Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bustos Media CEO Transfers Ownership Of 28 Spanish Radio Stations To NAP Lenders And Avoids Bankruptcy

Hispanic Radio Icon Amador Bustos leaves Bustos Media and lenders take control of Spanish radio network

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 30, 2010

Sacramento, CA - On Tuesday, Amador Bustos, the owner and founder of Bustos Media LLC relinquished ownership of the company. Bustos through a memo notified his staff and employees in 28 radio stations and all 55 station affiliates, “Today, we filed with the FCC an ownership transfer application of all radio and television stations from Bustos Media LLC to NAP Broadcast Holdings LLC.”
Most likely, the lenders will begin changing the format of the Spanish language radio network into English transmitting stations, since it hasn't been able to generate advertising dollars in the Hispanic market.
The three senior lenders, NewStart, Atalaya, and Prudential (NAP) will take over of all assets and stock. Amador Bustos, CEO and his brother John Bustos, Vice President of Operations of Bustos Media had agreed to resign from the company yesterday to complete the merger, and NAP has taken full control effective immediately.
Amador confirmed that, Jay Meyers of Broadcast Management & Technology will “serve as the interim CEO until FCC approval has been obtained."
In January, the lenders hired radio executive Meyers to work with Amador on restructuring and fine-tuning operations at Bustos Media.
In Wisconsin, Bustos Media owns two Spanish language stations LaGranD WDDW 104.7 FM radio and Television Station LP-WBWT 38 Azteca America in West Allis. Bustos Media also has radio stations in California, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon Utah, and Washington.
Amador had a 10% equity in Bustos Media, and turning over ownership and control to its NAP lenders managed to avoid filing a Chapter 11. In January, Bustos admitted that the company was in default by $100 million due to the economy, lack to generate advertising dollars and the recession. Bustos Media couldn't bounce back to generate the revenue to pay the debt incurred to lenders.
Bustos will conitnue to operate his family independent business Bustos Media Holdings LLC, which still owns four AM radio stations and one FM station. The stations are, KZSJ AM -San Jose, CA; KTXV AM - Dallas, TX; KREH AM - Houston, TX; KTRP AM - Portland, OR; and KZPT FM - Vancouver, WA.

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ICE Strategic 5 Year Plan Calls For Aggressive Alien Removal, Effective Worksite Enforcement, Prosecute Employers Who Engage In Hiring And Exploitation, Reforming Detention System And Ensuring Uniform Medical Care

ICE to engage in aggressive criminal and civil enforcement against those employers who knowingly violate the law

June 30, 2010

Washington, D.C. (HNNUSA) - On Wednesday, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in a press release issued its strategic plan for Fiscal Years 2010-2014. This comprehensive plan lays out how ICE will most effectively meet its responsibilities for criminal investigation and civil immigration enforcement over the next five years. ICE pursue criminal and civil enforcement against employers who voilate the law. The agency will continue the use of E-Verify and ICE's IMAGE programs to help employers comply.
ICE to aggressively pursue criminal investigations into employer abuse and exploitation of alien workers.
The U.S. Department of Labor already is promoting "We Can Help" program to assist undocumented workers in filing complaints against employers who abuse, exploit and don't pay equal wages to them as citizen counterpart workers. ICE did not confirm, if the agency will work with the labor department to help prosecute employers for abuse and exploitation of illegal workers.
The five year ICE plan will focus on reducing the duration of alien's stay in ICE custody and increase compliance with final removal. The agency included plans to reform the immigration detention system and provides for improve medical, mental health and dental care and ensuring more uniform care.
The agency plan will hire additional auditors to monitor and audit ICE's functions.
Moreover, ICE is taking steps to streamline and improve its management structure to give the agency a clearer sense of identity and focus.

The plan details four key priorities for the agency's future:

  • Prevent terrorism and enhance security
  • Protect the borders against illicit trade, travel and finance
  • Protect the borders through smart and tough interior immigration enforcement
  • Construct an efficient, effective agency

For more information, the full ICE strategic plan at Internet link:

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Juveniles Clean Up 11 Day Summerfest 2010 Without Pay After Crowds Leave At Night

Children working after curfew and without pay at Summerfest?

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 30, 2010

Milwaukee - The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors might not be aware that an estimated 200 children ordered detained by judges at the Milwaukee County Juvenile Detention Center (MCJDC) are bused into Summerfest after midnight to clean-up bathrooms and the grounds. No public information is available from the County Board, the Milwaukee Sheriff's Department Office, Judicial order, or the Milwaukee County Executive's Office has been provided to address the partnership (using children to clean) with Milwaukee World Festival, Inc., the non-profit organization that sponsors the 11 day Summer festival at Henry Maier Festival Park.
The juvenile court system has ordered most of the juveniles held for delinquency behavior and might allow community service as a stipulation while spending time at the juvenile center. But in this case, allegations have been raised that juveniles are bused into Summerfest from midnight to 6:00 a.m. every day during the 11 day festival.
The City of Milwaukee has a curfew for underage children at 10:00 p.m. from Monday through Friday and 11:00 p.m. on the weekend. Children should be at home by law. Are juveniles from the MCJDC exempt from the city curfew in order to clean Summerfest?
Summerfest seems to welcome the decision of County officials to allow juveniles to do community service by cleaning up Summerfest. Community service allows a person to provide a service that is performed for the benefit of the public or its institutions, which is entirely different than cleaning up the facilities and grounds of a private non-profit that is generating millions of dollars as Milwaukee World Festival generates per year.
But Hispanic News Network U.S.A. could not confirm, if these juveniles are getting paid at least minimum wage as required by law and have the minimum age to actually work. Summerfest sources alleged, most of the juveniles are not getting paid, but are allowed by County officials to get out of detention for 6 hours a night.
Are these children being provided a worthy skill at Summerfest or being exploited? No doubt, Milwaukee World Festival can affort to pay the juveniles minimum wage and compensate the County for using the juveniles to clean-up Summerfest. 
Sound off, What do you think?

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Man With Sign; Blind, Hungry and Homeless Takes My Last Dollar

Photo by HNG

Man stood at a busy South side intersection corner trying to get noticed, but who wouldn't notice a blind man holding a sign that read "Help the blind, the Hungry and the Homless"

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 29, 2010

Milwaukee - An impressive experience that cost me, "my last dollar at the moment." Spotted a man just standing on the East-North side corner of the 2600 block of W. Greenfield Ave. and S. 27th St. (Layton Blvd.) holding a sign that read, "Help the blind, the Hungry, and the Homeless!!!!." The man was actually blind and seemed to be facing difficult times when the country and especially the City of Milwaukee is working to move out of a recession.
I asked him, What is your name? He responded Tony. Then I said, take this...he asked, how much is it?... told him a dollar, then he thank me and then smiled. Afterwards I told Tony, good luck!
As I left, I began to wonder, WOW some people have it worst then others and it doesn't open your eyes (reality) until a person like Tony crosses your path. Wish, I could have donated a few more dollars to Tony, But, if our paths cross again, then he will get a few extra ones. Great experience to help someone. Have you helped someone lately?
I had various people along S. Cesar E. Chavez Drive ask me for donations for their well being, but sometimes you get to notice the smell of a brewery and they just need some extra change to get enough cash to by a cold one.
For your interest, the State of Wisconsin, Department of Workforce Development (DWD) reported in June that the unemployment rate was at 8.5%, compared to 11.1% a year ago. In june, Milwaukee rank 7 on unemployment compared to rank 9 in the state a year ago.
In Milwaukee on any given night, an estimated 400 people under the age of 24 are homeless and looking for shelter, according to recent studies. In 2000, the Census reported that over 40% of children lived below the poverty level in the city.
Homelessness of the unemployed has increased in the state, but statistics are vage since, those who collected unemployment no longer qualify and have given up looking for work as a result of a lack of jobs, and are dropped from the tracking rates of the DWD.
Last week, Republicans in Congress blocked the approval of extended federal emergency unemployment benefits for people expected to lose their benefits by November. 
The City of Milwaukee was awarded $6.9 million in American Recovery Reinvestment Act funds for the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP). These funds will be used to provide assistance such as rental vouchers and services to prevent individuals and families from becoming homeless and to help those who are experiencing homelessness to quickly, according to the City of Milwaukee.

DWD: May local jobs, and unemployment rates announced (PDF) link:

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in the City of Milwaukee

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PRI Candidate For Tamaulipas Governor Killed While Campaigning, Including 6 Members Of His Group

Photo: Narco Trafico en Mexico

President Calderón condemn the murders and vows justice, Homicides weren't deter upcomming elections.

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 28, 2010

Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico  - On Monday, the Mexican Attorney General's Office (PGR) confirmed, that Rodolfo Torre Cantú, the PRI candidate for Governor in the State of Tamaulipas had been murdered while campaigning near the city of Victoria. Cantú along with six other people traveling with him in two vans were reported killed as well at about 10:30 a.m. by multiple suspects connected to the Zetas Cartel who attacked the vans on Highway Ciudad Victoria-Soto La Marina. The candidate and his party were heading to the Pedro José Méndez Airport when the murders occured, just six days before the election.
Authorities reported Cantú's staff, body guards and a local PRI deputy were also killed. The victims were identified as Enrique Blackmore, PRI Deputy; Aureliano Balleza, head of security; and three body guards identified as Gerardo Subiate, Dante Quíros and David Castelo. Alejandro Martínez, Cantú's secretary later died at a local hospital. Three other people were reported injured.
Mexican President Felipe Calderón condemn the murders and vowed to use all resources available to bring the killers to justice. Calderón said, the suspects are connected to organized crime and cartels who want to influence the elections by killing the front-runner. He urged the public to come out and vote.
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Monday, June 28, 2010

UFW Wants U.S. Congress To Urge Their Unemployed Citizens To Apply For Farm Field Jobs

Photo: UFW

Jobs available campaign urges members of Congress to asked their constituents to apply for farm Jobs, and today, 50% of the jobs in the field are done by undocumented workers.

June 28, 2010

Washington, D.C. (HNNUSA) – The United Farm Workers Union in a press released announced that on June 24, prominent labor and political leaders concerned about an adequate labor supply for the crucial agricultural sector, had launched the national “Take Our Jobs” campaign aimed at hiring U.S. citizens and legal residents to fill jobs that often go to undocumented farm workers. They're taking the campaign to Members of Congress and the general public in an effort to push for an immigration reform bill in 2010.
Last Sunday, U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) during the NBC's 'Meet the Press' said, that an immigration reform bill won't be passed this year, until the border is secured.
The kick-off campaign is set for July 8, to draw public interest to an estimated 50% of field workers considered as undocumented.
The effort sponsored by the United Farm Workers of America (UFW), spotlights the immigrant labor issue and underscores the need for reforms without which the domestic agricultural industry could be crippled, leading to more jobs moving off shore.
In a letter to U.S. lawmakers, UFW offers farm workers who are “ready to train citizens and legal residents who wish to replace immigrants in the fields,” and encourages Members of Congress to refer their constituents to vacant farm worker positions. UFW has locations across the country where Members of Congress can direct their constituents willing to do work on large-scale farms. Employers will be on hand at each site to answer questions, meet prospective employees and assist in the application process. All who are interested or unemployed and are legal residents or U.S. citizens are encouraged to apply.

Farm workers welcome U.S. citizens who wish to replace them in the field, will train and get jobs with farm employers.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Waukesha Fiesta Attendance Drops Due To Alleged Police And ICE Actions In City

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 27, 2010

Waukesha, WI - Fiesta Waukesha 2010 drew few attendees at Frame Park over the weekend then expected, according to vendors. Some festivalgoers speculated on prior allegations that police were reporting illegal immigrants they encountered during traffic or just walking along the downtown Main St. to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Last year, large crowds of Hispanics attended the three day festival compared to this year's event sponored by La Casa de Esperanza, a non-profit organization.
A new ICE policy allows police to contact them for immigrant removal, a deported immigrant Micheal Vela-Garcia confirmed. Vela-Garcia says, an ICE official he befriended told him that a new ICE policy allows state, county and local law enforcement agencies from throughout the country to detain and report illegal immigrants they encounter to ICE for pick up and deportation.
In Early June, Waukesha Police Chief Russell Jack, when contacted neither confirmed or denied the allegations.

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McCain: Immigration Reform Will Not Pass This Year

June 27, 2010

Washington, D.C. (HNNUSA) - On Sunday, U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) on NBC's Meet the Press said, immigration reform will not pass this year, until the border is secured. McCain also disagreed with Governor Jan Brewer (R) that most illegal immigrants crossing through Arizona are being used as "drug mules," to carry drugs across the border for cartels.
Last Friday, CNN reported Brewer as saying, "Well, we all know that the majority of the people that are coming to Arizona and trespassing are now becoming drug mules," Brewer said. "They're coming across our borders in huge numbers. The drug cartels have taken control of the immigration.
"So they are criminals. They're breaking the law when they are trespassing and they're criminals when they pack the marijuana and the drugs on their backs," Brewer said to CNN.
Immigrant rights activists and groups have criticized Brewer for not providing hard facts to support her notion that most illegals are drug mules. They labeled Brewer as a racist.
Brewer tried to defend her statements by referring to articles published by the news media referring to illegals being busted for drug trafficking in Arizona.
The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection could not confirm Brewer's allegations that most illegal immigrants crossing through Arizona are drug mules. Both agencies have turned in suspects to local District Attorney's or U.S. Attorney's to prosecute, who were arrested for being illegally in the U.S. and were discovered carrying drugs. But immigration enforcement agencies had no statistics available.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Stand With Arizona Organization Criticizes Milwaukee County Supervisor For Not Knowing Arizona Borders With Mexico

Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy West

Organization who criticized Milwaukee County Supervisor, also lacks Constitutional knowledge SB 1070 is unconstitutional

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 25, 2010

Milwaukee - A Youtube video was posted criticizing Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy West for not knowing that Arizona borders with Mexico. The alleged Republican base organization connected with Neo-nazi groups are known to operate 'Stand With Arizona' in support and advocates for ordinances and laws similar to SB 1070. The group posted West's video on Thursday in which West stated, "If this was Texas, which is a state that is directly on the border with Mexico, and they were calling for a measure like this saying that they had a major issue with undocumented people flooding the borders, I would have to look twice at this. But this is a state that is a ways removed from the border."  West a Latina herself later said, she "misspoke."
She tried to explain her educational background, "I did get a passing grade in Geography in high school and in college and I do obviously know that Arizona is on the border," West said in an interview with after Thursday meeting. reported West claims that the point she was trying to make is that because Texas has a much larger border with Mexico, she might feel differently about such a law in that state.  "Had Texas come out with the legislation, having the largest border, I think that I would be more receptive to the fact that there was a problem.  But having it be Arizona, having it be the second largest boarder and knowing there are troops on the border in Arizona, it didn't seem to me that this legislation was particularly necessary at this moment in time," West said.
West who represents the predominately Hispanic 12th District in Milwaukee's South side is supporting a boycott measure against Arizona and for the Milwaukee County Board to approve it. Other Supervisors who support the measure include Gerry Broderick, Elizabeth Coggs and Marina Dimitrijevic. The Board Finance Committee approved the resolution, but on Thursday the Board decided to postpone the measure and sent it back to committee for further review. The Arizona measure prevents the County from doing business with Arizona businesses and is expected to be heard by the full Board in the middle of July.
The Stand With Arizona organization were quick to criticize someone (Supervisor West) for not knowing Arizona borders with Mexico. But the Stand With Arizona campaign organizers and supporters have been also criticized nationally for not knowing Arizonas' legislature to adopt SB 1070 and for Governor Brewer to sign it into law is unconstitutional. Just because a majority of residents and the GOP in Arizona supports the measure doesn't make it Constitutional. The SB 1070 measure turned out to be Constitutional dilema, nighmare, and a costly mistake for Arizona, which has more than $ 3 billion deficit. The current Arizona boycotts by Latinos and supporters is taking an economic toll on the state.
Next week, the U.S. Department of Justice is expected to file a legal challenge in federal court against Arizona and its SB 1070 law before it takes effect by the end of July. Several other lawsuits have been filed challenging Arizona by the American Civil Liberties Union and Latino civil rights lawyers and groups.
The Arizona state law passed by the state, allows police officers to question suspects during an investigation of a domestic, traffic, crime, ordinance violation and any other offense. If, they reasonably believe the suspect is illegally in the country and makes a state criminal offense to be in the country or in Arizona illegal.
Legal challenges to Arizonas' SB 1070 will argue it will lead to racial profiling, discrimination, and that a state law that usurps federal authority to enforce immigration law, violates Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, which enumerates the powers bestowed to Congress. Among them: the authority "to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization."
Also, the Arizona state law SB 1070 preempts federal law. The Bill of Rights 10th amendment ratified on Dec. 15, 1791 restates the Constitution's principle of federalism that powers not granted to the national government by the Constitution of the United States nor prohibited to the States were reserved to the States or to the people. Since, Congress granted the federal government authority to regulate and enforce immigration laws, States lack constitutional authority to enact immigration laws conflicting with the federal government.

Youtube video: Pro-Arizonas' SB 1070 supporters criticized Milw. County Supervisor Peggy West for not knowing AZ borders with Mexico. Internet link,

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Summerfest 2010, 15-year-old Teenager Crushed To Death Near Festival Identified

Photo: 620 AM WTMJ radio

County Board investigating, if deferred maintance contributed to the deadly incident at O'Donnell Park parking structure, and the County could face a multi-million lawsuit from Kellner's family for not safely maintaining the structure

June 25, 2010

Milwaukee, WI (HNNUSA) - Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office reported that a 30-foot concrete sheet of slab at the East exit from O'Donnell Park parking structure collapse on Thursday at about 4:00 p.m. and killed a 15-year-old boy who was crushed and injured two others, Amy Wosinski, 36, and Eric Wosinski,15, her son of East Troy. The Amy suffered a leg injury, and Eric a foot injury. Both boys were friends, according to police.

The 15-year-old boy killed was identified as Jerad Kellner of Greenfield. Kellner attended Witnall High School and was looking forward to Summerfest and was supposed to meet up with his family at the event. Kellner's family will most likely file a multi-million lawsuit against Milwaukee County for not safely maintaining the structure.
Mayor Barrett, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker and Milwaukee County District Attorney John T. Chisholm were at the scene investigating the incident on Thursday afternoon.
A concrete sheet of slab weighing 27,000 pounds fell when its bolts or rods holding it in place to the side of the second story level snapped due to rust. The O'Donnell parking structure on Lincoln Memorial Drive will remain closed until engineers determined it is "100%" safe to reopen and the investigation is concluded.
The O'Donnell 1,250 space parking structure is used by Summerfest attendees and those injured were headed to the lakefront festival, according to authorities.
Amy was taken to Froedtert Hospital where she remains today and Eric was released today from Children's Hospital in Wauwatosa, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke reported in a news conference on Friday. Clarke said, they will let the public know what had actually happened and would not speculate on what occured on Thursday.
The public will not be allowed to walk along the sidewalk on the East side of the structure where the incident occured. The Betty Brinn Children's Museum inside O'Donnell's Park will be close until further notice.
The County Board is investigating, if deferred maintance contributed to the deadly incident.
The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office, the Milwaukee Police Department and the Milwaukee County Distict Attorney's Office are jointly investigating the fatal incident at the O'Donnell Park parking structure.
Clarke said, people can retrieve their cars from the parking structure, which is considered safe for vehicle removal at this time. At least more than 40 vehicles remained at the structure where the damage occured.
The deadly incident occured a block away from the North entrance to Summerfest and the death of the teenager spread rapidly on Thursday throughout Summerfest at the Henry Maier Festival Park by festivalgoers.

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Jamaican Drug Lord Christopher Coke Extradited To U.S.

Christopher Lloyd Coke, aka, "Dudus"
Photo: Jamaican Police

Drug lord facing multiple federal charges

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 25, 2010

Kingston, Jamaica - On Thursday, authorities in Jamaica confirmed that alleged drug lord Christopher Lloyd Coke, aka, "Dudus," 41, was extradited to the U.S. Coke will appear before a Manhattan federal judge on Friday to face charges.
In 2009, Coke was charged in New York by the U.S Attorney's Office with conspiracy to distribute marijuana, cocaine, and illegally trafficking weapons. A $5 million dollar reward was offered by the U.S. government for information leading to his arrest. The U.S. sought Coke's extradition to face federal charges. Last Tuesday, Coke was arrested by Spanish Town Police at a check point near the capitol of Kingston. Coke was apparently enroute to the U.S. Embassy to turn himself in, according to Reverend Al Miller who accompanied Coke.

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Summerfest 2010, 15-year-old Boy Crushed To Death By 30-foot Concrete Slab While Heading To Festival

Summerfest 11 day music festival starts, and Jerad Kellner, 15, was killed and two injured when an O'Donnell Park parking structure 30-foot sheet of concrete slab weighing 27,000 pounds falls as they headed to the festival

June 25, 2010

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (HNNUSA) - On Thursday, H. Nelson Goodson, Yolanda Medina and Ricardo Hernandez, aka, "Rico" were just a few people from the thousands of festivalgoers that went through the Summerfest 2010 gates at Henry Maier Festival Park on opening day. Goodson, an immigration reform journalist and civil rights advocate said, he hasn't "missed an opening day at Summerfest, since it first opened."
Summerfest is billed as the World's Largest Music Festival at Milwaukee's lakefront (Lake Michigan). The festival draws thousands of festivalgoers to the 11 straight day (June 24 thru July 4) event in the midwest. The festival grounds holds at least 100,000 capacity per day, and provides 10 stages hosting over 700 bands, including the 23,000 capacity Marcus Amphitheater where major concerts are booked. Summerfest has reported over 1 million attendance for the 11 day event. Tim McGraw and Lady Antebellum and Love and Theft played at the Marcus on opening day.
In popular stages inside Summerfest, Sheryl Crow, Pat McCurdy, Kool and The Gang, Love Hammers, The Wailers, Sweet Tarts, Led Zeppelin 2, and Passion Pit entertained the crowds. An early presentation by Lynhurst, a young female teen drummer and singer electrified the crowds with her three member band playing their energetic sound and they gave an awesome performance at 6:30 p.m. Lynhurst is a must see and hear band where ever they perform.
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was expected to attend the opening day ceremony at Summerfest, but officials announced that Barrett was called to a pressing emergency and would not attend. Barrett responded to a deadly incident at the O'Donnell Park parking structure where a 30-foot concrete slab fell and killed a teenager on his way to the festival.
Summerfest began in 1968 at the 75-acre Henry Maier Park grounds and attracts between 800,000 and 1,000,000 people each year, promoting itself as "The World's Largest Music Festival," a title certified by the Guinness World Records in 1999.

Photo: 620 AM WTMJ radio

In an unrelated incident, Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office reported that a 30-foot concrete sheet of slab at the East exit from O'Donnell Park parking structure collapse at about 4:00 p.m. and killed a 15-year-old boy who was crushed and injured two others, Amy Wosinski, 36, and Eric Wosinski, 15, her son of East Troy. Amy suffered a leg injury, and Eric a foot injury. Both boys were friends, according to police.

The 15-year-old boy who was killed was identified as Jerad Kellner of Greenfield. Kellner attended Witnall High School and was looking forward to attending Summerfest. He was supposed to meet up with his family at the event.
Mayor Barrett, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker and Milwaukee County District Attorney John T. Chisholm were at the scene investigating the incident on Thursday afternoon.
A concrete sheet of slab weighing 27,000 pounds fell when its bolts or rods holding it in place to the side of the second story level snapped due to rust. The O'Donnell parking structure on Lincoln Memorial Drive will remain closed until engineers determined it is "100%" safe to reopen and the investigation is concluded.
The Betty Brinn Children's Museum inside the O'Donnell Park will remain close until further notice. The public will not be allowed to use the East side stucture sidewalk for safety reasons.
The O'Donnell 1,250 space parking structure is used by Summerfest attendees and those injured were headed to the lakefront festival, according to authorities.
Amy was taken to Froedtert Hospital where she remains today and Eric was released from Children's Hospital in Wauwatosa, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke reported in a news conference on Friday. Clarke said, they will let the public know what had actually happened and would not speculate on what occured on Thursday. The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office, the Milwaukee Police Department and the Milwaukee County Distict Attorney's Office are jointly investigating the fatal incident at the O'Donnell Park parking structure.
Clarke said, people can retrieve their cars from the parking structure, which is considered safe for vehicle removal only at this time. At least more than 40 vehicles remained at the structure where the damage occured.
The deadly incident occured a block away from the North entrance to Summerfest and the death of the teenager spread rapidly throughout Summerfest by festivalgoers.

For Summerfest info., gate promotions, and details go to 

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Illegal Workers Unfairly Paid By U.S. Employers Can File Complaints With Department of Labor

After more than two months, GOP members began criticizing the U.S. Department of Labor for promoting fair wage campaign for all workers, including illegal workers

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 24, 2010

Washington, D.C. - In April, Hilda Solis, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) announced the "We Can Help" campaign to assure all workers in the country are treated fairly and do get their wages as required by federal law. The DOL added 250 field investigators to conduct investigations of unfair wage payments to U.S. workers, including illegal workers.
It's illegal for employers to hire undocumented workers in the U.S., but if hired by companies they are guaranteed fair wages and protected as workers under federal law.
On Wednesday after more than two months since the DOL wage fairness campaign began, several Republicans in Capitol Hill, U.S. Representatives Ted Poe (R-Texas), Jason Chaffer (R-Utah) and Steve King (R-Iowa) began raising questions and say they are shocked the campaign by the DOL is offering Illegal workers assistance and help in filing complaints with the Wage and Hour Division against employers taking advantage of them and paying them less than other workers.
Solis says, "legal or not" that all "workers do have the right to fair wages," despite members from the GOP who belief that the DOL shouldn't be using resources helping illegal workers against U.S. employers.
In a written statement to, the DOL defended their campaign by saying, "through Democratic and Republican administrations, the Department of Labor has consistently held that the country's minimum wage and overtime law protects workers regardless of their immigration status." reported that Rep. Chaffetz wanted to know why taxpayers are being asked to spend money to ensure that illegals get assistance for fair wages while millions of unemployed Americans struggle to find jobs. "That's insane," Chaffetz said, "That's just unbelievable."
Rep. King told, it's "an explicit invitation for illegal immigrants to bring the resources and power of the Department of Labor to bear against American employers."
Recently, Rep. King came under criticism after telling members of Congress, people have the ability of a natural "six sense" to identify illegal immigrants. Critics and Democrats say, yeah it's called racial profiling. reported that Rep. Poe found the DOL bilingual campaign "We Can Help,"  "astounding" in an era of double-digit unemployment, the Department of Labor would spend time and "our taxpayer money worrying about fair wages for individuals who are in our country illegally." (Unemployment is between 10 to 17% in some states, the DOL officially reported unemployment at 9.7%)
Last April "We Can Help" press release by the DOL and Solis said the following statements. "I'm here to tell you that your president, your secretary of labor and this department will not allow anyone to be denied his or her rightful pay - especially when so many in our nation are working long, hard and often dangerous hours... We can help and we will help. If you work in this country, you are protected by our laws. And you can count on the U.S. Department of Labor to see to it that those protections work for you," Solis stated.

U.S. Department of Labor April 1st press release, "We Can Help" campaign for fair wages link:

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

General McChrystal Replaced By General Petraeus In Afghanistan, President Obama Announced

General Stanley Allen McChrystal resigns amid controversial comments.

Obama's decision sparks Freedom of Speech debate during war time, and General David Petraeus takes over Afghanistan war effort

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 23, 2010

Washington, D.C. - On Wednesday, President Barack Obama announced that he accepted General Stanley Allen McChrystal's resignation, "I did so with considerable regret, but also with certainty that it is the right thing for our mission in Afghanistan, for our military, and for our country... I welcome debate among my team, but won't tolerate division." Obama appointed General David Petraeus to head the U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan.
"The conduct represented in the recently published article does not meet the standard that should be set by a commanding general. It undermines the civilian control of the military that is at the core of our democratic system.  And it erodes the trust that’s necessary for our team to work together to achieve our objectives in Afghanistan... That includes adherence to a strict code of conduct. The strength and greatness of our military is rooted in the fact that this code applies equally to newly enlisted privates and to the general officer who commands them," Obama said.
Obama's administration viewed McChrystal's and his staff comments as negative and controversial for crticising the administrations handling of the Afghanistan conflict in an article published by the Rolling Stone Magazine that let to his resignation.
Obama made it clear, that officials need to be held to higher standards and should keep from making comments critical to the chain of command. McChrystal's comments could impede the U.S. efforts "to succeed in Afghanistan and dismantle Al-Queda," Obama said.
The U.S. Senate will have to approve General Petraeus appointment, which is expected to be approve by next Tuesday.
Obama's decision sparked the Freedom of Speech debate and if it extends to the military, especially during war. McChrystal's resignation might limit criticism towards Obama, his administration and the government by the 90,000 troops assigned and on duty in Afghanistan.

President Barack Obama meets with his national security team on Afghanistan and Pakistan in the Situation Room of the White House on June 23, 2010. Obama replaced General Stanley Allen McChrystal with General Petraeus to take command of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan. Seated in table are, from left, General David Petraeus, head of U.S. Central Command; Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Robert M. Gates, Defense Secretary; Vice President Joe Biden; President Barack H. Obama; General James L. Jones, National Security Advisor; Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State; Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff; Tom Donilon, Deputy National Security Advisor; and John Brennan, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

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Jamaican Cartel Drug Lord Christopher "Dudus" Coke Wanted In U.S. Captured

Photo: Ministry of Security/Jamaican Police

Christopher Lloyd Coke, aka, "Dudus"

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 23, 2010

St. Catherine, Jamaica - On Tuesday, authorities in Jamaica confirmed that Christopher Lloyd Coke, aka, "Dudus," 41, was arrested by Spanish Town Police at a check point near the capitol of Kingston. Coke was apparently enroute to the U.S. Embassy to turn himself in, according to Reverend Al Miller who accompanied Coke.
Rev. Miller told police, that Coke wanted to turn himself in to U.S. authorities and would waive extradition.
Spanish Town Police allowed Miller to leave after Coke was taken into custody, but authorities have requested for Miller to contact police for further questioning.  Miller said, at first police had agreed for him to accompany Coke during his arrest, but afterwards they decided not too. The Ministry of Security is investigating why Spanish Town Police allowed Miller to go and not accompany Coke.
Coke could be extradited to the U.S. within a week, if he agrees to waive extradition. It could take months to extradite Coke, if he decides to challenge the extradition request by the U.S.
The Jamaican government hasn't decided to charge Coke with local crimes. Security forces have been put in high alert to deter any reprisals from the Coke Cartel or other criminal organized groups associated with Coke.
Spanish Town Police at the Mandela Highway check point recognized Coke and arrested him at about 4:00 p.m. without incident. He was taken to the St. Catherine Police Station nearby and then transported in a Jamaican Defense Force helicopter to Kingston, according to Owen Ellington, Jamaica's Police Commissioner during a press conference. Ellington said, that he talked to each high ranking police official involved in the case to find out, if any of them had discussions or an agreement to turn over Coke to the U.S. Marshals Service for immediate extradition, they said "negative."
In 2009, Coke was charged in New York by the U.S. Attorney's Office with conspiracy to distribute marijuana, cocaine, and illegally trafficking weapons. A $5 million dollar reward was offered by the U.S. government for information leading to his arrest. The U.S. is seeking Coke's extradition to face federal charges.
Last month, more than 75 people were reported killed when security forces and members of the Coke Cartel clashed.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Fremont Ordinance 5165 Barring Landlords From Renting To Illegal Immigrants Appoved By Voters

City approved ordinance also bars businesses from hiring illegal immigrants, and the ACLU expected to challenge ordinance in federal court

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 21, 2010

Fremont, Nebraska - On Monday, in a special election voters approved the proposed city ordinance 5165 by a margin of 3,906 to 2,908, a 45.7% registered voter turnout. The ordinance bars businesses from hiring illegal immigrants and will also prevent landlords from renting to illegal immigrants, if enacted. Now, illegal immigrants would have to apply for an "occupancy license" with the city council. No date has been set by the city council to implement measure.
The City of Fremont and officials will most likely face multi-million dollar lawsuits and years of challenges trying to implement the measure. Voters who approved the measure will have to pay for the legal challenges through higher taxes and budget cuts and services. Fremont City Council President Gary Bolton is expected to redirect city funds for the anticipated court challenges by Civil Rights groups, businesses and landlords.
The measure had been debated for almost two years, and supporters were able to bring the measure for vote by city eligible voters. "Who ever voted for it to pass and the city council that pushed the measure seemed to lack common sense because now the costly court challenges begin, and who is going to end up paying for that, we are. It'll be a waste of taxpayers money, that should be use to fund much needed city services, especially during a recession. It's nuts that Fremont voters passed it, now they will pay for it, because other similar measures have been ruled unconstitutional by federal judges and 5165 won't be an exception either," said a Fremont voter who opposed the measure and didn't want to be identified.
In 2008 Census, Fremont had a 4% of foreign born residents in a population of 22,000. Today's population is between 25,000 to 27,000, according to city officials. Most Latinos living in Fremont are U.S. Citizens who opposed the measure are calling it discriminatory, racist and illegal.
Undocumented immigrants that work in meat packing companies near Fremont do reside outside city limits.
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) had vowed to sue the City of Fremont, if the measure was approved. ACLU will file a lawsuit within several weeks.
Two other cities had pass similar measures, but federal judges struck down those measures. In July 2007, the City of Hazleton, Pennsylvania measure in Lozano v. Hazleton was ruled that immigration law should be left for the federal government and the federal judge declared it unconstitutional as well. Hazleton is appealing the ruling.
In May 2008, the Farmers Branch, Texas measure banning landlords from renting to illegal immigrants was declared unconstitutional by a federal court. Both cities have not been able to enact similar measures in four years, due to lengthy and costly court challenges.
Fremont is expected to join Hazleton and Farmers Branch in a lengthy legal battle that could eventually bankrupt the city.

The ballot read:

"Shall the City of Fremont, Nebraska, enact proposed Ordinance No. 5165, amending the Fremont Municipal Code to prohibit the harboring of illegal aliens or hiring of unauthorized aliens, providing definitions, making provision for occupancy licenses, providing judicial process, repealing conflicting provisions, and establishing an effective date for this ordinance?"

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Wisconsin Latinos Plan To Vote For Neumann To Eliminate Walker Who Supports AZ SB 1070 During Governor's Primary

Photo (L-R) Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker (R), Mark Neumann (R), and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D)
Wisconsin primary strategic plan to eliminate Walker who supports Arizonas' SB 1070, an anti-immigrant law considered discriminatory and unconstitutional

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 21, 2010

Milwaukee - Hispanic News Network U.S.A. has learned over the weekend that Wisconsin Latinos throughout the state are planning a strategic plan to eliminate Scott Walker (R) from the Governor's race during the primary. Walker has made it public in his Governor's campaign that he would sign into law a similar SB 1070 Arizona law, if elected. SB 1070 allows for law enforcement officers to ask for legal immigration status from someone they come into contact, if they suspect someone is illegally in the country. The law makes it a state crime to be in the country or state illegally.
Latinos plan to vote for Republican Mark Neumann who hasn't yet come out as being an anti-immigrant as Walker has several months ago. If Hispanics succeed, most likely Neumann could end up facing Tom Barrett (D) during the election for Governor.
By then, Latinos are most likely to elect Barrett who supports immigration reform and opposes the Arizona SB 1070 law, which is considered unconstitutional and has been legally challenged by various groups.
On June 12, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin during their annual convention in Middleton, Wisconsin passed a resolution condeming Arizonas' SB 1070 by unanimous vote.
More than 600,000 Hispanics reside in Wisconsin and a majority of them qualify to vote, including second and third generations who have become of voting age this year are U.S. Citizens. More than 100,000 Hispanics alone reside in the City of Milwaukee and the population continues to grow daily.
The huge Latino voting block will be instrumental in swaying the election to benefit the growing Hispanic population and businesses, which generate more than $800 million in annual sales, boosting economic growth for the state.
Governor Jim Doyle (D) who is not seeking re-election in Wisconsin, has yet to announce his support or opposition to Arizonas' SB 1070, and if the state would adopt such a law. In 2005, Doyle signed into law Wisconsin Act 126, which required everyone to provide a valid Social Security or their legal immigration status in the country when applying for a driver's license and a state identification card. Last year, the governor signed a law, which would require everyone to have their vehicle insured with at least liability coverage by June 1st. Both state laws, were targeted against undocumented immigrants in Wisconsin.
The insurance law has been effecting more than 14% of the uninsured in the state, a $500 fine will be imposed, if a driver is uninsured. Those effected are illegal immigrants, the unemployed, and the low income population, which many families own multiple vehicles. An average liability coverage per vehicle is between $300-$400 for 6 months, and the state legislature and the governor are accused of being coerce by insurance lobbists and companies who assured the exclusion of a price regulation clause that would have allowed the bill to insure Wisconsin drivers could afford liability coverage.
Currently, Hawaii, New Mexico and Washington D.C. don't require a Social Security number to apply for a driver's license, but does require state residency.
President Barack Obama' administration confirmed last Friday, their lawyers will challenge Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and SB 1070 before the end of July.
The 2010 Wisconsin Partisan Primary will take place on September 14, 2010, it will decide which candidates advance to the general election. The 2010 Wisconsin General Election will take place on November 2, 2010 to elect the Governor and Lieutenant Governor for State of Wisconsin.

For the complete list of candidates running for Governor in Wisconsin and other races go to the following link:

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Harvard Undocumented Mexican Student Granted Deferred Action By US ICE, Won't Face Deportation

Eric Balderas, 19, Harvard Sophomore was arrested by ICE in San Antonio Texas Airport for being in the U.S. illegally. Photo credit:

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 20, 2010

San Antonio, Texas - On Friday, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials (ICE) confirmed that Harvard University undocumented student detained on June 7 in San Antonio while trying to board a plane to Boston won't be deported. ICE spokesman Brian P. Hale confirmed, the immigration deportation proceedings against Eric Balderas, 19, has been granted deferred action due to the merits of the case. Balderas could not comment on the ICE decision, but is expected to apply for a work permit and then U.S. residency. 
ICE on Friday notified U.S. Senator Richard Durbin's Office of Illinois, that they were no longer pursuing Balderas’s deportation said Max Gleischman, a spokesman for Durbin. Durbin a Democrat was involved in the case on behalf of Balderas.
Balderas was brought to the U.S. illegally by his parents at the age of 4. Balderas is originally from the city of Acuña in the State of Coahuila in Mexico. He grew up in San Antonio, Texas and graduated from Highlands High School.
He used his Mexican citizenship passport to travel within the country until he lost it. He tried to use his Harvard student identification when traveling from San Antonio to Boston at the airport. ICE officials were alerted by TSA and Balderas was arrested, but released the next day.
Balderas while being placed in an ICE vehicle handcuffed and reality set in, he thought that no one could do anything for him. Balderas said "at the time, I was actually thinking of suicide," during an interview with Harvard Crimson.
ICE decision allows Balderas a path for legalization. His immigration case and experience provides an example to continue pushing for the DREAM Act to be approved by Congress. The act would provide a path for legalization and citizenship for undocumented students who excel in high school and continue through college and register for military service.
Balderas a sophomore is studying molecular and cellular biology at Harvard University and hopes to become a cancer researcher. He qualified for privately funded scholarship funds to study as an undergraduate, according to Harvard administrators. Harvard University offered him a $50,000 scholarship to attend the university, according to Balderas.
Balderas posted the following Facebook message at 'Keep Eric Home' fan page. He stated, “I am humbled and extremely grateful for all the support that have received from all of my friends, my community, Harvard, and people that didn’t even know me. I feel very relieved that I will have the opportunity to continue my studies at Harvard; pure and simple, I am rejoicing in my heart! Every day, reading all of your comments and notes of support really gave me hope and kept me going. From the bottom of my heart, I give you my deepest gratitude. There are many other young, undocumented student that find themselves in my situation. All of these students are stil struggling and, like all other Americans, we are also contributing members of society that have a lot to offer to this country. We must pass the DREAM Act because it’s the only thing that will keep us here where we belong. This is only a small victory but the sense of urgency for passing the DREAM Act now should not be taken away."
He is expected to appear in front of an immigration judge on July 6.

Interview with Eric Balderas after ICE arrest on Youtube link:

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Feds To Challenge Arizona Governor's SB 1070

Jan Brewer, Arizona Governor (Republican)

June 20, 2010

Washington D.C. (HNNUSA) - President Obama's administration has confirmed their lawyers will challenge Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's SB 1070, a state immigration enforcement law.
Gov. Brewer becomes outraged by the expected challenge. Arizona State Attorney General's Office announced, they will not defend Brewer or her SB 1070 in the federal challenge, leaving Brewer to use her private lawyers.
Supporters for SB 1070 have donated $20,000 for Brewer's defense fund. Brewer is going to need more than that to challenge the feds and 5 other challenges to SB 1070. :)

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cook County Sheriff Department Busts Man With 224 Bales Of Marijuana Worth $20 Million

Federico Moreno, 35, charged with manufacturing and delivering cannabis. Photos: Cook County Sheriff's Department

Illinois suspect facing from 6-30 years in prison, if convicted

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 19, 2010

Lyons, IL - On Friday, the Cook County Sheriff's Office announced their biggest drug bust in Cook County's history. A suspect was arrested last Wednesday after a tip alerted authorities of drug sales in the City of Lyons. Sheriff's detectives saw Federico Moreno, 35, selling drugs and then followed him to a house in the 7800 block of W. 47th St.
Authorities raided the home and found more than 224 bales, or 5,525 pounds of Marijuana in various rooms. Cook County Sheriff Thomas J. Dart during a press conference confirmed, that Moreno was a "high-level importer" from Mexico. The street value was estimated at $20 million and is the largest bust in a decade in Cook County, according to Sheriff Dart.
Moreno appeared in a Bridgeview bond court on Saturday, he was charged with manufacturing and delivering cannabis. He is facing from 6-30 years in prison, if convicted.
The case was investigated by the Cook County Sheriff’s Office North Narcotics team, made up of sheriff’s police officers and investigators from the Cook County State Attorney’s Office and the DEA. The investigation is ongoing, according to the Cook County Sheriff's Office.
Moreno's legal status in the country has not been confirmed.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

21-year-old Woman Found Dead By Presumed Husband In The South Side

Baby discovered alive in the bedroom, where the lifeless body of the mother was found

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 17, 2010

Milwaukee- On Thursday, a 21-year-old woman was found dead by her husband at about 7:30 p.m. in the 1500 block of W. Scott St. The couple's baby was discovered alive in the bedroom.
Police responded to the residence after they received a call that a woman's body was discovered hanging.
Neighbors are saying, the woman lost her life by hanging. Relatives and friends began to show up at the residence to console her husband who was frantically crying for the loss.
Family members and police were waiting for the coroner and investigators to determine what actually occurred.

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S. Chavez Drive Opens Newly Finshed Eastside Streetscape In Milwaukee

Exclusive: First view of the East side finished $1.9 million streetscape of S. Cesar E. Chavez Drive development project. Photos by HNG

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 17, 2010

Milwaukee - Eduardo Velez from "Chupi's Beef," which specializes in selling Chicago's style hotdogs, and Nicolas Millan, aka, "El Florero" celebrated Mexico's soccer victory 2-0 over France in the newly streetscape development along the 1200 block of S. Cesar E. Chavez Dr. Velez was also celebrating his birthday today.
The East side of Chavez Dr. from South to North bound was finished and opened for trafiffic flow. The West side of the street was closed and construction workers began to tear up sidewalks and the street as scheduled, according to engineers. 
The project added new wider sidewalks, red brick sidewalk and crosswalk edges, trees, curbs, sewage man hole covers and paved street.
City officials estimate that at least 147,000 vehicles use S. Chavez Dr. per week, and even more when Mexican Cinco de Mayo, Mexican Independence Day, Mexican Fiesta weekend, Puerto Rican, Harley-Davidson motorcycle rallies, Summerfest, and other ethnic celebrations occur in the Spring and through the Summer.
A city economic study reported that the south side households in the predominately Latino community located inside Postal Zip Code 53204 in Milwaukee spend more than $91 million annually in retail goods, according to the 2006 Department of City Development statistics. In one day, they spent approximately $249,315.06. The biggest tax-generating base for the city comes solely from the south side.
This has been the first season for major construction or business improvement streetscape in decades (more than 35 years) for Chavez Dr., formerly known as S. 16th St.  
The South side project is part of the $1.968 million dollar improvement plan for the Cesar E. Chavez Business Improvement District (BID) #38 Streetscape Project. This is an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Project.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Milwaukee Outlaws Club Raided, One Suspected Outlaw Killed In Maine During National Crackdown By Feds

A suspected member of the Outlaws was killed in Maine during this morning raid by ATF agents, and leader of the Milwaukee Outlaws waives extradition to Virginia

June 15, 2010

Milwaukee (HNNUSA) - On Tuesday, federal agents raided the Milwaukee Motorcycle Outlaws Club this morning to serve warrants. Undercover federal agents were able to infiltrate the Outlaws and were key witnesses in providing information that led to federal indictments. 27 members of the Outlaws Association, including 4 members of the Pagans Motorcycle  Club from both alleged criminal organizations were indicted by a federal grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia. The indictment charges that members of the Outlaws participated in a criminal enterprise that engaged in at least 80 crimes, including attempted murder, kidnapping, assault, robbery, extortion witness intimidation, narcotics distribution, illegal gambling and weapons violations. The suspects taken into custody are facing from 23 years to life in prison, if convicted.
Federal agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) raided the South side Milwaukee Outlaws clubhouse at 1835 S. 2nd St. Authorities confiscated boxes of evidence from the building.
The U.S. Attorney's Office says, the indictment alleges the criminal enterprise is composed of a multi-level chain of command led by Jack Rosga, 53, aka "Milwaukee Jack," the Outlaws current National President. Rosga was taken into custody and is facing federal charges in a 12-count indictment.

On Tuesday afternoon, Rosga appeared before federal court Magistrate Judge Patricia Gorence, who ordered him held without bail. Rosga waived extradition and is expected to be extradited to Virginia. He was charged with conspiracy to commit racketeering and ordering members of the Outlaws to engage in violence.
His court appointed attorney, Chip Burke told Judge Gorence that Rosga operates a trucking business and doesn't have time to run the Outlaws and is not the leader of the Outlaws as federal authorities have alleged.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Carol Kraft and the 12-count indictment alleges Rosga is the current acting president of the Outlaws, who declared war on the Hell's Angels after their members took the Outlaws patches (Colors) from two Outlaws.
Rosga, if convicted is facing more than 20 years in a federal prison, according to court documents.
Federal authorities say, that other Milwaukee Outlaws members have been previously convicted in 1997 and 2001 for various crimes and some are serving life sentences.
Other known Outlaws leaders in Maine, Montana, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina and Virginia were also indicted and taken into custody, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

In Old Orchard Beach, Maine, authorities confirmed a man was shot shortly after 6:00 a.m. when they went to serve a warrant at the property located at 5 Sandy Circle, a 624-square-foot single-story bungalow, owned by Thomas "Tomcat" Mayne, 59, who was indicted in connection with the national Outlaws crackdown. Mayne was wanted in a federal warrant and Kenneth Chretian wanted in a state warrant was arrested at the property. Two women were also at the property when ATF agents raided the place.
The agents were fired upon when they arrived to serve the warrant. The ATF Swat team agents returned fire killing Mayne inside, ATF confirmed. Authorities recovered a handgun and shotgun from the bungalow.
Mayne and Michael "Madman" Pedini are accused of shooting a Hell's Angel motorcycle gang member in Canaan last year. They received an SS patch recognizing their deed of violence.
In Hickory, North Carolina, U.S. Marshals and ATF agents blasted their way through a brick and cinderblock wall to get into the Outlaws club. No one was reported inside at the time of the raid. The blast shattered windows from nearby neighbors.
The indictment unseal on Tuesday states, that in September, Hell's Angel members assaulted two Outlaws members at a gas station in New Haven, Conn. The Outlaws patches (Colors) were taken from the two Outlaws by the Hell's Angels, triggering a feud escalating into an ongoing war.
In October, Rosga, the national Outlaws president asked "Madman" Pedini, who had held the rank of enforcer in the Maine Outlaws, to personally take revenge on the Hell's Angels, according to the indictment.
On the evening of Oct. 8, a suspected Hell's Angel from Madison was found shot in his pickup truck at the entrance to the Hell's Angels clubhouse on Route 23 in Canaan. The indictment says Pedini and Mayne staked out the Hell's Angel clubhouse for hours, until they spotted the intended victim and then shot the rival gang member. He was hospitalized for numerous gunshot wounds, but survived.
The Outlaws indictment lists several other acts of violence, including the 2008 attack on a black man in Fredericksburg, Va., solely because of his race, then intimidating witnesses in the case, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.
In a press release, the U.S. Attorney's Office stated, "Under Rosga's leadership, the enterprise is alleged to have engaged in violent racketeering activities with the intent to expand its influence and control various parts of the country against rival motorcycle gangs, particularly the Hell's Angels."
Neil H. MacBride, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, and Rich Marianos, Acting Special Agent in Charge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives’ (ATF) Washington Field Division made the announcement today after the indictment was unsealed and the defendants were placed in custody.

JSonline link to Outlaws and Pagans Motorcycle Clubs 12-count 50 page indictment by U.S. Attorney's Office in Virginia

Those indicted were the following suspects from the Outlaws and Pagans Motorcycle Clubs.

They are Jack Rosga, aka, "Milwaukee Jack,” 53, serves as the National Boss of the Outlaws organization and is also a member of the Gold Region, Milwaukee Wisconsin Chapter.

Joseph Allman, 46, is an Outlaws member in the Red region and holds a position in the Maine Chapter previously serving as President and Enforcer.

John Banthen, aka, “Bull,” 46, is an Outlaws member in Montana and is the president of a new prospect chapter in Montana.

Thomas Benvie, aka, “Taz,” 41, is an Outlaws member in the Red region and currently serves as President of the Maine Chapter.

William Davey, aka, “Rebel,” 46, is an Outlaws member in the Copper Region and was formerly the Chapter Enforcer in the Ashville, North Carolina.

Mark Jason Fiel, aka, “Jason,” 37, is a former Outlaws member in the Copper Region and a former leader in the Manassas/Shenandoah Valley Chapter.

Mark Steven Fiel, aka, “Snuff,” 59, is an Outlaws member in the Copper Region and serves as President of the Manassas/Shenandoah Valley Chapter.

Chris Gagner, 37, is an Outlaws member in the Copper Region and serves as the President and Treasurer of the Asheville, North Carolina Chapter.

Harold Herndon, aka, “Lil’ Dave,” 48, is an Outlaws member and is currently the Copper Region Vice President and member of the Lexington, North Carolina Chapter.

Mark Lester, aka, “Ivan,” 55, is an Outlaws member in the Knoxville, Tennessee Chapter and serves as the Boss of the Grey Region until early 2010.

Brett Longendyke, 32, is an Outlaws member in the Copper Region and serves as the Manassas/ Shenandoah Valley Chapter Enforcer.

David Lowry, aka, "Little David,” 49, is an Outlaws member and currently the Copper Region Boss and member of the Charlotte Chapter.

Michael Mariaca, aka, “M & M,” 50, is an Outlaws member and serves as the President of the Rock Hill South Carolina Chapter and Copper Region Enforcer.

Thomas Mayne, aka, “Tomcat,” 59, is an Outlaws member in the Red Region and serves as the regional treasurer. Mayne formerly served as the Red Region Enforcer.

Harry Rhyne McCall, 53, is an Outlaws member in the Copper Region, Lexington, North Carolina Chapter.

Michael Pedini, aka, “Madman,” 39, is an Outlaws member in the Red Region and a former Enforcer in the Northern Maine Chapter.

Thomas Petrini, aka, “Jo Jo,” 48, is a former Outlaws member in the Copper Region, Manassas/ Shenandoah Valley Chapter.

Michael Smith, 51, is an Outlaws member in the Copper Region and serves as the President of the Hickory, North Carolina Chapter.

Mark Spradling, “Lytnin,” 52, is an Outlaws member and serves as Treasurer of the Copper Region.

Christopher Timbers, aka, “Alibi,” 37, is an Outlaws member in the Manassas/Shenandoah Valley Chapter of the Copper Region.
James Townsend, aka, “Vern,” 44, is an Outlaws member and President of the Lexington, North Carolina Chapter.

Leslie Werth, aka, “Les,” 47, is an Outlaws member and currently is the Vice President of the Rock Hill South Carolina Chapter.  Werth served as the Copper Region Boss until October 17, 2009.

Brian McDermott, 50, is an Outlaws member of the Copper Region’s Hickory, North Carolina chapter.

Charles Love, aka, “Chuck” or "Rebar,” 49, is a member of the Pagans Motorcycle Club from Amelia, Va.

William Powell, aka, "Torch,” 49, is a member of the Pagans Motorcycle Club from Lynchburg, Va.

Charles Barlow, aka, “Chuck,” 43, is a member of the Pagans Motorcycle Club from Chesterfield, Va.

Dennis Haldermann, aka, "Chew Chew,” 45, is a member of the Pagans Motorcycle Club from Chesterfield, Va.

The case is being investigated by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ (ATF) Washington Field Division; the FBI’s Washington Field Office; the Virginia State Police; the Chesterfield County Police Department and numerous law enforcement partners throughout the country. The prosecution is being handled by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Peter Duffey and Dennis Fitzpatrick and Special Assistant U.S. Attorney Sam Kaplan on behalf of the United States.
The Justice Department reported that the Outlaws have more than 1,700 members belonging to 176 chapters in the United States and 12 foreign countries.

Milwaukee - ATF agents raided the Milwaukee Outlaws Club house at 1835 S. 2nd St. on Tuesday morning. The Club remained boarded up and a damaged safe remained outside. Outlaws members came in after the feds left with a trailer to take what wasn't confiscated like belongings, gear and motorcycles. Photos by HNG

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Mexican Prisoners Disarmed Guards Then Killed More Than 28 Zetas Inside Prison

Photo by Narco Trafico en Mexico

June 14, 2010

Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico (HNNUSA) - Mexican prison officials say that more than 50 prisoners participated in the massive killing of 29 suspected federal Zeta Cartel prisoners on Monday at the Mazatlán prison, according to Notimex, the Mexican government news agency. Jesus Gilberto Acuña Armenta, Mazatlán Secretary for Public Security said, the inmates overpowered prison guards taking their weapons (38 Caliber handguns, and 1 AK-47 with two loaded magazines) and penetrated through three doors into cell block 21 where the federal Zeta prisoners were being held. Once, the inmates entered cell blocks 21,11, 9, 5, they killed those inside. Between 50 to 60 inmates linked to the Sinaloa Cartel participated in the massacre of the Zeta inmates, afterwards the inmates returned to their cell blocks, according to Mexican federal investigators.
The Mexican army was able to take control of the prison. The prison guards were overpowered around 9:30 a.m. on Monday.
Two prison guards, Rolando Omar Pimentel Mora, and Juan Ignacio García Herrera were reported seriously injured, but are expected to survive.
Mexican federal Zeta prisoners killed in holding cell block 21 were identified as Inri Arturo Vázquez Ulloa, Lisandro Peña Rodríguez, José Recobos Sánchez, Jesús Alberto Adame Sandoval, Jesús Antonio Reyes Camberos, Rolando Mirabete, Felipe Lizárraga Hernández, Santiago García Rivera, Antonio Rafael Ibarra Peraza, Alejandro Acuña Miliano, José Sebastián Cázarez Lizárraga, Ignacio Cruz Acuña, Alfredo Félix Díaz, Alfonso Lucas García, José Ambrosio Navarro García, Jesús Osuna Beltrán and Pedro Zambrano Ojeda.
Others found dead in cell block 5 were, Rodolfo Patiño Espinoza, Francisco Félix and Ernesto Sánchez Hernández.
Authorities also identified the inmates killed in cell block 11 were, Ricardo Lizarraga Patron, Dario Mendoza Ortega, Javier Nevarez Lizarraga, Refugio Salinas Lara and Mario Marquez Olvera.
Reported killed on cell block 9 were, Diego Emir Sarabia Tiznado, Jesús Manuel Heredia Castro and Pablo Alfredo Soto Castro.
Last April 24, Juan Maximino Montiel Agüero, César Gustavo Arellano Quintero, Juan Arellano Chiquete and Jesús Alejandro Raigoza suspected members of the Beltran Leyva Cartel were arrested by federal agents from the Mexican Attorney General's Office. Agents found a large arsenal of weapons in Escuinapa, and the suspects were sent to the prison of Mazatlán, but half an hour after their arrival they were executed by other inmates.
Prison officials had warned the federal government of the over crowding and security risks for the high profile and dangerous inmates suspected to belong to the Zeta Cartel. No prisoners were reported to have escaped on Monday, according to Mazatlán prison officials.
On April 27, Aguaruto Victoriano Araujo Payán was reported killed at the same prison.
Mexican prison officials and the Attorney General's Office (PGR) in Mexico continue their investigation.

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Dengsavang found guilty of shooting Wauwatosa Police Officer

Michael S. Dengsavang found guilty.
Both accomplices, Phonisay and Rodthong previously pleaded guilty.

Officer Abby Pavlik

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 14, 2010

Milwaukee - On Monday, Michael S. Dengsavang, 28, was found guilty on all three counts of attemped first-degree intentional homicide, party to a crime of armed robbery while using force, and burglary in connection with the shooting of a Wauwatosa police officer last December. Police Officer Abby Pavlik, 28, from the City of Wauwatosa during testimony in Milwaukee County Circuit Court identified the three suspects charged in connection with an armed robbery, and attempted homicide, how she was shot by one of them. Pavlik was responding to a 911 call from the Happy Wok restaurant when she spotted Dengsavang, Paul M. Phonisay, 39, and Thongsavahn Rodthong, 27, all wearing masks and black running from the restaurant they had just robbed at gun point.
The criminal complaint states, two masked men tied up Yongjian Dong, the owner of a Wauwatosa Happy Wok restaurant, and his wife, Xiuqing Zhao, about 10:15 p.m on December 13. The men took more than $1,000 from Zhao's purse and a set of keys and then went to the couple's residence, according to their 8-year-old son who freed himself and called police.
Office Pavlik testified that one of the suspects (Dengsavang) turned towards her vehicle and began shooting at her while she was inside her squad car. Pavlik was wearing a bullet proof vest, but a bullet hit Pavlik in her abdomen.
"I heard them coming closer, I then heard and felt my window shatter, and then I felt the bullet strike me... It entered through the left side of my abdomen," Pavlik said in court.
The owner of the Happy Wok restaurant testified through an interpreter, that the three men bound him with duct tape and threatened to kill his 8-year-old son. He tearfully testified that one of the suspects who was holding the gun had threaten him "If you don't give me your money, I will kill your son," Yongjian Dong said.
Dengsavang, Phonisay, and Rodthong, were charged in Milwaukee County with attempted first-degree intentional homicide armed robbery and burglary. Both Phonisay and Rodthong previously pleaded guilty and are waiting sentencing.
Dengsavang is facing more than 60 years in prison for attempted homicide alone and is expected to appear in court on July 23, for a pre-sentencing hearing.

Texas Republican Delegates Vote To Initiate Bill To Bar Illegal Immigrants From State At Convention

June 14, 2010

Dallas, TX (HNNUSA) - Over the weekend, GOP (Republican) delegates at Texas state convention voted to push for law barring illegal immigrants from "intentionally or knowingly" living in Texas.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Milwaukee Pride Fest Draws Thousands To Three Day Festival

Joan Rivers highlights Sunday's PrideFest at Summerfest

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 13, 2010

Milwaukee, WI - The three day PrideFest at Henry Maier Festival Park located at the Summerfest grounds drew thousands of festivalgoers, over the weekend. The dynamic music and entertainment festival attracts a diversity of people from the Milwaukee non-Gay, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community.
On Sunday, the headline show featured Robert Verdi, the Glamazons, the Joans, and the Joan Rivers comedy set. PrideFest for the first time booked the legendary Rivers, 77, said, "thank God there are no Gay terrorists...terrorists are so ugly... Men after fifthy their balls drop and when they go to the bathroom and sit down, they look like they're making tea in a cup." She was hilarious by mocking various famous friends and with her adult jokes had festivalgoers dropping from their seats, despite the light rain during her show.
This year, free HIV tests were offered at the festival with results in minutes. Black same sex male couples are considered a high risk group for contracting HIV, according to HIV test providers at PrideFest.
The festival also draws millions of dollars in tourism and provides an economic boost in the Milwaukee metropolitan area.

Jeffree Star and live performance at the PUMP Dance Pavilion.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Seattle City Attorney's Office Reduces Misdemeanor Sentences To Avoid Deportations Of Immigrants

Peter S. Holmes, Seattle's City Attorney

June 12, 2010

Seattle, WA (HNNUSA) - On Friday, the Seattle City Attorney's Office announced in the following press release that as part of efforts to comply with the Seattle Municipal Code’s “don’t ask don’t tell” ordinance regarding citizenship status – and to treat citizens and noncitizens equally in criminal prosecution – the City Attorney’s Office has begun asking the Seattle Municipal Court to impose 364-day total sentences, rather than 365-days sentences, in most gross misdemeanor cases.
Although the law allows the office to seek sentences of up to one year in jail and/or up to a $5,000 fine for gross misdemeanors, prosecutors have typically sought 365-day sentences, with anywhere between zero and all 365 of those days suspended. In most cases, defendants are sentenced to serve far less than 365 days, with the balance of the 365-day sentence suspended, and the defendant only serves the balance of the suspended days if he or she violates conditions imposed by the court.
Under federal law, state and local criminal convictions and sentences can affect noncitizen defendants’ immigration status in various ways. Federal immigration law counts the total sentence (including both days suspended and days actually served), meaning that a noncitizen defendant who is convicted of certain crimes and, for example, sentenced to serve five days  in jail (with another 360 days suspended) would have a one-year sentence in the eyes of immigration law. Some deportation grounds are triggered not just by the type of crime, but also where the sentence imposed for the crime is one year or more (including suspended time).
This means that noncitizen defendants, many of whom are refugees and lawful permanent residents (green card holders), can face automatic deportation for gross misdemeanor offenses solely because they received 365-day suspended sentences. This is true despite the fact that they may have served very little or, in some cases, no jail time for their sentence.
A one-day difference in the amount of suspended jail time imposed by the court (364 days instead of 365 days) can avoid this outcome. As such defense attorneys often ask for a total sentence of 364 days, rather than 365 days, when their clients are noncitizens. Seattle Municipal Code 4.18.015 prohibits city employees from “inquir[ing] into the immigration status of any person, or engag[ing] in activities designed to ascertain the immigration status of any person.” By asking for 364-day total sentences instead of 365-day sentences in most cases, the City Attorney’s Office wil no longer put noncitizen defendants in a position of having to identify themselves as noncitizens by requesting 364 day sentences.
This policy will apply equally to citizen and noncitizen defendants. In certain cases, primarily those instances where the offense is serious enough that CAO requests the maximum sentence of a full 365 days served in jail with none suspended, prosecutors will continue to ask for 365-day sentences for both citizen and noncitizen defendants.
The policy change will not eliminate the immigration consequences of criminal convictions for all noncitizen defendants. The cases this new policy is likely to impact are those where (1) the defendant is in the United States legally or has an avenue for obtaining legal status and (2) a 365-day total sentence would be the sole factor triggering the defendant’s loss of legal immigration status or loss of the defendant’s avenue for obtaining legal status. Certain crimes, such as most domestic violence offenses, render a noncitizen defendant deportable regardless of the sentence, and others including many misdemeanor traffic offenses, do not necessarily render a noncitizen defendant deportable even if the sentence imposed is 365 days or more.
These changes are part of the City Attorney’s Office’s broader ongoing efforts to review and, where appropriate, revise its criminal sentencing recommendation policies to bring greater proportionality and fairness to misdemeanor prosecution in the City of Seattle.
SMC 4.18.015 Inquiries into immigration status. A. Notwithstanding Seattle Municipal Code Section 4.18.010, unless otherwise required by law or by court order, no Seattle City officer or employee shall inquire into the immigration status of any person, or engage in activities designed to ascertain the immigration status of any person. B. Seattle Police officers are exempt from the limitations imposed by subsection A, above, with respect to a person whom the officer has reasonable suspicion to believe: (1) has previously been deported from the United States; (2) is again present in the United States; and (3) is committing or has committed a felony criminal-law violation.

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