Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Efrain García-Sotelo Charged For Killing His Father Over Broken Xbox

García claims that he fatally stabbed his sister because she was "sluttish" and was a bad mother to her two children.

By H. Nelson Goodson 
Hispanic News Network  U.S.A.

January 21, 2015

Milwaukee, WI - On Tuesday, Efrain García-Sotelo, 22, was charged with two felony counts for first-degree intentional homicide for the January 12 fatal stabbing of his sister, Martha Garcia, 26, and the January 15 fatal stabbing of his father, Moses García-Macias, 47. If convicted on both homicide counts, García-Sotelo is facing two life terms. A cash bail of $250,000 was set for García-Sotelo.
According to the criminal complaint, García-Sotelo confessed to police that he killed his sister because she was "sluttish" and was a bad mother to her children. He stabbed her in the chest and neck multiple times after the children went to school. Then he hid her body in the closet for three days until his father found the body.
As García-Macias became emotional and began to cry, García-Sotelo then stabbed his father in the back multiple times. His two nieces ages 8 and 9, including his 46-year-old mother attempted to stop García-Sotelo from stabbing his father. The children and mother suffered minor knife injuries, according to police.
García-Sotelo told police, that he had the best sleep in 10 years during the first night in jail because his father always nagged at him. His father was killed because García-Sotelo thought he had broken his Xbox and couldn't play any games. 
García-Sotelo is expected back in court on January 28 for a preliminary hearing.

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