Friday, November 29, 2019

26-year-old Hermilo Hernandez-Barojas Charged With Multiple Felony Counts For Attempting To Run Over Several Security Guards At La Carreta Vieja With Vehicle

Hernandez-Barojas charged with four felony counts for 2nd-degree recklessly endangering safety after attempting to run over two security guards at a local Milwaukee Southside bar and restaurant on W. Greenfield Ave.

By H. Nelson Goodson 
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 29,  2019

Milwaukee, WI - On Friday, a $20,000 cash bond was set for each of the four felony counts for 2nd-degree recklessly endangering safety (if convicted, facing up to 10 years in prison and $25,000 in fines for each count) including using a dangerous weapon enhancer adding another 5 years to each count that Hermilo Hernandez-Barojas, 26, was charged on November 27 in connection with attempting to run over several security guards at La Carreta Vieja restaurant and bar at the 1300 block of W. Greenfield Ave. on early Sunday, November 24, according to court records. The criminal complaint says that Hernandez-Barojas got into an altercation just before closing on early last Sunday with another patron inside the bar and was made to leave the bar. Hernandez-Barojas who frequents the bar became angry and got into his vehicle and attempted to run over two security guards outside the bar by going over the curb into the sidewalk while his pregnant wife was inside his vehicle. He missed the guards and attempted to run over the guards a second time and struck several parked vehicles. He than tried to flee on foot from the the scene, but was chased and caught by the security guards who held him until police arrived.
Hernandez-Barojas confessed to police at the scene that he wanted to run over the security guards and wanted to kill them. He also asked police officers to let him out of the police squad so, he could beat the guards who had assaulted him.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

18-year-old Milwaukee Police Aid Qushawn D. Thompson Charged With Felony Count For Driving Stolen Van

Thompson was taken into custody while wearing black socks on his hands after attempting to flee from police.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 27, 2019

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - On Tuesday, Qushawn Davyoung Thompson, 18, a Milwaukee Police Aid assigned to the stolen vehicle unit desk was charged with one felony count for driving and operating a vehicle without the owners consent. If convicted, Thompson is facing 3 years and 6 months in prison and up to $10,000 in fines, according to court records.
Thompson has since been fired by Police Chief Alfonso Morales from the Milwaukee Police Department.
According to the criminal complaint, Milwaukee police on November 21, around 12:45 a.m. responded to a shots fired at the 10000 block of W. Fond Du Lac Ave. and when arriving at the scene noticed a blue Dodge Caravan driving off and squealing tires. Police briefly pursued the van into a parking and when it stopped, the driver, Thompson and several other suspects fled from the van. Police arrested Thompson who was wearing large black socks on his hands, the two other suspects were eventually taken into custody by police as well.
The van had been reported stolen from the day before, according to police.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Veteran Racist Bigot Including Latino MAGAs Spread Hate Targeting The Latino Community In Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Representative Zamarripa (D-Milw.) and Wisconsin State Senator Taylor (D-Milw.) have confirmed that they have received racist and hate U.S. mail including postcards for years from an unidentified racist bigot who doesn't sign the mail targeted at the state legislators.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 25, 2019

Madison, WI - For years, Milwaukee Latino businesses, non-profit organizations including local, county and state elected officials have received hate and threatening U.S. mail including postcards from an unidentified racist bigot who says is a U.S. veteran that speaks English. It seems the racist bigot in question suffers from some type of hate generated mental disease and needs some medical and psychological help.
Recently, the whole Waukesha City Council were also targeted with the same type of hate U.S. mail and racist rhetoric targeted at Latinos as previous victims of color. Wisconsin State Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milw.) says that "For years, I have received cards with the exact same hand writing. When I got feces sent to me and hate emails and mail, they (law enforcement) did nothing."
State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa says, that she has become disappointed and it frustrates her to receive hate mail targeted at Mexican nationals, but that she remains committed to representing the underrepresented regardless of any attempt to target her with hate mail.
Most of the businesses previously hit with hate mail include, Campuzano Alterations, La Mexicana, Fiesta Salón & Spa,  Centro de Sonido and Taquería Aranda,  which are owned by Mexican descent business owners. Also, El Conquistador Newspaper reported that it has received hate mail and postcards as well. Other nonprofit organizations operated and managed by Latinos have also been targeted by the same veteran racist bigot.
Voces de la Frontera (VDLF), an immigrant and workers rights organization have also received multiple hate mail, according Primitivo Torres from VDLF.
Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) has learned that the hate mail and postcards sent by the racist bigot is widely spread that even the ACLU-WI, Hispanic Professionals of Wisconsin, Milwaukee County Board and Urban Milwaukee have reported that they have received this type of hate and racist rants postcards.
Complaints about receiving such hate mail have been made by targeted victims throughout Wisconsin to local, county, state law enforcement agencies and the U.S. Postal Service Inspectors to no avail.
HNNUSA is now offering a $1 reward for information leading to the identity of the alleged veteran racist bigot.
Most likely, the suspected racist bigot is a Trump MAGA supporter, since Trump has advocated hate and discriminatory rants targeted at Mexican nationals and immigrants of color.
The racist bigot identified as a veteran who apparently served in the military, only believes that U.S. citizens are afforded Constitutional rights and civil rights, etc., but it definitely seems the same racist bigot doesn't actually understand that he served in the military to protect the U.S. Constitution and the rights of everyone in the U.S., whether a U.S. citizen or not.
Such racist bigots should be outed and exposed by the community for what they are, "sickos".
Last August, the Latino MAGAs/Make America Great Again-Keep America Great (KAG) in Wisconsin created a fake Facebook page to promote hate and Nazi propaganda targeted at members of the Latino community to raise campaign funds for the Trump re-election campaign. The Latino MAGA fake Facebook page in Wisconsin has become a lure to expose fellow racists that promote hate and their supporters. Anyone can actually identify who they are because the fake Facebook page is still active today and they can be identified by name in the page including Kenosha County Supervisor Zach Rodriguez, a known MAGA Republican in the state who seems to like the page, racist posts and its Nazi propaganda. These individuals are some of the racist bigots that stand with Trump and his racist and discriminatory rhetoric at MAGA/KAG rallies around the nation.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Man Fatally Shot Multiple Times In Alleged Drug Related Homicide In Milwaukee's Southside

26-year-old man fatally shot in suspected drug related homicide.

By H. Nelson Goodson 
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 19, 2019

Milwaukee, Wisconsin- On Monday, Milwaukee police responded to the 2900 block of S. 14 St. at 9:43 p.m. to shots fired. When police arrive, they found a 26-year-old man shot multiple times in an upper duplex. The man died at the scene from his injuries and a police homicide investigation in ongoing.
Police detained an individual and found a handgun discarded in a trash can near the duplex, according to individuals at the scene and a Facebook video being recorded live from the scene.
According to neighbors, police had been called to the duplex multiple times for numerous incidents and the neighbors say that the upper flat was known for drug trafficking.
Police has not confirmed, if the homicide is a drug related death.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Anti-Evo And Pro-Evo Rally Including Protest Held In Milwaukee Calling For U.S. Imperialism And Intervention Out Of Latin America

U.S. and Trump supported coup in Bolivia claims lives.

By H. Nelson Goodson 
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 16, 2019

Milwaukee, WI - On Saturday, members of the Facebook group of Bolivianos en Wisconsin from Madison who waved Bolivian flags were in Milwaukee to oppose Evo and say that there was no coup, despite the actual takeover by the alt-right political rivals of the government. The Bolivian Madison group chanted for democracy eventhough, the alt-right political rivals of the Evo government were backed by the U.S., some of those at the protest indicated that they don't support Evo nor Trump. It seemed that no Bolivian national from the Milwaukee area were present at the protest, according to the group from Madison. 
While the Party for Socialism and Liberation Milwaukee and allies also held a peaceful rally and protest against the U.S. Imperialism funded coup to overthrow the duly elected President of Bolivia, Evo Morales. The protest seeking democracy for Bolivia and against U.S. Imperialism and intervention in Latin America was one of many held around the U.S. including at W. Locust and S. Martin Luther King Drive in Milwaukee.
One individual held a sign saying Evo = fraud compared to dozens who mostly waved Bolivian flags and chanted "Evo de Nuevo, hell No", "We want democracy in Bolivia, We want Peace", "What do we want, democracy now in Bolivia".
Cecilia F. Miranda who was at the protest says, that there was no coup, despite the U.S. backed alt-right takeover and allegations raised that Evo committed election fraud.
Iris Alpire also says, that the Bolivian people over threw Evo by social pressure, but there is no evidence that the irregularities and the allegations of election fraud affected the results of the election in October, which the majority of those that voted elected Evo and the Bolivian Congress, when it recently met in quorum voted to confirm the election results and Evo as the Bolivian President.
The Bolivian military and police failed to support Evo's re-election by the majority of the Bolivian voters, which is odd, when democracy today for Bolivia has been echoed around the world, while on the contrary, the alt-right political rivals, military and Bolivian police opposed Evo and have denied the election results of the majority of Bolivians.
Morales fled Bolivia after his life and his family's lives were threatened by ultra-right political rivals backed by Trump.
Morales was elected in October by a majority of Bolivians despite allegations of irregularities and election fraud, which didn't effect the actual vote tally electing Morales.
Statistical analysis of election returns and tally sheets from Bolivia's October 20 elections shows no evidence that irregularities or fraud affected the official result that gave President Evo Morales a first-round victory, researchers and analysts at the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) say. Contrary to a postelection narrative that was supported, without evidence, by the OAS Electoral Observation Mission, statistical analysis shows that it was predictable that Morales would obtain a first-round win, based on the results of the first 83.85 percent of votes.
Morales was forced to leave Bolivia by the alt-right Bolivian political rivals and is currently in Mexico. The Bolivian Congress in a majority vote reaffirmed Morales as the duly elected President of Bolivia.
At least eight people were killed and dozens injured in the Bolivian city of Sacaba on Friday, after security forces fired on supporters of ousted president Evo Morales, according to the Associated Press.
Bernie Sanders, the Democratic candidate for U.S. President says, Morales did a very good job in alleviating poverty and giving the indigenous people a voice they never had before, we can argue, if it was a wise thing for Morales to run for a fourth term, but at the end of the day, when the military intervened in the Bolivian election process and asked Morales to leave, in his (Sanders) view, it's a coup.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Student Injured During Bathroom Altercation At The Waukegan High School And Message Found In Bathroom That Someone Threatened To Bring An AK To School

A student was injured during an altercation inside a Washington High School bathroom, some Facebook postings indicate some type of instrument, whether a knife, pencil or other item.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 14, 2019

Waukegan, Illinois - A student was reported injured during an altercation in a bathroom at the Washington High School, 1011 Washington St. in Waukegan, Illinois on Thursday afternoon. Apparently, Facebook postings and a video of the altercation being shared indicate that the student was injured, but it is not clear whether the student was stabbed with a knife, pencil or other weapon.
Two students were hospitalized, the victim that was stabbed and the suspected student that did the stabbing, according to a school source. Waukegan police are investigating the incident and charges are pending against the students involved in the altercation.
Waukegan school officials posted a statement about the stabbing incident and a previous bathroom message that someone had threaten to bring an AK to school. According to allegations raised, the bathroom message about the AK threat was kept quiet and no effort was made by school officials from the Waukegan Public Schools District 60 to notify student parents about the previous unrelated AK weapon threat until Thursday when the stabbing incident occurred in the high school bathroom and images of the bathroom threat began to circulate in social media (Facebook).
Timothy Bryner, the Lead Principal at Waukegan High School released the following statement, "...At around noon today, an altercation occurred in one of our restrooms between two students which escalated to one student allegedly stabbing another student with a sharp object."
"Directly following the incident, the Washington Campus was placed on soft lockdown, and our school day continued without further incident. This incident is being investigated by the Waukegan Police Department, as well as school and district officials.
"Unfortunately, we can not provide any further details regarding the students involved or the ongoing investigation, as those facts remain fluid. We do not believe this incident is related to the threatening message discovered in a restroom earlier this week.
 "Our staff is just as shocked and saddened by this incident as I am sure you are. We know these types of incidents can be stressful and worrisome for students and parents, as accurate information is limited, but please know that the safety of our students and staff is always a top priority..." (full statement)
Parents and Waukegan community activist Margaret Carrasco posted on Facebook that students should not attend school on Friday for their safety, since a posted message in the bathroom earlier in the week threatened that an AK would be brought to school.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales Has Yet To Publicly Denounced Officers Decision To Assist And Honor U.S. ICE Non-legal Binding Administrative Warrants On The Field


Chief Morales during a Milwaukee Fire & Police Commission hearing in October admitted that police officers from the police district station 2 were on September 23 assisting U.S. ICE rogue agents in the Southside to arrest an undocumented immigrant who was on a State probation sentence for a conceal carry misdemeanor conviction. 

Hispanic News Network U.S.A.
November 12, 2019

Milwaukee, WI - Apparently, Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales including the police department administrative management, supervisors and its own police officers don't know the difference between a non-legal binding U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) administrative warrant (federal civil matter) and a judicial warrant signed by a federal court judge, which on September 23, 2019, police officers assisted rogue ICE agents in arresting Jose Alejandro De la Cruz-Espinosa on a frivolous State traffic violation without actually having a valid warrant or an order of probation violation at the time of the incident until the probation violation call was made by police to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections parole agent from the scene. According to Chief Morales, De la Cruz-Espinosa had an "active federal warrant" to take him into custody, but Morales failed to realize that it was just a federal civil ICE warrant created by an ICE agent, not from a federal judge, which it doesn't have precedent nor Constitutional authority to take custody of a person on probation for a State of Wisconsin misdemeanor conviction for carrying a conceal weapon who at the time of the arrest had not violated any condition of his probation. 
Here's the scenario, on September 23, Milwaukee police officers including a K9 unit from the 2nd Police District Station were assisting rogue ICE agents who didn't have a judicial warrant to take De la Cruz-Espinosa into custody, ICE used police officers to arrest De la Cruz and turned him over to ICE agents at the scene without processing De de la Cruz-Espinosa for a traffic violation and then allow his State probation agent and a Milwaukee County judge decide, if in fact De la Cruz-Espinosa had violated any conditions of his probation. It didn't happened and police officers who have not been identified failed to protect De la Cruz-Espinosa's due process rights and did a disservice to the Latino community including the State of Wisconsin justice system by illegally turning over De la Cruz-Espinosa to ICE and not allowing De la Cruz-Espinosa to finish his state conviction sentence for the misdemeanor conviction at the time. De la Cruz-Espinosa still has an open debt to pay society for his State conviction some might argue.
So far, Chief Morales continues to press that De la Cruz-Espinosa had an existing federal warrant, now the public and the Latino community has learned that Morales wasn't telling the whole truth, but actually didn't know the difference between a U.S. ICE agent administrative warrant and a judicial warrant signed by a court judge.
Chief Morales wants to get a new contract to continue to work as chief, but before he gets rehired by the Milwaukee Fire & Police Commission, Morales needs to abide by the law himself and not assist ICE rogue agents in enforcing their non-legal binding administrative warrants in the City unless they have a legal federal warrant signed by a judge to detain a resident of Milwaukee. Chief Morales believes in working with the community to help them to prevent crime and to solve crime cases, but assisting ICE agents to arrest undocumented immigrants without due process does a disservice to our communities of color including the Latino community by creating a distrust of police. 
Also, the Milwaukee Fire & Police Commission should approved Voces de Frontera version of the Milwaukee Police Standard Operating Procedure 130 that prohibits the Milwaukee police from assisting ICE agents in honoring and enforcing ICE agents administrative warrants unless they have a judicial warrant signed by a federal judge.
Chief Morales deserves a new contract, but not until he publicly acknowledges that U.S. ICE administrative warrants will not be honored by the Milwaukee Police Department in taking any city resident into custody in the City of Milwaukee.

According to U.S. ICE, "Under the Immigration and Nationality Act as passed by Congress, ICE detainers, removal orders issued by federal immigration judges, and ICE immigration enforcement in general, is conducted under civil law. The "judicial warrant" demanded by a sheriff (police) only applies to criminal cases and does not exist for civil law matters. "However, for every detainer ICE issues the agency also provides an accompanying administrative warrant, or a warrant of removal along with the detainer, which is the warrant that does exist for matters governed under civil law." The ICE warrants are not legal binding to enter private property to arrest a suspected undocumented individual or a vehicle, which is private property as well, but ICE attempts to deceit the public by making it seem that ICE administrative warrants are legal to execute on private property and force a Sheriff's Department or Police Department to turn over an individual. Law enforcement agencies do neglect to honor such ICE detainers and administrative warrants to avoid being liable by an individual due to the non legal binding ICE warrants and detainers. 

In other words, ICE warrants are issued for civil violations of immigration law, not criminal charges. They are also sometimes called “administrative warrants.” An “ICE warrant” is not a real warrant. It is not reviewed by a judge or any neutral party to determine if it is based on probable cause. An ICE warrant directs various federal immigration enforcement agents to arrest the person named in the warrant. Because it is not issued by a judge, an ICE warrant does not give the immigration enforcement officer the authority to demand entry to a home or private space in order to make the arrest. ICE warrants do not generally provide a basis for a local or state law enforcement officer or agency (LEA) to arrest or detain anyone. (Immigration Legal Resource Center - ILRC)

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Trump Supporter, Clifton A. Blackwell Charged With Felony 1st-Degree Reckless Injury, Hate Crime And Use Of A Dangerous Weapon In The Acid Dousing Of Muhad Villalaz In Milwaukee

Blackwell was charged with 1st-degree reckless injury, with added enhancers that includes a hate crime and use of a dangerous weapon for the November 1 battery acid dousing of a 42-year-old Latino.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 6, 2019

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - On Wednesday, Clifton A. Blackwell, 61, was charged with one felony count for 1st-degree reckless injury with additional enhancers for a hate crime and use of a dangerous weapon for the November 1st acid dousing of Muhad Villalaz, 42, in Milwaukee's Southside. If convicted, Blackwell is facing up to 25 years in prison and $100,000 in fines for the 1st-degree reckless injury charge and an additional 5 years in prison for the hate crime enhancer.
Villalaz who is originally from Peru and a U.S. Citizen says, that the racially charged verbal confrontation started when Blackwell approached him and complained about him parking near a bus stop, so Villalaz moved his truck and then returned to go into a Mexican restaurant at the 2600 block of S. 13th Street where Blackwell was waiting for him near the entrance. Blackwell and Villalaz began to exchange words, but Blackwell told Villalaz that he was an "illegal" and should go back to his country including other racial slurs. A video surveillance camera caught the moment when Villalaz flinched and Blackwell who had an open aluminum container doused Villalaz with battery acid.
Villalaz immediately ran inside the restaurant and rinsed the acid from his face with water, but received 2nd-degree burns to his face and his clothes were burned with acid.
Milwaukee police were able to arrest Blackwell the next day and the acid incident news went viral nationwide and reached other parts of the globe.
A GoFundMe was created by his sister to help pay for Villalaz's medical bills with a $15,000 goal and it raised a total of $52,754 with a single anonymous donor donating $12,500, which the fundraiser was recently deactivated.
Blackwell is a Trump supporter, according to a woman that operates a local business, which Blackwell used to frequent and is considered a racist just like Trump himself.
Democratic Presidential candidate Tom Steyer who was visiting the Latino community on Wednesday morning confirmed during a gathering that he had heard of Blackwell's acid dousing on Villalaz and called Trump, a fake president who is a racist.
Steyer is the only 2020 Democratic U.S. Presidential candidate that has come to the Milwaukee Latino community and reached out to Hispanics and has engaged in dialogue, one on one with Latino residents and listened to their concerns. 
Also in August, a small group of Latino MAGAs who feed on Trump's racist and hate rants created a fake Latino MAGA Facebook page to target Latino members of the Hispanic community and to promote division, hate and Nazi propaganda in Wisconsin to help raise campaign funds to re-elect Trump. So far, none of the Latino MAGAs (Make America Great Again/Keep America Great) have come forward publicly to condemn Blackwell's hate crime act and to demand justice for Villalaz as numerous Democratic public elected officials, Latino community leaders, immigrant rights advocates and members of the local LULAC Council have done including Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who have pushed for Blackwell, a convicted felon and a U.S. Marine veteran to be charged with a hate crime. AP reported that an official from the U.S. Marines branch could not find any record by name and birth date that Blackwell had ever served as a Marine.

Clifton A. Blackwell criminal complaint filed:

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Clifton A. Blackwell Facing One Felony Count For Aggravated Battery Including Hate Crime Enhancer In The Acid Attack Of Muhad Villalaz In Milwaukee

Blackwell was booked in the Milwaukee County jail with a $10,000 bail bond in connection with the battery acid attack of Muhad Villalaz on November 1st in Milwaukee's Southside.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 5, 2019

Milwaukee, WI - On Tuesday, Clifton A. Blackwell, 61, was booked in the Milwaukee County Jail, while charges are pending for one felony count of aggravated battery with a hate crime enhancer in connection with the November 1st battery acid attack of Muhad Villalaz, 42, and a bail bond was set for Blackwell at $10,000, according to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department. The Villalaz family confirmed on Tuesday that Blackwell will be charged by the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office with a felony hate crime and aggravated battery charge for the acid dousing of Muhad while making racially motivated verbal abuse. If convicted on the pending charges, Blackwell will be facing 5 years in prison and $10,000 in fines for the hate crime and 15 years in prison and $50,000 in fines for the aggravated battery charge.
On Friday, Villalaz was hospitalized after he was attacked before 8:30 p.m. with battery acid during a verbal dispute with Blackwell at the 2600 block of  S. 13th Street in the Southside of Milwaukee, according to Milwaukee police. 
Villalaz had just arrived at the Taqueria La Sierrita restaurant located at S. 13 and W. Cleveland when he encountered Blackwell and got into a verbal dispute over a parking spot near a bus route 19 stop before the suspect threw the battery acid at Villalaz, after telling him to go back to his country including using other verbal racial slurs and then fled on foot.
Blackwell and Villalaz's verbal dispute including Blackwell dousing Villalaz with the acid was recorded by an outdoor video surveillance camera from the restaurant and the video footage taken by police. Blackwell was taken into custody by police on Saturday.
Blackwell is a U.S. military Veteran and served in the U.S. Marines, which his family says suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
In 2006, Blackwell was charged and later in 2011, he was convicted for a felony charge in Rusk County for false imprisonment and a misdemeanor for pointing a weapon at an individual. He served 379 days in jail as time served, according to court records.
Currently, the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office is reviewing Blackwell's pending charges and is expected to include a hate crime enhancer, according to the Villalaz family.
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett condemned Blackwell's acid attack on Villalaz and blamed Trump's anti-immigrant and hate rhetoric including his attempt to divide the country. Blackwell is a Trump supporter, according to a woman that operates a local business, which Blackwell used to frequent and is considered a racist like Trump himself.
Also, local public elected officials including U.S. Congresswoman Gwendolyn Moore (D-Milw.), Wisconsin State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa (D-Milw.), Wisconsin State Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milw.), Wisconsin State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milw.), Milwaukee Alderman José G. Pérez and Forward Latino leaders Darryl Morin and Eilleen Figueroa de Lopez, Wisconsin LULAC State Director Lupe Martinez and Domingo Garcia, the National LULAC President are calling for Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm to charge Blackwell with a hate crime for making racial verbal attacks at Villalaz who is originally from Peru, but is a U.S. Citizen. According to Villalaz, Blackwell called him an "illegal", other racial slurs and told him that he should go back to his country.
So far, none of the Wisconsin Latino MAGAs (Make America Great Again/Keep America Great) who are local Trump supporters that created a Latino MAGA Facebook page to promote hate and Nazi propaganda to target Latinos in the Hispanic community and to also raise campaign donations for Trump in the state, including Republican State legislators in control of the legislature have not come forward publicly to condemn the racially motivated acid attack of Villalaz by Blackwell.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

42-year-old Latino Attacked By White Male Suspect With Battery Acid During A Verbal Dispute In The Southside Of Milwaukee

Villalaz recounts acid attack in English

En Español


Video of acid attack released by restaurant 

A 42-year-old Hispanic man was hospitalized for 2nd degree battery acid burns to his face after a verbal dispute with a White male suspect identified as Clifton A. Blackwell who was arrested by Milwaukee police in connection with the attack.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 2, 2019

Milwaukee, WI - On Friday, Mahud Villalaz, 42, was hospitalized after he was attacked before 8:30 p.m. with battery acid during a verbal dispute with Clifton A. Blackwell, 61, at the 2600 block of  S. 13 Street in the Southside of Milwaukee, according to Milwaukee police. A Facebook post described the battery acid incident attack as a possible hate crime. 
Villalaz had just arrived at a restaurant located at S. 13 and W. Cleveland when he encountered Blackwell and got into a verbal dispute over a parking spot near a bus route 19 stop before the suspect threw the battery acid at Villalaz, told him to go back to his country and then fled on foot.
The Blackwell was described by police as 6 feet tall with medium built wearing a blue jacket with a hoodie and carrying a small metal container in one hand including a white bag wearing black pants and shoes. The suspect was in the area for sometime according to some video surveillance footage that was recorded and taken by police in an attempt to identify the suspect.
Blackwell is a U.S. military Veteran and served in the U.S. Marines, which his family says suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In 2006, Blackwell was convicted for a felony charge in Rusk County for pointing a weapon at an individual.

Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department  booking photo.

Update: Mahud Villalaz who is a U.S. Citizen during a press conference on Saturday after being released from the hospital recounted the acid attack.
Police confirmed, the suspect (Blackwell) had been taken into custody on Saturday and is facing aggravated battery in connection with the acid attack of Villalaz.

A GoFundMe has been created for Mahud Villalaz to help pay for his medical bills at link:

In less than 9 hours the GoFundMe for Mahud collected $15,841 (goal $15,000) with 84 donating including one anonymous donor who donated $12,500.