Monday, April 30, 2012

CSSS Did Not Violate City Ordinace For Distributing Alleged Dafamation Flyers Against Former Alderman Witkowiak

Second District Police Captain Rebecca L. Pixley and the Milwaukee Police Department denied request to interview both officers in the Citizens for a Stronger South Side alleged dafamation flyer incident investigation.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 30, 2012

Milwaukee - On Monday, the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) confirmed that both Officers Douglas Lemke and James Bunker didn't write a police report after investigating an alleged dafamation flyer distribution targeted at former Alderman James "N" Witkowiak, because no city ordinance violation had occurred on April 2nd. The officers while passing through the 1300 block of W. Greenfield Ave. were flagged down by a Witkowiak campaign supporter who complained that an elderly man and a 22-year-old woman were distributing dafamation flyers. The flyers were from a non-existant group called Citizens for a Stronger South Side (CSSS). The flyers were directed at Alderman Witkowiak alleging that he had forced bar owners to give him money and accused him of corruption. (CSSS flyer
The officers on April 2nd spent almost three hours investigating the incident. But on Monday, Anne Schwartz, Media Director for MPD confirmed that the incident was discussed with the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office and they found that no city ordinance was violated in distributing a flyer from CSSS.
"We did an investigation, we discussed it with the district attorney, there was no crime committed. If there is no crime, there is no charge or citation. There was no violation of a city ordinance in this case.
"There was no police report generated from this incident because no crime was committed. This was an investigation into the disbursement of fliers, a city ordinance issue. No citations were issued," Schwartz wrote on a reply e-mail to Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA).
In addition, Captain Rebecca L. Pixley from the Second Police District Station denied a request from HNNUSA to interview both Officers Lemke and Bunker about the April 2nd incident, since they didn't write a report. Several questions were raised by HNNUSA, did the officers actually identified the two suspects distributing the flyers, was a warrant check done on both suspects and why isn't their identities being released by MPD? Some kind of written or logged information must have been generated in the course of the investigation concerning CSSS, but MPD says, it has none to release. A coverup by MPD?
Some allegations have been raised that the elderly man involved in the distribution of the CSSS flyers is a block watch captain in the 12th Aldermanic District. Another person of interest who appeared at the scene was Juan Carlos Ruiz, a José Pérez for Alderman campaign supporter who seemed to be in charge of the distribution of the flyers, according to Witkowiak's supporter who witnessed Officers Lemke and Bunker questioning the suspects involved.
Ruiz later described the two suspects on a Facebook comment. Ruiz wrote, "One of the a Latino retired from the NAVY after 30 years of service and also fought for the freedoms we all experience today. He is also a Block Captain in the 12th District...the other person was a 22 years old Latina woman."
The CSSS flyer even had in its disclaimer an address, which turned out to be one of Witkowiak's properties on W. Historic Mitchell St. The flyer was distributed with the acknowledgement of José Pérez who defeated Alderman Witkowiak on April 3rd.
Witkowiak has said, that he will pursue legal action against CSSS and those involved in distributing the defamation flyer on the 12th Aldermanic District.
On April 17, Pérez was sworned in as Alderman to the Common Council. But Pérez took office with a black cloud over his head due to the extreme dirty politics that included racism, discrimination, woman bashing, the fake CSSS group and false accusations against Witkowiak, according to residents who opposed Pérez and Sachin Chheda, the Pérez campaign manager's dirty and sleezy politics in the last several months.

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Annual VDLF May Day Solidarity Workers March Drew Thousands Of Participants In Milwaukee

Photos: HNG

Voces de la Frontera seeking to repeal former Democrat Governor Jim Doyle's 2005 state law that prevents undocumented immigrants from applying for diriver licenses.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 29, 2012

Milwaukee - On Sunday, Voces de la Frontera (VDLF) held its annual May Day Solidarity Workers March, which drew an estimated seven thousand people seeking justice for immigrant workers. Primitivo Torres, former VDLF Board President and an employee for the workers and immigrant rights organization said, that the actual head count of participants would be officially announce later. Torres became a U.S. Citizen last Thursday.
This year's march focused on demanding for President Barack H. Obama's administration to halt the deportation of undocumented immigrants who are head wage earners of families and the separation of families.
José Pérez, the newly elected Alderman for the 12th District marched with immigrants, including Peggy Romo West, 12th District Supervisor, JoCasta Zamarripa (D), from the 8th Assembly District and Josh Zepnick (D) from the 9th Assembly District. U.S. Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) was scheduled to be the main spaeker at Veteran's Park on the lakefront where the march ended.
Sunday's march was geared to "stop the criminalization of immigrants and the poor, to restore driver licenses and in-state tuition, to hold elected officials accountable to good job creation, instead of cuts to public education abd Badger Care and to defend the right to Vote," Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Executive Director for VDLF wrote in a statement in the March edition for the non-profit organization's newspaper.
VDLF is seeking to repeal a 2005 Wisconsin state law that prevents undocumented immigrants from applying for a driver licenses and to allow for in-state tuition for undocumented students. In-state tuition was repealed last year and eliminated by the Republican controlled legislature.
In Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker’s (R) two year budget 2011-2013 repealed in-state tuition for undocumented students who attend universities and colleges. The in-state tuition bill for undocumented immigrants was signed into law by former Governor Jim Doyle (D) in 2009.
Also, former Governor Doyle enacted a law in 2005 preventing undocumented immigrants from getting a state driver’s license without a Social Security number.

H. Nelson Goodson and Norma Ortiz during the massive march.

José Pérez, newly elected Alderman for the 12th District marched with immigrants.

Thousands of people participated in the Voces de la Frontera May Day Solidarity March on Sunday. Photos: HNG

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Four Suspects Arrested In Connection With 21-year-old Man's Homicide

Luis R. Pérez

Victim had altercation with girlfriend before being fatally shot in front of his residence.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 29, 2012

Milwaukee - Police have arrested an 18-year-old woman and three men in connection with last Tuesday's shooting death of Luis R. Pérez, 21. Pérez was fatally shot just after 6:00 p.m. in front of his residence near S. 5th and W. Orchard Streets in Milwaukee's south side after an altercation with his girlfriend, according to police.
Pérez was shot three times after multiple shots were fired and had tried to run from the assailants. But, he fell a short distance away from his home due to his critical gunshot wounds. Pérez was taken to a local hospital where he later died of his injuries.
The four suspects have not been charged yet with Pérez's death. Milwaukee police continue to investigate Pérez's homicide.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Milwaukee Man Sentenced To 14-years In Prison In Stabbing Case

José Luis Leon-Velazquez

Photo: Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department

Leon-Velazquez will spend the ten years in prison before being eligible for parole in domestic abuse stabbing case.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 28, 2012

Milwaukee - On March 30, José Luis Leon-Velazquez, 42, was sentenced to 14-years in prison for stabbing a 28-year-old woman. Leon-Velazquez must serve 6-years in prison and 8-years supervision. He was also ordered to pay $8,812.61 in restitution. Leon-Velazquez is currently doing a four year sentence for a parole violation stemming from a prior drug related conviction.
Leon-Velazquez pleaded guilty to one felony count of first-degree reckless injury, including domestic abuse repeater and use of a dangerous weapon. Leon-Velazquez stabbed the victim once during a domestic incident on September 5, 2011 in Milwaukee's South side.
The criminal complaint states, after stabbing the victim, Leon-Velazquez drove her to the hospital and dropped her off without going into the hospital. He then went home to pack his clothes on bags and was intending to flee the city.
Police arrested Leon-Velazquez at the 1400 block of W. Washington St. He was found hidden in an upper apartment building closet and several bags were packed containing Leon-Velazquez clothes.
The 28-year-old victim survived the stabbing, but needed surgery.
Leon-Velazquez was released on parole on July 5. He was convicted on drug charges and was sentenced to five years in prison, but actually only did one year on the drug charge, according to court records.

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U.S. Border Patrol Agent Won't Face Charges For Killing Rock Throwing Mexican Teenager At Border Crossing

Sergio Adrian Hernández-Huereca's body laid under the El Paso-Ciudad Juarez border-crossing.

Photo: El Pueblo

U.S. Department of Justice exonerates U.S. Border Patrol agent for killing Mexican teenager at El Paso border-crossing.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 28, 2012

El Paso, Texas - On Friday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Border Patrol Agent Jesus Mesa Jr. was exonerated by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) for a "lack of sufficient evidence" to prosecute in the June 7, 2010 El Paso border-crossing shooting death of Sergio Adrian Hernández-Huereca, 14. The DOJ Civil Rights Division found no evidence that Mesa Jr. deprived Hernández-Huereca of his civil rights when Mesa Jr. fired his .40 Caliber service weapon at Hernández-Huereca killing him after throwing rocks at Mesa Jr.
Hernández-Huereca a Mexican national was allegedly involved in human trafficking, according to the DOJ.
The investigation report states that border patrol agents were responding to a call that a group of teenagers had entered the U.S. illegally through an opening in the border fence, and the group began to throw rocks at the agents when they were encountered.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had found, that Agent Mesa Jr. was surrounded by teenagers who engaged in rock throwing, but a cellphone video from a witness on the bridge overlooking the area indicates otherwise.
U.S. Border Patrol agents, including Agent Mesa Jr. were patrolling near the International Bridge between El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez-Paso Del Norte in Mexico when the deadly incident occurred. The area where Hernández-Huereca was killed is known for rock throwing incidents aimed at border patrol agents.
Two other youths identified as Oscar Ivan Pineda Ayala and Augustin Alcaraz Reyes were arrested by agents in the incident.
The DOJ determined that, "with regard to the federal homicide statutes, the team of prosecutors and FBI agents concluded that there is insufficient evidence to pursue prosecution of the CBP agent (Mesa Jr.) for a federal homicide offense. This review took into account evidence indicating that the agent’s actions constituted a reasonable use of force or would constitute an act of self defense in response to the threat created by a group of smugglers hurling rocks at the agent and his detainee. The investigation also revealed that, on these particular facts the agent did not act inconsistently with CBP policy or training regarding use of force. Based on a careful review and analysis of all the evidence, the team concluded that evidence would not be sufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the CBP agent violated the federal homicide laws in the shooting of Hernández-Huereca.
"The Justice Department also concluded that no federal civil rights charges could be pursued in this matter. Federal prosecutors and FBI agents determined that the evidence was insufficient to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the CBP agent acted willfully and with the deliberate and specific intent to do something the law forbids...Moreover, a prosecution under the federal criminal civil rights statutes would be barred because the investigation determined that Hernandez-Huereca was neither within the borders of the United States nor present on U.S. property, as required for jurisdiction to exist under the applicable federal civil rights statute," according to a statement released from the DOJ's fact findings investigation on Friday.
In a June 2010 Spanish news video, it shows U.S. CBP Border Agent Jesus Mesa Jr. arriving on bicycle, confronts two youths and then drags a youth on U.S. side of border, other youths flee back into Mexico's border side. Agent Mesa Jr. then shoots his weapon multiple times at youths, in Mexico, afterwards one youth lies dead in Mexico's side beside a bridge pillar.
Clearly, cell phone video shot by a witness on a bridge shows Agent Mesa Jr. was not surrounded by illegal immigrants trying to cross into U.S., contradicting the FBI's version that Agent Mesa Jr. was surrounded. Video link at:

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

17-year-old Teenager Charged With Romero's Strangulation And Stabbing Death In Milwaukee's South Side

Stephanie Romero

(Photo self-taken)

Eduardo Ivañez

Photo: Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department

17-year-old teenager had sex with 15-year-old victim, then strangled her until she became unresponsive and afterwards stabbed her while she was still alive.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 25, 2012

Milwaukee - On Wednesday, Eduardo Ivañez, 17, aka, "Smokey" of Milwaukee was charged as an adult with two felony counts of 1st-degree intentional homicide and trying to hide a corpse in connection with the April 13, murder of Stephanie Romero, 15. Bail for Ivañez was set at $500,000 and if convicted, Ivañez is facing life in prison without parole and an additional 15 years.
Romero's body was found on April 20, inside a vacant home at 2512 W. Rogers St., according to police. The body showed signs of strangulation, abrasions, and multiple stab wounds to Romero's chest, neck and left eye.
The criminal complaint states, Ivañez had confessed to strangling Romero while having sex with her at the vacant house. He choked Romero with both hands until she became unresponsive.
Ivañez and Romero went to the house to drink and have sex. Once inside the house, she refused Ivañez sexual advances, which triggered the deadly sexual assault on Romero.
On April 13, an accomplice and two relatives of Ivañez later showed up at the vacant house, which was used by teenagers to smoke marijuana. They asked Ivañez what had happened after noticing Romero on the floor bleeding from her face. Ivañez told them that Romero began to yell and scream at him and wouldn't stop. He then kicked and stomped Romero on the face and began to stab her several times in front of the teens.
Ivañez and another suspect then dragged Romero's body to the bathroom.
Ivañez then noticed that Romero was still alive. He grabbed a knife again and then stabbed Romero in the chest, neck and left eye.
An autopsy found that Romero suffered from being beaten, strangulation, stabbed wounds to her neck and left eye, according the Milwaukee Medical Examiner's report. 
Ivañez and the suspects left the house and took some items, including Romero's jewelry and cellphone.
Two days later, Ivañez who lived with his sister several houses from where Romero was killed decided to return to the house and moved Romero's body to an upstairs crawl space in the vacant house with the help of an accomplice. Apparently, Ivañez was showing off Romero's body and the homicide he had committed to other teenagers before Romero's body was found a week later by a different group of teenagers who told their school principal about the body. The principal notified police.
Before the body was found, one of the suspects with Ivañez began to caress Romero's breasts because he became bored and Ivañez thought about having intercourse with Romero's body, according to the complaint.
Romero was considered a runaway and was staying at the St. Rosie's group home where she had been missing for a month. But allegations have been raised that the group home failed to notify authorities.
Romero's mother had returned to Mexico along with her boyfriend who allegedly abused Romero. Romero was left with relatives. She ran away and ended up in the group home. Romero continued to run away and started to hang out with alleged gang members.
Two juvenile suspects involved in Romero's death were referred to the juvenile court system for possible charges and a third suspect was released because the teenager left the vacant house and didn't participate in moving or hiding Romero's body, according to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office.

Stephanie Romero's, 15, makeshift memorial at 2512 W. Rogers St. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Friends and well wishers for R.I.P. wrote their messages on the side of the vacant home and steps to the front door. Eduardo Ivañez, 17, aka, "Smokey" has been charged with her homicide and trying to hide a corpse.

Photo: HNG

(Click to enlarge)

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mexican Hitman Lived In Ohio For Ten Years Before Being Extradited To Mexico

Edgar Campos Barraza, aka, El Cholo

Hitman worked for the Garibay criminal organization in Mexicali.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 24, 2012

Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico - The Baja California State Attorney General's Office (PGRE) confirmed that Edgar Campos Barraza, aka, "El Cholo" was extradited to Mexico from the U.S. on April 12. He was living in the country illegally. The U.S. Border Patrol turned Barraza over to Mexican authorities at the San Diego-Tijuana border crossing.
Barraza had lived in Sandusky, Ohio for tens years until he was taken into custody on January 5, by the U.S. Border Patrol agents from Sandusky and San Diego stations, including the Ohio State Highway Patrol, after Mexican authorities provided information to the U.S. where the Barraza was residing.
Barraza is accused of kidnapping Raúl Bejarano Escalante in 2000 and was later released after a $900 thousand dollar ransom was paid, according to the PGRE.
Barraza worked as a hitman for the Garibay criminal organization and the Sinaloa Cartel. He participated in multiple homicides, kidnappings, drug trafficking and other crimes against the public health.

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Konias Jr. Wanted For Murder Taken Into Custody By The FBI In A South Florida Crack House

Kenneth John Konias Jr.

Konias wanted for killing his co-worker and stealing $2.3 million from armored truck arrested in a Pompano Beach crack house.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 24, 2012

Pompano Beach, FL - On Tuesday, deputies, officers and special agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Broward County Sheriff's Department and the South Florida Violent Task Force arrested Kenneth John Konias Jr., 22, inside a crack house. Konias Jr., a Garda amored truck security guard was wanted by the FBI for his alleged involvement in the murder of his co-worker Michael Haines, 31, and the theft of approximately $2.3 million in cash, which occurred on February 28, 2012 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Konias Jr. is accused of fatally shooting Haines in the back of the head, before absconding with the money from the Garda Cash Logistics armored truck.
Konias Jr. is now facing life in a federal prison, if convicted of murder, robbing an armored truck and interstate flight to avoid prosecution.
A $100,000 reward for information leading to Konias Jr. arrest had been offered.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Suspect Arrested For Homicide In Connection With Body Found At South Side Vacant Home

A male suspect has been taken into custody by police for the homicide of a 15-year-old girl discovered at a vacant house.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 23, 2012

Milwaukee - On Monday, Milwaukee police reported that a male suspect was taken into custody in connection with the homicide of a teenage girl. Her body was discovered inside a vacant home on Friday, at the 2500 block of W. Rogers Street by several teenagers.
Police identified the body as Stephanie Romero, 15, who was living at a group home, but went missing.
Charges are pending against the homicide suspect, according to police.

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16-year-old Suspect Arrested For Fatally Stabbing Man Accused Of Attempting To Molest Friend's Sister

Erik Rosales

Juan Ramos

Jimenez apparently was killed for allegedly trying to molest one of the suspect's teenage sister.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 23, 2012

Madison - On Thursday, Madison police reported the arrest of Erik Rosales, 16, of Milwaukee who was sought in connection with the stabbing death of Elideo Jimenez, 34. Jimenez was fatally stabbed on April 11, at the 2300 block of S. 19th St. near W. Lincoln Ave.
The criminal complaint states, that both Rosales and Juan Ramos, 18, after hours of drinking and getting drunk decided to go to Ramos mother's residence at S. 19th St. around 5:30 a.m. and stabbed Jimenez multiple times causing his death. Ramos also punched and happened to stab his mother, Amelia Alvarez, 34, in the incident who was sleeping next to Jimenez in bed.
Alvarez was stabbed multiple times by her son and Jimenez was stabbed by Rosales more than 20 times, including stabs by Ramos.
Alvarez told police she had acted like she was dead, so that Ramos wouldn't continue to stab her. But, she was able to witness Rosales stabbing Jimenez multiple times, according to the criminal complaint.
Ramos stayed at the residence until police arrived and arrested him. Rosales fled the scene and on Monday he was arrested by Madison police with the help of the Iowa County Sheriff's Department.
Apparently, the suspects targeted Jimenez for trying to molest Ramos' 17-year-old sister. The 17-year-old girl told Ramos, her brother that Jimenez had gone into her bed one night and had tried to sexually molest her about several weeks before Jimenez was killed.
Alvarez confronted Jimenez and then beat him outside in the back yard, according Ramos' sister. Jimenez left the residence for several days and later returned. Alvarez allowed Jjimenez back into the residence, despite Jimenez' prior attempt to molest her daughter.
Rosales and Ramos were charged each with first-degree intentional homicide and attempted first-degree homicide. If convicted on all charges, both Rosales and Ramos are facing life in prison without parole.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

15 Patrons, Including Workers And Musicians Massacred At The Colorado Bar In Chihuahua

Waitresses, musicians, patrons and two journalists among those killed at the Colorado Bar in the city of Chihuahua.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 22, 2012

Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico - On Friday, an armed cartel commando stormed inside a crowded local bar and opened fire killing at least fifteen people. The massacre happened before 10:00 p.m. at the Colorado bar in the city of Chihuahua, according to the Chihuahua State Attorney's Office (PGRE).
Authorities are searching for seven suspects that killed waitresses, musicians, patrons and two journalists inside the bar.
The victims were identified by family members as José Manuel Perales, Julio Miramontes, Miriam Velázquez Torres, Héctor Javier Salinas Aguirre, Javier Moya Muñoz, Federico Pérez Moreno, José Luis Herrera, Jorge Serna, Nemesio Arellanes, Francisco Bonilla Márquez, Jesús Zapien, Miguel Ángel López, Efraín Anaya Vázquez, Christian Jaimes, and Rodolfo Lagos
Two of the victims were journalists, Salinas Aguirre was the owner of a news website called Futuro dot Mx and Moya Muñoz used to work for Mega Radio and was currently a public official (alderman) in the city of Chihuahua.
Authorities continue to investigate the mass killing and no one has been arrested. A preliminary investigation indicates that members of La Línea Cartel, a criminal organization were involved in the massacre and the attack was considered a reprisal for the arrest of La Línea leader El Pariente.
Last Thursday, Mexican authorities arrested Luis Guillermo Castillo Rubio, aka, "Francisco Contreras" or "El Pariente" at an exclusive and private residence in Querétaro. Rubio was believed killed earlier this year during a confrontation with military police, but confirmation of Rubio's death could not be established.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Feds Indict Four Suspects For Conspiring To Distribute 110K Pounds Of Adulterated Mexican Cheese In U.S.

(FDA) Queso Cincho Guerrero

A Wisconsin cheese distributor among those included in a 6-count federal indictment for distributing tainted Mexican cheese in 2007.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 19, 2012

Chicago - On Thursday, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Chicago announced that four suspects were indicted for their part in conspiring to distribute adulterated Mexican dry cheese throughout the U.S. in 2007. The suspects allegedly scraped or washed mold and fungus from contaminated cheese sold to customers, after other customers returned the bad cheese. One suspect own an Illinois company that imported the dry cheese from Mexico and then a Wisconsin company acted as a distributor and sold the cheese nationwide.
A Wisconsin distributor in Darlington and Elmhurst engaged in mass distribution of the Mexican cheese to five states, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Texas, and Georgia with a brand name Queso Cincho Guerrero in 35 to 40-pound cheese wheels, despite after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on April 15, 2007 had ordered a hold of 110,000 pounds of Mexican cheese. When the FDA inspectors went to the Elmhurst facility to inspect the cheese five days later, the cheese was missing from the plant. 
The Wisconsin distributor was forced to do a recall of the Mexican cheese in 2007, according to the federal indictement.
The FDA had found traces of salmonella, e. coli and other illness-causing bacteria that would endanger the public health, if consumed. No one was ever reported sick from buying and consuming the cheese, according the the FDA.
Those indicted were Guadalupe Zurita, 42, aka, José Zurita of Villahermosa, Mexico who owned the Illinois company that imported the Mexican cheese and later closed the importing business in February 2007. A federal warrant has been issued for Guadalupe Zurita who presently lives in Mexico.
Miguel Leal, 47, of Monroe, Wisconsin who owned the company in Darlington and operated another facility in Elmhurst, but in July 2007 sold the company to another Mexican corporation.
Cynthia Gutierrez, 37, of Cicero, Illinois worked as the finance and operations manager for the Elmhurst company.
Baldemar Zurita, 39, aka, Tony Zurita who is the brother of Guadalupe was also indicted with the other suspects. Baldemar was taken into custody on Thursday.
All the suspects were charged with conspiracy to distribute adulterated cheese through interstate commerce and violating the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. They were also charged with providing false information and three counts of violating food safety laws.
If convicted on all counts, each suspect is facing up to 30 years in a federal prison and up to $250,000 in fines for each count.

Federal Mexican cheese indictment at link:

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Las Reynas Mexican Bakery And Ice Cream Store Expands Along S. Chavez Drive In Milwaukee's Southside

Huge business banner to be unveiled during Las Reynas Grand Opening.

Photos: HNG

Las Reynas Bakery at new site will hold its Grand Opening on April 29.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 19, 2012

Milwaukee - Las Reynas Bakery and Ice Cream LLC owner Alfonso Morales confirmed that his business will expand next door to a larger building and will have a Grand Opening on Sunday, April 29. Las Reynas Bakery is family owned and they will be celebrating their 7th Anniversary in business and will coincide with el Día del Niño (Children's Day) tradition. The new Las Reynas expanded business will open at the lower level of the former E&J Records music store 1242 S. Cesar E. Chavez Dr. E&J officially closed the music store at the end of March after 18-years in business.
Morales is leasing the lower level business space from Eduardo and Lesley Velez who own the building and operated E&J Records in the south side. The lower level of former E&J store is currently undergoing remodeling and Morales is expected to finish with the remodeling before the scheduled grand opening.
Morales says, the new expansion will provide 2,400-square-foot in space and will include the largest Mexican assortment of candy in the Milwaukee area. Las Reynas will also feature piñetas, an arcade machine game amusement section for young teenagers and party items for any occassion.
Morales will also extend his catering business for weddings, quinceñeras, birthdays, baptisms, a limo service, photography, assortment of natural fruit arrangement in vases and other items and services for social events. 
The grand opening will begin at noon. Morales says, that music and entertainment will be provided, including the Mexican Aztec dance performance by the Omeyocan Dance Company. Families are being invited to bring their children with costumes to Las Reynas event. Prizes will also be given out to children with the best costumes during the special presentation of clowns for the the Children's Day celebration at the Grand Opening.
This year, Morales will be celebrating his 30-year marriage with Yolanda Villegas.
Las Reynas Bakery is known in Milwaukee's Southside for baking the longest Rosca (Three Kings Mexican Coffee Cake) in Wisconsin. Morales confirmed that the bakery broke its own record in 2010 by baking a 255 feet long Rosca, defeating their previous record of 245 feet in 2008. In 2007, they baked a 227 feet Rosca.
La Rosca is a ring shaped bread with small dolls baked inside, which represents baby Jesus. Who ever gets the doll while cutting it, they are next in turn to hold a Rosca party during the December and January holidays.
For more information, call 414-383-7976 or Cell: 414- 793-1869 about Las Reynas Grand Opening on Sunday, April 29, 2012, begining at 12:00 p.m. (noon), at 1242 S. Cesar E. Chavez Dr., Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rodriguez Appointed As Executive Director Of HPGM

Virgilio Rodriguez

Photo: HPGM

Rodriguez as the new executive director will head the Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 18, 2012

Milwaukee - The Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee (HPGM) Board of Directors announced that they had appointed Virgilio Rodriguez as the new executive director for the 600 member oganization. Rodriguez was the Associate Executive Director at the United Community Center.
Rodriguez recently completed the Sheldon B. Lubar Executive Master of Business Administration program at UW-Milwaukee and is also the recipient of the upcoming Marquette University College of Professional Studies 2012 Award, according to the HPGM news release.
Nancy Hernández, HPGM board president stated, "As an organization who values education as the avenue to a successful professional career, we are very proud to add a leader like Virgilio Rodriguez to our team. Virgilio is amongst a handful of the next generation of leaders, both inside the Hispanic community and beyond."
HPGM is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create a dynamic environment for Hispanic professionals to thrive by fostering leadership, mentoring, education, networking and new initiatives that support Hispanics.

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Illegal Immigrants Pay Their Fair Share Of Taxes In The U.S.

Tax chart by state (ITEP)

Click on image to enlarge

U.S. federal tax filing date was April 17 and undocumented immigrants in the U.S. are expected to once again pay their fair share of taxes. Billions of unclaimed tax refunds by undocumented immigrants still unaccounted for by the IRS or the Congressional Budget Office.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 18, 2012

Kansas City, Missouri - On Tuesday, the last filing date for tax year 2011 expired unless a federal tax extension was filed by those taxpayers seeking more time to prepare and report taxable earnings in the U.S. Groups, organizations, public elected officials from local to the federal level and individuals considered anti-immigrant still contemplate that unauthorized immigrants in the country don't pay their fair share of federal, state and local taxes. A study was published last year indicating that unauthorized immigrants do pay their fair of income taxes, including sale taxes and property taxes, even if they pay rent.
The Immigration Policy Center reported that a study by the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) showed undocumented immigrants who were the main income wage earners and head of households did in fact paid their fair share of state and local taxes in 2010.
In 2010, the ITEP study showed that undocumented immigrants paid $8.4 billion in sales taxes, $1.6 billion in property taxes, and $1.2 billion in personal income taxes. (ITEP study States that gained the most revenue from undocumented immigrants (UI's) paying taxes were California ($2.7 billion), Texas ($1.6 billion), Florida ($807 million), New York ($662 million), and Illinois ($499 million). They were followed by Georgia ($456 million), New Jersey ($446 million), Arizona ($433 million), and in Wisconsin ($94.4 million).
In Wisconsin, UI's paid $21,7 million in personal income, $6.1 million in property taxes and $6.5 million in sale taxes in 2010, according to the ITEP study.
The Wisconsin Hispanic population in the state grew by 74% 336,056, an increase of 143,135 from 2000. Hispanics now account for 5.9 percent of Wisconsin's total population and more than 3,000 Hispanic owned businesses contribute more than $800 million in annual sales.
A City of Milwaukee in Wisconsin economic study reported that the South side households in the predominately Latino community located inside Postal Zip Code 53204 in Milwaukee spend more than $91 million annually in retail goods, according to the 2006 Department of City Development statistics.
The 2010 U.S. Census reported an estimated 11.2 million of undocumented immigrants residing inside the U.S. border. Head of households who were considered undocumented earned an estimated income average of $36,000 per year.
The U.S. Census also reported that more than 50 million, 16.3% of U.S. Hispanics resided in the country in 2010.
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Social Security Department, Congressional Budget Office and state revenue departments continue to exclude accurate tax revenue generated by undocumented immigrants since the Amnesty of 1986 was passed.
Also a large number of undocumented immigrants don't even file tax returns, thus providing tens of billions of unclaimed tax dollars to the U.S. government. It's for certain to admit, that unclaimed tax dollars from unauthorized immigrants has kept the U.S. afloat economically through the years avoiding a depression and a global economic disaster.
The only official yearly report by the IRS is that in 2005, the IRS had $1.3 billion of unclaimed tax returns from more than one million people, averaging refund of about $581.00. In 2006, the IRS reported it had more than $1.3 billion of unclaimed tax returns for nearly 1.4 million people averaging a refund of $604.00. In 2007, the IRS reported it had $1.1 billion of unclaimed tax returns for 1.1 million people averaging $640.00.
The tax reports by the IRS average about more than $1 billion of unclaim tax retrurns. But, the IRS referred to the people that weren't claiming tax returns as low income averaging between 33,000 to 39,000 of income a year. What happened to the IRS report concerning the other 11.2 to 13 million illegal immigrants that do pay federal taxes, but don't claim tax returns? Well according to the IRS people had a three year window to claim those taxes and if they don't it becomes the property of the U.S. Treasury.

Other statistics:

In the 2010 elections, only 6.6 million Latinos voted, according to the PEW Hispanic Center. Today, 12 million of Hispanics make up the voting-age population and U.S. Hispanics will reach $1.3 trillion of spending economic power by 2012 and $1.7 trillion by 2013.
In early December 2010, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report indicated that the approval of the DREAM Act would help cut the federal deficit by $1.4 billion, and generate $2.3 billion in corporate and social insurance taxes within the next ten years. CBO link:

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

$5.3 Million Cermak Mega Fresh Market To Offer Mexican And Ethnic Foods At Miller Park Way

Photo: HNG

Cermak fresh fruit and produce mega store to open soon in the Village of West Milwaukee.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 17, 2012

Village of West Milwaukee - Later this year, an Illinois fresh fruit and produce market will open its door along the S. Miller Park Way strip, according to village officials. Last year, the village board approved almost half a million of aid to finance the mega $5.3 million Cermak Freshmarket project at the 5100 block of S. Miller Park Way that will be operated and owned by Mike Bousis.
The 61,000-square foot Cermak market will open next door to Target, which the property is owned by Endeavour Corporation. Village of West Milwaukee officials expect that more than 115 people will be employed by Bousis. The village financing investment for the Cermak project is expected to be recovered within five years through property taxes it will generate and other development in the area, according to village officials.
The Cermak produce chain store has at least 10 stores operating in Chicago and its metroplitan area, including Aurora. The Aurora Cermak market is owned and operated by Bousis, who first opened the store in 2007.
The Cermak food store will specialize in Hispanic and Mexican food products, meats, fresh produce, fruit and other ethnic foods.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Dimitrijevic And West To Lead The Milwaukee County Board Of Supervisors

Marina Dimitrijevic

Photo: Facebook

Dimitrijevic selected as Chairwoman and Romo West as 1st Vice-Chair, both women will lead the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 16, 2012

Milwaukee - On Monday, the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors selected Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic from the 4th District as Chairwoman and Supervisor Peggy Romo West from the 12th District as 1st Vice-Chair of the Board. Both Dimitrijevic and Romo West are from the south side of Milwaukee. Dimitrijevic is fluent in Spanish and was elected to board for a third time.
Dimitrijevic was first elected th the 4th District in 2004 and was re-elected to the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors in 2008 and 2012. Supervisor Dimitrijevic was the youngest woman ever to be elected to the Milwaukee County Board, at the age of 22 and now at the age of 30 has become the youngest woman to be elected as Chair.
Supervisor Dimitrijevic, the daughter of Serbian immigrants. She is an honors graduate of Marquette University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Spanish, according to her County Board website.
Supervisor Romo West grew up in Milwaukee and graduated with a degree in Human Services from the Milwaukee Area Technical College. Prior to her election to the Board, Supervisor Romo West worked for 10 years in the human service field, according to her County Board website.
Romo West was first elected in 2004 and became the first Latina on the Board. She was relected in 2008 and 2012 for a third term.

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Wisconsin Supreme Court Refused To Review Several Injunction Appeals Of The Voter ID Law

J.B. Van Hollen

State Supreme Court decision, a major set back for the Governor Scott Walker administration, GOP legislators and the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 16, 2012

Madison - On Monday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court decided not to review several injunction appeals of the Voter ID law. The Supreme Court judges did not include a reason for their decision not to hear the appeals, according to a notification released by the court.
The appeals were filed by the State Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen after two lower Dane County Circuit Courts placed injunctions to block implementation of the Voter ID requirement law. One of the courts place a temperary injunction and recently began its Voter ID court trial on the issue. Another court placed a permanent injunction.
Van Hollen appealed the injunctions, but the appeal courts decided to consolidate both cases and skipped their decision on the cases, which were sent directly to the state Supreme Court for review.
The appeals were returned to both the Wisconsin District IV and District II Courts of Appeals, which will now have to render their own decisions before the cases move forward to the Supreme Court.
Van Hollen had filed a petition with District IV Court of Appeals to overturn a permanent ruling by Dane County Judge Robert Niess in a lawsuit brought by the League of Women Voters. Van Hollen had argued that the state legislature's authority wasn't limited and under Article III, Section 2 of the state Constitution it didn't violate the Constitution by enacting the Voter ID.
On March 12, Judge Neiss ruled otherwise and said that the state Constitution didn't give authority for the legislature to create another class of citizens to implement voter restrictions. The League of Women Voters claimed the Wisconsin state Constitution only allowed legislators to prevent felons and mentally incompetent people from voting and did not include another category of citizens. The Voter ID also known as Act 23, illegally created another group to be excluded from voting and Judge Niess agreed.
Van Hollen also had filed a petition with District II Court of Appeals to stay a temporary injunction of the Voter ID by Dane County Judge David Flanagan. The lawsuit was filed the Milwaukee Chapter of the NAACP and Voces de la Frontera. Van Hollen had argued that the Voter ID law did not provide burdens for a citizen to acquire a birth certificate copy and the legislature provided funds ($6 million) for those who couldn't afford an ID to get one free for the purpose of voting.
On April 16, Judge Flanagan ruled that the Voter ID would keep about 220,000 low income voting-age citizens from voting due to the burdens imposed by the state legislature. Some citizens could not afford $10 to $40 to get a birth certificate copy to apply for a state ID. The Republican control legislature passed the Voter ID law in May 2011 and Governor Scott Walker (R) signed it into law.
As it stands now, the Voter ID law won't be implemented for the Governor Walker recall Primary Election on May 8 and the General Elections on June 5.

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Ruiz Admits A Block Watch Captain Was involved In Distributing Defamation Witkowiak CSSS Flyers

Juan Carlos Ruiz

Photo: Facebook

A south side block watch captain and a 22-year-old woman were involved in the defamation Witkowiak CSSS flyers distributed the night before the April 3 election to influence the 12th Aldermanic District vote.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 16, 2012

Milwaukee - On Sunday, Juan Carlos Ruiz, a radio host for Nfoque Latino admitted that the two people busted by police for distributing defamation Witkowiak flyers were a former Marine (30-year veteran) who is a current Block Watch Captain from the south side and a 22-year-old woman. Ruiz was called to the scene when police busted the couple passing out flyers for the Citizens for a Stronger South Side (CSSS) on Monday, April 2, at the 1300 block of W. Greenfield Ave. A block watch captain is a volunteer who organizes the residents on the block to be more aware of what illegal activities or suspicious activity is going on in the area and to report it to Milwaukee police to help prevent crime. It's unfortunate that a block watch captain was caught distributing flyers in an intent to slander an alderman while in office. Should Milwaukee police begin to do background checks on these volunteers to assure they are law abiding citizens before becoming block watch captains?
The CSSS flyer made false allegations that Witkowiak was shaking down bar owners and was corrupt. The CSSS flyer was passed out in the 12th District with acknowledgement of José G. Pérez and his campaign, according to both suspects working for CSSS. CSSS is a fake group connected to Ruiz and the Pérez campaign, according to allegations raised by Witkowiak and his supporters.
The couple called Ruiz to the scene once they were busted by police for passing out the fake flyers, which had an address in the disclaimer that turned out to be one of former Alderman James "Jim" N. Witkowiak's properties on W. Historic Mitchell St.
Ruiz wrote on Facebook, "One of the a Latino retired from the NAVY after 30 years of service and also fought for the freedoms we all experience today. He is also a Block Captain in the 12th District...the other person was a 22 years old Latina woman. They were not ticketed and were not cited." Ruiz, a Pérez supporter and an alleged campaign worker has not admitted that he was called to the scene by the CSSS suspects and why was he involved in distributing the fake group flyers.
Witkowiak confirmed, that he will seek legal action against Ruiz, the two suspects and others connected to the CSSS flyer. (CSSS flyer
The night before the election, an estimated group of about 15 suspects were involved in distributing thousands of the false flyers door to door and also placed on vehicle windows in the 12th Aldermanic District to influence the vote. The suspects just wanted to express their "freedom of speech" by creating and passing out the CSSS flyer, according to Ruiz. But intentional slander is not protected under the law, which Ruiz and all the suspects connected to the CSSS flyer have failed to understand. Ruiz is just glad that most 12th Aldermanic voters are not Facebook users and won't know the actual truth about the CSSS group, according to some Facebook users.
Witkowiak supporters were able to recover at least 700 of those flyers in the district before the general election.
Witkowiak has denied the CSSS and Ruiz false allegations. On Sunday, Witkowiak wrote on Facebook, "I want to take a moment and that all of you that supported me through the years and during this election. I am greatly and deeply thankful for all of the hard work and loyalty from everyone, it has been an experience full of emotion and some hardships; however I want to convey that I have been very proud of the hard and honest work we put in to defend our values: Integrity, Honesty, and Racial Transparency. I thank you all! I am indebted, and ever grateful."
Multiple south side residents are now contemplating of doing a recall of the newly-elected Alderman Pérez within a year for the negative campaign targeted at Witkowaik that involved CSSS.
Pérez will be sworn on Tuesday to the Common Council, but is taking office with a black cloud over his head due to the extreme dirty politics that included racism, discrimination, woman bashing, the fake CSSS group and false accusations against Witkowiak, according to residents who opposed Pérez and Sachin Chheda, the Pérez campaign manager's dirty and sleezy politics in the last several months.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Latino Public Elected Officials Laxed On Gentrification Causing Hispanic Flight From Milwaukee's Southside

Photo: HNG

Hispanics losing ground on economic development, eventhough Latino voting-age population districts have been redrawn, according to 2010 U.S. Census Hispanic population figures.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 14, 2012

Milwaukee - Last week Wednesday, a three federal judge panel redrew the boundary lines of two state legislative districts, the 8th and 9th Assembly Districts making the 8th a majority Hispanic voting-age population district. They had ruled earlier, that the Republican control legislature and Governor Scott Walker had violated the voting rights of Latinos when they approved their version of the south side districts.
But in reality, a majority of Hispanics residing in the predominately Latino community, including the few elected public officials in the state legislature (8th Assembly District, State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa (D-Milw.)), Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors (12th District Supervisor Peggy Romo West) and in the Milwaukee Common Council (Newly-elected Alderman José G. Pérez in the 12th District) have yet to give their position on the matter or fully come to realize that the area is rapidly and constantly changing in front of their own eyes.
Supervisor Romo West was just re-elected and didn't address the gentrification issue. She actually doesn't believe a Hispanic district is paramount to get elected, according to an e-mail to Harold Mester, Public Information Manager Milwaukee County. Newly-elected Alderman Pérez will face a challenge with gentrification because it's currently take place in the 12th Aldermanic District and he apparently took part in the South Side Comprehensive Area Plan that was passed in 2009 by the Common Council. The approved plan was considered a boost to gentrification in the south side by residents and business owners. Will these elected officials become front gate keepers for the south side?, and will they be able to stabilize gentrification in their own districts, before it becomes White dominated and face a gradual loss of the Hispanic voting-age population in the future? Time will tell, but will the inevitable gentrification process include Hispanic development as well to keep a balance in the Latino community? Some Latino residents that have moved to Milwaukee from Chicago to escape gentrification say, once the gentrification process begins, greed and economic development takes over minority communities in the name of progress.
Today's effort to maintain a majority voting-age population will eventually become fruitless within the next 10 to 20 years due to economic development disparity triggered by gentrification in the near south side.
Hispanics have been moving South of W. Cleveland and West of S. 43rd Streets in the last ten years, what has been called Hispanic flight from the south side.
In 2009, the Milwaukee Department of City Development created an advisory plan called the South Side Comprehensive Area Plan (SSCAP). On April 2009, members of City Plan Commission chaired by Patricia Torres Najera unanimously decided to approve the controversial SSCAP, despite opposition to approve it. The plan became underfire for the lack of community awareness of the plan, affects, and possible gentrification affect it would have in the predominately Hispanic area. The SSCAP plan included the 12th Aldermanic District and portions of Aldermanic Districts 8, 11, 13 and 14 when it was approved in May 19, 2009 by the Zoning, Neighborhoods, and Development Committee which was Chaired by Alderman James "Jim" N. Witkowiak from the 12th District. That same month, the Common Council approved the SSCAP, as well.
The SSCAP was simply a guide or advisory economic development plan for the south side, which was created by a federal mandate. It was viewed as discriminatory, because those who made the study and finally passed the area plan failed to provide a Spanish version of the plan before it was approved. The plan failed to promote and encourage Hispanic business growth along W. National Ave., W. Greenfield Ave., W. Historic Mithell St., W. Lincoln Ave. between S. 1st to S. 43rd Streets. What the plan actually proposed was retail growth in those particular street corridors.
Also, Historic Mitchell, W. National and W. Lincoln business districts were seen as mix commercial and the plan failed to acknowledge the present Latino businesses or to enhance their growth along these corridors. The SSCAP planners wrote, "the area is home to many new immigrants some are legal and some are illegal." But the plan failed to mention the taxes and revenues generated from the south side district compared to other districts.
The predominately Hispanic south side district is one of the primary districts for generating tax revenue, including fees for licenses, permits, violations, etc., for the City of Milwaukee. The plan cited, “the Near South Side consistently showed signs of robust investment, business, and property value growth. Between 2002 and 2006, sales price per building square foot increased each year and rose from $39 per square foot to $61 per square foot. The annual value of all construction investments increased from $37.8 million to $124.1 million and averaged $56.3 million. The value of land per square foot for residential, commercial, mixed, and industrial use increased and exceeded that for the City of Milwaukee as a whole,” according to the plan market study.
Most of the Hispanic business growth plan was considered on S. Cesar E. Chavez Drive between W. National Ave. to W. Greenfield Ave., according to the SSCAP.
The plan did include a Asian business growth area on W. National Ave. from S. 35th to S. 39th Streets.
Michael J. Maierle, Strategic Planning Manager for the Milwaukee Department of City Development testified before the Zoning, Neighborhoods, and Development Committee hearing in the May 2009 that the area was no longer considered predominately Hispanic. Maierle lacked to show any census or other data to prove that indeed the south side had lost Latino population. But to Maierle, the south side provided “the labor force for most of the metro area.”
In the last 15 years, the Menomonee Valley has been developed economically, but development and the proposed SSCAP would not provide enough jobs needed for the district, according to Carolyn Seboe, HNTB Consulting who participated and compiled the study in 2009.
The SSCAP plan focused on mass development of south side areas that would eventually lead to gentrification, a process of renewal accompanying the influx of middle-class people into deteriorating areas that often displaces earlier poorer residents within the south side. Properties will most likely be sold at below market price and later sold at higher prices making the south side area a marketable land grabbing scenario during the recession.
No doubt, the development plan was considered discriminatory towards new immigrants, low-income residents and Latino businesses along the Historic Mitchell, W. National and W. Lincoln Ave. business corridors
The plan mentioned the growing need to meet housing needs in the south side, and to protect current residents from displacement through gentrification. The plan called for community leaders and the City to establish a Community Land Trust (CLT) in the south side. However, to protect residents from displacement through gentrification was just a recommendation by the planners, instead of making sure the City Plan Commission, the Department of City Development, the City Zoning, Neighborhoods & Development Committee, and the Milwaukee Common Council would establish city legislation or ordinances assuring safe guards to prevent gentrification in the south side.
Today gentrification is flourishing along W. Seeboth, W. Oregon, W. Pittsburgh, W. Florida and from S. 1st St. to the W. Lincoln Ave. area where commercial and residential lofts are on the rise. Other development in the south side has been a housing project on S. Muskego Ave. and W. Mitchell St., including the City purcashing homes along the Kinnickinnic River corridor between S. 6th to S. 20th Streets and demolishing houses to give way for a multi-million flood control project. Developers are proposing to build condominums along the river corridor.
The Third Ward and Walker's Point areas in the 12th Aldermanic District are now called “Yuppie-ville's” and tend to be separate from the rest of the district, which is predominately a Hispanic community. The term yuppie (short for "young urban professional" or "young upwardly-mobile professional") refers to an 1980s and early 1990s term for financially secure, upper-middle class young people in their 20s and early 30s.
The SSCAP plan seems to have led to racial and economic disparity in the south side.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

No Bail Set For Zimmerman In The Trayvon Martin Homicide Case

Photo: George Zimmerman in the middle appears alongside his attorney O'Mara at a Seminole County Circuit Court hearing on Thursday.

Zimmerman charged with the homicide of Trayvon Martin in Florida.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 12, 2012

Stanford, FL - On Thursday, George Zimmerman, 28, appeared in a Seminole County Circuit Court and was charged with 2nd degree murder in connection with the February 26, Trayvon Martin, 17, homicide in Stanford. A Judge Mark E. Herr found probable cause to hold Zimmerman in Martin's homicide and set a court arraignment hearing for May 29. If convicted, Zimmerman is facing life in prison.
Mark O'Mara, Zimmerman's attorney did not request bail for his client to keep him in jail for his own safety. Zimmerman agreed with O'Mara to stay in jail and he did not enter a plea during the preliminary hearing.
On Wednesday, State special prosecutor Angela Corey had announced Zimmerman's charge and their 20-day investigation found that on February 26, Zimmerman's action was not self-defense, but a crime. Zimmerman had told police that he shot Martin in self-defense after an altercation.
Zimmerman turned himself in to authorities on Wednesday shortly after the homicide charge was announced by Corey.
In February, Zimmerman, a Hispanic and a volunteer neighborhood watchman spotted Martin, an Afro-American walking the the area wearing a hoodie and called police as a suspicious person in the neighborhood. A 911 operator told Zimmerman not to follow Martin. Zimmerman disregarded the advice and followed, stalked, forced Martin to react and then Zimmerman killed him. Zimmerman says, he shot Martin in self defense.
On Tuesday, Zimmerman who had been in hiding created his own website, therealgeorgezimmerman dot com to keep in touch with supporters and to collect funds for his defense. He posted on the wedsite, "As a result of the incident and subsequent media coverage, I have been forced to leave my home, my school, my employer, my family, and ultimately my entire life." Zimmerman had asked for donations and opened an account with PayPal to collect defense funds.

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Wisconsin DNR Netted And Tagged 124-year-old Female Sturgeon Weighing 240 Pounds

Photo: WI DNR

Female sturgeon released after being tagged by DNR officials into the Wolf River.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 12, 2012

Shawano, WI - On Tuesday, officials from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) reported that they were able to net a 124-year-old female sturgeon weighing up to 240 pounds in the Wolf River near Shawano. Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) named the large female sturgeon "Shawny" for the purpose of the story. Shawny is the largest ever netted female sturgeon during spawning assessments on the Wolf River since 1950 when the DNR began tagging fish. Shawny was the last fish tagged on Tuesday. It measured 87.5" long and weighs an estimated 240 pounds, according to the DNR officials.
Shawny was later released back into the Wolf River after a photo was taken with members of the DNR. A female sturgeon spawns once every two to five years, so Shawny may be back to spawn in the Shawano area as soon as 2014, if she survives from being caught during fishing season. Shawny had partially spawned out when netted and would have been about 30 pounds heavier had she still had all of her eggs, the DNR reported.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Zimmerman Charged With 2nd Degree Homicide For The Death Of Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman

Zimmerman arrested for the homicide of Trayvon Martin in Florida.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 11, 2012

Jacksonville, FL - On Wednesday, Florida state special prosecutor Angela Corey announced that George Zimmerman, 28, was charged with 2nd degree homicide in Trayvon Martin's, 17, death in Stanford, Florida. Corey says, the 20-day investigation found that on February 26, Zimmerman's action was not self defense, but a crime.
Zimmerman has turned himself in to authorities and was taken into custody to face charges within the next 24 hours.
Zimmerman, a volunteer neighborhood watchman spotted Martin, an Afro-American walking the the area wearing a hoodie and called police as a suspicious person in the neighborhood. A 911 operator told Zimmerman not to follow Martin. Zimmerman disregarded the advice and followed, stalked, forced Martin to react and then Zimmerman killed him. Zimmerman says, he shot Martin in self defense.
A day ago, Zimmerman who had been in hiding began a website, therealgeorgezimmerman dot com. He posted, "As a result of the incident and subsequent media coverage, I have been forced to leave my home, my school, my employer, my family, and ultimately my entire life." Zimmerman had asked for donations through PayPal for his defense fund in his internet site.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pérez To Be Declared The Official Winner After Witkowiak Cancels Recount In The 12th Aldermanic District

José G. Pérez

Pérez could now face a recall to oust him when he becomes alderman, according to south side residents who became dismayed with the false allegations, negative campaigning and misinformation to influence the vote against Witkowiak by the Pérez campaign and its supporters.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 10, 2012

Milwaukee - On late Tuesday afternoon, Attorney Vince Bobot announced that his client, Alderman James "Jim" N. Witkowiak decided to cancel a vote recount for the 12th Aldermanic District. Witkowiak's decision came unexpectedly because he had requested a recount after last Tuesday's election. He would have had to pay up to $5,000 for the recount and Witkowiak decided it wasn't worth it.
Witkowiak's latest decision now clears the way for José G. Pérez to be officially declared the winner in the 12th Aldermanic District by the Milwaukee Election Commission. Witkowiak's last day in office is Wednesday.
The Milwaukee Common Council members, including newly elect Alderman Pérez will be sworn into office on April 17.
The official election result canvass was completed on Tuesday and the vote results remained unchanged according to Sue Edman, executive director of the Milwaukee Election Commission.
The preliminary unofficial election results for the 12th Aldermanic District were, José G. Pérez with 1,290 votes, 51.7% and James N. Witkowiak with 1,204 votes, 48.3%. Pérez received 86 votes, 3.4% more than Witkowiak. A free recount would have been available, if the margin was .05%.
Pérez declared himself the winner on late Tuesday, but he might be facing a recall once he takes office, according to south side residents who became dismayed with the Pérez campaign for engaging in a negative and dirty campaign targeted at Witkowiak. The next aldermanic election in the 12th District is expected to become even dirtier than the last one.
Last Tuesday's 12th Aldermanic election will go down in history as the dirtiest and most negative election ever in the south side. The issue of racism, discrimination and race was first brought up in the Pérez and Witkowiak aldermanic race in December when Robert Miranda, executive director of Esperanza Unida, editor of the Spanish Journal and a Witkowiak supporter made it an issue. Miranda claimed that Voces de la Frontera Action (VDLFA) and some Latino leaders in an act of racism and discrimination endorsed Pérez for alderman, throwing Witkowiak under a bus because he was White. VDLFA denied the allegations, but says, it endorsed Pérez because he was a member, eventhough Witkowiak stood and supported Voces de la Frontera on issues of immigration and issues affecting immigrants in the south side.
The race issue then viral on Facebook and throughout the district. It became an issue between Latinos and non-Latinos (
The negative campaigning began on Facebook and then spread throughout the district. The Facebook relentless attacks towards Witkowiak apparently led back and pointed to Pérez, a Hispanic candidate and his campaign manager Sachin Chheda, including some supporters, according to numerous Facebook postings, comments and serious accusations made by Who's Who in the Hispanic community. The Pérez campaign engaged in racism and used race as a determining issue to oust Witkowiak, who is White.
Chheda alleged in Facebook that Witkowiak was under investigation by the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office for shaking down business owners, taking money and corruption. Chheda failed to provide any evidence about his allegations against Witkowiak. He even targeted Witkowiak's campaign manager for being a felon, who happened to be a working mother. Chheda's attempted to embarass the Witkowiak campaign, but Witkowiak stood firm and supported his campaign manager. Chheda received a backlash from a segment of the Latino community and was criticised for bashing on a woman for having a high profile job.
Chheda is the current chairman of the Milwaukee County Democratic Party. He later apologized several times and said, it was a "cheap shot" to bring up the felony conviction. Chheda is non-Hispanic and Pérez is Puerto Rican descent.
Pérez in a prior statement admitted that he was "not proud" about some of his supporters and Chheda's negative Facebook online discussions about Alderman Witkowiak, his staff and supporters. Apparently, Pérez believed his group was forced to use false allegations and negative tactics against the incumbent Witkowiak.
Several Pérez supporters were caught passing out Witkowiak defamation literature and flyers on Monday, April 2 from a fake group called Citizens for a Stronger South Side (CSSS). The flyer was also dropped door by door in the district, according to residents.
The CSSS used an address of a parking lot on W. Historic Mitchell St. in a disclaimer on the flyer, which happened to be one of Witkowiak's properties. The suspects connected to the Pérez campaign confessed to police when detained, that they were authorized by Pérez to pass out the flyers. They were given a number to call, if they encountered any problems. When the number was called, Juan Carlos Ruiz, a Pérez supporter and co-host of Nfoque Latino, a Spanish radio program showed up at the scene, according to a Witkowiak supporter who busted the suspects distributing the CSSS flyers and called police. The suspects were not cited by police for passing the flyers. The flyers accused Witkowiak of shaking down bar owners and corruption. (CSSS flyer
Alderman Witkowiak denied Chheda's unsubstantiated allegations and the CSSS allegations as well. Witkowiak plans to take legal action and seek probable criminal charges against Ruiz, the CSSS group and those connected to the Witkowiak defamation political flyer.
On late Monday, Ruiz wrote on his Facebook account, that Pérez ran "a clean campaign for change!" But Ruiz seems to be on self denial, that he was actually caught being involved along with other suspects who were passing out CSSS defamation flyers against Witkowiak and that he was part of a Pérez negative campaign in the Latino district.
Neither Ruiz, Chheda or Pérez have confirmed or denied their connection to the CSSS group and the Witkowiak defamation flyer.
Since the election, Ruiz and supporters for Pérez have been calling for healing and unity in the predominately Hispanic district, but they face a difficult challenge to actually succeed in doing so. Law abiding residents will find it difficult to work or support those individuals ("thugs and goons" cited from Facebook users) who launched a negative campaign in Facebook and passed misinformation throughout the district, made false allegations and compromised their own integrity to elect their candidate.
Luis Torres on Facebook wrote, "...In my 46 years of living in the 12th district, I have NEVER witnessed such a dirty and shameful race. Shame-on José Pérez and his followers that have taken southside politics to a new low. I am Latino and proud to say that I support Jim Witkowiak, a man of honor and vision."
Pérez is not the first Hispanic to run for alderman in the 12th District, but has become the first Latino who has lost respect from part of the Latino community for his lack of integrity and honesty by allowing his campaign to engage in extreme negative campaigning in an effort to get elected, according to Witkowiak supporters.
There are about 65,000 residents, including 15,000 registered voters in the 12th Aldermanic District.

City of Milwaukee Election Commission posted results for April 3, 2012 elections at link:

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Mexican Zeta Barraza Bocanegra Remains A Fugitive From Justice For Killing Activist Escobedo Ortiz In Chihuahua

Héctor Miguel Flores Morán

Barraza Bocanegra allegedly ordered Morán, aka, "El Payaso" to killed Escobedo Ortiz who was seeking justice for her murdered daughter.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 9, 2012

Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico - Mexican federal authorities confirmed that Zeta member Sergio Rafael Barraza Bocanegra, 25, remains at large and has eluded justice for several homicides. Barraza Bocanegra is accused of hiring and ordering his accomplice Héctor Miguel Flores Morán, 30, aka, "El Payaso" or José Rodríguez Flores to kill activist Marisela Escobedo Ortiz, 52, on December 16, 2010. Marisela's brutal murder by Morán was captured by a video surveillance camera outside a government state building. Morán who worked for la Muñeca gang of kidnappers was reported killed on September 7, 2011 by police. Authorities recovered Morán's Sig Sauer model P239, 9mm handgun connected to 12 homicides between April to August 2011, including Marisela's murder in 2010, according to ballistic tests.
Bocanegra previously confessed to murdering Rubí Marisol Frayre Escobedo, 16, on September 2008 and dismembered her body and then burned it at a pig ranch to conceal the evidence. A three judge panel aquitted Barraza Bocanegra.
Bocanegra is suspected of hiring Morán to kill her mother, Marisela. She staged a nine day protest to demand justice for her daughter and was pressuring the Chihuahua state attorney general's office and the Governor Cesár Duarte to charge Bocanegra for Rubi's homicide.
The Mexican federal government had offered $3 million pesos ($230,770 U.S.) for information leading to the arrest of Morán. A $5 million pesos ($384,616 U.S.) reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of Barraza Bocanegra.

(Government building surveillance video of chase and murder of Marisela Escobedo Ortiz at link:

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sabath Headlines Performance At 6th Annual Wedding And Quinceañera Expo 2012 In Milwaukee

(L-R) Singer Frankie Sabath and Sachlyn Feliciano, a local model posed for the crowd during the Quinceñera Expo event.

Photos: HNG

Wedding and Quinceañera Expo 2012 continues to celebrate family tradition.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 7, 2012

Milwaukee - On Saturday, major local sponsors and El Conquistador Newspaper held its 6th Annual Wedding and Quinceañera Expo 2012 at the Wyndham Hotel, 4700 block of S. Howell Ave. Families expecting a quinceñera celebration for their daughters or couples looking to get married in the near future had an opportunity to check out the latest styles of fashion for their special occassion. A quinceñera is when a girl becomes a young lady and parents, including relatives and friends come together to celebrate the special occassion of her taking one more step closer to becoming a woman.
Numerous bussiness were present to offer their merchandise and services such as, music, catering, cakes, limo service, photography, travel, insurance, entertainment services for any occassion including weddings.
The main attraction included a special appearance by Frankie Sabath, also referred too as the Milwaukee's Frankie Sinatra of Latin romantic rhythm and songs. Sabath's romantic style draws women into his presentations.
Sabath's bio says, he is originally from Ponce, Puerto Rico and began his career at the age of sixteen when he started performing with the Kids of Ponce. Sabath has headlined at Mexican Fiesta in 1986 with Johnny Rodriguez and in 1987 with Freddy Fender.
In 2007, Sabath headlined at Fiesta Boricua alongside Gilberto Santa Rosa and later joined Christine Almeida in a duo that put both of them on the spotlight in Wisconsin. On April 10, 2010, Sabath made history once again when Almeida wrote and produced a musical based on Sabath’s life and his friendship with Almeida titled “Isla y Tierra" Directed by David M. Molthen. The Isla y Tierra musical was presented at the Waukesha Civic Theater in Waukesha, Wisconsin and became the first Latino production ever to be presented during the 52 year history of the theater.
The Masters of Ceremonies at the wedding and quinceñera expo were Mariella Muñoz and Little Pito. La Payasita Lucy entertained the children during the program. Music background for the three segment fashion shows was provide by Gallerias Music.
Young and mature women, men and children did an exceptional job in modeling the latest fashions available on the market, especially in the Milwaukee area. Also, special male models included Hector Colón, Director of Health and Human Services at Milwaukee County and 7 time local boxing champ; Ramon Candelaria, Community Director at Medical College of Wisconsin and Aaron Rodriguez from the Hispanic Conservative.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Passover Begins And Christians Celebrated Good Friday With Via Crucis

Photos: HNG

Hundreds of Christians attend annual Via Crucis in the south side of Milwaukee.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 6, 2012

Milwaukee - At sunset on Friday, the beginning of passover began for hundreds of Latinos and non-Latino Christians during Holy week that observed Good Friday with a Via Crucis, which is a re-enactment of the ritual that commemorates Jesus Christ suffering in the hours before his crucifixion. In Milwaukee, the Via Crucis began at about 1:00 p.m. at St. Vincent de Paul Parish, 2114 W. Mitchell St. and ended at St. Josaphat Basilica, 2333 S. 6th St. around 4:00 p.m. The event was sponsored by the Hispanic Ministry Office of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.
Parishioners and volunteers during the Via Crucis take up roles and undergo a mock crucifixion. While other volunteers read bilingual segments of the crucifixion at each station stop.
During Lent, Christians place special emphasis on prayer and contemplation on the Passion and Death of the Lord through expressions of popular piety such as the Via Crucis (Stations of the Cross) and veneration of the Crucified Christ.
The Stations, or Way of the Cross, are a traditional method of meditating upon Christ's Suffering and Death. In the Catholic church, you will find 14 images usually hanging on the wall. It is customary before each station to pray. The stations are, I. Jesus is condemned to death. II. Jesus takes up his Cross. III. Jesus falls the first time. IV. Jesus meets his sorrowful Mother. V. Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry the Cross. VI. Veronica wipes the Face of Jesus. VII. Jesus falls a second time. VIII. Jesus meet the Women of Jerusalem. IX. Jesus falls the third time. X. Jesus is stripped of his garments. XI. Jesus is nailed to the Cross. XII. Jesus dies on the Cross. XIII. Jesus is taken down from the Cross. XIV. Jesus is laid in the tomb.
The object of the Stations is to help the faithful to make in spirit, as it were, a pilgrimage to the chief scenes of Christ's sufferings and death, and this has become one of the most popular of Catholic devotions. It is carried out by passing from Station to Station, with certain prayers at each and devout meditation on the various incidents in turn. It is very usual, when the devotion is performed publicly, to sing a stanza of the "Stabat Mater" while passing from one Station to the next.
On Sunday, is the observance of Easter by Western Christians. This years cost of the Via Crucis was estimated at $5,000, which included permits, and police escort throughout the south side route, according to the Hispanic Ministry Office.

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Milwaukee Alderman Witkowiak Files Recount For Tuesday's Election Results

James N. Witkowiak

Alderman Witkowiak has yet to concede in the 12th Aldermanic District and is seeking a recount.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 5, 2012

Milwaukee - On Thursday, Alderman James "Jim" N. Witkowiak for the 12th Aldermanic District officially filed a recount for Tuesday's election results. The election results for the 12th Aldermanic District was to close to call in a tight race between Alderman Witkowiak and José G. Pérez. Witkowiak has not conceded in the election. The Witkowiak campaign confirmed, that some ballots have come into question and are working to resolve the issue.
Since February, Pérez and his campaign manager Sachin Chheda ran a negative campaign, which included making false allegations that Witkowiak was shaking down bar owners, misinformation and targeted Witkowiak for being White. Pérez is of Puerto Rican descent and his campaign focus on race became an issue to get elected.
On Wednesday, Chheda responded to Witkowiak's request for a recount on Facebook and wrote, "Let's examine every ballot, every voter, every action. Sunlight is a wonderful thing!" Pérez who declared himself the winner on late Tuesday with a leading margin of 86 votes is confident that after the recount, he will be declared the winner.
The Milwaukee Election Commission has yet to finish counting absentee ballots for the 12th District and hasn't officially released the final results for the district.
The tactics use by the Pérez campaign no doubt divided the community where part of it expressed racism, willing to engage in misinformation, lies, and a corrupt conspiracy to elect their candidate. Pérez in a statement admitted that he was "not proud" about some of his supporters and Chheda's negative Facebook online discussions about Alderman Witkowiak, his staff and supporters. Apparently, Pérez believed his group was forced to use false allegations and negative tactics against Witkowiak, the incumbent.
On Monday night, Milwaukee police temperarily detained several people for passing out flyers from a group called Citizens for a Stronger South Side (CSSS) at the 1300 block of W. Greenfield Ave. The flyer contained false and misleading information against Witkowiak and even alleged corruption. The flyer contained a disclaimer for the CSSS and had an address that indicated a parking lot that Witkowiak owns. The suspects told police that José Pérez and his campaign had authorized the distribution of the flyer. A Witkowiak supporter who busted the suspects passing out the flyers said, that the suspects had called Juan Carlos Ruiz, a Pérez campaign supporter to the scene. Police did not issue any citations to Ruiz and the suspects for passing out flyers. The CSSS was created for the sole purpose of passing out misleading and false information about Witkowiak. Witkowiak said, he will pursue legal action against the CSSS suspects and others connected to the case. (CSSS flyer
Ruiz on Thursday, when the issue about the CSSS group passing out flyers was brought up by Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) on his morning Spanish radio program Nfoque Latino on 1460 AM radio, he declined to address the issue to avoid commenting why he was involved. Ruiz has yet to confirm or deny publically his connection and involvement with the CSSS.
JoCasta Zamarripa, State Representative from the 8th Assembly District who appeared as a guest on Nfoque to reflect on last Tuesday's election, was asked by HNNUSA to compare her two prior positive campaigns to get elected to Pérez negative campaigning during the last month. Zamarripa said, she stood by Pérez who she supported and did not see any negative campaigning. Zamarripa follows both Pérez, Chheda and others on Facebook, but seemed to have missed or notice any negative discussions on Facebook about the Witkowiak and Pérez campaigns.
The unfortunate side, most of the Pérez supporters were well educated and professionals that supported and resorted to using what ever means, even to compromise respect, integrity and honesty to get their political agenda on the table.
Witkowiak friends and supporters in Facebook labeled Pérez and some of his campaign workers as thugs and goons for relentlessly engaging in dirty politics, bashing women and making false allegations against Alderman Witkowiak. Witkowiak ran an honest campaign with integrity and respect, which Pérez lacked, according to Witkowiak supporters.
Supporters for Pérez are now calling for healing and unity in the predominately Hispanic district, but they face a difficult challenge to actually succeed in doing so. Pérez is not the first Hispanic to run for alderman in the 12th District, but has become the first Latino who has lost respect from part of the Latino community for his lack of integrity and honesty by engaging in negative campaigning to represent the Latino community as a whole.
More than several thousand people voted in the 12th District on Tuesday, according to the Milwaukee Election Commission.There are about 65,000 residents, including 15,000 registered voters in the 12th Aldermanic District.
The unofficial count without absentee ballots was José Pérez with 1,290 votes and James N. Witkowiak with 1,204 votes.

City of Milwaukee Election Commission posted results for April 3, 2012 elections at link:

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