Thursday, October 31, 2013

Milwaukee Police Detective Charged With Felony Misconduct In Public Office

Rodolfo Gomez Jr.

Detective Gomez Jr. police powers were suspended in August during an internal investigation and has now been charged with one felony count of misconduct in public office in connection with the physical abuse of a murder suspect.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 31, 2013

Milwaukee, WI - On Thursday, Milwaukee Police Detective Rodolfo Gomez Jr., 46, was charged with one felony count of misconduct in public office, including excessive use authority. Gomez Jr. posted a $10,000 signature bond and if convicted, Gomez Jr. Is facing up to three and a half years in prison and $10,000 in fines. He is scheduled for a preliminary court hearing on November 12.
Gomez Jr. has been suspended with pay until the outcome of the case. He is accused of beating Deron Darnell Love on August 14,  while handcuffed during an interrogation. Gomez Jr. was caught on video surveillance in the interrogation room punching Love in the upper body. Gomez Jr. was removed from the room by another officer who witnessed the beating. Gomez Jr. came back in with several Milwaukee County Sheriff deputies to move Love into another cell. Gomez Jr. is also seen grabbing Love's head and bringing it down to knee him, according to the criminal complaint.
The Milwaukee Police Department referred Gomez Jr. to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's office for prosecution after an internal investigation determined that Gomez Jr. violated department policy.  
Love who was charged with two felony counts of homicide in the death of his 7-year-old son was taken to a hospital for treatment. 
The suspect's attorney had requested a copy of the video from the Milwaukee Police Department and the Milwaukee County District Attorney's office, but his request was denied until the investigation was completed.

Mexican National Andrade Tolentino Extradited To Chicago For Chávez Homicide

Raúl Andrade Tolentino today, at age 28 and Alma Chávez

Tolentino was extradited to the U.S. from Mexico to face a 2000 homicide in Chicago.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 31, 2013

Chicago, Illinois - On Wednesday,  murder suspect Raúl Andrade Tolentino, 42, originally from Morelia, Mexico was extradited to the U.S. to face a homicide charge for the January 7, 2000 stabbing death of his former girlfriend Alma Chávez, 19, of Chicago. Tolentino was escorted by two FBI agents on a flight from Mexico and when he arrived on Wednesday night at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, he was taken into custody by Chicago authorities. He is scheduled for a bond hearing on Thursday.
In 2000, Tolentino went to the Chávez home on Pilsen and fatally stabbed her multiple times. He then stabbed himself to conceal his crime. Police arrested Tolentino after confessing to killing Chávez. Family members posted a $20,000 bond and a month later Tolentino skipped a court appearance and fled to California where his mother lived. The FBI in California went to the mother's address, but found that both Tolentino and his mother had returned to Mexico.
Years went by and Tolentino could not be located in Mexico. Benifacio Chávez, Alma's father travelled multiple times to Mexico and in 2006, he was able to get reliable information that Tolentino had been living in Michoacan. Authorities couldn't locate him and the case went cold again. 
The U.S. Department of Justice had issued a warrant for Tolentino for flight to avoid prosecution. He was featured in America's Most Wanted in 2012.
In 2008, the U.S. requested for the Mexican government to issue an arrest warrant for Tolentino. 
The Chavezes later learned that Tolentino had moved to his hometown in Morelia, Michoacan where he was working at a local pizza parlor. Alma's father later died and the case went cold once again.
In 2011, two Chicago Tribune reporters and a photographer went to Michoacan to follow up on information gathered from Alma's father. They discovered that Tolentino had registered to vote in Michoacan and had also registered a truck with the state. With the latest information by the reporters, authorities in Michoacan began to search for Tolentino until last February, when he turned himself in to authorities.
Tolentino had been held in a federal prison in Hermosillo, Sonora awaiting extradition, according to the Chicago Tribune.
Tolentino knew authorities in Mexico were hot on his trail, but he moved from house to house, used assumed names and worked in odd jobs to elude police, according to authorities in Mexico. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Arcos Alvarez From Veracruz Killed In Milwaukee Southside Crash

Diego Isidro Arcos Alvarez

Photos: HNG

Arcos Alvarez lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a building killing him and sending a woman to the hospital.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 30, 2013

Milwaukee, WI - Last Saturday, Diego Isidro Arcos Alvarez,  23, was reported killed around 2:40 a.m. after losing control of his vehicle going eastbound, then crashed into La Carniceria Campesino southeast corner building and ruptured a gas line at the 600 block of W. Greenfield Ave., according to police. Firefighters had to open a door to the store to check for gas leaks inside. 
Later someone broke into the store through the same door and stole a cash register. In another break in afterwards, someone attempted to take a safe from the same store, but failed, according to police. Police recovered video from Arcos Alvarez losing control of the vehicle from video surveillance cameras at the scene.
Police also have a suspect or suspects on video going into the store and an arrest is forthcoming.
Arcos Alvarez's passenger, a woman survived and was taken to Froedtert Hospital in Wauwatosa.
Arcos Alvarez is originally from Maguellito, in the state of Veracruz and his body will be sent to Mexico once funds are collected to pay for the cost of transporting the body. Friends and family members placed donation boxes for Arcos Alvarez throughout local southside stores and at El Campesino store with a number to call for more information.
Arcos Alvarez's wake and remembrance began on Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. at the Church and Chapel Funeral Home at the 1800 of W. Becher St. Arcos Alvarez body is expected to be transported to Mexico by Saturday, according to Magdaleno Alvarez Olmedo, Diego's uncle. Olmedo said, Diego had lived in Milwaukee for 8 years and is survived by friends and relatives in Milwaukee and Veracruz.
On Saturday in an unrelated accident, a homeless man known as Anthony "Tony" J. Judd, 45, was fatally hit by a westbound vehicle at the 900 block of W. Greenfield Ave. around 7:30 p.m., according to Ricco Lopez, a Block Watch Captain on S. 10th St. Tony was crossing from North to South on Greenfield Ave. when he was struck by the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle involved didn't stop after striking Tony, Lopez said.
Tony was known by many local residents as a man who would say hello and a punch line of "Hey amigo, do you have 25 cents."

Tony, the Milwaukee homeless man seen just south of W. National Ave. on S. Cesar E. Chavez Dr. or S. 16th St., last August 21 after he just sat down and fell asleep as hundreds of vehicles passed and ignored him.

Photo: HNG

Hernández Pérez, A DREAM 30 Member Deported to Mexico

Rocio Hernández Pérez

Pérez was deported to Mexico City on Tuesday morning while twelve were released just after 7:00 p.m.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 30, 2013

El Paso, Texas - On Tuesday, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) removed Rocio Hernández Pérez, 23, from the U.S. She was flown to Mexico City in the morning and released. Pérez is originally from Veracruz. 
She was taken into custody by ICE on September 30 at the Laredo, Texas border crossing and ICE checkpoint. Pérez was among 34 undocumented immigrants who decided to voluntarily return to Mexico and then attempt to reenter the U.S. and ask for asylum. Their attempt to reenter the U.S. failed and they were transferred to an El Paso ICE processing detention center for deportation proceedings. Nine were later released by ICE.
Only 25 of the DREAM 30 filed for asylum under "credible fear" including Pérez who was brought to the U.S. when she was four and lived in North Carolina. ICE denied her asylum claim and was ordered by an immigration judge to be removed. ICE would not release any information why Pérez was denied asylum.
So far, ICE has approved 17 of the DREAM 30 members and seven have been denied asylum including Pérez. The rest of the DREAM 30 group are waiting the same fate, the 13 left in detention continued with their hunger strike. ICE attempted to order doctors at the facility to force feed them, but doctors have refused ICE's request, according to family members.
Pérez and the rest of the group were protesting the broken national immigration system and were demanding immigration reform.
The following twelve members of the DREAM 30 were released just after 7:00 p.m.on Tuesday. They were identified as Raul Juarez of New York; Edna Flores of Arizona; Israel Rodriguez of North Carolina; Giselle Gomez of South Carolina; Jesus Gutierrez of Pennsylvania; Marco Pacheco of Texas; Leonardo Contreras of New York; Pablo Vivas of California; Lorena Vargas of Arizona, Marcela Espinoza of Illinois; Sandra Paloma of California and Vidal Francisco of Arizona.
Also Erika Isaura Guzman Mata was facing deportation after she was denied asylum as Pérez, but an immigration judge overturned that decision and is awaiting her release.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

EQUINOX In Kenosha Removes McDowell's Photo From Website

Erin Ziemendorf and Matthew McDowell

McDowell no longer featured in the EQUINOX Body and Soul Boutique website as a License Massage Therapist. He was charged with first-degree intentional homicide and hiding a corpse.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 29, 2013

Kenosha, WI - On Tuesday, Matthew McDowell's photo and brief statement of his work has been removed from the EQUINOX Body and Soul Boutique website where he worked. McDowell, 40, of Kenosha was featured in the EQUINOX website as a License Massage Therapist.
McDowell was charged on Tuesday with one count for first-degree intentional homicide, one count for hiding a corpse and a $350,000 bail was set. He is scheduled to appear at a Kenosha County court on November 5 for further proceedings.
He was arrested on Sunday after turning himself to Kenosha police and confessing that he accidentally killed Erin Ziemendorf, 30, of West Allis. Ziemendorf's body was discovered on Sunday at 6:25 p.m. by Chicago police near a Greyhound station at the 500 block of South Jefferson St. Her body was found inside the trunk of her Silver 2004 Grand Prix with Wisconsin license plates in a public parking lot.
McDowell told police that he got into a heated argument with Ziemendorf and he accidentally killed her. He then drove her vehicle to Chicago with the victim's body in the trunk. McDowell left Ziemendorf's auto near a Greyhound station and then took a train back to Kenosha where he decided to turn himself to police.
The Cook County medical examiner's office ruled Ziemendorf's death a homicide by blunt-force trauma to her neck from an assault. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

40-year-old McDowell Facing Charges For Ziemendorf's Homicide

Erin Ziemendorf and Matthew McDowell

Ziemendorf's body was found in a trunk of a vehicle near a Chicago Greyhound station.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 28, 2013

Kenosha, WI - Police in Kenosha have arrested Matthew McDowell, 40, of Kenosha in connection with the homicide of Erin Ziemendorf, 30, of West Allis whose body was discovered on Sunday at 6:25 p.m. by Chicago police near a Greyhound station at the 500 block of South Jefferson St. Ziemendorf's body was found inside a trunk of a grey vehicle with Wisconsin license plates. 
Ziemendorf was pronounced death at 7:25 p.m., according to the Cook County medical examiner's office. The cause of death was ruled a homicide by blunt forced trauma to her neck during an assault. 
McDowell confessed to Kenosha police that both he and Ziemendorf had gotten into a heated fight and he accidentally killed her. He then drove to Chicago and left the vehicle near a Greyhound station with her body in the trunk. McDowell then took a train back to Kenosha where he turned himself to police.
McDowell who had been dating the victim for over a year and a half is now facing homicide charges and attempting to hide a corpse.
McDowell works as a License Massage Therapist at the EQUINOX Body and Soul Boutique in Kenosha, according to its website.

Grall Charged For Battery Including A Hate Crime After Punching Two Men For Speaking Spanish

Dylan T. Grall

Police say Grall punched two men for what he thought they were speaking Spanish, but they were actually talking in Hebrew.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 28, 2013

Madison, WI - On early Saturday,  Dylan T. Grall, 23, of Janesville was taken into custody and charged with two counts of battery, including two hate crime enhancers for punching two men speaking in Hebrew, the Channel3000 dot com reported. Grall noticed the men around 2:19 a.m. speaking a foreign language at the 200 block of N. Henry St. and ordered them to speak in English. He then sucker punched both men.
Grall admitted to police that he demanded for the men to talk in English, but denied that he ever punched them. One man suffered a swollen eye (black eye) and the other was just knocked to the ground.
Grall told police that he thought the victims were talking in Spanish, but the men were actually speaking in Hebrew, according to the criminal complaint.
A witness who saw the attack, told police that Grall did in fact punched both men. Police did not say, if Grall was intoxicated at the time of the incident.

Chen Charged For Butchering Brooklyn Family Over Jealousy Of Life Style

Ming Dong Chen

NYC police say, suspect confessed to butchering his cousin's wife and four children with knife on late Saturday over his jealousy of their life style.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 28, 2013

Brooklyn, New York - On Sunday, Ming Dong Chen, 25, an immigrant from China who only speaks Mandarin was charged with five felony counts of first-degree murder for the brutal stabbing deaths of Qiao Zhen Li, 37, and her children, Linda Zhuo, 9; Amy Zhuo, 7; Kevin Zhuo, 5; and William Zhuo, 1, were fatally stabbed at their Sunset Park duplex. Two of the victims, Zen Li and Kevin were transported to a nearby hospital, but both were pronounced dead on arrival. Linda, Amy and William were found in a bedroom and were pronounced dead at the scene. 
Chen through a Mandarin translator confessed to police that he became jealous of his cousin's family because they were doing well in America and he was not. He was temporarily staying with his cousin's family for a week when on Saturday just before 11:00 p.m. Chen acting on his jealousy impluse got a butcher cleaver (machete type) and slaughtered the entire family. He had been in the U.S. for ten years and wasn't happy that everyone that he knew were doing better than he was. Chen had lost several jobs and couldn't hold a steady job for more than several weeks, family members told media outlets. He was staying with family members that would take him until he got a job.
Zen Li's husband had told Chen that he had to leave their house and could no longer support him. Chen reacted after his cousin went to work and killed Zen Li and her children, according to police.
Chen's cousin who is the father of the children was at work when his family was butchered to death. He came home on early Sunday to find police investigators at his home.
Several relatives who came to check on Zen Li on late Saturday saw Chen with blood on his clothes when he answered the door. The relatives didn't know Chen, so they fled from the area in horror and immediately call police. Several detectives nearby responded to the scene and took Chen into custody after resisting arrest. The detectives soon discovered the grizzly homicides inside the two floor home. The bodies, which showed multiple stab wounds to the chest, necks and other parts of the body were found in a bedroom and the kitchen.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

GOP Expects Rodriguez To Become First Wisconsin Republican Hispanic Woman Elected To State Assembly

Yesenia Eldermira Rodriguez, aka, "Jessie Rodriguez"

Photo: Facebook

Rodriguez draws criticism in the Republican Party of WI Facebook page.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 27, 2013

Madison, WI - Last Tuesday, the Republican Party of Wisconsin in its Facebook page (FB) congratulated Jessie Rodriguez (R) of Franklin who survived a primary special election in the 21st Assembly District with 48% of the vote beating four other GOP members seeking the Republican nomination. The GOP in Wisconsin says, if Rodriguez wins the November general election, she will be the first Republican Latina elected to the State Assembly and the third Hispanic elected to the lower chamber. Rodriguez was born in El Salvador and came to the U.S. in 1984 with her parents who were fleeing from the civil war, according to her website "Jessie for Assembly" dot com. Jessie is just a nickname to appeal to local voters in her run to be elected, but her real name is Yesenia Eldermira Rodriguez. Yesenia's name is never discussed in public, according to critics.
She believes that "partisan politics has been counter productive," which she might become a crucial swing vote in upcoming major issues with Democrats if elected. She also believes that Wisconsin "is moving in the right direction" in job creation, despite Wisconsin falling behind in job creation compared to other states around Wisconsin. 
Rodriguez doesn't mention much about immigration reform or if she supports bilingual education, allowing undocumented immigrants in the state to get driver licenses and if instate tuition should be allowed for state DREAMers.
She is currently working as an Outreach Director for a non-profit organization call "Hispanics for School Choice."
Jessie is married to Aaron Rodriguez, who administrates the controversial "Hispanic Conservative" blog and is currently a Racine firefighter. Some of Aaron's posted articles on immigration reform and other issues affecting Wisconsin's Hispanic growing population and economic growth including political influence are deemed as anti-immigrant bashing, according to some local immigration reform activists in the state. Aaron strongly supports school choice as well and publishes articles in the Milwaukee El Conquistador Newspaper run by Victor Huyke, who gave a small campaign contribution to Governor Scott Walker (R), according to Walker's campaign donation funding information with the state election board.
Rodriguez campaign treasurer is Ivan Gamboa, Vice President of Tri-City National Bank. Gamboa is also the Hispanics for School Choice Board Treasurer and Aaron Rodriguez is the Board Secretary.
Rodriguez will face Elizabeth Coppola (D) in the November 19th general election. 
The winner will replace outgoing Mark Honadel (R) of South Milwaukee who announced in August that he would not run for reelection.
The 21st Assembly District is predominantly Republican, which includes Oak Creek, Franklin and South Milwaukee.  

Some posted comments in the Republican Party of WI FB included, "she is legal right ? NO AMNESTY! what kind of republican ? we need more tea parties...," posted by George Broughton.
"I heard she's against gun rights, is that true?," posted Rick Zingsheim
"She must be very confused! Hispanics are suppose to be in the Dumbocrats left, rear pocket!!!!!," Don Gutz
"It's okay the mention that she is the first Hispanic Republican Woman when it is history, after that, to keep bringing it up is where it becomes a problem.," posted Maggie Brieske
".....funny how 2nd generation hispanic suddenly become from So. Calif,,,,,but it is no joke as they have a nationalistic agenga and Im a Roman Catholic....they are. not playing.... drugs alone tells you this they got rid of. the cubans AND the columbians. controlling the flow of poison into our nation ...Signed. Daniel Carroll , Sunset Beach, CA,,,, Ps pretty soon. press1 for spanish and press2 for English...," posted by Daniel G. Carroll
""...the first Hispanic Republican Woman..." Hmmmmmmm, interesting choice of words Republican Party- seeing as how any mention of Obama being the first Black President is a terrible thing!!!! Hypocrites.," posted Jerome Hirschbaum.

Police Breakup Indoor Brawl Between Teens At Local Latino Family Expo Event

Photos of the Latino Family Expo event taken in early afternoon on Sunday.

Police prevented a brawl from escalating between teens at the Third Annual Latino Expo event.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 27, 2013

Milwaukee, WI - On Saturday, a brawl around 4:00 p.m. involving a brief physical contact and yelling between teens ended up with no police arrests or citations, according to an exhibitor that witnessed the brawl at this year's Latino Family Expo event. The brawl happened near the food court that also involved parents, which a police officer at the event intervene, including the sponsor of the event.
The teens and parents involved were not arrested or cited and allowed to remain at the event.
Exhibitors reported low attendance for the last two days. The Third Annual Latino Family Expo ends Sunday.

Friday, October 25, 2013

28 U.S. House GOP Support Immigration Reform Including Democrats, But Bill Stalled By Majority Leader Boehner

Image courtesy of America's Voice

A majority of U.S. House of Representatives support has emerged to pass a bipartisanship comprehensive immigration reform bill, but Boehner, the House Speaker stalling bill.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 25, 2013

Washington, D.C. - The America's Voice Online is reporting that 28 U.S. House Republicans support a bipartisan comprehensive immigration bill with a path to citizenship for more than 11 million of undocumented Immigrants in the country. Currently,  there are about 200 Democrats who support a just immigration bill with a path to citizenship for immigrants and with 28 Republicans in support would surpass the 218 total of votes needed to pass a similar U.S. Senate version of the immigration reform bill.
Last month, Congressman Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) said that at least 200 House Democrats support citizenship for the 11 million of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. America's Voice Online believes that 28 House Republicans also support citizenship for immigrants as well, which the organization cited public statements from those Congressmen/women in support of citizenship. 
If House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-OH) would allow a vote on a similar Senate version of the immigration reform bill tomorrow, it would be approved before the year ends. The U.S. House of Representatives have 19 more days of active legislative action in their calender for 2013.
A immigration reform bill  would give President Obama another victory after Boehner lost his battle to stall Obama's HealthCare for several years.
The approval of an immigration reform bill in 2003 will most likely cost the GOP the White House in the next presidential election.

Washington, D.C. - Maria Zuniga, the mother of Jonathan Zuniga and Rocio Perez, the mother of Rocio Hernández were taken into custody by Capitol Police on Thursday at U.S. Senator Robert "Bob" Menendez (D-NJ) office. After their release from jail on Thursday, they went back to Menendez' office on Friday again.
They were pushing for asylum for their children who as the "DREAM 30" of undocumented immigrants who decided to crossed into Mexico last September in protest of unjust immigration laws and especially the failure of passing the DREAM Act. They were taken into custody while attempting to illegally return to the U.S.
Both Jonathan and Rocio are being held with 10 other DREAMers at an El Paso ICE detention facility awaiting removal from the U.S. The parents of the DREAM 30 alleged that Menendez won't support their children's release. Menendez does support a comprehensive immigration reform bill with a path to citizenship for 11 million of undocumented immigrants. 

Photo: Facebook

Illinois Temporary Visitor Driver's Licenses For Illegal Aliens Valid For Three Years

The Illinois Secretary of State will begin issuing Temporary Visitor Driver's Licenses to undocumented immigrants in early December.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 25, 2013

Springfield, Illinois - In early December, the State of Illinois will begin issuing Temporary Visitor Driver's Licenses (TVDL) to undocumented Immigrants in the state. Those applying for TVDL's need to provide verifiable documents identifying them. The state will accept a foreign passport or Mexican Consulate Matricula Consular with signature, any school or college document including any utilities bill verifying Illinois residency for 12 months. Also, any credit card, Mexican electoral card, court order document, home ownership documents, two documents that have current address or a bank account valid for 9 months, school attendance verification and insurance policy with home address can be used to verify state residency. 
Only appointments will be taken to apply for a license at all 26 state facilities and people seeking a TVDL will have to pass a vision, written exam and road test. Applicants must have auto insurance or the license in invalid. The TVDL will not be valid for identification purposes, buy a firearm, board commercial airplanes and gain access to a federal court or government facility.
The cost of the license is $30.00 and will be valid for only three years and is not renewable. The applicant must reapply to get another three year TVDL, their identity and residency must be verified again.
The license will be mailed to the applicant's address once all the information is verified and approved.
So far, more than 16,000 TVDL's have been issued to certain applicants legally in the U.S., according to the Illinois Secretary of State's office. 
People who want to set appointments for a TVDL in Illinois can apply now at or contact 855-236-1155.

Click to enlarge image.

New Delhi Mafia Boss And Two Bodyguards Killed In Police Shootout

Surendra Malik, aka, Neetu Dabodia

Dabodia, a most wanted Indian mafia boss and two of his bodyguards were reported killed on Thursday by New Delhi police.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 25, 2013

New Delhi, India - On Thursday, S.N. Srivastava, the commissioner of the special cell of the New Delhi police confirmed that Surendra Malik, aka, Neetu Dabodia, 28, a most wanted mafia boss had been killed along with two of his bodyguards in southern Delhi, the capital city of India. One of Dabodia's bodyguards was identified as Alok Gupta and the third deceased suspect has not been identified.
Srivastava says, that police received a tip that Dabodia would be visiting an area called The Grand area in Vasant Kunj and police set a trap. They spotted Dabodia's vehicle around 10:30 p.m. and when police attempted to intercep the vehicle, Dabodia rammed his vehicle into a police unit. Police asked Dabodia and the two suspects to surrender, but they began to shoot at police. 
In the 30-minute shootout, Dabodia, Gupta and another suspect were critically injured in the gunfire and were taken to a hospital for treatment, but they were pronounced dead on arrival, according to Srivastava.
Dabodia had been wanted for last year's murder of Delhi's Police Chief Constable Ram Kishan and for at least 50 cases that includes multiple homicides, extortion, contract killings, kidnappings and robbery in Delhi and nearby Haryana.
In August 2012, Dabodia escaped from Haryana police custody while being transferred to a Saket court from the Bhondsi jail in Gurgaon.
A $11,396 dollar (Rs 7 lakh) reward was being offered for information leading to Dabodia's arrest.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

20-year-old Mass Killer Arrested In Nuevo León By Mexican State Security Agents

Juan Pablo Vázquez Garcés and Nancy Marcela Ortiz Sánchez

Suspect confessed to participating in 45 murders and is implicated in 34 more, according to Nuevo León state officials.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 24, 2013

Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico - On Thursday, Jorge Domone Zambrano, the Nuevo León State Security spokesperson announced that state security agents arrested Juan Pablo Vázquez Garcés, 20, from the Valle de Santa Lucía neighborhood in Monterrey, who recently confessed to participating in 45 homicides and is implicated in 34 more. All of the murders happened last year, according to Garcés' confession said Zambrano. 
Along with Garcés arrest, Zambrano stated that Nancy Marcela Ortiz Sánchez, 25, also from Monterrey was taken into custody on October 8, at the Artículo 27 Constitucional neighborhood. State security agents were investigating another case in northern Monterrey when they came upon both Garcés and Sánchez attempting to sell marijuana and doses of cocaine. 
Garcés is facing multiple murder charges, including the killing of five people at an events hall and killing two transit officers, one in Monterrey and the other at the Escobedo municipality. Sánchez is facing drug selling charges.
State security agents confiscated a Mazda 3, 35 bags of marijuana, 22 doses of cocaine, 2 cellphones and $25.00 ($260 pesos).

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Leal, Mexican Boxer Dies Three Days After Knockout By Hilares

Francisco "Frankie" Javier Leal

Mexican boxer remained in coma and never recovered after being knocked out at a Saturday bout in Mexico.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 23, 2013

San Diego, CA - On Tuesday,  Francisco "Frankie" Javier Leal, 26, aka, "Pequeño Soldado" succumbed to his injuries from a Saturday night boxing match with Rául Hilares in Cabos San Jose, Baja California, Mexico. The fight was televised live by Box Azteca.
Hilares knocked out Leal in the eight round and he later went into coma, which he never recovered. He was taken to a San Diego hospital where he died on Tuesday, according to family members.
Leal leaves a record of 20  fight wins, 8 defeats, 3 tied and 13 knockouts. 

Two Million Of Undocumented Immigrants Deported By ICE Under The Obama Administration

Obama and Democrats have failed to pass immigration reform, but his administration has succeeded in deporting 2 million of undocumented immigrants. 

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 23, 2013

Washington, D.C. - In one week, ICE will have deported 2M of undocumented immigrants under the Obama administration. Only two months and several days left to end 2013, President Barack H. Obama and the Democrats are running low on fuel and innovative ways to help pass immigration reform in 2013.
A group of conservative business owners and major corporate CEO's and other groups will be in Washington, D.C. to lobby for immigration reform on October 28, according to media reports. Most of those conservatives involved are Republicans and they are expected to talk to members of the U.S. House GOP about approving a comprehensive immigration reform bill. Will they succeed where others have failed?, only time will tell. 
The fact is that ICE continues to detain and deport undocumented immigrants in the U.S., which the agency was designed to do. But in recent years, ICE has engaged in illegal activity in many parts of the country and its media relations department continues to deny illegal activity even when certain cases are documented, reported and exposed. One significant case was the Moises Roger Mory-Lamas case in 2010, where Mory-Lamas was forced by three ICE agents to go to a Peruvian consulate and made him sign an ACT document to be removed from the U.S. Mory-Lamas was in the process of trying to get legal status. 
Mory-Lamas accused, Peruvian Consul Beoutis, and three ICE agents identified in the ACT signatures as Juan Mezarina, Oscar Torres and James Laforge of violating his rights, under immigration law and the U.S. Constitution.
A Peruvian citizen has a right to enter a Peruvian Consulate for official purposes, but with U.S. agents as escorts is considered illegal, and they have no diplomatic status to sign such an Act inside the Consulate, considered foreign soil.
ICE agents deported Mory-Lamas to Peru, despite a pending immigration appeal case and a petition for amnesty, including residency and work authorization until 2011. 
In November 2010, Mory-Lamas received a letter from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) in his residence in West New York informing him of an interview for November 16, but he was already deported on September 9.
Mory-Lamas had fought and challenged his deportation for more than 11 years.
ICE spent more than $400,000 in the Mory-Lamas case alone, including flight passages for two ICE agents to accompanied him to Peru.
ICE isn't suppose to deport anyone while in the process of getting legal status. In the Mory-Lamas case, ICE deported Mory-Lamas, despite any pending case to seek legal status.
ICE deportation data indicates that a majority were deported for non-criminal offenses contradicting the ICE current priorities. ICE's has said, that only those deemed to be a threat to the U.S., gang members, violent and drug related criminals are being deported. ICE has become the most corrupted agency engaging in rogue criminal activity in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and its agents are never sanction, discipline, terminated or convicted of violating the Constitutional rights of detainees by coercion, illegal acts, warrant less home invasions including arrests at private properties and U.S. County courts. The U.S. Congress has yet to investigate such gross violations by ICE and to implement laws to hold ICE agents and its supervisors accountable for many widely documented and reported illegal acts by ICE agents.
Recently in Bakersfield, CA, the ICE office based agents have been illegally arresting non-criminal immigrants at the Kern County Court Houses while paying traffic citations, attending court hearings or getting married, according to the ACLU. The ACLU also claims that ICE agents have been arresting suspected undocumented immigrants in Santa Clara, CA County courts without warrants as in Kern County.
In Tucson, Arizona, an Operation Streamline Court managed by ICE gets to convict between 80 to 180 of undocumented immigrants at once. An immigration judge sentences all to 30-130 days in jail at private immigration prisons before they are removed from the U.S. Not1More activists who staged a protest in early October and blocked several immigration buses transporting undocumented immigrants to the Streamline Court say, the immigrants are denied due process, appeals, legal advice by attorneys or family members including the Mexican Consulate.
In 2012, a total of 409,849 were deported including 184,459 non-criminals; in 2011, 391,953 were deported including 203,571 non-criminals and in 2010, 385,100 were deported including 215,444 non-criminals were removed from the U.S. under the Obama administration. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Former Female Racine Correctional Workers Charged For Sexual Assault Of An Inmate

Karina Herrera, Lisa Hawkins and Mario Barrios

Both former corrections staff workers facing 40 years each, if convicted.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 22, 2013

Racine, WI - On Tuesday, Karina Herrera, 40, and Lisa Hawkins, 33, appeared in a Racine County court for a bond hearing after they were both charged separately for having sexual contact with Mario Barrios, 39, an inmate at the Racine Correctional Institution. Barrios was convicted in 1995 for two felony counts, 1st-degree reckless homicide and physical child abuse. He pleaded no contest to both charges.
Herrera was charged on September 30, with two felony counts, one for 2nd-degree sexual assault of an inmate by corrections staff and a second count for delivery of illegal articles to an inmate. A $2,000 signature bond was set for Herrera on Tuesday. She is expected back in court on November 7.
Herrera is accused of providing a cellphone to Barrios last year in exchange for having sex with him. Barrios has admitted to investigators that Herrera gave him the cellphone and that he also had sexual contact with Hawkins various times.
A routine search of Barrios cell led to the discovery of three SD memory cards that contained pornographic photos and videos showing Herrera performing sex acts to Barrios. Barrios attempted to dispose of the SD's by flushing them down the toilet, but was intercepted and the memory cards were recovered by the guards.
Hawkins was also charged with one felony count for 2nd-degree sexual assault of an inmate by corrections staff and one misdemeanor count for resisting or obstructing an officer. A judge set a $2,000 signature bond for Hawkins on Tuesday and she is expected back in court on November 14, according to court records.
Hawkins worked as a nurse for Guardian Health Care at the Racine Correctional Institution and Herrera worked in the health services unit at the correctional institution. 
Both Herrera and Hawkins are facing up to 40 years each in prison, if convicted.
Barrios has since been transferred to the Kettle Moraine Correctional Institution, according to court records.

Facebook Lifts May Ban On Beheadings And Violent Posted Videos

Graphic videos including beheadings will survive Facebook restrictions, if they're posted to raise awareness and not to promote or encourage violence.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 22, 2013

Menlo Park, CA - Facebook (FB) decided to lift its temporary May ban on violent and beheading videos as long as postings raise awareness instead of glorifying or promoting violence.
FB in May place a temporary ban on such violent videos after receiving numerous complaints. A spokesperson told CNNMoney that if the posting is to raise awareness and is condemning the violent video and doesn't encourage killings, it will be allowed to be posted. "If the video were being celebrated, or the actions in it encouraged, our approach would be different," a spokesperson told CNNMoney.
Most graphic beheadings and violent videos can be found on numerous Internet web sites and easily accessible to anyone searching for them.
Warning: Beheading video real or altered of woman being executed by an alleged Zeta suspect for snitching. Sharpest small knife ever used in a beheading, leads to believe video altered.  What do you think, is it real or fake? 

Beheading graphic video link at:

President Obama And Pentagon Generals Labeled War Criminals By Amnesty International

President Barack H. Obama

Amnesty International wants the U.S. to come clean on drone deadly attacks that killed innocent victims and to pay compensation to victims families. 

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 22, 2013

Washington, D.C. - The Amnesty International (AI) claims that recent U.S. drone attacks on Pakistan and Yemen have killed unarmed civilians. AI investigated six drone attacks, which confirmed that the U.S. had killed unarmed civilians.
AI want the U.S. to take responsibility and compensate victims families. AI reported that the attacks were illegal and war crimes have been committed by President Obama and his Pentagon generals who gave the orders to use U.S. drones in certain attacks resulting in multiple civilian casualties. 
Obama came under scrunity this year for illegally ordering the attack on U.S. civilians abroad, which resulted in the death of an American teenager. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder later admitted that President Obama didn't have the authority to order drone attacks on U.S. citizens abroad or in the U.S. whithout due process. 
Americans abroad were targeted by the Obama administration for alleged terrorist ties, which were never confirmed, but their deaths were ordered by Obama.

Obama Helps Woman That Almost Fainted During HealthCare Speech

President Obama aids pregnant woman who felt ill and almost fainted during his HealthCare speech.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 22, 2013

Washington, D.C. - On Monday, President Barack H. Obama spoke about his HealthCare bill that became law and how people can now start signing up in less than a minute. The glitches have been fixed and more people can enroll in the Healthcare dot gov web site.
He also talked about an 800 number that people can call for advice about their health plans.
"Our goal has always been to declare that in this country the security of health care is not a privilege for a fortunate few. It's a right for all to enjoy," Obama said.
While President Obama was speaking, a pregnant woman standing behind him began to get ill and almost fainted. Obama immediately turned around and helped the woman. An aid to Obama came over and took the woman out from the line she was standing to get medical attention.
Obama while helping the woman, then turns back around facing his audience and says, "that's what happens when I talk to much" and went on to finish his speech.
More than 500,000 Americans have enroll for health care coverage through ObamaCare, according to Obama.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Police Seek Parents Of 6-year-old Blonde Girl Found At Greece Gypsy Camp

Maria, 6, known as "Blonde Angel", Eleftheria Dimopoulou and Christos Salis

Blonde girl not biological daughter of two dark skin gypsies arrested for abduction, false identify, falsifying birth records, drugs and possession of weapons. 

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 21, 2013

Farsala, Greece - Police in Greece and Interpol has launched an international search to locate the biological parents of Maria, 6, known as "Blonde Angel" by authorities. She was taken into care by authorities after they found her Wednesday in a Roma gypsy camp in Farsala, Greece living with a couple who were not her biological parents, according to DNA tests done by police. The couple were identified as Christos Salis, 39, and Eleftheria Dimopoulou, 40, aka, Selini Sali, 40, according to two identification cards found on her, police reported.
The couple have a darker skin color than Maria, suspecting that she might have been abducted by the gypsy couple.
A prosecutor who accompanied police in a raid at the gypsy camp noticed Maria who has light color skin, blonde hair and blue eyes peeking out of some blankets looking at what was happening inside the dwelling where she was living. Her appearance alerted the prosecutor's curiosity and later it was determined she was not the daughter of the couple. 
Dimopoulou has admitted that maybe Maria was adopted in a non-legal way, according to a lawyer representing the gypsy couple.
Dimopoulou has four biological children and police say, she actually had documents that she registered 14 children in different parts in Greece, including six other children born to her within ten months. She was receiving at least $3,800 in child benefits, according to police.
Police suspect, the couple are connected to an international human trafficking ring.
Police are now saying that Maria is actually 6, instead of 4 as previously suspected. She is being cared by Smile of the Child Charity, which has said that at least 10K inquiries concerning Maria have been registered at their site. But police have confirmed that no connection to Maria's parents has been made yet.
Police released the photos of both Salis and Dimopoulou in Maria's abduction to help identify the child.

Air Marshal Arrested For Taking Up Skirt Photos Of Female Passengers

Adam Joseph Bartsch

Air Marshal charged with disorderly conduct for taking up skirt photos of female passengers boarding Southwest flight 3132 from a Nashville to Tampa flight.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 21, 2013

Nashville, Tennessee - Last Thursday,  Adam Joseph Bartsch, 28, a Baltimore based Federal Air Marshal was taken into custody by Nashville International Airport Police after a passenger complained with Southwest 3132 flight attendants that he was taking unauthorized up skirt photos of female passengers as they boarded the fight. A passenger spotted Bartsch taking pictures with a cell phone and grabbed Bartsch's phone. Bartsch's cellphone was turned over to airport police in Nashville. 
Bartsch admitted to police that he was taking photos with his cellphone, according to the police complaint. Southwest flight 3132 was delayed briefly, according to police.
Bartsch was charged with disorderly conduct and a bond was set at $10,000. He was later released after posting bail and is expected back in court on November 14.
The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA),  which manages the Federal Air Marshal Program confirmed that Bartsch has been relieved from his duties and has been suspended pending the outcome of the case. Bartsch could eventually get fired from his job, the TSA says.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

No Immigration Reform For 2013, Not Buying Your Products!

It's executives of Corporate America that funds the U.S. House GOP stalemate on immigration reform and won't budge.  Time for a 16-day national economic shutdown by La Raza, Hispanic-Americans and supporters to show them we have control of our $2T spending and buying power. "No immigration reform for 2013, not buying your products!"
★ H. Nelson Goodson approves this statement and action.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Former Tijuana Cartel Leader Fatally Shot By Clown At Family Fiesta

Francisco Rafael Arrellano Félix

The Félix family was having a gathering and a clown hired to entertain children at the event took out a gun and fatally shot the former Tijuana Cartel leader.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 19, 2103

Los Cabos, Baja California, Mexico - The State Attorney General's office in Baja California confirmed that a suspect dressed as a clown was able to infiltrate a family gathering at the Ocean House party room in the Marbella Hotel on Friday around 8:00 p.m. and fatally shot one of the hosts. Francisco Rafael Arrellano Félix, 63, was fatally shot in the head and in the torso by a suspect in a clown disguise,  according to Mexican authorities. The suspect after killing Félix, fled the scene.
One of Felix's sons was able to identify his father's identify. Francisco Rafael Arellano Félix was the oldest of three other brothers, Ramón, Benjamín and Francisco Javier.

Titanic Surviving German Made Violin Auctioned Off For $1.6M

Buyer who bid and bought a violin believed to belong to Wallace Hartley, the band leader that went down with the Titanic wants to remain anonymous.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 19, 2013

Devizes, Wiltshire, England - On Saturday, a RMS Titanic artifact was auctioned off by Henry Aldridge and Son at the English town of Devizes, Wiltshire, for a record $1.6M (more then 1M pounds). The German-made violin believed to belong to second class passenger and band leader, Wallace Hartley, 33, who along with seven other band members played the last songs while the Titanic sank is corroded and can't be played.
The violin has the engraving, "For Wallace on the occasion of our engagement from Maria." His fiancee, Maria Robinson gave the violin to Wallace. Wallace of Colne, Lancs, apparently played the violin as portrayed by James Cameron's movie "Titanic" movie scene where the band leader and his band played the song "Nearer, My God, To Thee" as hundreds of Titanic passengers frantically made their way to the few life boats left. Other passengers including children in panic and screaming jumped into the icy waters to reach almost empty life boats in the water. Many second and third class passengers died in the interior of the ship when their exits were blocked or locked to keep them from escaping and overcrowding the upper first class decks. On April 15, 1912, about 1,715 Titanic passengers perished in the icy waters of hypothermia. 
The violin was returned after the Titanic tragedy to Robinson who lived in Briglington, East Yorkshire. It later resurfaced again in 2006, which the violin went numerous tests to authenticate before the auction, according to Henry Aldridge and Son auctioneers company.

Two Suspects Sought For Compcell Armed Robbery

Several suspects wanted for the Compcell armed robbery.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 19, 2013

Milwaukee, WI - Police are looking for two African-American male suspects who walked into the Compcell business at 3430 W. National Ave. around 2:00 p.m. on Thursday and robbed the place at gun point. Police say, two men entered the store with hoods on to conceal their identities. The first man walked to a locked employee door while the second man approached a customer and pointed a handgun at him.
While in the back room, the customer, an employee and the store owner were ordered to get on the floor with their faces down. The suspects then stole money from a lock box, several phones and an iPad from the store before fleeing on S. 35th St., according to police.

Police video of robbery:

Avila Charged For Sucker Punching La Mafia Lead Singer Outside A Gay Bar

Jared David Avila and Oscar De La Rosa

Avila charged with misdemeanor assault for sucker punching La Mafia lead singer Oscar De La Rosa.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 19, 2013

Houston, Texas - Jared David Avila, 22, of Rosenberg has been charged with one misdemeanor count for assault with bodily injury for sucker punching Oscar De La Rosa on May 13 outside a Houston suburban Montrose gay night club called the Blur at 710 Pacific. It took police several months to identify Avila and up to four months to arrest him in late September. Avila posted $5,000 bail and was released pending a Harris County Criminal Court hearing.
Avila in May wanted to take a photo with De La Rosa inside the popular gay bar, but De La Rosa felt uncomfortable with Avila and refused. Avila began to make scene inside and was kicked out of the bar.
When De La Rosa and his driver left around 1:30 a.m. from Blur, Avila stepped out from some the bushes and sucker-punched De La Rosa and his driver. De La Rosa was injured with face lacerations, an injured right eye and lost two front teeth. De La Rosa was hospitalized and had to cancel a concert tour with La Mafia group for several months until he recovered. His driver suffered minor injuries.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Rogue Bakersfield ICE Office Accused Of Illegal Arrests In Kern County Court House

Bakersfield office ICE agents allegedly arrested undocumented immigrants at the Kern County courthouses who were attempting to pay fines, at court hearings or getting married. 

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 18, 2013

Bakersfield, CA - On Thursday, the ACLU of California and the ACLU Immigrants' Rights Project sent a letter to John Sandweg, the Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) accusing the Bakersfield ICE office of conducting illegal detentions of suspected undocumented immigrants at Kern County courthouses while attempting to pay fines, appearing at court hearings or getting married. The ACLU cites three occasions of illegal arrests in the last several years. On September 24, 2013, Hector Esquivel Chavez was taken into custody after waiting in line to pay a fine for driving without a license. ICE agents took him into custody as his 2-year-old daughther watched. Chavez and others in line were asked to come into a court room, if they didn't speak English and needed a Spanish translator. Once they went into a courtroom, they were read their rights and taken into custody by ICE.
Another case cited by the ACLU occurred in January 31, 2013, when Sergio Villatoro was at the Kern County courthouse in Lamont, CA when multiple ICE agents entered the area and detained all those people who looked Hispanic. Villatoro noticed that an ICE agent had a photo of a man they were looking for, but the ICE agents blocked all the exists and arrested everyone that was Hispanic. ICE told those that were arrested that they were in custody because they were in the country illegally. 
ACLU claims, that Villatoro was not a target or ICE could have not known he was undocumented because ICE agents never presented a warrant for Villatoro and the others detained for being undocumented. 
The other case happened on September 12, 2012, when Gurvinder Singh and Kuldeet Kaur, both nationals of India were about to get married at a Kern County courthouse division. Singh was questioned by several ICE agents about his legal status, after Singh explained he came through Mexico, he was arrested. He was later released after ICE discovered that for the last two years he was in deportation proceedings. Singh was placed on electronic monitoring by ICE.
ACLU claims that the Bakersfield ICE agents weren't aware of Singh's proceedings and didn't have a warrant to arrest him at the time. Singh and Kaur were able to get married on November 14, 2012, with the help of their attorney.
ACLU also claims that Bakersfield ICE agents allegedly violated the First and Fifth Amendment rights to access to courts for those arrested in the last several years. The ICE arrests have been documented in Kern County, but ICE agents have also arrested suspected undocumented immigrants at Santa Clara, California courts as well, according to the ACLU.
The arrests of suspected undocumented immigrants at courthouses has kept people from seeking restraining orders, paying their traffic fines and from other legal proceedings for fear of being taken into custody by ICE while at the courthouse.
The ACLU requested Sandweg to investigate the alleged illegal arrests by ICE agents in both Kern County and in Santa Clara. 
ICE released a statement that they are only arresting those suspected undocumented immigrants that are deemed a threat to the U.S. It seems Sandweg has a rogue Bakersfield ICE office that is engaging in illegal arrests, despite federal laws preventing such detentions.

Protesters Blocked An ICE Deportee Bus In San Francisco

Photo courtesy of Instagram user yogurtsoda

Police removed the protesters from blocking an ICE deportee bus, no arrests were made for Thursday's afternoon two hour stalemate. 

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 18, 2013

San Francisco, CA - Police confirmed that an estimated 100 immigrant rights activists and protesters managed to block an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deportee bus from moving and transporting an undermine amount of undocumented immigrants. About 20 protesters sat in front of the bus and held hands and another group sat in the back-end of the bus to keep it from moving. 
Police were called to the scene at the intersection of Washington Street and Sansome Streets where traffic was brought to a halt. After several hours,  police managed to remove the peaceful protesters without making any arrests. The organizers say, Thursday's action was to send President Obama a message, for him to issue an executive order to stop deportations immediately and the separation of families.
It was the first time that an ICE deportee bus was blocked in the city and protesters vowed to continue to block other ICE buses in coming weeks.
On October 11, ten Not1More protesters in Tucson, Arizona were taken into custody after chaining themselves into the rims of Operation Streamline Court ICE buses, a federal court entrance fence and blocking several ICE buses. The bus were transporting between 80 to 100 undocumented immigrants to the Streamline  Court where an immigration judge convicts all of them in a group for being in the country illegally and sentences them from 30 to 130 days to private prisons before they are actually removed from the U.S.
Not1More activists say, the court convictions and sentences are illegal, which violates each person their individual rights to appeal, due process, contacting the Mexican Consulate and to seek legal advice from family members or attorneys.
The U.S. House GOP vowed not to pass an Immigration reform bill this year and their defeat to stall Obamacare for several years by shuting down the government for 16 days failed. The House GOP will no doubt make sure Obama won't  get to sign an immigration reform bill this year, according to GOP sources.

16-day National Economic Shutdown To Influence U.S. House GOP To Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill

Take action, spread the word and repost: The U.S. Congress lifted the $16.7T debt ceiling after a 16 day government shutdown, now comes La Raza with its power to engage in a historical national massive economic shutdown in response to the U.S. House GOP failure to approve a just immigration reform bill. As Hispanics or Latinos, we have long been ignored by the House GOP, its time to stop shopping and overly spending for the next 16 days to flex our economic influence and power to finally push for the passage of a comprehensive immigration reform bill. The time is ripe and right to act! Join me in this human rights struggle Raza!, "... "Nuestro dinero compra y pocos se hacen ricos con nuestra labor barata, pero en acción unida de no compras y gastar poco nos da el poder economico de hacer el cambio para mejorar nuestras oportunidades y crear el camino para un mejor futuro para nuestros hijos/as con el esfuerso de nuestro sudor y valentia de luchar para nuestra justicia y al paso a la reforma para nuestra gente."  H. Nelson Goodson supports and approves this action and economic shutdown.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Governor Walker Wants A Mexican Consulate Office In Wisconsin

Governor Scott Walker

Walker has requested for Mexico to open a Mexican Consulate office in the state.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 17, 2013

Madison, WI - On Monday, Governor Scott Walker (R) announced that he has requested for Mexico's President Enrique Peña Nieto to open a Mexican Consulate office in the state to serve Mexican nationals in Wisconsin. He also sent a letter to Eduardo Medina-Mora, Mexico's Ambassador to the U.S. requesting a Consulate office in the state.
Walker cites the economic influence Hispanics have in the state and the projected growth in the near future. "Mexico is Wisconsin's second largest export market. Hispanic-owned businesses in Wisconsin are growing at a rate of 7.6 percent, accounting for $2.4 billion in sales and employing 11,000 people. A consulate office in Wisconsin would help continue the pattern of economic growth," Governor Walker's press release stated.
"The Hispanic community in Wisconsin has grown rapidly in recent years," Governor Walker said. "The Mexican Consulate office serving Wisconsin is located in Chicago, and it also serves Illinois and Indiana.  While a mobile consulate is also available, there is a backlog, and Mexican nationals seeking documents in Wisconsin must wait two months or more."
The U.S. Census reports that 355,468 Hispanics reside in the state or 6.2 percent of the total population in 2012.
In Milwaukee County alone, about 13.9 of the County population is Hispanic. Although Governor Walker doesn't estimate the projected total of Mexican nationals or undocumented immigrants residing in the state, he is advocating for better services to be provided to Mexican nationals.
Walker's request for a Mexican Consulate in Wisconsin is a surprise to the state's Hispanic population as much as it is to the undocumented immigrant population residing in Wisconsin. If Governor Walker is really concern about the economic growth and contributions that the Mexican population residing in the state provide, then he could actually advocate for issuing state driver's licenses, which Governor Jim Doyle (D) took away from the undocumented immigrant population. Walker can also allow in-state tuition for Mexican nationals graduating from local high schools and working to enroll in state universities and colleges.
It seems Governor Walker is just attempting to gain support and votes from the Mexican-American community by advocating for a Mexican Consulate in the state. But endorsing Wisconsin driver's licenses and in-state tuition for Mexican nationals could actually swing votes for Walker, if he is genuine in recognizing the rapid economic growth of the Hispanic population in the state. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Three Wisconsin McDonald's Franchises Used By Owner In Drug Operation

Edward Patterson, Kevin Breitzman and Paul Markiewicz

Feds busted a McDonald's restaurant front to fund a marijuana distribution and operation at three Wisconsin locations.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 16, 2013

Whitefish Bay, WI - On Wednesday, Federal agents from the DEA and multiple law enforcement agencies raided the Whitefish Bay home of Edward G. Patterson, 38, owner of three McDonald's restaurant franchises after a federal indictment alleged that the fast burger businesses were used as a front to fund a marijuana distribution operation. The McDonald's restaurants owned by Patterson are located at 11250 N. Port Washington Rd. in Mequon, 8739 N. Port Washington Rd. in Fox Point and 5344 N. Port Washington Rd. in Glendale were used by Patterson to conspire with other five suspects to launder money from drug sales and to hide proceeds generated from the operation.
Patterson deposited three $12,000 checks into his McDonald's bank accounts. Fifteenth warrants were executed on Wednesday by the feds.
The suspects including Patterson were charged with conspiracy to distribute large amounts of marijuana or a controlled substance and the use of a mail facility to facilitate possession and intent to distribute a controlled substance. If convicted, each suspect is facing up to 40 years in a federal prison.
Feds confiscated 2 pounds of high grade marijuana, 11 weapons and $90,000 in cash, according to a statement released by the U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration office (DEA) in Chicago. The investigation into Patterson's drug dealing began last year, according to the DEA.
The five other suspects were identified as Kevin Breiztman, 29, of Glendale; Paul Markiewicz, 27, of Germantown; Andrea Marquardt, 29, of New Berlin; John Webler, 39, of Milwaukee and Paul Heiniger, 42, of Willits, California.
All the suspects in Wisconsin were taken into custody early Wednesday except Heiniger from California who is still at large, according to the feds.

Federal charges and fines for each suspect. (Click to enlarge image) Source U.S. DEA

Rodriguez Joins NBC 6 News In South Florida

Laura Rodriguez

Rodriguez who worked at Telemundo 63 and CBS 58 in Milwaukee has joined NBC 6 News in South Florida.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 16, 2013

Miramar, FL - On Wednesday, Laura Rodriguez, a former anchor for Telemundo 63 and news reporter for CBS 58 announced that she has joined NBC 6 News in South Florida. Rodriguez who is fluent in both English and Spanish began her career by working at Telemundo 63 two years ago and was able to produce, do the weather, anchor news along with Carlos Vergara, and was an effective bilingual speaker and writer for the newscasts.
Rodriguez also did news reporting for CBS 58 News and in late August decided to move to the Miami area to continue her news reporting career. 

Medina, Facebook Confessed Killer Denied Bail

Derek Medina and Jennifer Alfonso's body

A Miami-Dade judge has denied bond for Medina.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 16, 2013

Miami, FL - On Tuesday, Miami-Dade Judge Yvonne Colodny denied bond for Derek Medina, 31, who is charged with first-degree murder, child neglect and firing a missle. He previously plead not guilty to both homicide and child neglect without causing bodily harm charges, but has yet to plea on firing a missle.
During the bond hearing, Judge Colodny cited her reasons due to the circumstances in the case to deny Medina bail. She also allowed for the defense to introduce a diary from Jennifer Alfonso, 26, who wrote that she was going to get violent with Medina.
Medina is claiming self-defense for fatally shooting Alfonso multiple times in the kitchen and then posting her photo on Facebook after she was dead. He also posted a confession that he killed her after she punched him.
Medina posted, "I'm going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife. Love you guys miss you guys take care, Facebook people, you will see me on the news...My was punching me and I am not going to stand anymore with the abuse so I did what I did I hope u understand me."
On Alfonso's dead body photo, Medina added, "RIP, Jennifer Alfonso."
Police investigators say, Medina had said that Alfonso had threatened him with a knife. Evidence at the crime scene indicated that Medina had taken the knife away from Alfonso and place it back on a kitchen drawer where it was found by police. 
The coroner's reported showed that Alfonso was kneeling and attempting to shield her herself with her arms when she was allegedly shot multiple times by Medina. Medina then took a photo of her body slumped backwards in the kitchen and posted it on Alfonso's Facebook page to let Alfonso's family know that she was dead and to rush over there and get his stepdaughter before turning himself to police, according to Detective Jonathan Grossman who found Alfonso's body and questioned Medina during the homicide investigation.
In a 26-page sworn statement released by police, Derek states, the altercation with his wife began after he overslept and got his wife mad because they had a date to go out. Alfonso began to throw things at him and began to repeatedly punch him during the altercation. She even took out a knife and pointed at him, but he managed to take it away from her and put it back on a kitchen drawer.
He pulled out his handgun and warned Alfonso to stop punching him until he fired his weapon multiple times at Alfonso who died from the injuries sustained in the shooting.
In a video from inside their townhouse recovered by police, it showed Medina moving away from the kitchen and then returning briefly and then he just fired his weapon at Alfonso in the kitchen at point blank. 
Medina told Detective Grossman that Alfonso had a history of getting physical with him for the last four years and that he wasn't going to take it anymore. So, he shot her, but is claiming that he had a right to self-defense. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Belgium Officials Set Movie Trap To Capture Somalian Pirate Kingpin

Mohamed Abdi Hussan, aka, "Big Mouth"

Belgium government law enforcement officials pretended to be a movie group interested  in doing a documentary about the Somalian pirate kingpin.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 15, 2013

Brussels,  Belgium - Government prosecutors in Belgium announced the arrest of Somalian pirate kingpin Mohamed Abdi Hussan, aka, "Big Mouth." Hussan was taken into custody by Belgian federal police moments after landing in Brussels on Saturday. He apparently believed he was going to be a chief advisor in movie documentary about his life as a pirate kingpin, but instead was a calculated trap by Belgian law enforcement officials to lure Hussan into country to arrest him.
Belgium had issued an international warrant for Hussan after he mastermind the boarding and hijacking of a Belgian dredger named th Pompei in 2009.
The pirates held the Pompei crew for 77 days and then were released.
Along with Hussan and another man identified as Mohamed Aden, aka, "Tiiceey" was taken into custody as well and both were taken to Bruges to face charges for hijacking, kidnapping and being members of a criminal organization, according to Belgian federal prosecutor Johan Delmulle.
The Somalian pirates have collected more than $160M in ransom from hijacking, attacking cargo and commercial ships, yachts  and tourists vessels along the Arbian Sea and Indian ocean. They have contributed to a cost of $7B loss for the global economy.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Waukesha Fire Chief Demoted For Using Position To Force Employee To Quit After Sexual Affair Ended

Jesse Alba

Chief Alba demoted to firefighter, the Waukesha Police and Fire Commission ruled.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 14, 2013

Waukesha, WI - On Monday, the Waukesha Police and Fire (WPF) Commission on a vote 3-1 decided to demote Fire Chief Jesse Alba to firefighter. Alba has worked for the department for 23 years.
Last July, a sexual harassment complaint was filed against Chief Alba. The commission launched an independent investigation into allegations made by Mary Jo Hoppe, a part-time Emergency Medical Services Educator who accused Alba of telling her that he was in love with her and that he couldn't work with her. He gave her two options, she could quit voluntarily or be terminated,  according Hoppe. Hoppe decided to quit on May 25.
Hoppe later told Kathy Stefan, an Administrative Assistant with the department that she didn't voluntarily wanted to quit, but was forced to quit by Alba.
The Alba investigation was launched after it was learned that Alba wanted to fired Hoppe, not for her work performance, but for a romance fling gone bad.
Alba told the WPF Commission, he didn't want to smell her perfumed or would like her to work in the same place where he worked, according to the investigation.
The investigation found that when Alba was questioned about his relationship with Hoppe, he denied he had one. It was later learned during questioning that indeed both Hoppe and Alba had consensual sex, which Alba had denied. He wanted the relationship to remain private.
The WPF Commission found enough credible evidence to show that Chief Alba was not "forthright and honest and did not tell the entire truth about his relationship with Mary Jo Hoppe during the investigation." He failed to fully cooperate with the investigation, according to the WPF Commission. 
Stefan also alleged that Chief Alba had gone to her office and had tried to intimidate her into telling him what was going on with the investigation. 
The WPF Commission determined that Chief Alba violated the public trust when he asked Hoppe to resign for personal reasons and not for work performance issues. Chief Alba admitted that he was selfish for his actions and his testimony during the investigation was "disceptive, unethical and dishonest." Alba was also found to have violated the adultery state statute, but was not used as the basis for his demotion.
The WPF Commission majority agreed not to terminate Chief Alba for his prior "commendable record with the department," but instead demoted him. They stipulated that Alba will never hold a supervisory position within the department for intimidating an employee and violating the Department's Rules of Conduct.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Juarez Charged For 4-year-old Castillo's Felony Murder

Conrado Juarez

Police say mother and family never reported Castillo missing.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 13, 2013

Manhattan, New York - On Saturday, Conrado Juarez, 52, of Bronx was arraigned and charged with felony murder for the 1991 homicide of Anjelica Castillo, 4, who for 22 years was only known as "Baby Hope." Juarez pleaded not guilty,  but had confessed to cold case homicide investigators that he sexually assaulted Castillo and then smothered her to death.
New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly announced that Juarez had been arrested on Saturday in Manhattan for the Castillo murder, whose nude body was found inside a cooler along the Henry Hudson Parkway on July 23, 1991. Castillo whose identity was unknown at the time was buried as "Baby Hope" 22 years ago.
"Public outreach, forensic investigation and old-fashioned pavement pounding led detectives to Juarez," said Police Commissioner Kelly, who was joined by the original case detective Jerry Giorgio (retired) and Chief Joseph Reznick, then a lieutenant who delivered Baby Hope's eulogy.
Her remains were identified through DNA last week, which identified her mother. A tip from a woman who says, another woman had told the woman that her sister might have been killed. She called police who later contacted the woman who thought her sister had been killed. Police were able to do a DNA test on Castillo's mother and a positive match came back. The DNA results in the Baby Hope case finally led police to her family.
Castillo's mother was out of the country at the time of her murder and didn't have custody when the child disappeared. Her two daughters including Castillo were in the care of her father and a relative. One daughter remained alive and Castillo went missing, but she was never reported missing by the family, according to police. 
The mother told police that she kept quiet for many years because she was afraid of her husband. The father is now being sought by police for questioning.
Juarez who is Castillo's cousin confessed that he murdered Castillo after sexually assaulting her and smothering her.
Her body showed signs of sexual abuse, malnourishment and being beaten while bound when she was found. Juarez's sister, Balvina Juarez-Ramirez of Astoria, Queens was also implicated in the homicide. She took care of Castillo, which Ramirez was her father's cousin.
Juarez met Castillo through Ramirez, his sister who is now decreased. Ramirez came up with the idea to put Castillo's body in a mini-cooler and then disposed of it, according Juarez.
They took a cab and then got rid of the cooler near the Hudson river. Some construction workers found the cooler after they smelled a foul odor coming from an area they were working at and then called police.
Detectives working in the case in 1991 donated money to buy her a head stone, which will now include Castillo's name.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Baby Hope Remains Identified And Suspect Arrested For 1991 Homicide

Original Baby Hope investigators Chief Reznick (navy) and retired Detective Jerry Giorgio with Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly announced the arrest of Conrado Juarez for the Baby Hope homicide case . Photo courtesy of NYPD

DNA and tip led to her killer after 22 years.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 12, 2013

Bronx, New York - New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly announced that Conrado Juarez, 52, was arrested on Saturday in Manhattan for the 1991 brutal homicide of Anjelica Castillo, 4, whose nude body was found inside a cooler along the Henry Hudson Parkway on July 23, 1991. Castillo was buried as Baby Hope 22 years ago.
"Public outreach, forensic investigation and old-fashioned pavement pounding led detectives to Juarez," said Police Commissioner Kelly, who was joined by the original case detective Jerry Giorgio (retired) and Chief Joseph Reznick, then a lieutenant who delivered Baby Hope's eulogy.
Her remains were identified through DNA last week, which identified her mother. A tip from a woman who says, another woman had told her that Baby Hope was her sister. She called police and the tip led police to do a DNA test on Castillo's mother and solving the Baby Hope cold case.
Castillo's mother was out of the country at the time when the child disappeared. Her two daughters including Castillo was left in the care of her father and a relative. One daughter later came back to the mother and Castillo went missing, according to police. 
The mother told police that she kept quiet for many years because she was afraid of her husband. The father is now being sought by police for questioning.
Juarez who is Castillo's cousin confessed that he murdered Castillo after sexually assaulting her and smothering her.
Her body showed signs of sexual abuse, malnourished and being beaten while bound when she was found. Juarez's sister, Balbema Ramirez of Astoria, Queens was also implicated in the homicide. She took care of Castillo. 
Juarez met Castillo through his sister who is now decreased. Ramirez came up with the idea to put Castillo in a mini-cooler and then disposed of it, according Juarez.
They took a cab and then got rid of the cooler near the Hudson river.

Conrado Juarez arraigned in a Manhattan Criminal Court on Saturday.