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Waukesha County Court Chief Judge Jennifer R. Dorow Including Milwaukee Attorney William Sulton Added As Defendants To The Kathryn Alamea-Xian v. Molly Jasmer Federal Civil Rights Act Complaint And Lawsuit In Hawaii Seeking $75M In Damages

The amended federal Civil Rights Act complaint/injunction (lawsuit) added multiple defendants making it a total of 34 defendants that includes 5 County judges including a chief judge and 2 judges from Waukesha County, and 2 judges from Walworth County in Wisconsin (WI), a Wisconsin Court of Appeals justice, 2 U.S. attorneys from WI, 5 WI attorneys, an FBI agent and at least 5 police officers that includes 4 (2 Dets., a Lt. and a police officer) from the Delavan Police Department and 1 police detective from the Waukesha Police Department.

By H. Nelson Goodson 
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

May 26, 2023

Honolulu, Hawaii - On Wednesday, an amended federal Civil Rights complaint and lawsuit case Kathryn Alamea-Xian v. Molly Jasmer (1:23-cv-00211-JAO-WRP) added an additional five defendants totaling at least 34 defendants (in connection to the Julie Valadez v. Ricardo Valadez divorce case in Waukesha County, WI), which is definitely a historic case to follow regarding alleged federal Civil Rights violations in the Waukesha County family divorce court proceedings involving Wisconsin law enforcement, judges, attorneys, a district attorney, FBI agent, U.S. attorneys in Wisconsin and others, especially when some of the named defendants are accused of engaging in intentional acts described in the federal court filing who wrongfully and fraudulently accused plaintiffs of having conspired to kidnapped (E.B.V. age 15) through force for the purpose of child trafficking, kidnapped minor for sexual assault and organized crime, which E.B.V. is the son of one the plaintiffs Julie Valadez. The amended lawsuit also claims at least $75,000,000 in damages and says that named defendants conspired to create a fraudulent national and international extradition procedure by defrauding the U.S. government and the Canadian federal government.

The federal Civil Rights lawsuit (complaint and injunction request) was first filed on May 12, 2023 at the U.S. District Court for the District Court of Hawaii by the following plaintiffs Kathryn Alamea-Xian; Julie C. Valadez; Susan Lim Liang; Protective Makua; Kimberlee Coronado; Jane Does 1-50 and John Does 1-50 against multiple defendants.

The 4 additional named defendants included in the May 24, 2023 amended filing are Waukesha County Court Chief Judge Jennifer R. Dorow; Milwaukee Attorney William Sulton; Walworth County Judge Phillip A. Koss; Paul L. Decker, the Chairperson of the Waukesha County Board of Supervisors and Dawn Jones.

The other previously named defendants also include Wisconsin Attorney Molly Jasmer (GAL - Guardian ad Litem); Katherine Jochman de Lorenzo (GAL); City of Delavan Police Detective Trevor G. Hinman; WI Attorney Kurt Schuster; Ricardo Valadez; Waukesha County Judge Ralph M. Ramirez; Waukesha County Judge Michael J. Abrahamian; Walworth County Judge Daniel S. Johnson; Waukesha Detective Shelly Fisher; Ricardo Valadez Sr.; Maria Valadez; City of Delavan Police Officer Brian Mair; City of Delavan Police Lt. Dave Markley; City of Delavan Police Detective Jennifer Michalek-Milligan; FBI Special Agent Erin Lucker; U.S. Attorney Gregory J. Haanstad in WI; U.S. Assistant Attorney Abbey M. Marzick in WI; Wisconsin Court of Appeals Justice Mark D. Gundrum; Attorney Kelly Nickels; James Murray; Shari D'Acquisto Director of Family Court Services; Monica Paz Clerk of Waukesha County Courts; Lindsey Anderson; Anthony Coronado; Robert Webster; Nancy Webster; WI Attorney Peter Wolff; Canadian Attorney Samuel J. Guindi; Walworth County Deputy District Attorney James Sempf; Jane Does 1-50 and John Does 1-50.

The amended court filing says that the, "Plaintiffs allege that Defendants acted independently and/or in conspiracy to commit perjury, perjuries, fraudulent reports, and injurious acts, thus wrongfully denying Plaintiffs' First Amendment right to free speech, their rights to assembly, their right to free association, and their right to legally and peacefully protest on political issues."

The Civil Rights lawsuit filing claims that law enforcement defendants from the City of Delavan engaged in an illegal search and unconstitutional acts violating the defendants rights and illegally seizing membership and supporters lists from Protective Makua and wrongfully labeling it a criminal organization, also engaged in the illegal search and seizure of the membership and supporters list from Wisconsin Women for Change, which law enforcement have irreparably harmed, intimidated and retaliated against the defendants.

That City of Delavan Police Detective Hinman intentionally filed a false new incident police report dated February 2, 2023 for Kidnapped Minor to Sexually Asslt against both Kathryn Alamea-Xian and Julie Valadez including an arrest booking number, which in fact both defendants were out of the country. Det. Hinman false police report was intentionally included in the Delavan Police Department discovery report sent to the Canada Border Services Agency to unlawfully help detain both Kathryn and Julie in Canada for the purpose to deport them on frivolous criminal charges for child sex trafficking.

Also that on January 25, 2023, Delavan Police Det. Hinman held a phone meeting with FBI Special Agent Blake Schubert, U.S. Assistant Attorney Abbey Marzick, which also included Delavan Police Lt. Markley and Delavan Police Det. Michalek-Milligan who all allegedly conspired to file an arrest warrant for Julie Valadez so, that it would be a "smoothing way" for the Canadian government to return Ethan Valadez, 15, to his abusive father Ricardo Valadez. Det. Hinman wanted the Walworth County District Attorney's Office to seal Julie's arrest warrant, according to his police report.

Ethan Valadez (E.B.V.) was identified by the Walworth County Scanner in a Facebook post as the person who went missing on January 10, 2023. Ricardo had confirmed to police that Ethan had ran away at least 5 times. Ethan wanted to stay with his mother, Julie. 

The federal court filing also claims that, "Def. Det. Hinman's (Delavan PD, Walworth County) and Def. Jasmer's (Waukesha County Court) fraudulent reports (of alleged kidnapping of E.B.V.) were submitted to the federal CBSA in order to act upon the fraudulent, extraditable, Walworth-based court warrant issued against Plaintiffs Xian and Julie Valadez, in violation the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, refugee rights (Immigration Refugee and Protection Act (IRPA), the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees (Refugee Convention), and in violation of the U.S. Constitution and federal state laws supra and infra. 

"These fraudulent county police reports and extraditable warrants do not comport with each other. Nevertheless, CBSA acted as a law enforcement extension of the Delavan Police Department and upon the fraud committed by Def. Hinman and co-conspirators including but not limited to Def. Jasmer, Defendant Michalek-Milligan (Def. Michalek-Milligant), Defendant Markley (Def. Markley), Def. R. Valadez, Defendant Schuster, Defendant Gregory Haanstad (Def. Haanstad), Defendant Marzick (Def. Marzick), Defendant Lucker (Def. Lucker), Defendant Sempf (Def. Sempf), Def. Johnson, and Defendant Guindi (Def. Guindi). 

"The crimes alleged in the warrant in the fraudulent police reports occurred when neither Plaintiffs Xian and Julie Valadez were in the state. Plaintiff Xian has never been to Wisconsin. Plaintiff Julie Valadez has not left the country of Canada since she originally entered the country on July 21, 2022, nearly a year ago.

"In addition, Plaintiffs will prove that Defendants, in order to ensure Plaintiff Julie Valadez would never live freely and possess the same constitutional rights that Def. R. Valadez possesses as a father. Def. R. Valadez also hired a Canadian lawyer to ensure his right to live with E.B.V and right to control his son like property. E.B.V. is a "victim" who ran away to Canada because of Def. R. Valadez's continuing and psychological and physical abuse, so that he could live with his mother. On April 28, 2023, E.B.V. was unlawfully forced across the Canadian border against his will and adamant objection. Since then, E.B.V. has refused to return to his father and has been residing with Plaintiff Julie Valadez's parents, Defendants Robert Webster and Nancy Webster. 

"Canadian officials withdrew E.B.V. 's claim for refugee status without his consent or knowledge in violation of the Canadian constitution. In Canada, E.B.V. as a 15-year-old, has the right to oppose his forcible removal from his safe parent, Plaintiff Julie Valadez, as well as the right to an attorney, and the right to be heard in any proceeding involving him. However, certain named Defendants conspired to deprive him of these rights in violation of both Canadian and U.S. law. 

"In February, E.B.V. was found to be competent and mature enough understand his situation and give informed consent, as well as to make his own life decisions. This doctor also recommended that E.B.V. should not be returned to his father, as the doctor determined that his diagnosed P.T.S.D. was attributed to his father's past abuse. After E.B.V. 's wrongful removal from Canada, he continued to object to returned to his father, Def. R. Valadez, and has been placed with his mother's parents since he was forced out of the country unlawfully on April 28, 2023 while his mother, Plaintiff Julie Valadez was in detention and unable to communicate with him. Defendants R. Webster and N. Webster have refused Plaintiff Julie Valadez's right to communicate with her son against her son's wishes and have deprived them both of their right to intimate association and custody by refusing all contact with their own daughter. Def. R. Webster and N. Webster have also deprived Plaintiff Julie Valadez of her right to court-ordered family therapy for domestic abuse of Def. R. Valadez's as required in the final custody and placement order in order to comply and conspire with the goal of forcing E.B.V. against his will into harmful "Reunification Therapy." See Exhibit 6, Recommended Treatments for "Parental Alienation Syndrome" (PAS) May Cause Children Foreseeable and Lasting Psychological Harm."

The plaintiffs seek relief and an injunction from the federal court. Plaintiffs request compensatory and punitive damages in the amount of $75 million dollars. Plaintiffs also request for injunctive relief in the best interests of justice. 

Plaintiff Kimberlee Coronado: the unjust criminal incarceration and lack of proper criminal procedure in the arrest of Coronado from March 15, 2023 until May 18, 2023. No arrest warrant was signed or filed and no search warrant was filed. Her time limit for a preliminary hearing was unjustly waived without her consent.

Since Det. Hinman's fraudulent report giving rise to Coronado's arrest and the unlawful Walworth criminal warrants for Plaintiffs Julie Valadez and Xian, and since the underlying matter is founded upon a civil issue of custody and placement that is currently on appeal with the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Plaintiffs ask the federal court to issue an emergency injunction enjoining the Walworth County Court from continuing any criminal proceeding against the plaintiffs without just cause, setting this aside until the disposition of the federal court determination of the plaintiff's complaint or the outcome of the Plaintiff Julie Valadez's Petition for Writ of Mandamus with the Wisconsin Supreme Court, filed on March 24, 2023. Plaintiffs ask this Court to restrain any and all further action by any defendants in this case that are based on the false and fraudulent assumption that Defendant-Judge Ramirez's hearing, which gave custody of Julie Valadez's children to Defendant R. Valadez, is valid and legal, rather than void and illegal.

The May 24, 2023, full 46-page U.S. District Court for the District of Hawaii filing of the amended Motion For Leave To Amend And Supplement Pleading at link:

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