Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Water Filter Give Away Left Thousands Of Milwaukee Residents With Toxic Lead Laterals Empty Handed

The first batch of free water filters were distributed in the Southside, which left thousands of local residents empty handed to prevent toxic fresh water lateral poisoning.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 30, 2016

Milwaukee, WI - On Tuesday, the W.I.C. office at the Sixteen Street Community Health Center at the 1300 block of S. César E. Chavez Drive drew huge lines of local Southside residents trying to get a free water filter to prevent toxic lead lateral poisoning. According to a posting at the Southside W.I.C. office location, the water filters were being distributed at two Southside locations. On Tuesday, the filters were distributed at the W.I.C. office location on S. Chavez Drive for Southside residents and on Wednesday, the filters will be distributed at the Kosciusko Community Center at Kozy (Kosciusko) Park for Northside residents.
The only problem with the water filters is that they don't 100% stop any lead poisoning in fresh water and the other issue, the Freshwater for Life Action Coalition (FLAC) confirmed that no notice was placed or circulated in the Northside where most of the Afro-American community resides to let them know that they would have to travel to the Southside to get their filters on a first come, first serve basis.
Robert Miranda, a FLAC member stated, "Many poor people with transportation issues in the Northside will find it hard to get to Kozy."
More than 70,000 homes still remain with toxic lead laterals connected to the City of Milwaukee fresh water main. FLAC and state public officials want for the City of Milwaukee to replace all the lead laterals, but Mayor Tom Barrett has yet to commit resources to get rid of all the toxic lead laterals.
According to Miranda, FLAC wants for the city to pay for the removal of all the toxic lead laterals, since the city government created the problem by approving installation of such laterals in prior years. City officials have known for decades that lead particles have been found in the drinking water and have kept quiet and stalled any action to remove lead laterals for years.
The water filters won't prevent lead poisoning and FLAC considers that Mayor Barrett has refused to consider any reasonable plan to get funding for the immediate removal of all lead laterals within city limits.

Milwaukee surrounding suburbs with toxic lead laterals (Source: WISN):

• 90% of the homes in Shorewood

• 32% of homes in South Milwaukee

• 30% of homes in Cudahy

• 38% of homes (19K) in West Allis

• 65% of homes (15K) in Wauwatosa 

Update: Milwaukee, WI - On Wednesday, hundreds of people from the Southside area showed up at the Kosciusko (Kozy) Community Center on S. 7th St. to get their free water filters that practically are worthless in preventing city victims from getting lead poisoning from drinking and cooking with fresh water flow from toxic lead laterals connected to the city's water main. A Milwaukee County worker who said, that he was a supervisor at the Kozy Community Center attempted to censor media outlets from video news recording of those residents seeking a free filter. According to him, media would have to get permission to only video news record the legs and feet of those residents in line to get a water filter. (Source: HNNUSA/Hispanic News Network U.S.A.) Video of incident:

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tony Baez Announced Bid For Milwaukee Public School Board District 6th

Baez, retired CEO from the Council for the Spanish Speaking unofficially announced his candidacy to run for the Milwaukee School Board.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 29, 2016

Milwaukee, WI - On Tuesday, Tony Baez, Consultant on Education and Latino Issues and former President and CEO for the Council for the Spanish Speaking (Centro Hispano) unofficially announced his intent to seek a Milwaukee Public School Board (MPS) seat in District 6 during a gathering at the Citizen Action of Wisconsin (CAW) meeting at El Gran Teocali Hall in Milwaukee's Southside. Baez says, it will be his first run as a candidate for the MPS Board.
According to members at the meeting, Tataina Joseph, the current MPS Board member representing the 6th District won't seek re-election in 2017 and is expected to endorse Baez.
Luz Sosa, the organizer for CAW, a non-profit organiztion confirmed the cooperative has about 450 members (200 Latinos and 250 non-Latinos) from the Milwaukee area and 900 statewide members. Sosa says, one of many goals for the CAW is to organize members of the community to work together and to face issues affecting our community in Wisconsin.

Update: Tony Baez released his official announcement about his candidacy for the Milwaukee Public School Board District 6.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Oceti Sakowin Resistance Camp To Close, U.S. Army of Engineers Want To Evict #NoDAPL Protesters From Federal Land

N. Dakota Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe responded to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers eviction notice for the Oceti Sakowin Camp.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 27, 2016

Cannon Ball, N. Dakota - Both the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe say that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) has no legal right to claim a free speech zone and have no legal right to evict Native Americans from unceded land to the U.S. under the 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie. The Sioux tribes response comes after Colonel John W. Henderson, the District Commander of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers sent a notice of eviction a day after Thanksgiving to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. 
Colonel Henderson's eviction notice says, that it has created a free speech zone and that Native Americans and allies at the Oceti Sakowin Camp would be evicted by December 5 from federal land. Some of the N. Dakota senators have also requested for the Native Americans to be evicted from the camp as well, which would actually favor the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). Henderson says, that he is closing portion of the "Corps-managed federal property north of the Cannon Ball River to all public use and access effective December 5, 2016." The eviction would help prevent further violent confrontations between the water protectors/protesters and the Morton County Sheriff's Office, according to Colonel Henderson. But Henderson has been part of such violent confrontations himself along with the Morton County Sheriff's Office (MCSO), N. Dakota State Patrol, the state national guard and assisting cops from 9 states. Henderson authorized the MCSO to keep Native Americans from going to peacefully pray at a site where two Native Americans were buried on federal land, the MCSO used mace and rubber bullets to keep Native Americans from the area along the Cannon Ball River, just across from the Oceti Sakowin Camp.
On November 20, Native Americans and allies attempted to clear burned vehicles from the Backwater Bridge near the Oceti Sakowin Camp in Cannon Ball, when the MCSO responded with water hoses and douse protesters for hours with cold water in freezing temperatures, maced (used chemical tear gas against them), shot multiple people in close range with rubber bullets and fired concussion grenades at Native Americans and allies. At least 300 Native Americans and allies were reported injured and water protector Sophia Wilansky, 21, was struck by a concussion granade that exploded by her left arm. Wilansky suffered a severe injury and has gone through multiple surgeries and could eventually lose her arm.
Hispanic News Network U.S.A. has included images of the Corps eviction notice letter and both respond letters by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Concussion Grenade Severely Injured Woman's Arm And 300 Injured From Brutal Assault By Morton County Sheriff Deputies

Morton County Sheriff's deputies and assisting cops used three high water pressured cannons, tear gas chemicals, rubber bullets, concussion grenades and sonic equipment (LRAD) to disorient unarmed protesters at the Backwater Bridge near the Oceti Sakowin Camp.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 22, 2016

Cannon Ball, N. Dakota - On Monday, Sophia Wilansky, 21, from New York City went through several surgeries in an attempt to save her left arm from amputation after a concussion grenade blew part of her flesh in the left arm open exposing bones. Wilansky was part of more than 400 Native Americans and allies attempting to clear burned vehicles from the Backwater Bridge on Sunday near the Oceti Sakowin Camp. She was helping to provide water to Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protesters or water protectors when police threw a concussion grenade that exploded by her arm. Wilansky was flown to Minneapolis in Minnesota for treatment.
Photos of Wilansky's injuries were circulated on social media and Facebook (FB).
Protesters at the Backwater Bridge were able to recover rubber bullets shot by police at water protectors, pieces of concussion grenades and other projectiles at the scene. The Morton County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) has denied that deputies and assisting cops from multiple states had used concussion grenades at crowds of water protectors. The MCSO on Monday during a press conference attempted to justify the brutal assault against unarmed water protectors. During Sunday's assault on protesters, the MCSO released the following statement, "Law enforcement is currently involved in an ongoing riot on the Backwater Bridge, north of a protest camp in Morton County. Protesters in mass amounts, estimated to be around 400, are on the bridge and attempting to breach the bridge to go north on highway 1806. Protesters have started a dozen fires near the bridge." According to live streaming videos posted on FB and Native American media drone videos, the MCSO used three water pressured cannons and dosed protesters with cold water in frigid weather conditions, mace/tear gas was used, rubber bullets fired at unarmed protesters and sonic sound equipment (LRAD) was deployed to disorientate those protesting DAPL at the front line on Backwater Bridge.
The Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council at the Standing Rock Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) Resistance Camps in a press released on Monday reported that approximately 300 injuries were identified, triaged, assessed and treated by their physicians, nurses, paramedics and integrative healers working in collaboration with local emergency response. These 300 injuries were the direct result of excessive force by the Morton County Sheriff's deputies and assisting police over the course of 10 hours. At least 26 seriously injured people had to be evacuated by ambulance to 3 area hospitals.
Police continuously assaulted demonstrators with up to three water cannons for the first 7 hours of this incident in subfreezing temperatures dipping to 22F (C) causing hypothermia in the majority of patients treated. Chemical weapons in the form of pepper spray and tear gas were also used extensively, requiring chemical decontamination for nearly all patients treated and severe reactions in many. Projectiles in the form of tear gas canisters, rubber bullets, and concussion grenades led to numerous blunt force traumas including head wounds, lacerations, serious orthopedic injuries, eye trauma, and internal bleeding.
Every emergency medical unit from the Standing Rock Sioux reservation responded to the incident and additional ambulances were sent from Cheyenne River Sioux tribe (South Dakota), Kidder County, and Morton County. Three seriously injured patients were transported directly by ambulance from the scene and another 23 patients were transported by ambulance after initial assessment and treatment in camp. Injuries from the mass casualty incident include:

• An elder who lost consciousness and was revived on scene

• A young man with a grand mal seizure

• A woman shot in the face by a rubber bullet with subsequent eye injury and compromised vision

• A young man with internal bleeding who was vomiting blood after a rubber bullet injury to his abdomen

• A man shot in the back near his spine by a rubber bullet causing blunt force trauma and a severe head laceration

• Multiple fractures secondary to projectiles fired by police

The Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council condemns the excessive police violence and calls upon law enforcement to cease and desist these nearly lethal actions. Specifically, we demand the cessation of water cannons in subfreezing temperatures.
Our volunteers performed well under challenging circumstances on Sunday night, but we would not have been able to do this without the help of water protectors and local community members who transported patients to our clinic, organized warming spaces, and provided food and tea. We specifically want to thank the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe EMS services for their excellent response and highest quality care in an unprecedented situation. "They were phenomenal. They recognized the severity of what we were dealing with, it could have been a lot worse" said Jazmine, a volunteer physician from the Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council, according to the press release that was signed by:

• Linda Black Elk, PhD, Ethnobotanist, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
• Michael Knudsen, MPH candidate, Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council
• Noah Morris, EMT
• Amelia Massucco, RN
• John Andrews, RN
• Kristina Golden, EMT, herbalist
• Sebastian Rodriguez, RN
• Rosemary Fister, RN, MNPHN, DNP Candidate
• Rupa Marya, MD, DoNoHarm Coalition, University of California – San Francisco
• David Kingfisher, MD, JD, Wichita State University
• Jesse Lopez, MD, Heartland Surgical Care
• Kalama O Ka Aina Niheu, MD, Aha Aloha Aina
• Howard Ehrman, MD, MPH, University of Illinois - Chicago
• Geeta Maker-Clark, MD, University of Chicago
• Elizabeth Friedman, MD
• Vanessa Bolin, ALS Paramedic

Update: The Morton County Sheriff’s Department has stated that she was injured by a purported propane explosion that the Sheriff’s Department claimed the unarmed people created. These statements are refuted by Sophia’s testimony, by several eye-witnesses who watched police intentionally throw concussion grenades at unarmed people, by the lack of charring of flesh at the wound site and by the grenade pieces that have been removed from her arm in surgery and will be saved for legal proceedings.
Sophia was safely taken out of North Dakota for emergent surgery and is currently in stable condition. The following is Sophia's statement as conveyed by her father, lawyer Wayne Wilansky.
“At around 4:30am after the police hit the bridge with water cannons and rubber bullets and pepper spray they lobbed a number of concussion grenades which are not supposed to be thrown at people directly at protesters or protectors as they want to be called. A grenade exploded right as it hit Sophia in the left forearm taking most of the undersurface of her left arm with it. Both her radial and ulnar artery were completely destroyed. Her radius was shattered and a large piece of it is missing. Her medial nerve is missing a large section as well.  All of the muscle and soft tissue between her elbow and wrist were blown away. The police did not do this by accident - it was an intentional act of throwing it directly at her. Additionally police were shooting people in face and groin intending to do the most possible damage. Sophia will have surgery again tomorrow as bit by bit they try to rebuild a somewhat functioning arm and hand. The first surgery took a vein from her leg which they have implanted in her arm to take the place of the missing arteries. She will need multiple surgeries to try to gain some functional use of the arm and hand. She will be, every day for the foreseeable future, fearful of losing her arm and hand. There are no words to describe the pain of watching my daughter cry and say she was sorry for the pain she caused me and my wife. I died a thousand deaths today and will continue to do so for quite some time. I am left without the right words to describe the anguish of watching her look at her now alien arm and hand.”

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Suspect Detained In Connection With The Homicide Of San Antonio Police Detective Benjamin Marconi

San Antonio Police Detective Marconi was fatally shot multiple times in the head.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 20, 2016

San Antonio, TX - On Sunday, San Antonio Police Detective Benjamin Marconi, 50, was killed by a lone gunman. Otis Tyrone McKane, 31, was arrested in connection with Marconi's homicide, according to the U.S. Marshals Service.
Detective Marconi was writing a traffic citation in his vehicle outside the police headquarters when McKane parked behind Marconi's vehicle, got out and then walked up to Marconi and fired several gunshots to his head, afterwards McKane fled. Detective Marconi, a 20 year veteran with the San Antonio Police Department was taken to the San Antonio Military Hospital where he later died.

Native Americans And Allies Attempt To Clear Bridge After MCSO Refused To Open Backwater Bridge

Hundreds of Native Americans and allies attempted to clear the Back Water Bridge to have access to N.D. Hwy 1806, but police resisted and began to repell them.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 20, 2016

Mandan, N. Dakota - On Sunday, hundreds of Native Americans and allies converged at the Backwater Bridge to clear burned vehicles from blocking access to N. Dakota Highway 1806. The Morton County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) and assisting cops repelled that clean up, since they have kept the burned vehicles and set up a road block to keep #NoDAPL protesters from exiting the Oceti Sakowin Camp for at least a month citing an unsafe bridge.
People at the camp decided to remove the burned vehicle and were faced with resistance from the MCSO. The MCSO used water cannons, concussion grenades, mace, rubber bullets and a sound tactical protest weapon to disorient the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protesters or water protectors.
Kevin Gilbertt has been live streaming to more than 2.2M viewers from the scene in his Facebook account for more than several hours of the MCSO assault on unarmed Native Americans and allies. It is about 26 degrees at the scene and water protectors are facing Hypothermia in cold weather and wet caused by the water cannon.
The MCSO released the following statement, "Law enforcement is currently involved in an ongoing riot on the Backwater Bridge, north of a protest camp in Morton County. Protesters in mass amounts, estimated to be around 400, are on the bridge and attempting to breach the bridge to go north on highway 1806. Protesters have started a dozen fires near the bridge."
It has cost Morton County and the State of N. Dakota more than six million in protecting the interests of DAPL, which they favor by repelling any protest against the pipeline construction. the MCSO has frivolous filed rioting charges against dozens of peaceful proetesters, since last August. More than 300 arrests have been made by the MCSO and the United Nations observers filed a report alleging blatant police abuse, excessive use of force, human rights violations committed and use of police militarized force on peaceful protesters.

Milwaukee Police Investigating Alleged Live Streaming Attempted Suicide On Social Media

A Facebook user who posted on a Facebook group account asking for 500 likes, so she could transmit a live streaming of a self-suicide has drawn a Milwaukee police investigation into the matter.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 20, 2016

Milwaukee, WI -  On Sunday, a Milwaukee Facebook user got an unexpected visit by the Milwaukee Police Department after posting on a Facebook (FB) account "The Whole Milwaukee (they shut us again) the real page" that if the user would received 500 likes, the FB user would actually kill self on live FB. It didn't take long for FB degenerates, morbid and death thrill seekers to click on the like option. The suicidal user got over 500 likes, but FB users who know the person notified local police of an intend to commit a live suicide and police went to the FB user residence to investigate.
The FB user suicide attempt was cancelled after a photo of an officer at the users residence was posted on FB. It is not clear, if the user was actually attempting to kill self, had medical mental issues, depression or was just seeking some attention as Thanksgiving Day approaches. 
Police at the moment have not issued any statement regarding the FB suicide attempt in the Milwaukee area.

Friday, November 18, 2016

U.S. Deputy Marshal Commander Patrick Carothers Killed By Armed Suspect

U.S. Deputy Marshal Carothers fatally shot while serving a warrant in Georgia.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 18, 2016

Long County, Georgia - On Friday, U.S. Deputy Marshal Commander Patrick Carothers, 53, of Macon, 26-year veteran of the U.S. Marshals Service was fatally killed by a suspect while serving a fugitive warrant in Long County. The suspect, Dontrell Montese Carter, 25, while at the Spring Creek Mobile Home Park located in the 11800 Block of Tibit Drive near Ludowici shot Deputy Marshal Carothers twice with a rifle as he entered a mobile home and fellow law enforcement task force officers returned fire and wounded Carter. Carter later died at a local hospital from his injuries. Deputy Carothers was also taken to local hospital where he later died as well, according to the U.S. Marshals Service.
Carter was wanted for domestic violence and discharging a weapon in connection with the attempted murder of several police officers from Sumter, South Carolina.
Carothers is survived by a wife and five children.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Victim Shot By Local Security Guards At La Zacatecana Bar Likely To Be Paralyzed

A suspect who attempted to disarm several security guards at a Southside bar was shot multiple times after being subdue will most likely be paralyzed.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 16, 2016

Milwaukee, WI - On Tuesday, Rosario Moreno, 35, and Juan Diaz, 45, aka "Carpoforo Benitez" are facing charges in connection with early Monday's shooting outside of the La Zacatecana Bar, 2000 block of S. 13th St. Moreno operates the Security and Investigation Professionals, LLC, a security service agency, according to the business website.
A third security guard is being sought in connection with the case as well. A preliminary investigation indicated that an armed suspect approached several security guards and tried to disarm them, but the suspect was subdued and three shots were fired. The suspect suffered a head injury.
A gunshot spotter in the area alerted police and the injured suspect was found by police investigating the shots fired.
Apparently, police are investigating whether the injured suspect was actually shot inside the tavern. Those involved in the shooting incident then left the scene after abandoning the injured suspect outside of the tavern, according to sources.
Moreno, Diaz and the bar owner were taken into custody in connection with the shooting. Diaz and Moreno have charges pending, but the female bar owner was released on bail and is facing a misdemeanor obstruction charge.
La Zacatecana bar celebrated its Grand Opening on Saturday, according their Facebook account.
According to City of Milwaukee Licenses Committee, a Classic B Tavern and entertainment license was granted to Raquel Perez on May 2016.
The injured suspect allegedly attempted to rob the bar, but police haven't confirmed it.
According to police, the initial investigation revealed an adult male was physically fighting with several other subjects around 1:50 a.m. During the fight one of the subjects retrieved a gun and shot the victim.  Officers arrived on the scene to find the victim suffering from a very serious gunshot wound.  The Milwaukee Fire Department conveyed the victim to a local hospital where he is being treated for his injuries. He is expected to survive.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

St. Anthony Police Officer Jerónimo Yañez Charged For Philando Castile's Murder

Ramsey County District Attorney announced that St. Anthony Police Office Yañez was not justified in killing 32-year-old victim during a traffic stop.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 16, 2016

St. Paul, Minnesota - On Wednesday, the Ramsey County District Attorney John J. Choi announced that St. Anthony Police Officer Jerónimo Yañez was not justified in fatally shooting Philando Castile, 32, in July 6 in Falcon Heights. Officer Yañez was charged with one felony count for 2nd-degree manslaughter and two felony counts for dangerous discharge of a weapon. If convicted, Yañez is facing up to 10 years in prison and $20K in fines for 2nd-degree manslaughter and 5 years in prison and up to $10K in fines for each count for discharging a weapon. Yañez first court appearance will be on November 18.
D.A. Choi released the following statement during a press conference, "Based upon our thorough and exhaustive review of the facts of this case, it is my conclusion that the use of deadly force by Officer Yanez was not justified and that sufficient facts exist to prove this to be true.
"Accordingly, we filed a criminal complaint this morning in Ramsey County District Court charging Officer Yanez with Second Degree Manslaughter in the death of Philando Castile and two felony counts of Dangerous Discharge of a Firearm that endangered the safety of Diamond Reynolds and her four-year-old daughter, the two passengers in the car."
Castile, an Afro-American male was shot multiple times by St. Anthony Police Officer Yañez, according to Lavish Reynolds who recorded the aftermath scene live on her Facebook account. Reynolds says, her boyfriend had told the officer that he was a carry concealed license holder and he was reaching for his identification when he was shot multiple times. Officer Yañez had asked for a license and registration from Castile who was driving.
Reynolds continued to record when other officers arrived to the scene. Her 4-year-old daughter witness the shooting.
Castile later died at the Hennepin County Medical Center. He worked as a supervisor at J.J. Montessori school in St. Paul, according to relatives.
Castile's death was ruled a homicide by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner's Office.
Both Castile and Reynolds were pulled over for a broken taillight by several St. Anthony police officers.
According to D.A. Choi, Officer Yanez's squad car video captured the entire incident, with audio, and subsequent conversations between Officer Yanez and other officers immediately after the shooting. The dashcam video reveals the sequence of events that transpired during this critical minute:

• Officer Yanez approached Castile's vehicle on the driver's side. Yanez later stated he was aware that Castile was buckled in his seatbelt and saw there was a young child in the back seat and a female passenger in the front seat.

• Officer Yanez described Castile as initially having "his left arm over the steering wheel" with "both hands in view."

• Officer Yanez positioned himself facing the driver's side window, leaned his head forward, exchanged greetings with Castile and informed him of his brake light problem.

• Officer Yanez also smelled burnt marijuana but said he did not mention anything to Castile so as not to "scare Castile or have him react in a defensive manner."

• As this occurred, Officer Kauser walked toward the vehicle and positioned himself on the sidewalk on the passenger's side of Castile's car.

• Officer Yanez asked Castile to produce his driver's license and proof of insurance. Castile first provided him with his insurance card.
Castile then, calmly, and in a non-threatening manner, informed Officer Yanez, "sir, I have to tell you that I do have a firearm on me."

• Before Castile completed the sentence, Officer Yanez interrupted and calmly replied, "okay" and placed his right hand on the holster of his own, holstered, gun.

• Officer Yanez then said, "okay, don't reach for it, then."

• Castile tried to respond but was interrupted by Officer Yanez, who said, "don't pull it out."

• Castile responded, "I'm not pulling it out," and Reynolds also responded by saying, "he's not pulling it out."

• Then Officer Yanez screamed, "don't pull it out!," and quickly pulled his own gun with
his right hand while he reached inside the driver's side window with his left hand.

• Officer Yanez pulled his left arm out of the car, then fired seven shots in rapid succession into the vehicle.

• The seventh and final shot was fired at 9:06:02 pm

• After the final shot, Reynolds frantically yelled, "you just killed my boyfriend!"

• Philando Castile moaned and uttered his final words: "I wasn't reaching for it."

•To which Reynolds loudly said, "he wasn't reaching for it."

• Before Reynolds completed her sentence, Officer Yanez again screamed, "don't pull it

• Reynolds responded by saying, "he wasn't."

• During this entire incident, Officer Kauser did not touch or remove his gun from its holster. By his actions and his own words, Officer Kauser did not see Castile make any sudden movements and he was surprised by the gunshots. In addition, Officer Yanez never informed Officer Kauser about the presence of a gun.

D.A. Choi confirmed that Castile was cooperative with the officer's command and did not exhibit a threat to Yañez and his patrol partner, Officer Joseph Kauser testified that he didn't see Castile as a threat either. 

Criminal complaint filed against Jerónimo Yañez (PDF)

Allegation Of Chemical Warfare Against Standing Rock Water Protectors

Allegation that the Morton County Sheriff's Office conducting chemical warfare against Native Americans and allies

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 16, 2016

Mandan, N. Dakota - A water protector at Standing Rock on a self video claims that unauthorized crop planes flying over their camp and spraying unknown chemicals at night. Planes and helicopters are flying at night on tribal land and don't have authorization, an alleged chemical warfare initiated by the friendly Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) Morton County Sheriff's Office.

Wisconsin Major Heroin And Cocaine Dealer LaCresha Lightfoot Arrested In Dodge County

Traffic stop results with the arrest of an alleged heroin and cocaine dealer in Dodge County.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 16, 2016

Juneau, WI - The Dodge County Sheriff's Office (DCSO) in a press release reported that on Monday, November 14, 2016, the Dodge County Drug Task Force (DCDTF) arrested LaCresha A. P. Lightfoot, 27, aka "LA" of Beaver Dam, following a traffic stop within the City of Beaver Dam.  Lightfoot was charged with multiple felony counts for Manufacturing/Delivery of Heroin - PTAC, Manufacturing/Delivery of Cocaine - PTAC, and Delivery of a Counterfeit Narcotic Drug - PTAC, according to the DCSO. 
A multi-law drug enforcement task force investigation indicated that Lightfoot was well known to operated her drug distribution ring from several locations throughout the City of Beaver Dam including Lakecrest Drive, Rosendale Street, and the Shoe Factory Apartments on N. Spring St. The numerous sale of these drugs took place in common public locations throughout Beaver Dam.  Lightfoot had several associates working for her in her drug distribution business and the DCDTF is investigating the suspects involved in Lightfoot's drug operation.
The DCDTF on Tuesday were issued search warrants under the names of Herman C. Jones, 23, and Earl L. Howard, 22, in connection with the Lightfoot drug case, according to court records.
In February 2016, Lightfoot pleaded guilty to misdemeanor possession of THC. 
The DCSO says, Lightfoot's arrest is a major break in the supply of these dangerous and deadly drugs to Dodge County.  
Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt thank the Dodge County Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force, Beaver Dam Police Department, Juneau Police Department, Waupun Police Department, the Dodge County District Attorney's Office, and other Drug Task Force Law Enforcement Agencies that assisted in this case.  

Sunday, November 13, 2016

David Machado Arrested In Connection With The Slaying Of Stanislaus County Sheriff Deputy Dennis Wallace

Stanislaus County Sheriff Deputy Wallace fatally shot twice in the head by a wanted 37-year-old suspect.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 13, 2016

Modesto, California - On Sunday, the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Office (SCSO) reported in a press release that David Machado, 37, has been arrested in connection with the fatal shooting of Stanislaus County Sheriff's Deputy Dennis Wallace, 52, in Modesto. According to the SCSO information, Deputy Wallace just before 8:30 a.m. was patrolling the Fox Grove fishing access area, which is just outside the City of Hughson. Deputy Wallace informed dispatch that he would be checking on a suspicious van and gave the license plate information to dispatch. A few moments later, dispatch informed Deputy Wallace that the van was a reported stolen car. Deputy Wallace immediately requested another deputy for assistance. 
As deputies were responding to assist Deputy Wallace, dispatch attempted to contact him, but did not receive a response.  The first assisting deputy arrived on scene within 5 minutes and found Deputy Wallace down with gunshot injuries and called for assistance. Deputy Wallace was transported to the hospital where he died from his injuries. Deputy Wallace suffered to gunshot wounds to the head. According to a preliminary investigation at the crime scene, Deputy Wallace never had time to take out his weapon from his holster.
The suspect in the original stolen van was identified as Machado.
About 20 minutes after the shooting, deputies received a call of a carjacking which occurred in the community of Keyes. The victim identified Machado as the suspect in the carjacking. The stolen van was also found abandon nearby.
Machado was taken into custody later. Details of his arrest are not being released at this time.
Deputy Wallace was a 20 year veteran of the SCSO. He is survived by a wife and children.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Parker Rios And Jose Martinez, Hired As Vice-presidents At UMOS Corporate

Leonardo "Jimmy" Martinez is expected to retire from UMOS after more than 31 years of service, Parker Rios and Jose Martinez were hired by UMOS to replace Jimmy, according to Lupe Martinez, the UMOS President and CEO.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 11, 2016

Milwaukee, WI - On Friday during the annual UMOS Holiday Social event at the Best Western Hotel and Convention Center, Lupe Martinez, the President and CEO of United Migrant Opportunity Services (UMOS) introduced to Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) both Parker Rios and Jose Martinez as the newly hired Vice-presidents who will be taking over UMOS operations when Leonardo "Jimmy" Martinez, the current Vice-president of Operations retires.
Jimmy has been with UMOS for more than 31 years. Meanwhile, Rios and Martinez are going through a transitional training process to fulfill their required perspective duties at UMOS.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thousands Marched In Milwaukee Chanting "We Want A President Not A Racist"

Milwaukee residents joined multiple cities around the nation to protest the racism and hate movement sparked by President elect Trump.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 10, 2016

Milwaukee, WI - On Thursday, thousands of residents gathered at the Red Arrow Park in downtown Milwaukee to show a solidarity movement against President elect Donald J. Trump (R) racist and hate movement in the U.S. The march was sponsored by Youth Empowered in the Struggle (YES) and other groups. The Trump protesters chanted "F_ck Trump, We Want a President Not A Racist, Si Se Puede" among other chants.
It was a peaceful march and protest until one of Trump's supporters and his family instigated a brief altercation in front of a WISN TV news crew. It seemed that the skin head had informed media outlets that he would be at the planned Trump protest. The skin head left afterwards and no arrests were made.
On early Wednesday, it was announced that Trump had won the election by 279 electoral votes and Hillary Clinton (D) received 228 votes, but Clinton got the popular vote by more than 200K.
The electoral vote process is antiquated and very discriminatory, which should be abolished or legally challenge in court. Local city, county, state and federal elections determine candidates by popular vote, even in presidential primary elections, except the November presidential race.
Trump's election has ignited disparity, fear and encouraged White racist students to target and racially slur Latino students at public and private schools, according to reports on social media. Several incidents were reported in Wisconsin. In one incident, White racist students taunted Marquette University Latino students and another at a local school.

Milwaukee march and protest against Trump's election

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump Defeats Clinton And Becomes The 45th U.S. President Elect

Against all odds, Trump defeats Clinton.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 9, 2016

Washington, D.C. - On early Wednesday, Republican Donald J. Trump was declared the projected winner after receiving 279 and Hillary Clinton (D) 228 electoral votes and became the 45th U.S. President elect. Trump defeated Clinton against all odds.
At least 57K Milwaukee County voters who voted for Obama in 2012 decided to stay home and not vote for Clinton on November 8, 2016 giving Trump a Wisconsin win with less than 28K over all votes, according to WI election results. The U.S. Election Project reported that the overall voter turnout rate for the Presidential race for November 2016 was, 46.9% of U.S. eligible American voters did not vote, 25.6% voted for Clinton (D), 25.5% voted for Trump (R), 1.7% voted for Gary Johnson the Libertarian candidate.
Clinton won the popular vote, but Trump won with 279 electoral votes. (Source: HNNUSA/Hispanic News Network U.S.A.)

The following statement was released by Manuel "Manny" Perez, the former Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development on Trump's election. The message that has been sent by a large number of conservatives and Republicans across the nation by supporting the anti-establishment candidate Donald Trump, represents a great opportunity for the large donors who control the GOP to press the reset button and implement the necessary changes to ensure the GOP serves simultaneously the needs of the private sector, the middle and the workers in a balanced, targeted manner. In my opinion, it is entirely possible to balance the needs of private sector (large donors), middle class, and workers.

What should be the priorities for the GOP and the next President?

1.  Strongly and immediately support WORKER TRAINNING  and CAPACITY BUILDING   via technical system and university. There are approximately between 500,000 and 800,000 jobs going unfilled in the US and about 87,000 here in Wisconsin.Renegotiating trade deals will take 2-4 years and the nation needs to bring back to work as many people as quickly as possible. Under the reasonable asumptions of $10 per hours, 40 hrs / week and 40 weeks per year this represents a significant loss of revenue and lost tax revenue for the nation and here in Wisconsin. Support innovation and entrepreneurship to transfer research into new technologies and companies. Improve infrastructure.

2. Meaningfully work together to reduce health care costs with a focus on prevention.

3. Meaningfully work together to design creative manners to increase wages and purchasing power of workers and middle class in the United States.

4. Use a multidisciplinary approach to tackle Illegal Immigration; addressing the root issues. This touches on US Foreign policy, US workforce and economic development, security, outcomes at the IMF and World Bank, and corruption in developing nations among other things. Present an immigration bill in the next 5 months by June of next year.

5. The GOP should ensure to implement REAL INCLUSION of ethnic and diverse populations in all levels of the party starting with county chapters and all the way to the RNC. By real inclusion I mean that individuals should have actual power and authority within the party and not be token appointments and the GOP should foster the cultivation of ethical leaders from diverse communities for elected office. These individuals should be elected by their communities and not appointed by anyone. Outreach is good but given everything that has occurred, words are no longer enough. People will trust actual action and outcomes.

6. Large donors should encourage the cultivation of leaders for elected office that have knowledge, ethics, and experience and who can balance the needs of the private sector, middle class, and workers at the same time.

Wisconsin State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa (D-Milw.) was reelected to office and released the folowing statement about Trump's election. Zamarripa stated, “Donald Trump’s victory last night was not just a political defeat for the Democratic Party. His win strikes a chord of fear in so many members of underrepresented communities, including those I hail from and it is important to try and offer some reassurance to these and all Wisconsinites.
“I was re-elected last night and I will continue to serve as the State Representative of the 8th Assembly district.  I promise you that I will be a watchdog for the people of this great state. I will be a fighter for pragmatic immigration policy and I will continue to insist on equality for LGBT Wisconsinites. As always, I will be a voice for the fastest growing demographic in Wisconsin, our Latino community. I will never forget working families in Wisconsin because I come from a family of workers and I know our challenges and attributes well. I will work to lift up women and girls so that we can continue to chip away at that glass ceiling.
“I will be honest in telling you that I was fearful last night, as well, when I learned the results of the U.S. presidential election. But today I must be resolute because I am an elected leader, not only for the 8th Assembly district, but for communities who have long had no voice or representation in their government. I am a woman, a Latina, a Mexican-American, an LGBT American, and like everyone across this great state – I am a Wisconsinite. In the coming weeks, months, and years I will do my best to keep my constituencies apprised of what will occur under this new administration. And I will do everything I can to minimize the blows to our communities by standing strong, fighting back, and never giving up.”

U.S. Representative Linda T. Sánchez (CA-38), Chairwoman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC), today released the following statement following the results of the 2016 election, “This election yielded a lot of hurt and divisive rhetoric. The Latino community was scapegoated for political gain. We know there is fear and angst, especially in the undocumented immigrant community, but we are still with you. For the past 40 years, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus has served as the voice and conscience of the Latino community on Capitol Hill. We will not give up on this work, and we will never give up on the community.
“To the Latino community: you have Members of Congress who will keep fighting for comprehensive immigration reform and keeping families together, who will advocate for good-paying jobs, and who will be in your corner every day. Now more than ever, we have to be resilient and for the sake of our country, we have to allow ourselves to listen to each other and to make sure the clock of progress is not turned backwards. We do not have the luxury to allow ourselves to be defeated.
“In the coming weeks, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus will request a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump. Throughout his campaign, Mr. Trump made a myriad of insulting comments about the Latino community. We need to make sure he better understands the challenges our community faces and does not act on his extreme rhetoric as President of the entire United States of America. Our points of view may be different, but as one of the largest growing demographics, we cannot afford to talk past each other for the next four years.”

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and former presidential candidate released the following statement, Donald Trump tapped into the anger of a declining middle class that is sick and tired of establishment economics, establishment politics and the establishment media. People are tired of working longer hours for lower wages, of seeing decent paying jobs go to China and other low-wage countries, of billionaires not paying any federal income taxes and of not being able to afford a college education for their kids - all while the very rich become much richer.
To the degree that Mr. Trump is serious about pursuing policies that improve the lives of working families in this country, I and other progressives are prepared to work with him. To the degree that he pursues racist, sexist, xenophobic and anti-environment policies, we will vigorously oppose him.

Multiple historical anti-Trump protests attended by thousands of people were reported on Wednesday in N.Y.C., Manhattan, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Berkeley University, Pennsylvania and other major.cities. A anti-Trump downtown protest in Milwaukee, WI is planned for Thursday at Red Arrow Park beginning get at 5:30 p.m.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Hector Barajas, Deported U.S. Army Veteran Granted Citizenship Interview At Border

Deported U.S. Army Veteran has been granted a citizenship interview at the border.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 7, 2016

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico - On Monday, Hector Barajas, the Director and Founder of the Deported Veterans Support House (DVSH) in Tijuana announced that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has granted an interview for his U.S. Citizenship for November 18 at the U.S. border crossing. Barajas, himself is a deported U.S. Army Veteran and had applied for U.S. Citizenship, but the USCIS failed to approve Barajas for a Visa, so he could attend an appointment about several months ago at a federal building for his citizenship evaluation in the U.S. That USCIS appointment had to be rescheduled.
Barajas could very well become the second deported U.S. Veteran to gain citizenship. 
In April, Daniel Torres, a deported U.S. Marine Veteran became the first to be granted U.S. Citizenship after being deported for more than five years with the help of the DVSH and ACLU-CA.
Just last week, Andres de León, 72, a deported U.S. Army Veteran who served in Vietnam finally received his VA pension. De León became the first deported Veteran to receive a VA pension. He was surviving with a $30.00 per month donation from family and with the support of the DVSH.

Bublr Bikes In Milwaukee Offers Free 30-minute Rides On Election Day

More than 57 Bublr Bikes stations have opened in the Milwaukee area.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 7, 2016

Milwaukee, WI - Bublr Bikes announced that on Tuesday, November 8, it will offer 30-minutes free rides when using code "1776" during election day. Last week, Bublr Bikes opened a bike station N. Historic Dr. Martin Luther King Drive and W. North Ave.
So far, Bublr Bikes has opened more than 57 bike stations around the city, Wauwatosa and business improvement districts including at S. César E. Chavez Drive and W. Washington St., and S. 5th Street and W. National Ave. in the Southside of Milwaukee.
Ten of the latest Bublr Bikes stations were funded by a federal grant (Congestion Mitigation/Air Quality program grant awarded to the the City in 2013) and a city business Tax Incremental Financing District (TID 85) approved by the Milwaukee Common Council in September 2015, according to Bublr Bikes.

Bublr Stations: 

• 5th/National

• Astor/Juneau

• Bradford Beach

• Burns Commons

• MLK/North

• North/Lake

• Oakland/Bradford

• Oakland/Kenwood

• Pleasant/Commerce

• Riverside Park

This year, Bublr has already installed 12 Bublr stations in Milwaukee and 7 in Wauwatosa. Bublr plans to install two more stations before the end of 2016 and keep growing in the years to come – with the goal of having more than 100 stations in the Greater Milwaukee Area by the end of 2018, confirmed Bublr Bikes in a press release.

Municipal ID For City of Milwaukee Residents Moves Forward

The City of Milwaukee Common Council Licensing Committee approved the City Clerk's Office Municipal ID regulations for applicants.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 7, 2016

Milwaukee, WI - On Monday, the Milwaukee Common Council Licensing Committee approved the communications (rules regulating ID issuing) from the City Clerk's Office in regards to implementing and begin issuing a citywide municipal identification (ID) card for eligible residents. The Licenses Committee's approval to place the Municipal rules and regulations on file will now go before the full Common Council meeting for adoption on November 22.
Any resident from the age of 14 accompanied by parent or guardian and older could apply for an ID and pay a fee of $10.00 (a replacement ID would cost $5.00) and good for five years.
Residents would need identity documents (U.S. or foreign passport, Consular ID, Permanent Residency card (Green card), U.S. state or federal ID and a U.S. state license) and must have lived in the city for 15 days to be eligible to get a municipal ID. The ID will be mailed to applicant.
An applicant must notify the City Clerk's Office within 10 days, if ID is lost or stolen and any change of address.
ID won't be valid or authorized for voting purposes.
If you are unable to meet the requirements of an ID application, an appeal could be made with the City Clerk's Office.

Video: City of Milwaukee Common Council Licenses Committee hearing on approval of Municipal ID rules and regulations

Update: Jim Owczarki, the Milwaukee City Clerk has yet to respond to the Hispanic News Network U.S.A. information inquiry via e-mail regarding when will the City of Milwaukee Municipal ID's be issued to city residents.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Ernesto Nava Runs Barefooted 26.2 Miles In The 2nd Annual City of Milwaukee JS Marathon

Nava, a community activist and former president of the Latino Small Business Owners Group in Milwaukee ran barefooted along the 26.2 mile marathon.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 6, 2016

Milwaukee, WI - On Sunday, Ernesto Nava, a community activist, political consultant and former founder and president of the Latino Small Business Owners Group managed to run barefooted wearing a Mexican traditional cultural outfit along the 26.2 mile marathon event by the Milwaukee Running Festival (MRF) and sponsored by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The MRF marathon event qualifies runners for the Boston Marathon as well.
Nava ran near mile 22 along W. Bruce St. and S. Muskego Ave., located in the underpass of the S. 16th Street (Father Groppi) Viaduct where Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) was able to photo and video document his historical running achievement and endurance as a Painani, an Aztec running messenger.
According to Nava, his Runkeeper app registered 27.1 miles due to cone markers being removed by Miller Park, which some runners including Nava ran extra for getting off the running route.
Chris Ponteri, Race Director for the Milwaukee Running Festival released the following statement, "During today's race, we became aware of an error on the course near the Hank Aaron trail, where it appears that race cones were kicked over by a bystander which caused a handful of runners to run an extra mile or two. Once our staff was aware of the error, we quickly put new cones in place and runners were back on course. We will be providing refunds to any runners who may have been impacted."
Nava was among 3,000 marathon runners registered to run the full marathon. Nava's challenge was to run the marathon just 22 days before his 53rd birthday.

Video of Ernesto Nava running barefooted along the Milwaukee JS 26.2 miles Marathon

Aztec runner, Ernesto Nava wearing an Aztec Traditional cultural outfit finished the Milwaukee JS 26.2 miles marathon in 4 hours, 13 minutes and 49 seconds.

ACLU Seeks USDOJ Investigation Of Illegal Acts By MCSO Committed On #NoDAPL Water Protectors

The Morton County Sheriff's Office and assisting law enforcement officers have engaged in illegal acts and "possible constitutional rights violations in the police response to peaceful protesters demonstrating against the Dakota Access Pipeline," the ACLU claims.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 6, 2016

Cannon Ball, N. Dakota - On Saturday, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights (LCCHR) sent a letter requesting for the U.S. Department of Justice (USDOJ) Civil Rights Division and Office of Justice Programs to investigate the "possible constitutional rights violations in the police response to peaceful protesters demonstrating against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL)." The ACLU/LCCHR letter also calls for local law enforcement (Morton County Sheriff's Office - MCSO) to immediately suspend the use of any federally resourced military weapons and equipment. The letter was signed by Leadership Conference President & CEO Wade Henderson and Vice President Nancy Zirkin, and ACLU Washington Director Karin Johanson, according to the ACLU press release.
"The Department of Justice needs to immediately end the militarized and brutal response to protestors demonstrating against the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock," said ACLU Washington Director Karin Johanson. "The use of armored vehicles, beanbag bullets, pepper spray, and police in riot gear against protesters give us great reason to believe that the constitutional rights of those peacefully assembled to protest the Dakota Access pipeline have been violated by police. Even more disturbing is the possibility that these constitutional violations are occurring with weapons and resources from the federal government."
The MCSO deputies and assisting law enforcement officers from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska and Indiana are accused of violating the rights of peaceful protesters (Native Americans-water protectors and allies) during #NoDAPL protests. On October 27, MCSO deputies, assisting cops, N. Dakota State Patrol officers and the National Guard launched a militarized assault on water protectors at N.D. Highway 1806 and demolished a makeshift camp ending with the arrest of 141 protesters. Many of the protesters were maced, shot with rubber bullets, beaten with batons and the cops used sonic military equipment against them to induce pain.
On November 1, Colonel John W. Henderson from the Army Corps of Engineers sent a letter to Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier requesting the use of law enforcement to engage peaceful protesters at the Cannon Ball River where the protesters were maced and rubber bullets fired at them and cops in boat even targeted and shot at a journalist while doing live news feeds from the scene.
Col. Henderson has since rescinded the letter and assistance from the MCSO after meeting with tribal leaders from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Tribal leaders have called for Col. Henderson to resign as district commander for prohibiting peaceful water protectors to pray on open federal public land by the Cannon Ball River, N. of the Oceti Sakowin Camp. The water protectors were trying to cross the river for a Native American ceremonial prayer at the Cannon Ball Ranch burial grounds where two indigenous women who previously owned the land, both Alma Parkin and Matilda Galpin were buried. 
Other illegal acts committed by the MCSO have been video documented by the Native American media as well. Such alleged violations includes and not limited to broken treaties, illegal traffic stops, road blocks to prohibit protesters access to protest sites, illegal and warrantless seizures of property including media drones, shooting at media drones, targeting and arresting journalists for covering #NoDAPL news at scenes and filing frivolous charges against them for trespassing or rioting on tribal land under the 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie.
Native Americans claimed that DAPL has intentionally desecrated burial grounds and markers. Recently, it was discovered that DAPL had found Native American cultural artifacts while constructing the pipeline and failed to notify the Public Service Commission (PSC) in N. Dakota until ten days later after the PSC learned of the incident from a third party. DAPL rerouted the pipeline, but the three member commission of the PSC will file a complaint against DAPL, which is now facing between $10,000 per day or a maximum of $200,000 in fines.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Andres de León, First Deported U.S. Veteran To Receive VA Pension

De León had been surviving on $30.00 per month in Mexico from family donations.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 4, 2016

Tijuana, Baja California, México - The Deported Veterans Support House (DVSH) reported that Andres de León, 72, a deported U.S. Army Veteran who served in Vietnam has finally received his VA pension. De León who became the first deported Veteran to receive a VA pension was surviving with a $30.00 per month donation from family and with the support of the DVSH, according to DVSH founder and director Hector Barajas.
De León received more than $1K from the U.S. Department of Treasury in Veteran's pension.
Barajas, himself is a deported U.S. Army Veteran and has applied for U.S. Citizen, but the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) who grants a Visa has failed to grant Barajas a Visa, so he can attend an appointment for his citizenship evaluation in the U.S. 
It seems that the same USCIS department, which set an appointed for Barajas to be evaluated for citizenship in the U.S. has failed to communicate with an agent to approve a temporary Visa, so Barajas can cross into the U.S. legally for his citizenship evaluation.
Barajas had to re-schedule an appointment for his citizenship after a USCIS agent failed to grant a Visa.

Video: Deported U.S. Army Veteran Andres de León get VA pensión

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Sacred Native Belongings Destroyed By Morton County Sheriff's Office And Then Delivered By Garbage Trucks To Water Protectors

The law enforcement officers (mostly white) from five states including the N. Dakota State Patrol, National Guard and the Morton County Sheriff's Office after last Thursday's eviction of Native Americans and allies from a makeshift northern camp along Hwy 1806 in an act of disrespect, authorities deliberately destroyed and trashed water protectors sacred belongings under DAPL's security supervision.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 2, 2016

Cannon Ball, N. Dakota - On Wednesday, the Morton County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) authorized the release of all items, articles, tents and sacred belongings of Native Americans and allies that were confiscated from the north makeshift camp at Highway 1806 in the path of the Dakota Access Pipeline. At least four roll-off garbage containers were used to dump the belongings confiscated by authorities on October 27 to the northern camp of Oceti Sakowin Camp, the Indigenous Life Movement reported.
Some sacred and religious articles were among what Native Americans are describing as destroyed by authorities with disregard and disrespect to indigenous religious beliefs. The MCSO instead of setting the items aside to clear the path of the DAPL pipeline, they trashed all the water protectors items including sacred belongings fueling criticism how they handle the eviction from tribal land of the #NoDAPL protesters.
The MCSO police assault on Native Americans and allies last week has generated more than several million Americans to support and Stand with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe against DAPL. Protests against DAPL around the U.S. is taking place, especially at banks who have loan money to DAPL.
Hillary Clinton (D) who is running for president has yet to condemn the MCSO police assault and eviction of water protectors from tribal land under the 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie near Cannon Ball. Donald Trump (R) who is running for president as well has invested $1M on DAPL/ETP (ETP-Energy Transfer Partners) and in return received $103K in donations by the pipeline CEO to elect him and donated more than $66K to the RNC, the Guardian reported.
The DAPL pipeline has illegally reached the Missouri River, despite three mile restrictions set by the Obama administration and the lack of an easement permit by the Army Corps of Engineers.
The land known as the Cannon Ball Ranch was sold to DAPL by David and Brenda Meyer, but the N. Dakota State Attorney under a state law says, DAPL might not be entitled to the land because the land can only be used for a business development or family farming and not a crude oil pipeline. DAPL had until October 27 to explain the purpose of the land purchase and use, but has not responded, according to N.D. state sources.
Obama in an interview yesterday told the host that he will let the DAPL pipeline play out for the next couple of weeks and didn't seem to know that the pipeline construction has reached the Missouri River/Oahe Lake and DAPL is in the process to begin drilling under the river for the pipeline to cross to the other side without an easement permit.
Last week, 141 water protectors were arrested, kept in what Native Americans described as dog kennels while being processed at the MCSO jail. An estimated 301 water protectors have been arrested since last August and many have been frivolously charged with rioting.
So far, 750 oil spills have occurred in N. Dakota, since 2012 including 300 within a two year period and only one has been reported to the public, the AP reported. It took 11 days for state officials and oil companies involved in the oil spills to release the information to AP.

Video: Native American sacred belongings trashed by the Morton County Sheriff's Office

In Brief: The Morton County Sheriff's Office reported Wednesday that, law enforcement is currently engaged in a standoff on the shoreline of the Cantapeta Creek north of the main camp area. Protesters built a man-made, wooden pedestrian bridge this morning which was pulled apart by law enforcement. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has given Morton County orders to remove the bridge and arrest any individuals who cross the river for criminal trespass. This is east of the Backwater Bridge, north of the main camp area.

Indigenous Rising Media is reporting that, there are two confrontation zones happening. One on hwy 1806 at the backwater bridge and the second at a stream crossing to the NE of Oceti Sakowin camp. No one is raiding the camp. No live ammo has been used, but rubber bullets have and mace is being used extensively. Video of one incident: and

Morton County Sheriff's deputies and assisting officers mace and fire rubber bullets at water protectors on the Cannon Ball River

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Red Fawn Fallis Charged With Attempted Murder Of A Officer During N. Dakota Hwy 1806 Police Assault Of #NoDAPL Water Protectors

The 37-year-old woman allegedly pulled a handgun and fired three shots missing some law enforcement officers who launched an assault with rubber bullets, mace, a sound cannon and concussion grenades during the eviction of Native Americans from their own land along Hwy 1806.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 1, 2016

Mandan, N. Dakota - On Monday, the Morton County Sheriff's Office reported that Red Fawn Fallis, 37, has been charged with one felony count for attempted murder of a law enforcement officer for discharging a .38 Cal. handgun at arresting officers on October 27. Morton County Sheriff deputies and assisting law enforcement officers launched an eviction assault against Native Americans and allies (water protectors-WP) at Highway 1806 where they had setup camp to block the illegal Dakota Access Pipeline  (DAPL). Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier claims that the WP were trespassing on private land, but the WP say it is tribal land under the 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie. 
DAPL had bought the land to construct the unpopular crude oil pipeline, but the purchase is in question because the land under N.D. state can only be used for a business and family farming, which excludes an oil pipeline.
Also, the Army Corp of Engineers has not granted an easement for DAPL to construct a pipeline in that portion of the land, which is near the Missouri River.
During a police assault to remove WP from the land, police siting from seven states used maced, rubber bullets, a sound cannon and concussion grenades, which injured about 40 WPs. Two teen riders were among the injured by rubber bullets while on horse back, one of them was arrested, one horse was injured by a projectile fired by police and another horse had to be killed after it sustained serious injuries.
At least 141 WPs were arrested including Fallis. According to N. Dakota State Patrol Captain Bryan Niewind, while Fallis was being taken into custody during the police assault, she managed to pull a .38 handgun and fired three shots missing officers at the scene. Captain Niewind didn't say, if Fallis had a conceal carry license.
WPs and tribal leaders dispute the allegations made by Captain Niewind and Sheriff Kirchmeier who have been making untrue allegations and have been caught doing so.
Morton County Sheriff deputies and assisting police have been accused of numerous illegal acts such as warrantless seizures of property, illegal stops and road blocks and frivolous charging of WPs including journalists with rioting.
So far, 750 oil spills have occurred in N. Dakota, since 2012 including 300 within a two year period and only one has been reported to the public, the AP reported. It took 11 days for state officials and oil companies involved in the oil spills to release the information to AP.
Tribal leaders alleged that state officials, the governor, some state legislators and Sheriff Kirchmeier are so corrupt who have enaged in discriminatory practices against Native Americans and support DAPL oil interests.
Since last Thursday's police assault on WPs, millions of Americans have stepped forward in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe who are challenging the illegal DAPL pipeline construction on tribal land, the desecration of burial markers/sites and the proposed pipeline under the Missouri River for fear of anew anticipated major oil spill that would effect over 17M people along the river.
The Red Owl Legal Collective reported on Monday, that they were at the Morton County Court house providing court support to water protectors on bond hearings and preliminary hearings. In the Mason Red Wing's case, the judge did not find probable cause for the felony terrorizing of a police officer charge, but did advance the felony reckless endangerment charge.
For the Wanikiyewin Wi Loud Hawk's case, the judge did not find probable cause for the felony reckless endangerment charge and reduced it to a misdemeanor.