Friday, June 8, 2012

Police Detective Gomez Jr. Won't Face Criminal Charges, Milwaukee County DA Confirmed

Rodolfo Gomez Jr.

Detective Gomez Jr. was released from the Milwaukee County jail after spending more than a day in custody without bail pending alleged charges.

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 8, 2012

Milwaukee - On Friday, the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office (DA) decided not to charge Milwaukee Police Detective Rodolfo Gomez Jr., 45, citing it didn't have enough evidence to pursue criminal charges. Gomez Jr. was released in late afternoon, after no charges were filed by the DA.
The Milwaukee Police Department hasn't confirmed, if the department would lift his suspension. The department can take disciplinary action against Gomez Jr. without being charged with a crime. If Chief Flynn decides that Gomez Jr. in fact violated department policy by his actions while off-duty, he could recommend dismissal for Gomez Jr.
On Thursday Police Chief Edward Flynn had announced that Gomez Jr. had been arrest around 4:59 a.m. for an off-duty incident involving allegations of disorderly conduct and sexual assault at his residence. Gomez Jr. is a 10 year veteran in the department and currently is assigned to the Criminal Investigation Bureau. He was suspended with pay pending the outcome of the internal investigation case.
Gomez Jr. a board member of the Milwaukee Police Association is being held without bail and is facing criminal charges. He was taken into custody by police, according to Chief Edward Flynn.

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