Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Waukesha County Clerk Of Courts Monica Paz Allegedly Commits Conflict Of Interest To Oust President Julie Valadez From The WSA Governing Board By Citing Divorce Case

Valadez has become a victim once again by Waukesha County Clerk of Courts Paz who cites Valadez's divorce case to oust her from the WSA Governing Board in Waukesha.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

August 31, 2021

Waukesha, WI - Julie Valadez who recently exposed the corruption and alleged illegal acts by Waukesha County Clerk of Courts Monica Paz, Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge Michael J. Aprahamian and multiple attorneys during her divorce case has become a victim once again by Paz. Valadez and Paz are in the Waukesha STEM Academy (WSA) Governing Board, which Valadez was the President of the Board.

Valadez and her husband were named the UMOS Hispanic Family of the Year in 2017, which according to Valadez, she is a domestic abuse survivor. Valadez is also President and CEO of Hispanic Collaborative Network.

Paz in a three-page letter to Erin Scharf, the Secretary of the WSA Board dated July 7, 2021 wrote that Valadez had a divorced case and Paz alleged possible conflict of interest simply because Valadez had "subpoenaed school Administrator Principal James Murray for pending litigation in her Waukesha Family case 18FA296..."

According to Waukesha County court Branch 9th transcripts dated March 23, 2021, Principal Murray was called to testify by attorney Molly Jasmer, who appeared as Guardian ad Litem in a motion hearing. Valadez had filed a motion for Murray's impeachment and she continues the right to cross examine at a later date.

Paz's action to remove Valadez from the WSA Governing Board is certainly questionable and indicates that Paz has placed the whole Board on a possible litigation case against them for removing Valadez as President of the Board simply because she has a divorced case and subpoenaed Murray. Apparently, there is no policy in WSA that prevents a Board member or administrator from getting a subpoena to testify at a court hearing from another member.

Valadez had her children enrolled in the WSA school system.

Valadez in July sent a 6-page letter to Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul to investigate Paz for alleged criminal activity. Valadez wrote, "Monica Paz, the clerk of courts, needs to be investigated for criminal activity of falsifying court records when she filed my ADA accommodation into my family case against my instructions not to and formal complaint I filed and Monica stated in the record that I filed it and then Judge Aprahamain used that as his basis wrongfully for "overtrial" which he used to funnel more money in public corruption to the attorneys. Monica per policy and federal law is not allowed to publish ADA accommodation information as public as it is protected information under ADA law and she was to send per written policy to the ADA coordinator which she did not do."

Valadez says, "Monica Paz has requested my children's school board which I was the president elect to vote me off the board due to the litigation and as clerk of court on the board, she wrongfully used her privileged knowledge of family court litigation to direct the board to CCAP where she has influence over what is entered into the CCAP record." 

"The WSA Board would not state what the violation was nor would they let me speak nor would they clarify, and they voted me off.

"At the previous meeting they wouldn't let me in and they stated that they were voting me off due to the contempt charges."

On Monday, during the WSA Board meeting, Paz motioned to proceed with the alleged Valadez conflict of interest agenda item to be removed from the Board and also motioned to actually ban Valadez, a WSA Board member who was present from speaking on her behalf thus violating her due process to defend herself from Paz's own act of committing a conflict of interest. Paz abstained from voting to remove Valadez, but she was responsible for moving the motion of conflict of interest against Valadez. 

It seems that Paz has a conflict of interest on her own after being accused by Valadez in July of criminal activity while in office and used the Board's naiveness to place them on a possible costly litigation case with Valadez.


Monday, August 30, 2021

Purse Theft Reported At Mexican Fiesta 2021

Purse theft reported to Milwaukee police at the Summerfest grounds Mexican Fiesta 2021

By H. Nelson Goodson 

Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

August 30, 2021

Milwaukee, WI - On Sunday, Diana Gonzalez of Milwaukee reported that her purse was snatched by an unknown female suspect during an altercation at the Miller Lite Oasis stage area just before 10:00p.m. at Mexican Fiesta 2021 in Milwaukee at the Summerfest grounds.

Los Tucanes de Tijuana were on stage when the purse snatching occurred. The purse had vehicle keys, credit cards, identification and $700 dollars in cash.

Gonzalez told Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) on Monday that all she wants back is her vehicle keys and driver's license. From all the years that Gonzalez has attended Mexican Fiesta, she never had experienced something like this incident.

Security and police were alerted, but the purse thief along with her son fled the scene before law enforcement arrived. There are multiple video surveillance cameras throughout the Summerfest grounds where the three-day Mexican music festival takes place.

No injuries were reported by police in the incident.

Also, a reward is being offered for the identity of the alleged female thief/purse snatcher and her son.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

WI MAGAs Dawn Perez Maldonado And Mario Herrera Connected To Web Of "Big Lies" Including False Claims

Both Maldonado and Herrera conspired to engage in a web of lies including false claims targeted at a well known Hispanic journalist who exposed their dubious campaign plot to lie for the sole purpose to reelect Trump in November 2020, but they actually failed in Wisconsin.

Hispanic News Network U.S.A.
August 25, 2021

Milwaukee, Wisconsin -  Both Dawn Perez Maldonado, 50, of Franksville and Mario Herrera, 31, aka, "La Mari"  of Waukesha are known Trump MAGA (Make Amerikkka Great Again and Keep Amerikkka Great) supporters in Wisconsin. They attempted to organize support for Trump in the Latino Milwaukee community on 2020, but failed to gain any traction or support from the Latino community due to Trump's rhetoric of hate and racist remarks towards the immigrant community. 

Maldonado with the aid of Herrera, the former Hispanic Outreach Director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin created a MAGA fake Facebook page, which the link hispanicnewsnetworkusa dot com connected to a cheap website on the internet with anonymous posts considered libelous and defamation content targeted at well known Latino journalist and investigative reporter H. Nelson Goodson in Milwaukee.

Goodson release the following statement, "Maldonado and Herrera should be ashamed of themselves and their blatant libelous defamation and hate attack on my character that only makes it more evident that they are suffering from their own illusions to push their alt-right MAGA and insurrectionist beliefs on the rest of Americans (81M voters) who came out on November 2020 in large numbers to vote lying White nationalist Donald J. Trump and his MAGA racist cult out of the White House. I can only add that Maldonado and Herrera continue to live their own big lie, hopefully they can get some psychological help. Let me be clear, everyone has a right to their own political beliefs and free speech, but making false claims and lying is not considered protected speech. It only indicates that you are a liar. There's a huge difference between a Republican conservative who follows polical party ideals and a MAGA who follows a big lie and are alt-right extremists and considered insurrectionists by association to the MAGA riot-violence and attempted insurrection on January 6th at the U.S. Capitol building."

In 2000, Dawn Maldonado, aka, Damaris Perez "La Convicta" was criminally convicted after pleading guilty to two misdemeanor counts each for theft of up to $1,000 and for false representation, according to Wisconsin state court criminal records in Racine County.

Maldonado operates the Bylyngo LLC Translating and Interpreting service, which depends on Latino clientele for business and population that Trump was attempting to target for deportation. She offers translation services in State County courts.

Maldonado's public support for Trump and her administrative management of the now disabled fake news Conservatina on Facebook strongly indicates that she has also learned and continues to lie and make false statements just like her former defeated president, who is known as a pathological liar with more than 30,573K confirmed lies and mistruths within 4 years, since taking Office at the White House.

In 2019, the Conservatina posted a comment post thread, which Maldonado admitted to owning the www.hispanicnewsnetworkusa dot com URL link from Go Daddy, which was first connected to following actual link: https://secure.donaldjtrumpdot com/donate) in an attempt to generate donations for Trump to promote his hate, racist and fake news rhetoric. Maldonado posted in her Conservatina post, "Katherine Gomez and I forwarded it (fake URL) to DJT donation site."

Well as it turned out, the DJT campaign donation site had to return over $122.7M back to Trump supporters who donated at least once, but the DJT donation site continued to collect additional donations without the supporters authorization, the deception was discovered after the Trump supporters received notices from their bank accounts showing their funds were being depleting. The DJT campaign donation site had to return their donations to avoid federal criminal charges. 

According to the New York Times and Fox News, once a donor donated an amount to the Trump campaign by using WinRed who processed the donations, it continued to collect donations on a weekly basis from the unsuspecting donor totaling in the thousands of dollars in some cases until they eventually discovered the scam by the Trump campaign.

The donors filed complaints of the Trump campaign deception and the campaign had to refund at least $122.7M to WinRed donors.

Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) is not associated or connected to Maldonado's deceptive, fake, liablous defamation MAGA fake Facebook page or its dot com.

It seems that Maldonado hasn't learned from her conviction in 2000 and apparently seems to continue today with her alleged false representation. 

Recently, Maldonado began to develop another website on the internet call DAWNPEREZ dot com (dawnperezmaldonado dot com), which seems to be just another cheap website using the identical tool and layouts as her fake dot com targeted at the well known Latino journalist and investigative reporter, H. Nelson Goodson from Milwaukee who had exposed Maldonado's and Herrera's Trump campaign deception, lies, hate and racist false posts and poorly (illiterate) written liablous defamation articles posted on their MAGA fake Facebook page and dot com.

Further evidence connecting Perez Maldonado to the liablous defamation hispanicnewsnetworkusa dot com, which Perez Maldonado filed a Hispanic News Network USA Corp. with the Wisconsin Department of Finanacial Institutions on August 2, 2019 that is delinquent as of August 25, 2021 in order to copy the actual Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) blog that Goodson publishes alternative news articles that the mainstream media fails to published. Perez Maldonado's registered Corp even has the same address as her ByLyngo Interpreting & Translation, LLC.

Perez Maldonado maliciously created the hispanicnewsnetworkusa dot com to publish liablous defamation posts and articles targeted at Goodson.

Goodson is considering litigation against Perez Maldonado and Herrera including ByLyngo Interpreting & Translation, LLC.

Monday, August 23, 2021

USCP Lt. Michael L. Byrd Will Not Be Charged Or Face Disciplinary Action For The Ashli Babbitt Death On January 6, 2021

Byrd who was identified in a Congressional hearing will not be criminally or face disciplinary action for fatally shooting a Trump MAGA insurrectionist during a riot and violence act by hundreds of Trump supporters at the U.S. Capitol building.

By H. Nelson Goodson 
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

August 23, 2021

Washington, D.C. - On the U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) announced that USCP Lt. Michael L. Byrd, 53, will not be criminally charged or face disciplinary action for the Ashli Babbitt, 35, death on January 6, 2021. Byrd hasn't been officially named by the USCP, but his name was brought up during a Congressional hearing where a supervisor from the USCP was testifying.

Babbitt, a veteran who was a Trump MAGA insurrectionist attempted to breach the Congressional Chamber during a riot and violence incident at the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C. in order to stop Joe Biden's (D) confirmation of the Electoral College vote count indicating he was the newly elect U.S. President.

Federal legislators were threatened with death and harm by MAGA (Make Amerikkka Great Again/Keep Amerikkka Great) insurrectionists.

The USCP internal investigation found that Byrd's actions on January 6th to be "lawful and within Department policy."

Babbit's family has filed a $10M federal lawsuit against the USCP and Byrd.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Temporary Stay Granted In Finding Of Contempt Order By Waukesha County Judge Michael J. Aprahamian By Wisconsin Court Of Appeals For Temporary Relief Of Julie C. Valadez, A Domestic Abuse Victim In Divorce Proceedings

Valadez, who filed for a motion to stay against Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge Aprahamian, Branch 9th succeeded to get a stay after the Wisconsin Court Of Appeals granted a stay against a contempt order issued by the judge that filed a bench warrant in his own court against Valadez after she challenged his erroneous decision to order a psychological evaluation during a divorce case, which is irregular due to the effect it can cause to a domestic abuse victim during a divorce proceeding.

By H. Nelson Goodson 
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

August 18, 2021

Waukesha, Wisconsin - On Wednesday, Julie C. Valadez, who filed for divorce from her husband Ricardo in March 2018 was granted temporary relief by the Wisconsin Court Of Appeals (Case: 2018FA206) against a questionable and alleged erroneous contempt order by Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge Michael J. Aprahamian, Branch 9th who had ordered a bench warrant for contempt after Valadez took it upon herself to challenged such order that she thought was not just and filed an appeal to override Aprahamian's contempt order.

The Waukesha County Court records indicated on Wednesday, according to the Wisconsin Court Of Appeals decision, "It is ordered that the motion for temporary relief pending appeal is granted. Wis. Stat 808.07(2) and Wis. Stat. Rule 809.12. It is further ordered that the jail term imposed by the August 17, 2021 order is stayed and the bench warrant issued on August 13 shall not be enforced pending further order of this court. It is further ordered that a supplemental motion seeking relief pending appeal shall be filed within seven days of the date of the transcript of the August 13, 2021 hearing is filed in the circuit court. Counsel for the movant shall inform the court reporter that the transcript shall be filed no later than August 31, 2021."

Valadez and her husband were named the UMOS Hispanic Family of the Year in 2017, which according to Valadez, she is a domestic abuse survivor. Valadez is also President and CEO of Hispanic Collaborative Network and is on the Governing Board of the Waukesha STEM Academy, which Monica Paz, the Clerk of Waukesha County Courts is also on the Board.

In Valadez's appeal, she challenged Aprahamian's contempt order that would have placed her in jail for several months, if arrested, which she contends that she was being victimized by Aprahamian.

In July, Valadez wrote a 6-page letter to Wisconsin Attorney General (WIAG) Josh Kaul requesting an urgent investigation targeted at the Waukesha County Courthouse for alleged corruption and illegal behavior of Judge Aprahamian, which Valadez claimed that he was engaged in retaliation against her for filing a federal case against him and attorney Molly J. Jasmer (Case: 2:21-cv-00795) claiming that Judge Aprahamian attempted to force her to sign a document when in fact Valadez had the option not to sign such a document under federal law. That case is pending and being heard by Magistrate Lyn Adelman in the Wisconsin Eastern District Court. (Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) received a copy of the WIAG letter by a credible source.)

Valadez also claimed in the letter to WIAG Kaul that, "the State Department now has three appeals against Judge Michael J. Aprahamian for his wrongfully sentencing to jail myself, the victim of domestic abuse confirmed in every court and with protection under the law and a participant in the DOJ Safe at Home program. These jail sentences have been in retaliation for my statements on the record of the corruption and illegal behavior of Judge Aprahamian."

"I am requesting a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR for the criminal referral for GAL Katherine DeLorenzo that is sitting in the Waukesha County DAs office. It is a conflict of interest for this to be prosecuted by the courthouse that appointed Katherine DeLorenzo. Her behavior is also on appeal for violating the Wisconsin Statutes 767.407(4) that requires her to investigate domestic abuse which she egregiously failed to do and continued to put my children, who all four have special needs, in harms way with their abusive and alcoholic and sexually addicted father."

"I am requesting an investigation into the criminal behavior of Molly Jasmer for the two police reports I have from the Wauwatosa Police Department for Molly drafting herself a document that she presented to the hospital where my son was admitted as a legal document without a judges signature misleading the hospital to illegally withhold my son... For Molly to draft a document herself and present it to the hospital as a legal order is a criminal offense and needs to be investigated."

"Judge Aprahamian committed a federal crime ordering Attorney Lindsey Anderson, the attorney that withdrew after the case closed and whom I no longer had retained, to forge my signature on the federal stimulus aid... withholding the needed federal aid and ordering the attorney I did not have nor communicated with to after forging my name deposit the money into her own account."

"Judge Aprahamian has also interfered with a criminal investigation which is a crime by ordering that I cannot walk into the Waukesha County Courthouse Business Center or he will find me in contempt, which he ordered after the criminal evidence for the criminal referral of Katherine DeLorenzo was from the business center and after Detective Margaret Herrman had instructed me to continue to gather evidence including one of the business center staff having flagged the bills since Katherine was still billing even after the case closed and with nothing on record of her being active on the case, and after Katherine had deposited money from the retirement accounts into her own personal account as the judge had instructed the retirement accounts to go 45% directly to her."

"Judge Aprahamain has now two federal investigations from the Department of Civil rights for his violations of ADA law and his violations of federally protected Health and Human Services Documents. Senator Tammy Baldwin is following these cases. It has been identified that the Judge and the courthouse is in violation of federal ADA law for denying me ADA accommodations."

"Monica Paz, the clerk of courts, needs to be investigated for criminal activity of falsifying court records when she filed my ADA accommodation into my family case against my instructions not to and formal complaint I filed and Monica stated in the record that I filed it and then Judge Aprahamain used that as his basis wrongfully for "overtrial" which he used to funnel more money in public corruption to the attorneys. Monica per policy and federal law is not allowed to publish ADA accommodation information as public as it is protected information under ADA law and she was to send per written policy to the ADA coordinator which she did not do."

"The judge has unlawfully entered orders denying my access to the courthouse, stating I cannot get information from the clerks office or the business office and that I need to ask him directly all my questions then sentencing me to jail for communication with him and wrongfully finding me in overtrial for defending myself in court by filing response objections. I need a deputy for my protection when I go into the courthouse. I am being actively threatened by the judge with things that against the law (threatening me to sign a consent form I do not consent to and have legal protection not to sign, funneling money wrongfully to attorneys including a GAL for more money then she was legally able to bill by ordering her a percentage which I was then to be credited a refund I was told, etc) The judge has interfered with investigations."

"I do not feel safe and request your assistance. My WI DOJ Safe at Home protections have been violated by this courthouse and I feel threatened and unsafe for stating on the record the public
corruption and moving it into evidence in the case 18FA296 which has caused significantly escalating retaliation from Judge Aprahamian where I no longer feel safe in general and especially not in the courthouse," Valadez wrote to WIAG Kaul. So far, Kaul hasn't responded to Valadez's urgent request for the alleged corruption and illegal acts of Judge Aprahamian, attorneys and the Waukesha county clerk of courts mentioned in the 6-page letter to the WIAG.

HNNUSA attempted to contact Valadez for comment regarding today's Wisconsin Court of Appeals stay in her favor, but HNNUSA was unsuccessful.

Update: On August 20, 2021, a second motion requesting that Hon. Michael J. Aprahamian recuse himself from the Julie Valadez v. Ricardo Valadez divorce case (2018FA000296) was filed by Attorney William Green. The motion request was reviewed by Judge Michael J. Aprahamian on 8/23/21: Motion to recuse denied for reasons previously stated on the record.

Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge Michael J. Aprahamian response for a motion to recuse himself from the Valadez divorce case (Branch 9th transcripts dated July 28, 2021).

Update: The Wisconsin Court Of Appeals District 2 on September 15, 2021 granted a stay of the 30-day jail term imposed on August 17, 2021 including a bench warrant stay and the order will remain in the duration of the appeal in the finding of contempt in the marriage of Julie C. Valadez v. Michael J. Aprahamian (L.C. 2018FA296)

Previous ruling and part of transcript showing comments made by judge on what seems to be a money making scheme in Waukesha County family court.

(WI Supreme Court brief submitted by Julie Valadez on 5/25/2021 challenging attorney Jasmer's authority as GAL under state law and the incompetence of Waukesha County family court Judge Michael J. Aprahamian to determine the legal limitations a GAL has in the state before signing a no contact order without holding a due process hearing on the matter. Wisconsin State Supreme Court brief released by Julie at link: https://bit.ly/3amHSLg)

Julie Valadez posted in her Facebook account on December 31, 2021 this communication file dated 4/27/2021 of a registered nurse contacting Ricardo Valadez about Julie attempting to know information about her child being treated, which Ricardo prohibited Julie any information from Rogers Behavioral Health.

Wisconsin Court of Appeals reverses 4 contempt charges by Waukesha County family court Judge Michael J. Aprahamian against Julie Valadez https://bit.ly/3p67mV2

Monday, August 16, 2021

Broderick Shelton Jr. Fatally Shot By Milwaukee Police During Gunfire Exchange

Three Milwaukee police officers placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of a shooting between them and a 42-year-men.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

August 16, 2021

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - On Monday, Milwaukee police around 3:50p.m. responded to the 2500 block of N. 27th St. where they encountered a man with gun who allegedly was brandishing a handgun and pointing it at people. Police at the scene ordered the armed suspect, who was later identified as Broderick Shelton Jr., 42, aka, "Baldie" to drop the gun, but Shelton refused and fired his weapon at police. Three police officers ages 32, 26 and 29 returned gunfire and Shelton was fatally shot.

An officer attempted life-saving measures, but Shelton was pronounced deceased at the scene. No one else was reported injured and a weapon was recovered at the scene, according to police.

The Wauwatosa Police Department has taken over the investigation and the three officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of the case.

A posted video of the shooting at the Clark Gas Station was circulating on Facebook.

Family members told news media outlets that Shelton suffered from schizophrenia. Family members during a press conference held by Milwaukee Acting Police Chief Jeffrey B. Norman near the scene asked where Shelton's body was? His body was removed from the scene. Shelton didn't owned a gun, according to family members.

Friday, August 13, 2021

LULAC Council 9900 President Rodolfo "Rudy" Martinez Canceled Participation In The 90th Texas LULAC Convention 2021 Due To COVID-19 Surge

Martinez in a letter confirmed that his LULAC Council 9900 will not be participating in this year's Texas LULAC Convention 2021 due to the COVID-19 surge.

By H. Nelson Goodson 
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

Austin, Texas - On Friday, Rodolfo "Rudy" Martinez, the President of LULAC Council 9900 announced that his council will not be attending this year's 90th Texas LULAC Convention 2021 (August 19-22, 2021) in Austin due to a COVID-19 surge that health officials elevated the warning to stage 5.

Martinez wrote, "As LULAC Council 9900 President, I have cancelled attending the 2021 LULAC Texas State Convention 2021 in Austin, Texas. I humbly ask all my Brothers and Sisters to join me in not attending this large gathering. We have already lost enough LULACERs to COVID-19. Let's be responsible for these critical times."

Martinez emphasized, that as president of Council 9900, he is more concern about Health than losing more Hispanic lives to COVID-19.

The Texas Department of State Health Services (TXDSHS) reported that in the last week, hospitalizations have reach nearly 3,000, with 10,463 current hospitalizations, 10,332 new COVID-19 cases (7-day avg) and 64 fatalities (7-day avg). 

The TXDSHS also warns that the risk of infection is very high and unvaccinated people of all ages risk hospitalization and death.

In other news: The Travis County Lone Star Roundup 2021 at the Expo Center in September has been canceled this year due to the current high growth of new COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in Travis County and surrounding counties.

Mexican Fiesta 2021 Announced It Will Not Require COVID-19 Fully Vaccination Or Pre-negative Test To Enter Three-day Event At Summerfest Grounds

Three-day Mexican Fiesta won't require COVID-19 fully vaccination proof or pre-negative test to enter the event.

By H. Nelson Goodson 
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

August 13, 2021

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - On Friday, the Wisconsin Hispanic Scholarship Foundation (WHSF) who sponsors the three-day Mexican Fiesta (MF) at the Summerfest grounds on August 27-29, 2021 announced their CDC COVID-19 protocol. According to the WHSF, festivalgoers will not be required to show proof of being fully vaccinated or a pre-negative test to enter the lakefront fiesta. 

Free facemasks will be provided to those attending the event until the supply lasts. Also, facemasks will be required at indoor areas and free sanitizer areas (stations) will be designated at the grounds as well. There will be more space available on the grounds to practicing distancing.

The WHSF encourages festivalgoers to wear masks, practice distancing and wash hands frequently, but it won't be enforced as a MF mandatory rule at the grounds. In other words, those attending the three-day fiesta enter at their own risk.

Mexican Fiesta organizers say that COVID-19 vaccination clinics will be available during the three-day fiesta.

MF draws more than 80,000 festivalgoers during the three-day fiesta.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (WIDHS) reported 1,104 new cases on Friday, which brought the 7-day average up to exactly 1,000 new cases per day. 

Health officials are warning unvaccinated persons that any large (crowded) outdoor venue is an unsafe environment for them to attend this year. 

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

31st Anniversary Of Satélite Newspaper v. Mexican Fiesta 1990 Who Banned Frontpage Photo Of Miss Fiesta In A Polka-dot Swimsuit At The Three-day Event At Summerfest Grounds

Members of the Satélite Newspaper were prohibited to distribute their publication that featured Miss Mexican Fiesta 1990-91 on the front page with a one piece polka-dot swimsuit at the three-day festival in late August.

Hispanic News Network U.S.A.
August 10, 2021

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - This August will mark the 31st Anniversary of the infamous case that made national news regarding a civil lawsuit claim filed in Milwaukee County Circuit Court in 1991 regarding a decision made by Mexican Fiesta organizers to prohibit the distribution of the local Satélite Newspaper at the three-day Fiesta on August 1990 at the Summerfest grounds.

Mexican Fiesta (MF) organizers released information to the local mainstream media, the Milwaukee Journal now the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that they would be prohibiting the Satélite Newspaper, Vol. 6, No. 4, August 1990 that featured Miss Mexican Fiesta Adriana Tostado 1990-91 in a one piece polka-dot swimsuit on the front page of the Satélite Newspaper from being distributed at the Fiesta.

When H. Nelson Goodson, the Managing Editor and Ricardo Gracia, Founder and Editor-in-Chief from Satélite Newspaper (the plaintiffs) attempted to distribute the issue of the newspaper at the Mexican Fiesta event, they were escorted out of the festival grounds. Both Goodson, Gracia and GGG Satélite Corporation filed a lawsuit on June 24, 1991 against (defendants) the City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee World Festival Inc. who operates Summerfest, League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), Council 9900 (Mexican Fiesta, Inc.), Oscar Cervera and Joseph Ochoa claiming that they violated their First Amendment right and that Summerfest grounds are considered a Public Forum.

On June 12, 1992, Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge William D. Gardner ruled in favor of the plaintiffs. Judge Gardner found that Summerfest grounds during Mexican Fiesta is considered a Public Forum established by government designation...The city government created the grounds to be a place where the public could gather and experience the ethnic and cultural diversity of the community.

The plaintiffs First Amendment right to freedom of expression were violated when the defendants banned distribution of Satélite and the other articles on the Summerfest grounds during Mexican Fiesta, Judge Gardner ruled.

Years later, the League of United Latin American Citizens, Council 9900 (Mexican Fiesta, Inc.), began to operated as 501C(3) non-profit organization. As 501C(3) non-profit organization, Rodolfo "Rudy"Martinez was the first President for LULAC Council 9900 who was awarded the three-day slot weekend by the City of Milwaukee and Bo Black from Summerfest to operate Mexican Fiesta, which was successful and profitable. 

When Martinez finish his term, new LULAC Council 9900 officials were elected and several new LULAC Councils were started by UMOS. 

Eventually, business individuals witnessed the profit generated by Mexican Fiesta and decide to a take over with the Wisconsin Hispanic Scholarship Foundation, which continued as a non-profit organization with the current LULAC Councils 342 and 343. 

Today, Mexican Fiesta provides a certain amount of scholarships and LULAC national matches the amount  of scholarships offered by WHSF.

MF draws more than 80,000 festivalgoers per year. Last year, MF was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

MF volunteers are the back bone of the WHSF's success. 

WHSF who was affiliated with Wisconsin LULAC Councils 319 and 322 and the LULAC National says, it had given out over $1.2M in prior scholarships, but none were ever given to DREAMers until 2014 after Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) exposed the lack of scholarships awarded to DREAMers (DACA). About 100 scholarships are awarded every year, according to WHSF.

According to sources at the WHSF, MF generates thousands of dollars in revenue during the three-day fest at Summerfest, compared to what is awarded as scholarships to students.

The WHSF hasn't made its generated revenues public after the three-day festival and no information is made available regarding any investments made from profits, since awarded scholarships are limited per year.

990's IRS filing tax forms from 2015 to 2019 for Wisconsin Hispanic Scholarship Foundation https://bit.ly/3AKHDoL

Mexican Fiesta 2021 Hasn't Announced Any COVID-19 Protocol To Enter Fest Nor Have They Adopted Summerfest's COVID-19 Protocol Requiring Proof Of Full Vaccination

So far, the three-day Mexican Fiesta 2021 organizers and its sponsor, the Wisconsin Hispanic Scholarship Foundation haven't announced a COVID-19 protocol during their event in late August, nor have they adopted a similar COVID-19 protocol that Summerfest 2021 has announced to enter the 11-day music event in September.

By H. Nelson Goodson 
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

August 10, 2021

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - The three-day Mexican Fiesta 2021 will take place from August 27-29, 2021 at the Summerfest grounds in Milwaukee. So far, Mexican Fiesta organizers haven't released any COVID-19 protocol to keep the majority of Latino festivalgoers from spreading the COVID-19 variants at the event including the Delta variant, which is the predominantly strain in Wisconsin, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

Will Mexican Fiesta adopt a COVID-19 protocol or will it follow Summerfest 2021 newly adopted protocol that was announced on Tuesday, August 10, 2021, that full COVID-19 vaccination or negative COVID-19 test results within 72 hours of attending the music fest will be required to enter the music gig.

The Wisconsin State Fair 2021 began on August 5, 2021 for an 11-day run in West Allis, Wisconsin, which draws thousands of fairgoers and it didn't have any COVID-19 protocol including no capacity limits, proof of being fully vaccinated and etc.

Last Thursday, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (WIDHS) reported 1,573 new cases, which brought the 7-day average up to exactly 1,000 new cases per day during the WI State Fair opening in West Allis, which is the highest virus spread jump since, the beginning of 2021 and 388 people have been hospitalized. 

Health officials are warning unvaccinated persons that the fair is an unsafe environment for them to attend this year. This warning would definitely include any other large outdoor venue that attracts crowds.

The WIDHS recently reported that it has traced more than 500 COVID-19 new cases to the NFL Bucks Championship 2021 celebration at the Deer District in Milwaukee.

The Puerto Rican Family Festival 2021 on August 1, at the Milwaukee County Wilson Park attracted thousands of PRFestgoers and had no COVID-19 protocol in place or required the use of facemasks, which left the option open and welcomed those wanting to wear one as well.

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Largest Mexican Independence Day Impromptu Flag Waving And Parading Takeover Of S. Cesar E. Chavez Dr. Planned For September 12th In Milwaukee's Southside

Car club organizers announced in social media (Facebook) that a large Mexican Independence Day impromptu flag waving and parading takeover event is being planned for September.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

August 8, 2021

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - The largest Mexican Independence Day impromptu flag waving and parading takeover of S. Cesar E. Chavez Drive On Sunday, September 12, 2021 has been announced by the Mopar Outkast Car Club (MOCC) on social media (Facebook-FB).

MOCC posted the event on July 30th in their FB page, which says, "What's up everyone we will be hosting an Independence Day street takeover!! Mark your calendar, we will meet at Mitchell park and head out and cruise a few streets and then take over 16th street Cesar Chavez Drive! Let's make this bigger than our Cinco De Mayo takeover!!!"

The annual UMOS Mexican Independence Parade and Festival has been canceled for September 2021. In 2020, the September UMOS parade and festival event was also canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

An estimated, 60,000 people line up along the UMOS Mexican Independence parade route and at least 10,000, people attend the festival at the UMOS Corporate headquarter's grounds after the parade.

The UMOS annual fiesta-friendly event celebrates Mexico's declaration of independence from Spain in 1810, and it's filled with national pride, a colorful parade, a mariachi concert, local bands, vendors and traditional food and drinks.

For decades, the Mexican community has held a spontaneous or an impromptu Mexican Independence Day (Pride Day) flag waving and cruising event in the Southside of Milwaukee in September and a Cinco de Mayo flag waving and cruising event as well in early May.

The Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) released the following stats under the Wisconsin Public Records Law that Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) had requested for September 13 and 16, 2020 during the Mexican Independence Day impromptu parading and cruising in the Southside of Milwaukee (12th Aldermanic District) where Police 2nd District Station patrols. MPD reported that police enforcement units cited 16 drivers on September 13 and 26 on September 16. Also, 1 was cited for non-traffic violation on September 13 and on September 16, 2 were cited for non-traffic violations. There were 5 arrests made on September 13 and 8 arrests on September 16, according to MPD. MPD also reported that they have no record, if anyone's vehicle was towed during the impromptu parading or that any of the citations and arrests made in both days were connected to the Mexican Independence Day impromptu parading and cruising in the Southside of Milwaukee, according to an open records request by HNNUSA. 

Hundreds of Mexican and non-Mexican nationals came out to engage in an annual impromptu Mexican Independence Day celebration with Mexican flag waving and vehicle cruising throughout the Southside of Milwaukee in 2020.

The S. 6th Street viaduct was blocked by participants during the impromptu flag waving and vehicle parading, which included loud music and burning tires rubber (known as burnouts). Along S. Cesar E. Chavez Drive, the participants cruised and also burned tires rubber on the drive.

No major incidents were reported by police other than traffic violations in 2020 during the September impromptu Mexican Independence Day flag waving and cruising.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Southside Apartment Development Allows Gentrification To Expand Between W. Pierce To W. Bruce Along S. 5th Street In Milwaukee As Existing Buildings Are Demolished

Demolition of buildings continued along S. 5th Street between W. Pierce to W. Bruce Streets.

By H. Nelson Goodson 
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

August 3, 2021

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - On Tuesday, the total demolition of the former La Fuente Restaurant, a building where a Selena mural is painted and an older apartment building between W. Pierce to W. Bruce Streets will be removed to develop a 144 apartment unit at 603-645 S. 5th Street. The Mandel Group gained approval to build a six level apartment building with underground 146  parking space stalls designed by JLA Architects.

The Selena mural still stands today at the 600 block of S. 5th Street, but it will also be totally demolish.

Jose G. Zarate owned the three buildings including the former La Fuente Restaurant that are being currently demolished between W. Pierce and W. Bruce Streets on the west side of S. 5th Street and he sold the properties for $2.6M and was paid on July 28, 2021 by an affiliate to the Mandel Group.

A second development is also taking place at W. Mineral Street and S. 5th Street. The New Land Enterprises is developing the Element, a six level 66 unit apartment building at 934 S. 5th Street. The Element development will be completed by next Summer of 2022.

Most of the lofts and apartments that were developed in the area are leased to mostly White residents in the Walker's Point neighborhood also known as part of the predominantly Hispanic Southside district. Latinos continue to be displaced and many are moving to Southern areas and Westward into West Milwaukee including West Allis.

Today, only three Latino owned businesses along S. 5th Street between W. Bruce to W. Mineral Streets exists and those businesses include Sniffers Tapas & Spirits, Walker's Lounge and Botanas Restaurant. Voces de la Frontera bought a building at the 700 block of W. Historic Mitchell Street and will be relocating from S. 5th Street.

That area was planned as the Southside Hispanic District in the South Side Comprehensive Area Plan that was passed in 2009 by the Milwaukee Common Council. The approved plan was considered a boost to gentrification in the south side by residents and business owners.

In 2012, Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) reported that the effort to maintain a majority Latino voting-age population will eventually become fruitless within the next 10 to 20 years due to economic development disparity triggered by gentrification in the near south side. So far, nine years have passed and gentrification is on track to displace Latinos from the Southside of Milwaukee.

As public information, Alderman José G. Pérez from the 12th Aldermanic District has raised more than $100,000 campaign contributions, since being elected, which developers were key contributors and strongly indicates that he favors development in the district.

Monday, August 2, 2021

Fatal Crash Accident Victim On S. Layton Blvd. Identified As Marco Ocegueda In Milwaukee

Ocegueda died from injuries sustained during fatal crash in the Southside of Milwaukee.

By H. Nelson Goodson 
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

August 2, 2021

Milwaukee, Wisconsin  - On early Sunday, Milwaukee police responded to the 1900 block of S. Layton Blvd. shortly after a vehicle crash was reported around 2:45a.m., according to police. The victim, Marco Ocegueda, 29, died from the serious injuries that he sustained in the one vehicle involved crash. 

Ocegueda was the driver of the vehicle.

Police continue with the ongoing investigation.

A car wash fundraiser for funeral expenses for Ocegueda will be held on Monday, August 2, 2021 from 3:00p.m. to 8:00p.m. at the Buenavista Banquets and Restaurant parking lot at the 7500 block of W. Oklahoma Ave. in Milwaukee.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Puerto Rican Fest 2021 And After-set In Milwaukee

WI: El Rey Food Mart at the 1300 block of W. Burnham Street in Milwaukee released a video showing an afterset Puerto Rican party in the parking lot. Video courtesy of El Rey and Olivia Villarreal.

More than 15,000 people attend the annual Puerto Rican (PR) Family Festival in Milwaukee. 

On Sunday, August 1, 2021, the one-day 8th Annual Puerto Rican Family Festival took place at Milwaukee County's Wilson Park at the 1600 block of W. Howard Ave.

The organizers indicated it was a record breaking event. 

Last year, the PR Fest was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Video is from El Rey Food Mart parking lot during the afterset party.

The second video was from the PR Fest at Wilson Park recorded on Sunday by HNNUSA.

Source: Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) August 1, 2021

WI: Journalist H. Nelson Goodson caught in action at the PR Fest 2021 in MKE.

Video courtesy of Rick Rodriguez