maria Stark         19,221      35%
Nelson Phillips III (I)          18,514      34%
Christopher Lipscomb Sr.   16,775      31%

City of Sheboygan Mayor

Terry Van Akkeren         6,004       53%
Bob Ryan (I)                    5,247      47%

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Reward Offered For 30 Zeta's That Killed 44 Gulf Cartel Inmates Before Escaping From Mexican Prison

30 Zeta inmates that escaped.

Zeta's killed 44 Gulf Cartel inmates before escaping from the Apodaca prison.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 21, 2012

Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico - On Monday, Governor Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz from the state of Nuevo León announced during a press conference that a reward of $10 million pesos (U.S. $769,231) has been offered for information leading to the arrest of 30 Zeta members who escaped from prison. The Zeta inmates escaped last Sunday after massacring 44 Gulf Cartel members being held at the Apodaca prison. The inmates were killed by man made weapons, according to the Nuevo León Attorney General's Office. Most were federal prisoners awaiting charges.
The Zeta inmates are believed to have been aided by prison guards and members of the Apodaca prison administration. At least 18 guards connected to the escape have been arrested, including suspending the authority and detaining the Apodaca Prison Warden, Gerónimo Miguel Andrés Martínez; Ernesto García Guerrero, General Commissioner for the Prison System Administration; Juan Hernández Hernández, Deputy Warden for the Apodaca Prison and Óscar Deveze Laureano, Chief Apodaca Security Officer.
The Nuevo León Justice Department in conjunction with the Mexican Federal Police and the military have launched a statewide dragnet to search for the fugitives considered armed and dangerous.
The escaped Zeta inmates were identified as:

1 - Jonathan Israel Flores Guerrero
2 - Jaime Román Rodríguez Rincón
3 - José Ricardo Barajas
4 - Édgar Gabriel Hernández Pérez
5 - Erick Hernández Ascanio or Ascencio
6 - Gerardo García Rodríguez
7 - Óscar Manuel Bernal Soriano
8 - Juan Cristóbal Flores Alcorta or Cristóbal Flores Peña or Cristóba Flores López
9 - Manuel Bernardo Mendoza Gaytan or Bernardo Mendoza Gautan
10 - José Francisco Gutiérrez Galván
11 - Héctor Rousvel Huerta Tinoco or Héctor Rosbel Huerta Tinoco
12 - José Hernández Cruz
13 - Francisco Javier Puente Macías
14 - Adán Sáez Saenz
15 - Darío Rosas López
16 - José Isidro Cruz Villarreal or Isidro Cruz Villarea
17 - José Manuel Pérez Loera
18 - Rogelio Chacha Quintanilla
19 - José Antonio Montiel Hernández
20 - David Alberto Segundo Villa
21 - Édgar Adrián Isaguirre Gutiérrez
22 - César Eduardo Sandoval Padilla
23 - Jesús Manuel Santiago Ordaz
24 - Aldo Alejandro Ríos Flores
25 - Horacio Silva Garza
26 - Juan Francisco Arguello Pastrana
27 - Rubén Méndez Gastelum or Rubén Méndez Gastelo or Rubén Méndez Castelo
28 - José Luis Guzmán Muñoz
29 - Cristofer Avad Blanco González
30 - Miguel Alejandro Pérez Cárdenas

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Monday, February 20, 2012

After Almost Three Years Of Opposition, AK Food Mart In Bay View Expected To Get Beer License

Bay View grocery store on step closer to get beer license after years of opposition.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 20, 2012

Bay View - On Sunday, Alderman Tony Zielinski from the 14th Aldermanic District posted on Facebook that AK Food Mart at 2305 S. Howell Avenue is one step closer to get a Class "A" Malt license. The license, if approved by the Milwaukee Common Council would allow the owner, Jesse Singh to provide beer at his corner grocery store.
Singh, a native of India in the last year has remodeled the inside and outside of the AK Food Mart. On Thursday, Zielinski held a community public meeting at the Bay View library where at least 21 residents and business owners from the area attended. Alderman Zielinski confirmed that most of those attending voted to approve for Singh to get the beer license, except one who abstained.
Singh for almost three years had been struggling to get a beer license, but had earlier confronted opposition by Alderman Zielinski and area business owners that led to a beer license refusal by the Common Council Licensing Committee. Shortly after, another new tavern a block away got a license in 2009, which south side residents supporting Singh cried foul and alleged discrimination.
In mid December 2009 during a public hearing in the City Licensing Committee, Alderman Zielinski used the Southeast Side Comprehensive Area Development Plan (SSCADP) adopted by the Common Council to influence the denial of granting a Class “A” Malt license to AK Food Mart. The SSCADP plan was considered discriminatory and would lead to racial and economic disparity in the south side.
At that time, Zielinski supported  Michael J. Maierle, Urban Planner for the Department of City Development reason to deny Singh a beer license. Maierle testified in the licensing meetiing and said that “the corner streets of S. Kinnickinnic, W. Lincoln, and S. Howell Ave. are a key focal point for Bay View ongoing redevelopment and retail effort, and plans recommend improving this intersection with public and private investment. Non of these community redevelopment strategies is furthered by granting a malt alcoholic beverage to a second store in such close proximity to another. Granting a license wouldn’t improve the goal of the plan.”
South Side residents claimed that using the Near South Side Area Advisory Plan discriminated minority owners and was being used as a tool to deny and deprive other small business licenses.
At that time, Singh had been operating the grocery store for almost 18 years. The Southeast Side Comprehensive Area Plan was a key factor to deny a beer license to AK Food Mart business, according to the Licensing Committee meeting.
Trendy business owners including Lulu’s Cafe, and other area estate owners had invested millions of dollars on S. Kinnickinnic and W Lincoln. They opposed the sale of cheap beer and referred to AK Food Mart as not fitting with the development plan in the area. Hispanics and non-Latino small business owners in the south side were facing the same consequences.
Singh owns a primary development economic corner where both the AK Food Mart and a Mexican restaurant are located.
Shortly after Singh was denied a beer license in 2009, Zielinski without informing area residents about a liquor and beer license application managed to approved a license for a new trendy bar called “Tonic Tavern,” which was under construction a block West of AK Food Mart at the address 2335 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. and W Lincoln Ave. In that same 2300 block, the Highbury Pub, Grand Cafe Centraal, and Dee’s Wine Shop had liquor licenses to sell both alcohol and beer.
Paul Jonas, owner of the Tonic Tavern happened to be the brother of Sarah Jonas, owner of Lulu's Cafe who strongly opposed granting AK Food Mart a beer license.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Arizona Pinal County Sheriff Babeu Threatens Former Male Lover With Deportation, If Relationship Exposed

José Orozco

Sheriff Paul Babeu

Alleged illegal male immigrant had relationship with sheriff. Sheriff Babeu supports Arizona's state law SB 1070 giving authority for law enforcement to check legal status of suspects.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 19, 2012

Florence, Arizona - On Saturday, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, 43, confirmed that he is gay after Friday's reported scandal by the Phoenix New Times about accusations of threatening a 34-year-old ex-male lover with deportation, if he exposed their prior relationship. Babeu's ex-lover has been identified as José Orozco, which Babeu's attorney alleged is an illegal immigrant whose visa had expired. Babeu and his attorney apparently are challenging Orozco's legal status.
In a statement, "Yesterday, a tabloid article made a number of false allegations about me. Only one was true: I’m gay," Sheriff Babeu said Saturday.
Sheriff Babeu had been hiding his sexual preference for years and is currently making his bid for the U.S. Congress. He also quit as co-chair of the Arizona GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's campaign when the allegations came to light about threatening to deport Orozco to Mexico. Orozco claims, he is in the U.S. with a multiple ten year visa and met Babeu in 2006 through a gay dot com website.
Babeu tried to keep the relationship quiet due to expected consequences that could follow, if constitutents discovered he was gay. But, Orozco decided to expose their prior relationship that was kept in the shadows after being threaten. Babeu denied he had ever threaten to deport Orozco.
Sheriff Babeu is a strong advocate for Arizona's SB 1070 immigration enforcement law and is a conservative republican.
Several semi-nude photos of Babeu appeared in a dating gay website suggesting he is currently looking for a relationship, but Babeu is saying, those photos were sent to an individual for private use and not to be posted on the Internet.
Babeu confirmed, that despite coming out of the closet as being gay, he will continue his quest and bid to become a U.S. Representative for the 4th Congressional District in the state of Arizona. His congressional bid campaign has been jilted and staffers are trying to salvage Babeu's campaign. Also, Babeu's attorney sent a legal letter to Orozco to stop him from accessing campaign computers. Babeu is alleging that Orozco had unauthorized access to his campaign computers and e-mail accounts.
Orozco's attorney says, that his client is now living in fear of being deported.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Alderman Witkowiak Defends Reputation From Candidate Allegedly Engaging In False and Misleading Claims

James "Jim" Witkowiak

12th Dirtrict alderman resorts to Facebook to defend his character and reputation against challenger Pérez who allegedly made false and misleading claims about Witkowiak.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 18, 2012

Milwaukee - On Saturday, Alderman James "Jim" Witkowiak from the 12th Aldermanic District who is running for re-election accused challenger José G. Pérez of conducting a smear campaign and making false claims about Witkowiak's character and reputation. Witkowiak says, he is proud to serve, live and has a reputation of helping to increase Latino bussiness growth in the district within the last 16-years as an alderman.
In contrary to what Aldermanic candidate Pérez has been claiming, Witkowiak wrote in Facebook that he will continue to work and protect the rights of Hispanic business owners and for minority contractors to compete for city contracts. He supported the new 370 city contract ordinance that increased minority accessibilty to public work contracts from 18% to 25%. Which, Pérez as a City Devlopment worker, including the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce failed to say anything when the 370 ordinance was being discussed, debated and passed, according to Witkowiak.
Witkowiak was not specific about what Pérez allegedly was claiming as misleading in Facebook.
Last Thursday, Pérez during a south side public forum said, that he opposed the 370 ordinance and would work for an alternative measure that would increase the percentage even more in the minority bidding process for city contracts, if elected. The 370 city contract law will be evaluated every year, according to Witkowiak.
Witkowiak affirmed that he will continue to support the DREAM Act and for immigrants to have an opportunity to higher education. He helped stop the Milwaukee Opportunities Restoring Employment (M.O.R.E. 2009 ordinance), which would have effected Latino construction business owners receiving public works contracts, that created hardships to implement.
On Saturday when contacted, Pérez said, that he has no time to engage in any type of smear campaign against anyone and denied Witkowiak's claims. Pérez confirmed, that he is concentrating strongly on knocking on doors and getting his supporters to the polls for the February 21 Primary Election.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Three Ton "No More Weapons" Billboard Unveiled At Mexico-U.S. Border

Mexican President Calderón Hinojosa says, "No More Weapons."

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 17, 2012

Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico - On Thursday, Mexican President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa unveiled a "No More Weapons" billboard near the bordertown Córdova-Américas International bridge.
Calderón Hinojosa said, that a strong effort to keep U.S. weapons from entering Mexico has been launched and is pushing for the U.S. government to do the same. The U.S. government agencies in Arizona, including the AFT and U.S. Attorney's Office in the state are being investigated for letting numerous straw buyer weapons to cross over into Mexico during the "Fast and Furious" weapons initiative. Most of the weapons ended up in the hands of Mexican drug cartels. Some of the weapons became unaccounted for the U.S. Department of Justice probe found. Several of the weapons were used to kill two U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, one in the U.S. and other in Mexico.
Calderón Hinojosa says, the Mexican government has arrested more than 30 most wanted drug cartel leaders in Mexico and 140 thousand weapons, including 84 thousand high power weapons.
The billboard was made by the National Secretary of Defense (Sedena) from three tons of crushed illegal U.S. weapons. It will be displayed at the border crossing into Ciudad Juarez from El Paso, Texas.

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Shootout Between ICE Agents Over Dispute Inside Federal Building Ends With One Dead

FBI confirmed, three ICE agents involved in shooting resulted with one dead inside federal office housing ICE.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 17, 2012

Long Beach, CA - On Thursday, police responded to a shooting at the Glenn M. Anderson Federal Building, 501 W. Ocean Blvd. around 5:30 p.m. and found two U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations division agents shot inside the ICE offices. An agent supervisor, Ezequiel Garcia, 45, got into a dispute over job performance evaluation with Kevin Kozak, 51, who is an upper level supervisor. Garcia took out his weapon and fired six times at Kozak, striking him in the upper torso, hand and legs. Then, a third supervisor agent Perry Woo shot at Garcia. Garcia was fatally wounded and died at the scene, according to the FBI.
ICE later confirmed that it was a workplace shooting incident ending with one dead and another agent shot. Agent Kozak is expected to survive.
Woo was put in administrative leave pending the outcome of the case. ICE is conducting an internal investigation and the FBI, including the Long Beach police are also doing their own investigations as well.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dead Toll Expected To Reach 400 In Horrific Blaze At Honduras Prison

Photo: Reuters

Honduran authorities continue to investigate what caused deadly blaze that claimed almost 400 inmate lives. Some of them were held without charges and have not been convicted.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 16, 2012

Comayagua, Honduras - On Thursday, Security Minister Pompeyo Bonilla said, that the dead toll could be higher than reported earlier during a blaze on Wednesday at the Comayagua Prison. Forensic investigators are estimating that the dead toll could be more than 400 inmates, according to Bonilla.
Authorities suspect that the cause of the fire was contributed to an electrical short circuit or an inmate might have started the blaze inside the prison around 10:50 p.m. The fire began in cell block 6 and most of the fire was contained in cell blocks, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.
Most of the inmates reported killed succumed to smoke, others were trapped in locked cells and weren't able to escape the blaze. Some of the inmates could be heard screaming from pain while being burned alive, while others were able to break through a roof and escaped the blaze.
Several surviving inmates told authorities, that a mattress was set on fire inside cell block 6 and fire spread quickly. Prison officials are also following reports that some of the inmates had escaped during the chaos.
It took firefighters four hours to control the fire.
The prison had more than 853 inmates at the time of the fire and had a capacity for 250. About 475 inmates were accounted for, 21 others were reported injured and were transported to several nearby hospitals for treatment. At least 356 inmates were reported killed, according to prison officials. But, other reports state that 900 inmates were being held at the prison.
Hundreds of family members gathered outside the prison to try and get information about their relatives being held and serving time at the prison.
An estimated 60% of those held at the prison had not been charged or convicted of a crime. They were being held under an antigang law initiative, which allowed police to detain men and women without charging them for exhibiting tattoos believed to be gang related.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Constituent Controversy Brews After 8th Aldermanic Candidates Asked To Leave Public Forum By SOC

Photos: HNG

Several aldermanic candidates had to be brought back into the public forum after leaving event.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 15, 2012

Milwaukee - On Wednesday, the Southside Organizing Committee (SOC) and several other organizations sponsoring a public job interview at the Murguia Campus for 8th Aldermanic candidates had to upruptly change their rules at the last minute. SOC had planned to keep candidates from hearing what four of them had to say during the two hour event. 
SOC asked for the candidates to leave the event to another room to keep each other from listening to what each one had to say during the forum. Organizers tried to defend their decision, but were forced to allow all of the four candidates present while each one answered questions. More than 140 people attended the forum.
Alderman Robert "Bob" Donovan, who is running for re-election refused to leave claiming he wanted to be present to hear what each candidate had to say, claiming it was a public event and his right as a U.S. citizen. Other constituents agreed with Donovan.
The candidates that participated at the event were Donovan, Benjamin Juarez, Jennifer Morales and Chez Ordoñez. Donovan cited his 12-year experience as alderman. He publicly challenged SOC and the other groups that organized the event to unite and go fight for the needed district funds from the federal government. Donovan said, he would join in the fight along with the groups because the feds every year provide millions of dollars for housing in Milwaukee, but come with strict restrictions.
Donovan pointed out that he helped bring the Neighborhood Ambassador project, Operation Impact, which gets private business funding to help pay for beat cops along Lincoln Ave. and video surveillance cameras throughout the business and residential areas. Donovan said, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been donated by local businesses to operate the projects.
He also makes it a priority to be accessible to the residents and walks twice week in the district along with a staff worker from Nieghborhood Services and a police officer to target issues affecting the neighborhood.
He has pushed for Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn and the department to be accountable to constituents. He also has pushed for Chief Flynn to fill police positions that have not been filled. Donovan would like to be re-elected to continue to fight for the district.
Juarez on the contrary wants to focus on economic development to raise the tax base in the district. He would like to see portions of Becher Street repaved. Juarez says, police response to district calls is very slow and police takes longer to response blaming city budget cuts and unfilled police positions.
He likes to see better street lighting in certain areas. Juarez, if elected would focus on economic development.
Morales has a different approach, she would work with constituents to focus on issues affecting them. Morales says, that the city owns more than 3,000 homes and it needs to put them back on the market. She will seek volunteers and donations to help get resources for residents to use in fixing their homes.
Police work on preventive measures to help prevent crime in the area, but police response in slow. Some officers have attitutes, which affects their job in the district, according to Morales. She would like to see business growth in the district and spent money, including investments should be kept in the area longer to help the economic growth thoughout the area.
Ordoñez focused on poor police response, abandon business store fronts on Muskego Ave. and National Ave. The district has some areas that need cleaning and problems with parking. He also says that police have a slow response to calls in the district. There is a neighborhood block watch captain program from the 2nd Police District Station, but the department doesn't empower or provide resources to help block captains to prevent or fight crime. Ordoñez also mentioned people in the district need financial help to keep their homes. Flood issues and freshwater drainage hookups to the sewer system was another costly issue that needs to be dealt with, according to Ordoñez.
He says that if elected, he will deal with the prostitution problem in the area and would focus on economic development as a jobs and business creation in the 8th Aldermanic District.
All four candidates are more than well qualified to become alderman and are highly educated. Donovan is the only alderman in Milwaukee that makes it his job to walk the neighborhood twice a week to target issues. He is known and has earned the "Crimefighting Bob" label in the 8th Aldermanic District, according to residents. Now, constituents are left to pick and vote for the best candidate to represent them.
Will Donovan get re-elected? The Primary Election is February 21 and General Election is on April 3.

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Texas Congressman Seeks Investigation To Why A Fugitive From Mexico Was Released By State Department

Hector Javier Villarreal Hernández

A congressional oversight committee probe is sought by Texas congressman and a U.S. Senate investigation is requested into Mexican fugitive release by feds.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 15, 2012

Dallas, Texas - Mexican fugitive Hector Javier Villarreal Hernández, 41, is being sought after the feds released him from custody in early February. Villareal Hernández, a Coahuila former secretary of Tax Administration Service is wanted in Mexico after posting $1 million cash bond for alleged charges of corruption and embezzling millions. Villareal Hernández is accused of falsifying loan documents for infrastructure projects and keeping hundreds of millions of dollars geared to help the poverty stricken population in Coahuila.
He then fled to the U.S. to avoid prosecution by applying for a EB-5 visa. Villareal Hernández pretented to invest $500,000 in a business in the country to get a U.S. visa.
Villareal Hernández was travelling through Smith County near Tyler on Highway 31 when the former Mexican official was stopped on February 1st by a Smith County Sheriff deputy for not having a front license on a 2011 Mercedes SUV. The deputy became suspicious after he was given conflicting stories about where they were coming from and asked permission to search the SUV. The deputy found a weapon (shotgun) and $67,000 dollars in cash.
Villareal Hernández, his wife, Maria Teresa Botello, 28, and another man, Oswaldo Coronado, 33, a U.S. citizen were detained. Two of Villareal Hernández children were turned over to social services.
When the weapon's serial number was ran to see, if it was stolen. The ATF, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Department of Home Security (DHS) got involved and showed up at the Smith County jail where Villareal Hernández was booked for suspicion of money laundering. He was then taken by the feds to the DHS office in Dallas for further processing.
Smith County Sheriff J.B. Smith later found that Villareal Hernández had been released by the feds just 24 hours after being taken into custody. The State Department ordered DHS to release Villareal Hernández, Botello and Coronado because their visa's hadn't expired. They disappeared after being released.
Texas officials also released the two children to family members. A day later after Villareal Hernández was released, the State Department rescinded the order and issue a warrant for Villareal Hernández arrest. The Mexican government complained to the U.S. when it learned Villareal Hernández had been set free by the State Department.
Villareal Hernández hired a lawyer and is scheduled for a hearing on the laundering charges in Smith County. Texas officials believe Villareal Hernández won't show up for the hearing, since a warrant has been issued for his arrest.
Feds are looking into properties that Villareal Hernández owns near Eagle Pass, San Antonio and Brownsville. The U.S. Marshals Service has also been asked to join in the search for Villareal Hernández.
Now, U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R) of Texas is requesting an investigation into ICE, DHS and State Department's release of Villareal Hernández. Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert (R) from Tyler is also filing civil action in a district court and is launching a Congressional oversight committee probe to find out answers, to why Villareal Hernández was ordered released by the State Department and why was a visa given to a wanted man in Mexico? Gohmert is accusing the State Department of being incompetent regarding Villareal Hernández case.
According to the Tyler Morning Telegraph, Gohmert said, "The State Department said the couple came into the country on a valid visa, so we have to let them stay until the visa expires. They should have been deported. When you have a criminal from a foreign country you pick them up and hold them until the treaties with the other country can be satisfied and they can be transferred to that country on a warrant. The last thing you do is release them back into the country."

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Ortiz Files Ethics And Milwaukee County DA Complaints Against Supervisor West For Campaigning Violations

Sylvia Ortiz

Supervisor Peggy Romo West in Milwaukee County vehicle during Labor Day parade in 2011. West is wearing a Re-elect Peggy Romo West t-shirt and name tag.

Photos: HNG

Supervisor West is accused by Ortiz of using County staff and vehicles to promote her re-election campaign.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 13, 2012

Milwaukee- On Monday, Sylvia Ortiz, candidate for 12th Milwaukee County Supervisor District filed an ethics complaint that could possibily result in criminal charges against current Supervisor Peggy Romo West. Ortiz also filed a complaint with the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office. Ortiz is requesting the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office to review West actions and documents detailing her postings for possible infractions of the law while in office.
Hispanic News Network USA (HNNUSA) tried to contact Supervisor West for comment concerning Ortiz' allegations od campaigning during Milwaukee County time, but West or her legislative aid weren't available. The front desk receptionist for Milwaukee County Supervisors said, West left no information where she could be found on Monday.
Ortiz is claiming that there is clear evidence, that West used County staff and vehicles to campaign, "also campaigning on her Campaign Facebook during standing committee meetings," and that an election staff worker from the Milwaukee County Election Commission took from the election office, a first bach of West's nomination papers home. The election commission staffer later notified West she didn't have sufficient signatures.
Ortiz stated in a news release on Friday, "I am outraged that Supervisor Peggy Romo West would use County staff and property to influence and gain unlawful advantages! The fact that she is on Facebook while serving on committees and legislation shows her lack of attention to her district."
Supervisor West's Twitter account is no longer in public view and secured (privatized) her tweets, Facebook still active after allegations of illegal acts were raised by Ortiz.
West has admitted to tweeting and posting while on the clock with County business, but doesn't believe she did anything illegal. She has blocked Ortiz and others not considered friends from viewing her Facebook postings.
Ortiz on Monday said, that Supervisor West posted on her Facebook that her laptop unexpectedly was infected with a virus and had to be replaced by her husband.
Ortiz released West's compiled documents totaling 183 pages of postings in social media and photos showing West with campaign t-shirt seating inside a Milwaukee County vehicle. West posted a photo of herself inside a County truck with a Re-elect West campaign t-shirt on September 6, 2011, according to Ortiz. Ortiz strongly believes, West violated state and County laws pretending to using County property for the purpose of campaigning.
Ortiz also explained that previously, West complained with the Milwaukee County DA about Ortiz' campaign literature focusing on West. West claimed that Ortiz failed to add who paid and authorized the literature as required by law. Ortiz confirmed, that a claimer was printed on the literature and the DA disregarded West's accusations concerning Ortiz.

Supervisor West and an employee for Milwaukee County in a County vehicle. West was invited by the employee to ride in the County vehicle during the 2011 Labor Day parade.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Guerrero Becomes First Woman Appointed By President Calderón To Head Mexican Federal Police

Maribel Cervantes Guerrero appointed General Commissioner for the Mexican Federal Police by President Calderón.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 11, 2012

Mexico City - On Friday, the Mexican Secretary of National Security (SSP) announced that Maribel Cervantes Guerrero, 41, was appointed By President Felipe Hinojosa Calderón as the new General Commissioner for the Mexican Federal Police. Guerrero replace Facundo Rosas and became the first woman to head the Federal Police.
Guerrero has a masters in military administration and national security from the the University of Mexican Armed Services and Air Force. She also holds a degree on communication science from la Universidad del Valle de Mexico, according to SSP.
In March, Calderón also appointed the first woman, Marisela Morales as Mexico's Attorney General.

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Father Shoots Rebellious Daughter's Laptop Over Facebook Post Criticizing Parents

Tommy Jordan

Laptop shot and won't be replaced by parents.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 11, 2012

Abemarle, North Carolina - On Wednesday, Tommy Jordon, a father of a rebellious 15-year-old daughter named Hannah decided to do a YouTube video showing him react to his daughther's disrespectful and vulgar post on Facebook criticizing parents. She begins with "To my parents, I'm not your damn slave and it's not my responsibility to clean up your shit." Hannah tried to block the post from her parents, but her father found it after he learned about it.
He read her post about complaining of doing house chores, throwing out the trash, washing dishes, making coffee and school work everyday, which actually doesn't give her enough time to sleep. Also, that she couldn't wait for him to get old and to see who will change his diaper, the post says.
"Your responsibilities include waking up on time and getting on the bus," the father says while smoking a cigarette. "You don’t have that hard a life, but you’re about to...Just for the record, whenever you're not grounded, whenever year that may be, you can have a new laptop, when you can buy a new latop." He concludes with, "Hope you enjoyed your little fiasco on Facebook, hope it was worth all this."
After his comments, he gets up and takes out his 45 Caliber pistol and shoots multiple hollow point rounds, including one for his wife into the laptop on the ground.
If Hannah wants a new laptop, she would have to pay for it. She also owes a dollar and some cents for each hollow point round he spent on the laptop, the father says.
Parents should not seat back and let their kids disrespect them, according to Jordon.
The video went viral on the Internet with more than 3.5 million views within 48 hours.
Local police have talked to Jordan and apparently the department sent their kudos and his daughther will have an interview with social services. Hannah is taking it very well and better than most of the people that posted comments criticizing him, Jordan says.

Facebook parenting for the troubled teen video link:

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Milwaukee County Supervisor West Facing Alleged Ethics Complaint For Using County Time To Benefit Campaign

Supervisor West is accused by challenger of using County staff and vehicles to promote her re-election campaign.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 10, 2012

Milwaukee- On Friday, Sylvia Ortiz, candidate for 12th Milwaukee County Supervisor District announced she will file an ethics complaint that could possibily result in criminal charges against current Supervisor Peggy Romo West. Ortiz is claiming that there is clear evidence, that West used County staff and vehicles to campaign, "also campaigning on her Campaign Facebook during standing committee meetings," and that an election staff worker from the Milwaukee County Election Commission took from the election office, a first bach of West's nomination papers home. The election commission staffer later notified West she didn't have sufficient signatures.
Ortiz stated, "I am outraged that Supervisor Peggy Romo West would use County staff and property to influence and gain unlawful advantages! The fact that she is on Facebook while serving on committees and legislation shows her lack of attention to her district."
Supervisor West's Twitter account is no longer in public view and secured her tweets, Facebook still active after allegations of illegal acts were raised by Ortiz. West has admitted to tweeting and posting while on the clock with County business, but doesn't believe she did anything illegal. She has restricted and blocked Ortiz and others not considered friends from viewing her Facebook postings.
Ortiz plans to release West's compiled documents, postings in social media and photos showing West with campaign t-shirt seating inside a Milwaukee County vehicle at a press conference on Monday. Ortiz will also request the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office to review West actions and documents detailing her postings for possible infractions of the law while in office.
A press conference is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 13, 2012, outside the County Ethics Board Room 212 at 10:30 a.m., according to Ortiz's news release.

Supervisor West protected her tweets from public view after allegations were raised of using County time to tweet during committee meetings. West says, she was letting constituents know what was happening at meetings. Now more than 40,000 constituents in the 12th district are left in the dark, except 100 of them who actually follow West.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Beresford-Redman Extradited To Mexico To Face Homicide Charge For Killing Brazilian Wife

Bruce and Monica Burgos Beresford-Redman

Homicide suspect arrived in Mexico to face murder charge in Cancún

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 9, 2012

Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico - On Wednesday, Bruce Beresford-Redman arrived in Mexico after being extradited from the U.S. to face a homicide charge for the April 8, 2010 alleged murder of his wife, Monica Burgos Beresford-Redman, 42, originally from Brazil. Beresford-Redman is expected to be transfer from a Mexico City jail to Cancún on Wednesday or early Thursday to face a murder charge preliminary hearing. If convicted Beresford-Redman, the former producer of the "Survivor" TV show is facing up to 40 years in prison, instead of life.
The couple and their two children were vacationing at the Moon Palace Hotel resort in Cancún when Monica disappeared and later discovered inside a septic tank. Hotel employees told investigators that the couple had a confrontational argument that drew concern before she disappeared, which the couple's 6-year-old daugther confirmed.
The Quintana Roo state Attorney General's Office (PGR) reported that during the initial investigation, Beresford-Redman was ordered to remain in Mexico, but he left the country without authorization to avoid prosecution. He returned to the U.S. and Mexico issued an international warrant and an extradition request for Beresford-Redman.
He was detained in Los Angeles, California by federal authorites since November. He lost an appeal in a U.S. court to avoid extradition to Mexico in December.

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Vicente Fernández To Retire After Ending A Tri-country Tour This Year

Vicente Fernández

Mexican country singer Vicente Fernández announced retirement.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 9, 2012

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico - On Wednesday, Vicente Fernández, 71, "Chente" a Mexican singer, producer and actor announced during a press conference, that he will retire at the end of the year and won't be doing any future tours or concerts. He wants to finish his final concert at the Bull Fighting Plaza in Mexico City. This year, Fernández presentations include a tri-country tour to Central America, the U.S. and Europe.
Fernández known for his rancheras (Mexican style country songs) and the song "Volver, Volver" will continue to record songs after his retirement. He has been singing, performing and been in numerous Mexican movies in the last 40 years.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

12-year-old Missing Child Found, Has History Of Disappearing After Getting Suspended From School

Carlos Avila

Teen who disappeared since Monday found in Milwaukee's south side.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 8, 2012

Milwaukee - On Wednesday, Milwaukee police reported that Carlos Avila, 12, has been located unharmed in the south side of the city. Avila went missing on Monday and was last seen at 8:00 a.m. at the 1400 block of S. 34th St.
Family members reported him missing on Wednesday. Avila had disappeared before in another occassion after being suspended from school, according to police.
His family says, Avila was also suspended from school this week and was upset. He apparently disappeared for a longer period of time prompting them to contact police.
Family nor police has released any information where Avila spent several days away from home or why he had been suspended.

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Arizona Supreme Court Affirmed Lower Court's Ruling To Keep Cabrera Off Ballot For Lack Of English Proficiency

Alejandrina Cabrera

Photo: Yuma Sun

Cabrera's attorney considering filing case with U.S. Supreme Court.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 8, 2012

Phoenix - On Tuesday, the Arizona Supreme Court affirmed the lower court's decision that Alejandrina Cabrera should remain off the San Luis City March Primary Election ballot for lack of English proficiency. The state high court didn't release any information why Cabrera should remain off the ballot, but is expected to release their ruling later.
John Minore, Cabrera's attorney is contemplating whether to file the case with the U.S. Supreme Court. He hasn't confirmed yet, if he will continue to challenge Yuma County Superior Court Judge John Nelson's ruling on January 27, to keep Cabrera's name of the ballot for lack of English proficiency.
Mayor Juan Carlos Escamilla filed a court complaint to determine, if Cabrera had enough shills of English proficiency to handle a four-year term as a council member.
Escamilla faced two unsuccessful attempts to recall him last year, which Cabrera helped to initiate after the council hiked utility rates and laid off 12 city employees due to budget cuts. 
Carbrera is one of ten candidates for the San Luis City Council race.

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Colorado Woman Skips Southern Texas Town After Ranting About It On YouTube

Sara Walls

Husband apologized for wife's unfortunate rant about Laredo.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 8, 2012

Laredo, Texas - Several days ago, Sara Walls, originally from Colorado living in Laredo skipped town and went back to Colorado after causing an uproar in the bordertown with a population of a quarter million. Last Saturday, Walls posted an 8 minute video ranting on Laredo's high crime wave, didn't like Mexican men, people driving with Mexican plates, she couldn't understand Spanish, because most people speak Spanish and they are in U.S. and should speak English, superstitions (about evil eye), wouldn't recommend White people to Laredo, the food (menudo tastes like shit) and she goes on ranting with a long list why she didn't like Laredo. The video was deemed so offensive and racist by Laredoans who became offended and condemned it.
Walls says, her husband Michael's job was transferred to Laredo about a year and half ago and has one child.
Walls in the video says, that her car was "broken into...Laredo, TX, this town sucks and thank God I wasn't born here...I just hate going out in this town. Mexican men here are disgusting." Word about her video spread in the local social media, radio, TV news in Laredo. Public ridicule created by her video, forced Walls to removed it from YouTube, after getting threats and being criticized by people living in Laredo for posting it. But, Walls video surfaced again and was reposted by someone else who made a copy.
Her husband Michael Walls even appeared on Pro 8 News and other local news oulets in Laredo trying to apologize for his wife's ranting video. He told Pro 8 News that Sara has skipped town and took her child with her and she won't be returning to Laredo any time soon.
Mayor Raul Salinas on News 92 FM radio said, Sara crossed the line of freedom of speech and engaged in hate, made remarks deemed as racist, she seemed very insecure in the video. Salinas says, that 97% of the population is Mexican-American and Laredo is a bilingual and bicultural bordertown. Laredo has very hard working people and the lowest crime rate in Texas, according to Salinas. Salinas accepted her husbands apology.
Michael continues to stay in Laredo for now and is dealing with stares, fingers being pointed at him and comments made by people. The after effects resulted from Sara's decision to exercise her right to free speech and expressing her own opinion on video dealing with life in a bordertown.
In the video, Sara, a non-Hispanic was just expressing her feelings about a city she couldn't come into grips due to a lack of understanding the culture, language used by most Laredoans, which 97% of the population is of Mexican descent, spicy food, and the city is politically run by people with close family ties.

Why Sara hates Laredo video link at:

Laredo Mayor Raul Salinas comments about Walls on the radio at link:

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