Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mexican Federal Attorney General Resigns And First Woman Named As Replacement By President

The Mexican Congress could confirm first woman to become Mexico's Attorney General

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 31, 2011

Mexico City - On Thursday, Mexican President Felipe Calderón Hinojoza named Marisela Morales Ibáñes as Mexico's Attorney General after Arturo Chávez Chávez recently resigned from the position. Chávez was appointed by Calderón Hinojoza on September 2009 and in the last 18 months has served the Mexican government by bringing drug cartel leaders and criminals to justice. 
Ibáñez is currently the federal assistant attorney who heads the Special Investigations Unit for Organized Crime (SIEDO) within the federal Attorney General's Office (PGR).
Ibáñez will have to be confirmed by the Mexican Congress, if approved she will become the first woman to head the federal Attorney General's Office in Mexico's history.
By next Tuesday, the federal Senate will officially begin to move on Ibáñez confirmation proceedings.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

36-year-old Man Charged With Possession Of 28 Pounds Of Marijuana In Racine County

Pot worth $52,500 hidden in side door panels and back seat compartment of vehicle

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 30, 2011

Racine - On Wednesday, Manuel Moreno, 36, of Milwaukee was charged in Racine County with possession of 28 pounds (2500 grams) of marijuana with intent to deliver, street valued at $52,500, driving without a driver's license and no proof of insurance, according to the criminal complaint. The complaint states, Racine Deputy Sheriff Jeff Chiapete made a traffic stop near 8 Mile Rd. and I-94 after checking the registration of a Civic Honda and found that the owner of the vehicle had no driver's license.
Deputy Chiapete was doing a routine check on vehicles travelling along I-94 by computing license plate numbers to check information on vehicles, according to the Sheriff's Department. He then pulled over the Civic Honda and the driver, Moreno got out of the vehicle. The deputy ordered him back into the car.
When Deputy Chiapete got close to the Honda, he noticed a strong smell of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. Moreno was taken into custody. He was heading northbound on I-94 at about 9:45 a.m. when he was stopped, the complaint states.
The Civic Honda was towed to a sheriff's substation where investigators later discovered packages of marijuana hidden on the side door panels and in the back seat compartment. Moreno had $1,000 in cash, which was confiscated along with the marijuana.
Moreno unable to post $50,501 cash bail remained at the Racine County jail, according to the Racine County Sheriff's Office.

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Mexican Mayor From García Municipality Escapes Second Attempt On His Life

Photos: EFE

Mayor Jaime Rodríguez Calderón targetted by drug cartels

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 30, 2011

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico - On Tuesday, Mayor Jaime Rodríguez Calderón during a televised interview acknowledege a second attempt on his life. Rodríguez Calderón said, that a group of 40 men in ten vehicles engaged in a gun battle against his own bodyguards late Tuesday night. He said, that he was scared and pissed off at the same time, calling the suspects cowards and drug dealers who are trying to poison his community and the 70,000 school children in public schools.
Rodríguez Calderón was travelling in several vehicles along Abraham Lincoln Avenue in the Municipality of García in the outskirts of Monterrey when ten other vehicles intercepted Rodríguez' vehicle and a body guard escort of eight in another vehicle. Two of his bodyguards were injured, including Rodríguez Calderón. No suspects were reported killed.
Rodríguez Calderón said, he had just left a late afternoon grand opening of a soccer field for students in the Valle neighborhood in Lincoln Avenue and was heading back to García when the attack occurred. He noticed that ten vehicles were following them after the event and began to fire upon the escort vehicles. His escorts were pinned down in a gun battle, when he ordered his driver to return and was able to help repell the attack. Rodríguez Calderón managed to get his injured men into his SUV to protect them from gun fire.
His escorts had about six high caliber weapons and were running out of ammunition. The gun battle lasted about 20 minutes, according to Rodríguez Calderón.
He had requested the government for heavier caliber weapons, but was denied by the military. With the few guns that the escorts had, Rodríguez Calderón said, his escorts managed to repell the attack. He is planning to armed his bodyguards with heavier weapons with or without permission of the government.
He has been fighting and keeping the drug cartels from trying to sell drugs in public schools and believes he was targetted for doing the right thing. He vowed to continue to fight the criminal element in García and to keep drugs away from the 70,000 school children in the community.
Rodríguez Calderón recognized his bodyguards as heroes who are helping to keep children and his city safe and out of drugs. He requested aid to help fight the drug cartels from the state governor, Federal Police and the military.
On Wednesday, Mayor Rodríguez Calderón announced that an agreement between Nuevo Leon state authorities and the Mexican federal military has been reached. The military will take over security at García and they will also provide protection for the mayor.
The mayor said, most of the García police force had been replaced or fired and there were few men who wanted the job because of the danger involved.
With the new added military security, Mayor Rodríguez Calderón is confident García Municipality will strive and eventually become a safe place to live.
The municipality of García is growing socially and economically, according to Rodríguez Calderón.
In February 25, Rodríguez Calderón had his first attempt against his life and bodyguards were able to repell the attack and killed four suspects.

News Spanish video of interview with Mayor Rodríguez Calderón at

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Judge Reaffirms Restraining Order For State Officials To Stop Implementation Of Union Busting Act 10

Judge Maryann Sumi

Governor Scott Walker and the Department of Administration will abide by Judge Sumi's order to stop implementation of the union busting Act 10.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 30, 2011

Madison - On Tuesday, Dane County Circuit Court Judge Maryann Sumi reaffirmed a temperary restraining order issued to Doug La Follette, Secretary of State to stop the publication of Act 10 known as the Governor Scott Walker's (R) union busting bill. The bill eliminates collective bargaining rights for most state employees.
Last Friday, the Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB) posted the bill on its website after being advised to do so by Majority Senate Republican Leader Scott Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald and Governor Walker wanted the bill published, so the state Department of Administration (DOA) could begin to implement the bill. The DOA began to increase state employees payments to their pensions and health care benefits, but kept from taking unions dues.
Judge Sumi said, her March 18th restraining order was ignored and misunderstood, but ordered everyone involved to stop implementation of the bill until the case gets resolved. Those parties found violating the court order would be in contempt and could face penalties ending with costly court sanctions. "Apparently that language was either misunderstood or ignored, but what I said was the further implementation of Act 10 was enjoined. That is what I now want to make crystal clear," Judge Sumi said.
The Act 10 law was not published as state statues dictate and the website publication of the law by LRB is invalid, according to Judge Sumi. On Wednesday, Governor Walker and the Department of Administration confirmed that they will abide by Judge Sumi's order to stop implementation of the union busting Act 10.
The state attorney in court had argued that in 1943, the State Supreme Court ruled that a lower court could not interfere with legislation until it was publish and enacted setting a precedent. But the Supreme Court didn't address, if such legislation could be challenged when open meetings law was violated making the legislation moot.
The state legislature is not exempt from failing to following open meetings law when dealing with legislation that would impact and affect the public interest without a 24 hour notice allowing public participation, according to state law.
On March 9, a joint legislative committee gave a two hour notice to separate Senate Bill 11, which eliminates collective bargaining from Walker's budget repair bill.
Governor Walker signed the bill into law two days later and the Secretary of State had ten days to publish it in the Wisconsin State Journal to make it legal.
Judge Sumi allowed La Follette to remove the state department of justice from representing the Secretary of State due to conflicts. Sumi ordered Governor Walker to appoint another attorney to represent La Follette.
The case will continue on Friday, Sumi hasn't ruled yet if the joint legislature violated the open meeting law. She criticized legislators for not meeting again and giving a 24 hour notice to pass the bill and for wasting taxpayers funds in a court challenge. Governor Walker and the Republican controlled legislature believes they followed the law and will prevail in court.
Democrats believe otherwise and criticized the Republicans for illegally passing Act 10 and for pushing the Legislative Reference Bureau to illegally publish the bill without authority of La Follette. La Follette had previously sent a letter to the bureau to cancelled publication until further notice due to pending litigation.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Illinois Governor Halts Spread Of ICE Secure Communities Program In State

Newly elected Chicago Mayor Emanuel to continue Chicago's sanctuary ordinance for undocumented immigrants.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 29, 2011

Chicago - On Sunday, the New York Times reported that last spring Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) officials had pressured officials in Chicago and Cook County to implement the Secure Communities program. Both Chicago and Cook County officials refused citing a sanctuary ordinance prohibiting officials from getting involved in enforcement of immigration laws.
E-mails from ICE released through the Freedom of Information Act to National Day Laborer Organizing Network, an immigrant rights organization revealed the controversial tactics used by ICE and the mass deportations of non-criminal undocumented immigrants. The ICE e-mails showed that Chicago and Cook County were seen as testing areas to see, if they could be exempted from joining Secure Communities. In an e-mail, Brian Hale, spokesperson for ICE says, the agency doesn't need permission from state or local officials to implement Secure Communities.
On the contrary, the program is offered by ICE as a voluntary program, which signs agreements with state police agencies and then tries to enroll county sheriff's and city police departments into the program. The county sheriff's then share fingerprinting data of suspected undocumented immigrants held on criminal cases and convicted criminals with Homeland Security and ICE. The program is supposed to only target undocumented criminals for their removal. according to the ICE website.
Data released through February 2011 by ICE indicated that the agency processed 32 percent of undocumented immigrants for deportation without criminal convictions through Secure Communities from 26 of 102 Illinois counties using the program.
Nationally, 28 percent of those deported through the program had no criminal convictions, according to ICE.
In November, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn's Office issued an order for the state police to stop enrolling counties and implementing the program, pending a review of how the program was being implemented and carried out. The Illinois State Police joined the program in November 2009.
Newly elected Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) will adhere to Chicago's sanctuary ordinance, the New York Times reported.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hispanics Pulling Their Money From M&I And Closing Bank Accounts To Protest Bank Employees Support For Governor Walker

Salvador Sanchez told the crowed that 15 local Hispanic businesses have signed up opposing Pridemore's Immigration bill. Photo by HNG

At least 70 Latinos have confirmed that they have closed their bank accounts from M&I bank in boycott

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 27, 2011

Milwaukee - On Sunday for the second time, Voces de la Frontera has gathered hundreds of people in the wake of a proposed illegal immigration enforcement bill by WI State Representative Donald Pridemore (R-Hartford). Voces is supporting the M&I Bank boycott as well and will close their actual account within a week, said Christine Neumann-Ortiz, executive director of Voces.
About fifteen local Hispanic businesses have signed up in support of Voces to continue organizing people, businesses, labor unions and the clergy.
Voces will announce through a press release by Monday, its confirmation that letters opposing Pridemore's immigration bill were sent to state legislators, and that businesses, labor groups and the clergy's support to stand against Pridemore's immigration bill. Members of the Milwaukee Police have signed a letter in support of driving permits for undocumented immigrants, according to Primitivo Torres from Voces Action.
Chris Abele, candidate for Milwaukee County Executive says, he won't run the county as former Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker has done. Abele confirmed he opposes an anti-immigrant enforcement bill in Wisconsin and supports in-state tuition for undocumented students attending state universities and colleges. Governor Scott Walker's two year budget eliminates in-state tuition.
Candidate For Judge, Pedro Colón and former South side 8th Assembly State Representative said, the clergy, Voces and community activists had worked for ten years to get in-state tuition and within 9 months of its passage by former Governor Jim Doyle (D), the current Governor Walker (R) is proposing its elimination.
State Senate Democrat Chris Larson told the audience, that it has been amazing to watch the Hispanic community rise up and challenge Pridemore's bill and we're not going down without a fight. Other areas in the nation, people will look into what Voces and the community will do to challenge an anti-immigrant bill. Larson said, "We don't stand alone, we stand together," this is what democracy looks like. This fight continues against anyone who is targeting low income people, unions and immigrants with anti-immigration bills and we will recall Governor Walker, Larson said. He received a standing ovation by hundreds of Latinos at the meeting before speaking.
Another community meeting will be held at the St. Adalbert Catholic Church basement, 1900 W. Becher St. for next Sunday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Voces invited for attendees of the meeting to attend the scheduled April 11 budget hearing at the Wisconsin State Fair from 8:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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Rodriguez "Chuco, El Perron de la Mañana" Nails It Hard To La Gran D Radio For Firing Him During Adult Comedy Show In Milwaukee

Photo: MySpace

It was a hilarious night to laugh at the Tropical Night Club with "Nelly" impersonating Paquita la del Barrio and Chucho El Perron de la Mañana targets former employer La Gran D radio during comedy session.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 27, 2011

Milwaukee - On Saturday, Nelly (Leonel Silva) impersonating Paquita la del Barrio (meaning, Franny from the neighborhood) began the night with songs focusing and taking a stance against the Mexican sexist male culture and teasing men in the audience for the way they treat women. She is well known to bash men in general and for telling it like it is due her past relationship with men.
Nelly imitating Paquita told the crowd at the Tropical Night Club, 700 block of S. 5th St. that "men are only good for one thing only, when they bring money home. Most of the time, men just jump in bed with their women and don't even get to finish what they started, leaving the women hungry for more. As time moves on, men begin to lose their appeal, they grow old fast, get huge bellies and sleep most of the time." Of course, the women in the club bursted in laughter while the men took it in stride.
The following comedy segment began with Jesus Rodirguez who is originally from Jalostotitlan, Jalisco, Mexico and is known as Chucho, El Perron de la Mañana on a national syndicated radio program transmitted by Ke-Buena Network owned by Rodriguez. Rodriguez airs his show daily from Portland, Oregon to 11 radio stations around the U.S. and abroad. Rodriguez confirmed that two other radio stations are negotiating to also transmit la Ke-Buena show.
He made his adult humor presentation at the Tropical Night Club. He actually targetted his former employer, the West Allis La Gran D 104.7 FM Radio station and its manager Ana. He told the crowd that he had been fired by Ana and he didn't care if he got sued for telling like it is. Rodriguez said, La Gran D screwed up and today I'm have a nationally syndicated radio program, which is also transmitted from Milwaukee's WJTI 1460 AM Radio La Nueva Ritmo. I can say that this morning "in a rating scale of radio listeners from 1 to 5, La Nueva Ritmo has reached up to 5.2 surpassing and leaving its radio business competitor La Gran D on the bottom of the scale...and that's what I wanted to accomplish. So, they can go to hell (explicit)." The comedy show was co-sponsored by La Nueva Ritmo.
Most of Rodriguez' show included pure vulgarities in Spanish which left some people who were targeted embarrassed and others almost falling off their seats. This type of entertainment isn't for everyone, but for those who seek some type of extreme entertainment to tickle their funny bone, well Rodriguez is the one to listen too at adult comedy shows. Rodriguez "Chucho El Perron de la Mañana" is funny though. But I wouldn't take any children to a show.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Union Busting Law Gets Published Without Authority Of Wisconsin Secretary Of State

Dane County judge had ordered the Wisconsin Secretary of State not to publish law until case gets resolved and ordered otherwise.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 25, 2011

Madison - On Friday, the nonpartisan Legislative Reference Bureau published the controversal union busting bill Senate bill 11, which Dane County Circuit Court Judge Maryann Sumi had placed a temperary restraining order to keep it from getting published. The law was challenged by the Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne (D) claiming that Republicans from both the Senate and State Representatives violated the open meetings law when they met in an emergency joint legislative conference. They separated the bill from Governor Scott Walker's (R) budget repair bill and passed it within a two hour notice. DA Ozanne and Democrats claimed that the open meetings law requires 24 hour notice before a meeting.
On March 18, Doug La Follette (D), Secretary of State sent a letter to the Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB) director Steve Miller to remove the law from their publication schedule until further notice and a new date is provided to publish it, because of a restraining order not to publish the bill. La Follette confirmed the union busting law can't take effect until his office authorizes publication and a case is pending to determine, if it was passed legally. State law requires the Secretary of State to publish a law to make it official in the Wisconsin State Journal. Once the bill is published, the day after it becomes law.
The Associated Press (AP) reported that, "Bureau director Steve Miller said the action doesn't mean the law takes effect Saturday. He says that won't actually happen until Secretary of State Doug La Follette orders the law published in a newspaper, and a judge ordered last week that La Follette not do anything."
The LRB published the union busting bill at 3:15 p.m. on Friday and Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R) told AP that he went to the Miller at the LRB with the idea to publish it, according to AP. The LRB in the last decade hasn't published a bill without notice and the authority of the Secretary of State to do so.
Senator Alberta Darling (R) says, the LRB has a right to publish it and the law will become law on Saturday. Senator Chris Larson (D) on the contrary says, the Secretary of State has the sole authority to publish a law and it only shows to what lenghts Republicans are willing to go in order to bypass legal procedures.
State Representative Peter Barca (D) has requested for the LRB to release all emails and correspondence leading up to their publication of the bill concerning key Republican legislators, including Senator Fitzgerald.
Most likely, the Dane County Court union busting bill case won't be resolve until August and an appeal by either party could send it to the Wisconsin State Supreme Court, which would further delay implementation of the bill ending most union collective bargaining rights for most state employees.

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Two Men Found Guilty Of Four Homicides In Milwaukee's South Side

Desmond Dejuan Laster and Anthony Edward Barnes

Laster facing life and Barnes up to 35 years in prison for four homicides.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 25, 2011

Milwaukee - On Thursday, Desmond Dejuan Laster, 22, was found guilty on four counts of first-degree intentional homicide in the murders of Rachel Thompson, 23, her two sons at the 900 block of S. 12th St. and Brittney Robertson, 19, on February 26, 2010. Laster was also found guilty of party to a crime, arson and felon with handgun. He will be sentence on June 10 and is facing life in prison without parole.
Laster tied up both of Thompsons children with duct tape and then put plastic bags over their heads to kill them. Then, he set fire to upper apartment to cover the homicides.
His accomplice Anthony Edward Barnes, 23, became a state witness and testified against Laster. Barnes pleaded guilty to three homicides, including killing Robertson when he was ordered to do so by Laster. Under the plead agreement, in July Barnes will face up to 35 years in prison and when he will be sentence, according to court records.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

WI Governor Walker's Biennial Budget Cuts To Eliminate Transitional Jobs Demonstration Project Affecting Hundreds Of Workers

Governor Scott Walker

Minimum wage earners to become jobless under Governor Walker's budget cuts.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 24, 2011

Madison - In less than one year that former Governor Jim Doyle (D) announced a $34 million Transitional Jobs project to help thousands of people across the state gain skills and re-enter the workforce. The federal funded pilot program will be eliminated under the new proposed Governor Scott Walker's (R) Biennial Budget 2011-2013. "The bill also eliminates the transitional jobs demonstration project under which DCF (Department of Children and Families) provides wage subsidies to employers who employ eligible individuals." (See AB Bill 40, page 22 at link)
The pilot program is funded by the Recovery Act funding provided to the state’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. The program doesn't cost the state any money, but provides skills and a living wage for those workers who would otherwise end up homeless and can't collect unemployment insurance compensation to temperarily survive during hard times at no fault of their own.
The qualified workers under the program earn a state minimum wage of $7.25 per hour compared to none, if the Republican controlled legislature decides to approve the budget eliminating the program.
In July 2010 Doyle said, “The Transitional Jobs Project will help us work toward my number one priority this year – helping our businesses create jobs and giving our workers the opportunities to get those jobs. This innovative program will work closely with communities throughout the state to help workers gain important job skills to re-enter the workforce and find good, family-supporting jobs.”
Under Governor Walker, hundreds of Wisconsin workers experiencing hard times will lose their jobs, a source of income and the program will end once the budget is approved without amending it to keep the federally funded pilot program. If the funds are not used up by Wisconsin workers, the remainder of funds will have to be return to the feds.
The first year of the program ends next July and the program was designed to work for two years, ending the contracts for those non-profit organizations participating until July 2012. 
Doyle explained in 2010 that the transitional Jobs targeted Wisconsin residents who are not eligible for working family assistance through the state’s W-2 program, including fathers without custody of their children or young adults exiting the foster care system. The program focuses on building partnerships with local organizations to help individuals acquire new skills and work experience.
The Department of Children and Families began working closely with 17 local organizations to carry out the pilot project in 38 counties, with the possibility of future expansion throughout the state. The Transitional Jobs program builds on the success of similar programs throughout the nation, according to the press release.
The following recipients of Transitional Jobs Demonstration Project Grants in 2010 who received awards could be affected, if the program is eliminated under Walker's proposed budget cuts.
So far, the DCF hasn't officially notified the recipients that the pilot program will be eliminated, according to several recipients.
Governor Walker and DCF Secretary Eloise Anderson could not be reached for comment in regards to eliminating the program.

Goodwill Industries of Southeastern WI, Inc., Preliminary Award (PA): $5,975,700.

Policy Studies, Inc., PA: $3,104,800

Milwaukee Careers Cooperative, PA: $291,473

United Migrant Opportunity Services, PA: $4,530,720

Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board, PA: $7,847,350

Silver Spring Neighborhood Center, PA: $635,340

Step Industries, PA: $523,000

Racine County Human Services Department, PA: $568,680

Forward Service Corporation, PA: $593,490

Workforce Development Board of South Central WI, PA: $2,802,625

Community Action Inc., PA: $560,525

Workforce Connections, Inc., PA: $336,315

Workforce Resource, Inc., PA: $1,793,680

Sheboygan County Health and Human Services, PA: $329,190

WOW Workforce Development Board, PA: $1,345,260

Northwest WI Concentrated Employment Program, PA: $396,000

Indianhead Community Action Agency, PA: $730,850

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13 Mexican Nationals Posing As U.S. Marines Arrested After Crossing Border

Photos: DHS

Driver didn't know birthday of the Marine Corp., criminal complaint alleges.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 24, 2011

San Diego, CA - On March 14, the U.S. Border Patrol arrested 13 undocumented immigrants from Mexico dressed as U.S. Marines about 55 miles east of San Diego attempting to pass a check point. Two Americans were also arrested along with Mexican nationals at the Campo Border Patrol Westbound I-8 checkpoint. Two of the suspects, Arturo Leyva and Jose Guadalupe Ceja Jr. the van driver wore name tags "Lopez." They were both charged, including Guadalupe Garcia Jr. in a San Diego federal court last week for transporting undocumented immigrants. Leyva, Ceja and Garcia have pleaded not guilty.
The criminal complaint states, the suspects were pick up at a trailer park in the town of Seeley in Imperial County after they crossed the border and were being transported to Los Angeles. Some of the suspects were wearing two different types of camouflage uniforms, desert and urban, which are different shades and odd to be wearing. The government issued license plates they were using were altered, one digit was changed from 0 to an 8 and light reflected differently.
Border Patrol Agent Smith who served in the Marines became suspicious when Ceja failed to answer a question about the actual birth date of the Marine Corp. The suspects were traveling in a phony military van and had stolen plates from the U.S. Marines, according to the complaint.
The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is conducting their own investigation to find out where the suspects got the uniforms.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lighting Blamed For Killing Seven Deer In Kenosha County

The Department of Natural Resources confirmed that lighting killed a herd of deer in a field.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 23, 2011

Salem, Wisconsin - On Monday, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) was called to investigate the death of seven does found in a farm field in Kenosah County. DNR conservation warden Juan Gomez who responded to a farm field near Salem believes the deer were huddled together in the open field on Sunday night and lighting had struck killing all the deer.
Gomez reported that next to one of the deer, the damped ground looked like it was hit by lighting.
Another dead deer was found about 75 yards from the rest of the herd. Lighting was reported in the area on Sunday.
The Kenosha County Sheriff's Department investigated the incident as well and a deputy sheriff determined that it looked like lighting hit the ground causing a 5 inch deep hole and the impact blew the dirt apart from the ground. The deer had been seen earlier in the field drinking from a pool of water that was formed due to thunderstorms and rain.
The deer apparently were the tallest point in the field when lighting struck, according to the deputy. The deer will be left on the field to let nature take its course, according both the DNR and sheriff's department. No further investigation is needed.
The DNR released several photos of the incident.

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El Chapo Guzman's Father-in-Law Arrested By Mexican Federal Police

Víctor Manuel Felíx Felíx

Federal police confiscated half a ton of cocaine

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 23, 2011

Mexico City, Mexico - On Wednesday, Ramón Eduardo Pequeño, Anti-drug Division Chief for the Mexican Federal Police announced that Víctor Manuel Felíx Felíx, aka, "El Señor" had been arrested last Friday along with eigth suspects. Felíx had operated the financial operations of the Cartel Pacifico and is the father-in-law of Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán Loera head of the Sinaloa Cartel, according to Pequeño.
The federal Mexican government were notified by the Edcuador National Police that Mexican nationals in the country were suspected of working a cell in Guayaquil City involving drug traffickng. The joint investigation found nationals from Mexico, Colombia and Edcaudor were operating a network to smuggle drugs into Mexico headed to the U.S.
Last week, Mexican Federal Police and the Attorney General's Office initiated raids in the states of Jalisco, Quintero Roo and in Mexico City. Police confiscated a half ton of cocaine, which totalled 500 packages of 1 kilo each and $500,000 U.S. dollars and four vehicles.
Other suspects were identified as:

Luis Roberto García Fierro

Jorge Guillermo González Cárdenas, alias, "El Ingeniero"

Rodrigo Colmenares Sánchez Soto

Eli Romano Darwish, alias "Eliot"

Francisco Xavier Colmenares Sánchez Soto

Jorge Guillermo González Guerra

Armando Medina Quintero

José Daniel Espinosa Caballero

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Milwaukee Public Safety Committee Approved Subpoena For Police Chief Flynn To Release Records On OpenSky Radio

OpenSky police communications system has failed numerous times and has cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars, according to aldermen.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 22, 2011

Milwaukee - On Tuesday, the Common Council Public Safety Committee passed a resolution with a vote of 3-2 to subpoena Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn to release records on OpenSky radio police communications system. Chief Flynn has denied previous requests of open records to release information concerning the failed communications system that has cost taxpayers tens of millions ($18.5 million). Flynn has cited that the requests are to broad and could cost the department at least 1,500 man hours to collect and provide it for the Safety Committee.
The Milwaukee Journal has also requested for Flynn to release information on OpenSky in a narrower request, but the chief has denied it, citing the request was to broad, according to the aldermen.
The committee cited the OpenSky system has broken down, Alderman Bob Donovan, the committee's chair had witnessed the breakdown while accompanying police officers, compelling evidence exists of the system failure and Chief Flynn's failure to comply and appear before the committee to testify in regards to OpenSky. Donovan wants to hold Chief Flynn and the police department accountable, including the OpenSky vendor Harris Corporation.
The two desenting Aldermen Robert Puente and Terry Witkowski argued, the subpoena and 8 years of records requested would cost the city about $100,000 for attorney fees, staff and making copies relating to the request. The city attorney confirmed it could not represent either the police department or the Common Council, if the case concerning open records request and the Safety Committee's investigation ends up in a legal battle. Each would have to hire their own separate attorneys to represent them.
Alderman Joe Davis Sr. responded that it has cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars for a police communications system and has not been performing to the department needs. Alderman James Witkowiak agreed and if a police officer's life is saved by initiating an investigation to get to the bottom of the problem, it would be worth it. He suggested to return the unopen boxes of OpenSky equipment back to the company and save thousands of dollars.
Alderman Bob Donovan wants to see, if the bidding process was done appropriately and a study that cost $200,000 before the OpenSky procurement was approved showed any signs the system had problems. Motorola Communications & Electronics Inc. who didn't get the bid or apply for it at the time had raised some questions concerning the OpenSky specifications alleging, the specifications were created to prevent other vendors from bidding, but aldermen in 2002 failed to follow up. Motorola was the previous vendor for the analog police radio system that was replaced.
Aldermen including Donovan did approve the passage of the bid for OpenSky when it was first introduced, according to records. Since then, prior failures of the system that have been recorded has led Donovan to act and initiate a Safety Committee investigation into the police communications system.
Donovan says, the system broke down for about a half hour on October 11, 2010. Police officers resorted to using personal cell phones to communicate with each other and the department during emergencies.
Donovan had been trying since then to get information from Chief Flynn and had even called Flynn's office to discuss the issue, but Flynn has failed to answer or return any calls.
Alderman Davis confirmed that he even requested some information concerning OpenSky and Chief Flynn never responded back.
The Milwaukee Police Association (union) says, OpenSky is putting officers lives at risk and has condemn the system.
On Wednesday, the full Common Council will voted on the subpoena and investigation measure.
The Open Sky system has prevented the media and public from monitoring calls with scanners. Less incidents around neighborhoods have been reported by the media. Alderman Donovan wants media to be allowed to monitor calls so, they can report and inform the community on what is happening in their neighborhoods. Chief Flynn on the contrary has said, it's a police officer safety issue, but when the communication system was analog, the media could monitor calls and incidents with scanners.

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Construction Wall Collapsed On Top Of Vehicle On S. Chavez Drive In Milwaukee

Photo by HNG

Car damaged and bystanders help lift wooded wall from vehicle

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 22, 2011

Milwaukee - On Tuesday, shortly after 2:50 p.m. a temperary construction wall held by scaffolds and made of wood collapsed on top of a vehicle parked in the 1200 block of S. Cesar E. Chavez Drive. A couple of bystanders, Eduardo Velez and Ronald Scott came over to help lift the wall from the vehicle. The wall caused damaged to the right fender of the vehicle, according to the driver.
The building used to house the Asian Food Market and the owners of El Rey Mexican Products Inc. bought it recently. The building has been under renovation since late last year. Construction workers are currently placing large store front windows in the building. No one was reported injured.
Within the last 10 days, burglars have enter the building between midnight and 3 a.m. and have stolen 5 aluminum ladders, table cutting saws, 5 aluminum scaffolds and cables securing the front wall. The weaken wall might have fallen due to the theft on Sunday when cables were taken by thieves, according to David Rodriguez, an adjacent neighbor. Rodriguez has called police various times when he noticed thieves jumping over the top of the wall in the front of the building to take stuff.

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Alderman Witkowiak Recall Petitions Submitted To Milwaukee Election Commission

More than 1,500 signatures turned into election commission  to recall Alderman James Witkowiak.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 22, 2011

Milwaukee - On Monday, the Milwaukee Election Commission confirmed that more the 1,500 signatures to recall Alderman James Witkowiak had been turned in just before the 5:00 p.m. deadline.
The election commission has at least 31 days to make a decision, if there are enough of the required 25% or 1,040 signatures to proceed with a special primary election in May, if two or more candidates are running. The required percentage is from the total votes cast in a prior aldermanic election.
Witkowiak has ten days to review and challenge the signatures. The petitioners have five days to rebuttal and Witkowiak two days to respond to the rebuttal and within 14 days the commission must decide, if there is sufficient signatures to proceed with an election.
Once the commission confirms there are sufficient signatures, an election will be held in six weeks on a Tuesday.
The recall petition was filed by Mirna Santiago who lives in the 12th Aldermanic District and her daughter the recall treasurer Malinda Meller who lives outside of the district. She claims and alleges Alderman Witkowiak has used law enforcement resources in an attempt to close businesses and eliminate jobs...Witkowiak making false statements and using his staff Mike McGuire for political purposes and engaging to "eliminate jobs," according to the petition January 21 filing statement.
In January, JSOnline reported that Witkowiak's recall was sparked by the Mill Valley Recycling controversy. Mill Valley filed a claim of notice with the City of Milwaukee that it plans to sue and alleges Witkowiak along with city officials conspired to damage the scrap metal company. The company sought a city permit to store and crush junk cars, which would compete for city business now held by Miller Compressing, according to JSOnline. Witkowiak has denied those allegations.
Witkowiak had been reviewing complaints by police and residents about patrons disruptive and uncontrolled behavior while leaving nightclubs and taverns in the Walker's Point area. Walker's Point in located in the South side where the predominately Hispanic community resides, Milwaukee police from the 2nd District have been cracking down on nightclub strips in where patrons leaving clubs at closing time cause disruptive nuisance, traffic jams and fights. Almost every Sunday after 2:00 a.m. police block off traffic along S. 5th Street between W. National Ave. to W. Bruce St. to secure the area while patrons exit nightclubs. Just last weekend, at least five police squads blocked off S. 5th Street once again.
Last year in April, police reported that teens exiting Club Sugar a non-alcoholic venue were gathering at a gas station and blocking the business. Their out of control behavior was causing a nuisance and impeding traffic flow along S. 1st St. after closing time. Residents in the area had numerous complaints about teens engaging in disruptive behavior, according to police.
Witkowiak says, he plans to review the petitions and is confident that he will be reelected.
The recall election is expected to draw candidates looking to replace Alderman Witkowiak. One could very well be former Alderman Angel Sanchez who defeated Witkowiak once and became the first Hispanic alderman to serve one term. Sanchez was then defeated twice by Witkowiak who retook the seat.
In 2009, Alderman James Witkowiak took a stand and supported driving permits for immigrants without a Social Security number and in-state tuition of undocumented students who attend universities and colleges in Wisconsin.

Witkowiak's statement supporting driving permits and in-state tuition for undocumented students at video link:

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Texas Cameron County Assistant DA's Body Found In Matamoros Mexico Over the Weekend

Arturo José Iñiguez

Death of assistant DA under investigation by both the U.S. and Mexico

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 22, 2011

Brownsville, Texas - On Sunday, Cameron County District Attorney Armando R. Villalobos confirmed that an assistant district attorney from Cameron County had died over the weekend. On Saturday, Cameron County Assistant District Attorney Arturo José Iñiguez, 26, body was found in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico inside a vehicle and a bottle of sedatives was found nearby, according to the Tamaulipas State Attorney General's Office. Matamoros is adjacent to Brownsville, a U.S. border town.
Mexican authorities and U.S. officials in a joint investigation are trying to determine the circumstances in which Iñiguez had died. In an initial investigation, Mexican authorities speculate a possible suicide and no signs of foul play was found.
He was married and is survived by his 2-year-old daughter.
He began his career as an assistant DA in 2007, according to Villalobos.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Fond du Lac Police Officer Birkholz Killed By Suspect In Wisconsin

Officer Graig Birkholz

Photo: Fond du Lac Police

One officer dead and one seriously injured in shootout.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 21, 2011

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin - On Sunday morning, a Fond du Lac police officer was killed while investigating a sexual assault complaint and another officer was wounded. Officer Graig Birkholz, 28, was identified as being fatally shot in the upper chest while inside a suspects home. Birkholz was wearing a bullet proof vest. Officer Ryan Williams was also shot in the chest with a high power weapon and the bullet went through his vest. The vest slow down the impact of the bullet and Ryan was seriously injured, but is expected to survive. His K-9 police dog was injured in the deadly incident, according to police.
Police say, the officers had responded to a call about a sexual assault when James Cruchson, 30, opened fire inside the home and held police at bay for six hours. A woman was rescued by police.
Later on, Cruchson ended his life with a self inflicted wound. The state department of justice is investigating the incident.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Voces de la Frontera Taking Action To Stop Pridemore's Immigration Enforcement Bill In Wisconsin

Photo by HNG

Wisconsin Hispanic population in the state grew by 74%, 336,056, an increase of 143,135 from 2000. Hispanics now account for 5.9 percent of Wisconsin's total population and Hispanic owned businesses contribute more than $800 million in annual sales.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 20, 2011

Milwaukee - On Sunday, hundreds of Latinos and non-Latinos gathered at St. Adalbert's Catholic basement to organize and plan for a major challenge to State Representative Donald Pridemore's (R-Hartford) proposed immigration bill. Pridemore began circulating the bill in early March.
The bill is expected to be introduced within two weeks in a legislative committee. The Milwaukee worker rights based organization Voces de la Frontera is taking the lead to challenge Pridemore's bill.
In a democratic vote by raising hands, those attending the gathering agreed that Voces would take the lead in helping to represent workers who are threaten with reprisals by employers, if they take off a day from work to march. Voces de la Frontera executive, Christine Neumann-Ortiz and Voces Action an umbrella to the non-profit organization plan to get support from state legislators to block Pridemore's immigration bill. The Voces plan includes a general boycott and a massive demonstration, including a march in Madison once a 24 hour notice by a state committee announces it has accepted Pridemore's immigration bill for discussion.
Ortiz and other meeting organizers recommended that people should begin to withdraw their money and to close their M&I Bank accounts as soon as possible. M&I executives and employees contributed to Governor Scott Walker's (R) election campaign and supported union busting. Walker has vowed to sign a similar Arizona immigration enforcement bill, if passed by the Republican controlled legislature.
People from the South side where the predominately Hispanic comunity resides attended the strategic planning meeting.  Also people from Menomonee, Waukesha, City of Greenfield, Racine, Kenosha, Lake Geneva and other areas.
Voces plans to organize a massive demonstration at the Capitol within 24 hours Pridemore's bill is introduced to create public awareness and a movement to block it from getting enacted. A legal challenge by attorneys is eminent, if the bill is viewed discriminatory and leads to racial profiling, according organizers.
State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa (D-Milwaukee) and Chris Abele, a candidate for Milwaukee County Executive were present at the gathering and spoke in favor of supporting the community in challenging any anti-immigrant bill that would lead to racial profiling and discrimination.
Voces de la Frontera will meet again next Sunday at 5:00 p.m. at St. Adalbert's Catholic Church basement with members of the community for an update.

Hispanic population growth vital to economic growth in Wisconsin.

The U.S. Census Bureau reported in March 2010, that the Wisconsin Hispanic population in the state grew by 74%, 336,056, an increase of 143,135 from 2000. Hispanics now account for 5.9 percent of Wisconsin's total population.
The Hispanic population in Milwaukee County rose by 126,039 and the Dane County Hispanic population grew by 28,925.
The City of Milwaukee saw a increase of 40%, 103,107 in Hispanic population, and saw a loss of 6%, from 605,013 to 594,833 of population now residing in the city, according to the 2010 census. Compared to a census report in 2009, that the Hispanic population rose about 48%, 285,827 or 5.1% of the population in the state. Milwaukee County saw an increase of 39%, 114,238 or 12% of the population, Racine County saw a 35% increase, 20,262 in population. Waukesha saw a 42% increase of 13,458 in population. Ozaukee County saw a 58 % increase of 1,669 in population and in Washington County a 76% increase with 2,693 in population.
A city economic study reported that the South side households in the predominately Latino community located inside Postal Zip Code 53204 in Milwaukee spend more than $91 million annually in retail goods according to the 2006 Department of City Development statistics. In one day, they spent approximately $249,315.06. The biggest tax-generating base for the city comes solely from the South side.
In Milwaukee, over 850 Hispanic owned businesses generate more than $225 million in annual sales. It is abundantly clear that the immigration of Hispanics and undocumented immigrants to Southeastern Wisconsin is tied to a large degree to the available resources that Hispanics have in the area.
In Wisconsin, over 3,000 Hispanic owned businesses generate more than $800 million in annual sales, creation of jobs and available employment resulting in population growth as well as business growth.
U.S. Census officials reported, that 50.5 million Hispanics were counted in 2010, 16.3% of total U.S. population and a 43% growth since 2000.

In other news: Last Thursday, the Arizona Senate defeated the U.S. Citizenship measure that would strip automatic citizenship from children born in the state by undocumented parents. The Senate also defeated four other anti-immigrant measures dealing with public services, identifying undocumented students in public schools, raisng university tuition for students not legally in the U.S., driving violations and health care.
The Arizona Chamber of Commerce along with other business leaders urged legislators to vote against the bills because it would contribute to the ailing economy. Republicans joined Democrats to defeat the bills.

Copy of Pridemore's Wisconsin illegal immigration bill (PDF) at link:

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Milwaukee South Side Ready Workforce Staffing Agency Vandalized Causing Thousands In Damage

Photos by HNG

Operator of staffing agency estimated the damage as costly.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 19, 2011

Milwaukee - On early Saturday, Samuel D. Santiago, Business Developer Officer, of the Milwaukee Branch of Ready Workforce USA received an unexpected call from a security protection agency that the staffing business had been broken into and vandalized by an unkown suspect or suspects. The incident occured around 3:30 a.m. at the 800 block of W. Historic Mitchell St., when vandals threw several large large rocks at the front right double pane glass window, including an inside corridor window.
One of the rocks became imbedded in the wall and another rock twice the size ended up inside the office area. Nothing was reported missing from the temperary job agency and there was no indication that anyone had entered the office, Santiago confirmed.
Santiago estimated the damage could cost and reach the thousands, but the agency has insurance to cover the damage done. He said, that the Milwaukee police were called shortly after the incident happened and was reported. Police didn't arrived at the scene until four hours later.
Police squads weren't available at the time because he was told police were busy at a fire scene in the area, according to Santiago.
At 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, Santiago could be seen at the agency cleaning up the broken glass and mess, to continue with the operating hours at the company. The staffing agency was expecting workers to come in for assigned jobs.
Ready Workforce USA has its Corporate headquarters in Gendale, Wisconsin and Orlando, Florida branch.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Dane County Judge Sumi Issues Temperary Restraining Order Preventing Union Busting Law From Taking Effect In Wisconsin

State department of justice plans to appeal TRO ruling.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 18, 2011

Madison, Wisconsin - On Friday, Dane County Circuit Court Judge Maryann Sumi issued a temperary restraining order (TRO) to stop the union busting bill from becomming law. She felt compelled to issue the TRO, since it deals with a controversal public issue and if the public was given enough notice to attend such a meeting, especially when the end result would affect them. Sumi ordered Douglas La Follette, Secretary of State not to publish the law busting unions until the court orders otherwise.
Court arguments between the State legislature and Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne continue in the case. At issue, if Republican legislators had an emergency to meet and failed to provide at least 24 hours notice before they convened to modify Governor Scott Walker's budget repair bill. The Republicans actually gave a two hour notice before they met in an emergency legislative conference to modify the bill by separating the collective bargaining rights provison that eliminates most union rights.
The order won't prevent the Republican controlled legislature to convene once again in a special legislative conference to pass it. Majority leaders from both the Senate and House indicated they will continue in the court process rather than try to repass the bill.
Last Wednesday, the Dane County District Attorney Ozanne had filed a civil lawsuit claiming the Republican controlled legislature violated the open meetings law by not providing a 24 hour notice when it covened a joint legislative conference to modify the budget repair bill.
The state department of justice plans to appeal the TRO ruling. Assistant Attorney General Steve Means says, his department will seek permission from the appeals court to do so. The case might eventually end up in the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.
Governor Walker said, he is confident the law will be enacted.

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Arizona Senate Defeats Citizenship Measure Along With Four Other State Immigration Bills

Chamber of Commerce and business leaders urged Republican legislators not to pass state immigration measures because it would contribute to ailing economy.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 18, 2011

Phoenix, Arizona - On Thursday, the Arizona Senate defeated the U.S. Citizenship measure that would strip automatic citizenship from children born in the state by undocumented parents. The Senate also defeated four other anti-immigrant measures dealing with public services, identifying undocumented students in public schools, raisng university tuition for students not legally in the U.S., driving violations and health care.
The Senate was split on passing the immigration enforcement bills. Republicans joined with Democrats to defeat the bills.
The Arizona Chamber of Commerce along with other business leaders urged legislators to vote against the bills because it would contribute to the ailing economy.
Senator Russell Pierce (R) failed to convince legislators to approve the measures. Pierce sponsored and led the push to pass SB 1070, which has been stalled in federal court. A judge blocked most to the major provisions of SB 1070 making it useless. The outcome of the case is still pending.
Last year, when legislators passed the SB 1070 bill to allow police to question and detain suspected immigrants sparked state and national boycotts against the state. Arizona is facing a deficit of more than $32 billion.

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St. Patrick's Celebration On Water Street Ends With Shooting, One Man Shot And Police Shut Down Bars To Secure Area

Police shut down bars on Water Street after a man gets shot near Coyote Ugly after an argument breaks out between several people gathered to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 18, 2011

Milwaukee - On late Thursday, police responded to a shooting that left a 25-year-old man wounded at the 1100 block of N. Water St. where hundreds of people were celebrating St. Patrick's Day along the popular nightclub strip. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital and is expected to survive, according to police.
The shooting incident occured before 11:30 p.m., police responded immediately and were able to closed most of the taverns and nightclubs within a quarter mile radius to secure the scene and area, according to twitters.
Shortly after, people began to tweet and add messages on Facebook, warning friends and followers to avoid Water St. due to a shooting that resulted in someone getting shot. The name of the victim has not been released.
People partying at Water Street that might have taken pictures or video of the shooting are being asked to contact police.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Illinois Company To Open Shop In Pleasant Praire And 85 Employees Will Follow

Photo: Gov. Walker Twitpic

Governor Walker at a ceremony handed a $500,000 loan to Illinois company for moving into the state.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 17, 2011

Pleasant Prairie, WI - On Thursday, Tim Roberts CEO of Catalyst Exhibits, Inc. joined Governor Scott Walker (R) in Pleasant Prairie to announced their move from Illinois to Wisconsin. Catalyst headquarters and their operations is expected to move into the state by early Summer.
Walker said, the company will occupy 144,000-square-foot facility and will invest about $2.5 million in Wisconsin. Catalyst received a $500,000 loan to relocate to the state and qualifies for an exemption from paying corporate and personal income taxes for two years. Companies who plan to relocate into the state will received the tax break, if they move 51% of their workforce or make more than $200,000 in wages, according to a state law that was passed in January.
The Kenosha Business Alliance announced it will provide Catalyst with a $1.2 million low-interest loan for the new facility reconstruction needs. Catalyst makes exhibits for trade shows and is currently based in Crystal Lake, Illinois. 
The move is expected to brings about 85 employees from Illinois and as the company expands would created about another 25 jobs for local residents, according to Roberts.
Roberts said, the company for about a year had been considering moving into the state and had been in contact with Kenosha County officials about a possible move. They finalized their decision to move into the state when Wisconsin Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefish called Roberts. Illinois had raised a 2% tax increase, pushing Catalyst out of state, according to Roberts.
Governor Walker later went to Stroughton and announced support for 478 jobs at Stoughton Trailers in Evansville, Stoughton, and Brodhead. The company will get a $750,000 loan from the state. Walker twitted, "we are helping Stoughton Trailers open the Evansville plant (302 new jobs) & add 176 new jobs @ Stoughton & Brodhead sites...BIG day for jobs in WI. More than 500 new jobs in Kenosha Co. & Rock Co. Not Rep. or Dem. jobs - WI jobs!"
Governor Walker continued to draw protesters where ever he speaks or shows up. The demonstrators were calling for his recall as a result of Walker's passage of eliminating collective bargaining for most state workers.

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Disorientated Patient Breaks Into Clinica Latina On Chavez Drive And Gets Caught

Photo by HNG

Police catch break in suspect inside South side clinic

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 17, 2011

Milwaukee - On early Tuesday, police arrested a man in his thirties after he broke into the Clinica Latina at the 1200 block of S. Cesar E. Chavez Drive. A business owner adjacent to the building says, a man grabbed a metal rod just after 1:00 a.m. from the sidewalked that was placed to hold up a small tree during the streetscape renovation. The suspect then used the metal rod to break threw the front door glass and the inside corridor glass as well. Once inside the clinic, he was able to break another glass inside the registration section and allegedly found some petty cash.
Police responded to the break in and were able to arrest the lone suspect inside without incident. Another business owner about a few buildings down said, that the clinic staff admitted the suspect must have been disorientated or high on something when he broke into the clinic. It turned out, the suspect had been a patient at the clinic, but the clinic staff provided no further details or how much money was missing, according to a business owner.
The Reynas Bakery adjacent to the clinic suffered no damages, according to the owner.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

23-year-old Woman Fatally Shot At Bus Stop After Leaving Community Food Store Where She Worked

Diamaris Gonzalez

(Family photo)

Suspects sought in shooting death

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 16, 2011

Milwaukee - On Tuesday, police responded to call that a woman had been fatally shot at about 7:30 p.m. while she was at a bus stop in the 3300 block of N. Holton St. She was identified by relatives as Diamaris Gonzalez, 23, who had just left her job at the Community Food Store, 3334 N. Holton St. and was catching a bus. She worked as a cashier.
She was taking the bus, because her car had been towed away a day before when her boyfriend was driving it. Her boyfriend had accompanied Gonzalez to the bus stop, but left briefly to throw up as a result of drinking sickness, according to a relative that said, the boyfriend had told the family.
Gonzalez was shot in the chest and died at the scene. The boyfriend told relatives that Gonzalez had died in his arms. A relative said, police had told them that it looked like a robbery gone wrong, but no jewelry or belongings were missing from Gonzalez.
Gonzalez leaves two children, a 1-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy.
Police are investigating to see, if surveillance video cameras near the scene captured the alleged robbery and shooting.

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Dane County D.A. Files Lawsuit Seeking An Injunction And Law Ending Bargaining Rights To Be Voided In Wisconsin

Photo by HNG

Republicans violated open meetings law, Dane County D.A. says in civil complaint.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 16, 2011

Madison - On Wednesday in a press release, Dane County Attorney Ismael R. Ozanne announced that his office filed a lawsuit claiming that Republicans violated an open meetings law on March 9, when a legislative conference committee modified Governor Walker's budget repair bill that eliminated most bargaining rights for most workers. Ozanne is seeking an injunction to keep the secretatry of state from publishing the law after March 25, and for the law to be voided.
Ozanne named Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald (R), Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R), Senate President Michael Ellis (R), Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder (R) and Douglas La Follette (D), Secretary of State as defendants and filed the complaint in the Dane County Circuit Court charging violations of the open meetings law in an effort to vindicate the interests of the public in ensuring governmental bodies at all levels adhere to all of the requirements of the open meetings law.
Ozanne stated, “Once this office received a verified complaint, which is needed by statute to give us jurisdiction, we began an investigation. Our investigation has found merit in the verified complaints, which allows us to commence this litigation. This litigation does not address the merits or the wisdom of the legislation.”
A lawyer representing unions had also filed a lawsuit alleging the Republicans had violated open meetings law, by not given enough public notice to make changes on the budget repair bill, which Republicans separated a provision ending collective bargaining. A court hearing for the unions claim is scheduled for Friday.
Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald has said, the process was done legally, since the conference meeting drew questions how it was called. The issue will be decided, if legislators violated the open meetings law when both the Senate and Assemly members met in a legislative conference and decided to modify Walker's budget repair bill without following the required time for public notice and notification to legislators.
Last Friday, the union busting law was signed into law by Governor Scott Walker (R).

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Utah Governor Signs HB 116 Into Law Allowing Illegal Workers To Get Work Permits And Residence In State

Governor Gary R. Herbert

The Utah Department of Safety would issue state visas to undocumented workers and their families, first of it kind in the U.S.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 16, 2011

Salt Lake City, Utah - On Tuesday, Governor Gary R. Herbert signed four immigration bills including HB 116 into law, which addressed immigration enforcement, guest-worker visas and employment veritification by employers in Utah. Utah became the first state to enact laws to let illegal workers remain in the state along with their families.
Governor Herbert called it "the Utah solution." He said, "Utah has taken a thoughtful, rational approach and found common ground."
A press release from the Governor's Office said,  Flanked by business, religious, and legislative leaders in the Gold Room of the Utah Capitol, the Governor touted the day as an historic one. "Utah did the right thing. We did the hard thing," he said. "Today I challenge our federal delegation and those who work alongside them in Washington, D.C.: It is time to get off the sidelines and have a meaningful dialogue about immigration in this country."
While most acknowledge immigration is primarily a federal issue, Governor Herbert said these bills provide him some leverage at the federal level to engage the federal government in addressing Utah's challenges, according to the press release.
The federal government would have to grant a waiver, since the U.S. Congress can only enact immigration laws and enforce them. If the federal government fails to grant a waiver, Utah might engage in a legal challenge by the U.S. Department of Justice.
The guest-worker program under HB 116 will take effect in two years. It would allow the Utah Department of Safety to issue state visas to more than 110,000 undocumented immigrants in the state. Immigrants would have to pay $2,500 for permits or pay $1,000 for overstaying a visa in the U.S. Their families would be included in the permits. Undocumented workers would have to go through a background investigation once they sign up for the guest-worker program. They would be expected to learn English, but would not be required.
The HB 116 sponsors of the bill were State Representative Bill Wright (R-Holden) and State Senator Stuart Reid.
In other news, the Maryland state senate approved SB 167 by a vote of 27-20 to allow in-state tuition for undocumented students who attend universities and colleges.
In Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker's (R) two year budget 2011-2013 repeals in-state tuition for undocumented students who attend universities and colleges. The in-state tuition bill was signed into law by former Governor Jim Doyle (D) in 2009.
State Representative Donald Pridemore (R-Hartford) began circulating a similar Arizona immigration enforcement bill (PDF copy of bill at at the Capitol to try and get sponsors for it. Pridemore says, his bill protects against racial profiling and targets criminal activity by undocumented immigrants.
Under the bill, police can only approach suspected illegals, if they committed a crime, are turned in by a town, local, county and state employee when seeking public services or have violated an ordinance. Pridemore wants to prevent undocumented immigrants from engaging in illegal gang activity and smuggling drugs into Wisconsin and causing fatal accidents while driving drunk without a license.
Former Governor Doyle enacted a law in 2005 preventing undocumented immigrants from getting a state driver's license without a Social Security number.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Governor Walker's Campaign Contributors Targetted By Pro-labor Supporters And Unions In Wisconsin

Pro-labor supporters and union members closing accounts at M&I Bank.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 15, 2010

Madison, WI - The following businesses and corporations have donated to Governor Scott Walker's (R) election campaign in Wisconsin. They are now being targetted for boycotts by pro-labor groups, unions and supporters, according to 620 WTMJ News radio.
Last week Thursday, several union members went into the M&I Bank at 1 W. Main St. in Madison and had a combined $192,000 redrawn from their accounts. They walked out from the M&I bank and showed their checks to the demonstrators at the Capitol square. The bank then closed early in the morning to avoid any problems with protesters, the Madison dot com reported.
Unions and other members are expected to do the same, unless the M&I CEO makes a public statement, opposing Walker's passage of the modified budget repair bill eliminating collective bargaining rights for most state workers. A spokesperson for M&I says, employees are free to contribute to any political campaign and candidate that they support.
Unions in the state have over $1 billion invested at M&I Bank, mostly through pensions and M&I executives and employees have contributed $43,300 to Walker's campaign, the Nation dot com reported.
In Milwaukee, pro-labor groups continue to protest outside M&I Banks. The Bank of Monreal is in the process of buying M&I Banks.
Last Friday, Walker signed the bill into law. The law takes effect on March 25, once the Secretary of State publishes it.
On Sunday, Rich Abelson, union leader from the AFSCME District 48 confirmed to Upfront WISN 12 that unions will concentrate on the legal battle challenging Walker's law busting unions and the recall of 8 Senate Republicans this Spring and Governor Walker in nine months.
On Saturday, more than 150,000 demonstrators converged at the Capitol square calling for Governor Walker's recall and the recall for 8 Senate Republicans. Within the last three weeks, more than 1.5 million demonstrators have protested at the Capitol. They opposed Walker's intent to bust unions.
Walker believes once the law takes effect, protests will die down, but they won't. Several thousand demonstrators protested against Walker when he made a presentation at a Republican convention in Brown County over the weekend. On Monday, demonstrators showed up at another event Walker spoked at.
Walker's two year budget that cuts $4.2 billion in spending including $1 billion in education and funding for local governments will extend protests and demonstrations where ever Walker is expected to appear.
Walker by ending collective bargaining rights for most state workers ignited a war against the middle class. His real motive to bust unions was not fiscal, but to destroy the Democratic Party. Union Political Action Committees provide a source of political campaign funding and support for the Democrats.
Political analysts believe, Walker handed the state to the Democrats and has awaken a political movement for Democracy among the middle class. The clock is ticking on the 8 Senate Republicans and for Walker, who might end up being in office for one year or so as governor, after the recall, according to pro-labor activists.
Pro-labor supporters and unions will see, if the protests against union busting by Governor Walker turns out voters for the April elections in Milwaukee County. They are campaigning to defeat, State Representative Jeff Stone (R) who is running for Milwaukee County Executive. Stone supports Walker's union busting, supports Walker's two year budget cuts, including cuts of $1 billion in education and local government funding, $4.2 billion spending cut for the state and supports Representative Donald Pridemore's (R-Hartford) proposed Arizona type immigration enforcement bill for Wisconsin. Pridemore began circulating the proposed immigration bill in the state assembly to get co-sponsors.
Pro-labor groups are supporting Chris Abele for Milwaukee County Executive.

Businesses targetted by pro-labor supporters are the following, according to 620 WTMJ news radio.

  • ABC Supply Co
  • Agrecol Corp
  • Allen Edmonds Shoes
  • AMK Concepts & Services
  • Anew Health Care Services Inc.
  • AO Smith Corp.
  • Apache Stainless Steel
  • Artisan Partners
  • Atlantic DQ
  • Audio Implements/GKC
  • Badger Mete
  • Baraboo Growth
  • Bevco Ergonomic Seating
  • Blomquist Benefits Consulting
  • Boerke Co Inc.
  • Bradley Foundation
  • Brian Retzlaff Trucking
  • Briggs & Stratton
  • Burke Properties
  • Burlington Northern Santa Fe…
  • Call Solutions
  • Campbell Wrapper Corp.
  • Carpenter
  • CD Smith Construction
  • Chambers & Owen
  • Charro Restaurante
  • Charter Manufacturing
  • Church Mutual Insurance
  • Cobalt Partners LLC
  • Commonwealth Development Corp.
  • Continental Properties Co. Inc.
  • County Concrete
  • Couri Insurance Agency
  • Custom Pak Products
  • EBY-Brown Co.
  • Einhorn Associates
  • Emergency Medicine Specialists
  • Endeavors Group
  • Fabco Equipment Inc.
  • Fashion Angels Enterprises
  • Feather Larson & Synhorst
  • Fiduciary Managemen
  • First American Funding
  • Fisher Barton Inc.
  • Glenora Co.
  • GMR Marketing
  • Gogebic Taconite LLC
  • Gold Leaf Development
  • Hal Leonard Publishing
  • Hammes Co.
  • Harris Associates
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  • St. John Properties Inc.
  • Standard Process Laboratories
  • Stark Investment
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  • Tamarack Petroleum Co.
  • Tankcraft Corp.
  • ThedaCare
  • Tries & Rice
  • Uihlein Wilson Architects
  • US Counseling Service
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  • V Duane Rath Foundation
  • Wausau Homes
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  • West Allis Salvage
  • West Bend Clinic
  • Zenith Tech

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Medical Examiner Rules Two South Milwaukee Men Died Of Accidental Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Two men and two pit bulls found dead in a vehicle inside a garage.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 14, 2011

South Milwaukee - On Saturday morning, South Milwaukee Police responded to a call at the 700 block of Minnesota where two men and two pit bulls had been found dead inside a vehicle parked in a garage. Both men were identified by the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office as Juan Vasquez, 29, and Noe Ramirez-Ambriz, 28.
The examiner's report stated that a relative found the men on Saturday morning inside a close garage. Apparently, Vasquez and Ambriz had gone to a dance on Friday night to celebrate Vazquez' birthday. The men returned home after the dance and stayed inside the vehicle drinking beer, while two pit bulls accompanied them in the back seat in the garage.
The relative went into the garage on Saturday and found the men dead. The medical examiner's office on Monday ruled it, an accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, according to the autopsy report.
Family and friends began collecting donations to send both bodies to Mexico for burial, according to friends.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Than 150,000 Pro-worker Rights Demonstrators Converged At The Madison Capitol In Wisconsin

Photos by HNG

Protesters on Saturday now concentrating on recalling 8 Senate Republicans and Governor Walker.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 12, 2011

Madison - On Saturday, more than 150,000 pro-worker rights demonstrators converged at the Madison Capitol square as a united front to push for a recall of 8 Senate Republicans and Governor Scott Walker (R) in nine months. Most of the demonstrators carried different versions of signs saying "Recall Walker."
In January, Walker completes one year in office. The 8 Republicans are being recalled for their move to pass a modified budget repair bill that eliminated collective bargaining for most state workers. Walker signed the bill into law last Friday after the House Republicans passed it as well.
Word circulating at the Capitol is that former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold (D) plans to run for governor once Governor Scott Walker (R) gets recalled.
The state Department of Administration first estimated the crowds as 65,000 before noon and later Madison Police estimated between 85,000 to 100,000 demonstrators, but around 3:00 p.m. the numbers grew to 150,000. The gathering on Saturday was the largest since the protests began at the Capitol 26 days ago. The huge numbers made people walk shoulder to shoulder and the crowds were so intense that in some areas in the square, the human traffic came to a halt.
The demonstrators gave a heroes welcome to 14 Senate Democrats who fled the state as a tactical move to stall Walker's budget repair bill that stripped collective bargaining for most state workers. Their self imposed exile allowed people in Wisconsin to become aware that the real motive for Governor Walker and the Republican controlled legislature was to bust unions.
More than 30 farmers drove their tractors around the Capitol square in protest of Walker's bill, which he signed into law eliminating most workers rights to bargain. The law takes affect once the Secretary of State publishes it.
Also participating in the demonstrations was Voces de la Frontera from Milwaukee, a worker rights advocacy organization. Voces sponsored 13 buses that took nearly 1,000 Latinos and non-Latinos to join the protests against Governor Walker's attack on union worker rights, major cuts on education, repealing in-state tuition for undocumented students attending universities or colleges and the civil rights of immigrants in Wisconsin.
Several House Republicans began circulating an anti-immigrant bill for the state. The anti-immigrant bill sponsored by Representative Donald Pridemore (R) allows for police to detain a suspected illegal immigrant in Wisconsin for 48 hours and immigrants have to reimburse counties for their detention at jails. Police could turn illegal immigrants to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement before being charged or after they are convicted of a traffic violation or crime. (Copy of Pridemore's Wisconsin illegal immigration bill (PDF) at link:

State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa (D-Milwaukee) and Bethany Ordaz, her legislative aid.

H. Nelson Goodson at the Madison demonstrations.

Primitivo Torres from Voces leads 1,000 people into a march joining the tens of thousands of demonstrators marching around the Madison Capitol square.

Photos by HNG

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