Friday, June 15, 2012

Chinese Family Planners Forced Abortion On A Seven Month Pregnant Woman To Enforce One-child Policy

Feng Jianmei layed in bed after the abortion, while her deceased baby was placed next to her by the medical staff.

Photo: All Girls Allowed

Pregnant woman couldn't afford to pay more than $6,270 ($40,000 yuan) in fines for second child and was forced to have an abortion.

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 15, 2012

Zhenping County, China - World leaders and Chinese nationals have condemned the Chinese government practice of enforcing the One-child Policy by enducing abortions on low income mothers. On early June, a woman who became pregnant for a second time and was on her seven month of pregnancy was forced to abort her child.
The Chinese family planners in Shaanxi Province fined Feng Jianmei $6,270 ($40,000 yuan) for getting pregnant a second time. She couldn't afford to pay the fine and on June 2, five men from the planners office went to Jianmei's house and abducted her by force. They beat and dragging Jianmei from her home. Her husband, Deng Jiyuan says, that he was at work when the family planners took matters on their own and forced his wife to have an abortion at the Zhenping County Medical Center.
She was also forced to sign a consent form and they forcibily placed her ink thumb print on the form, according to Jianmei.
She was taken to a local medical center where the child received an injection with toxins in her brain the next day.
On the third day, the child was born dead, according to the Chinese Skynet Centre for Human Rights, who first reported the incident.
Jianmei's story spread through China's internet and generated condemnation for the One-child Policy and the family planners involved. The family planners are expected to conduct additional forced late term abortions this month, since they received a low grade from the Chinese government for failing to conduct pregnancy preventive measures in their province.
Chai Ling from the All Girls Allowed organization was able to speak to the couple and confirmed the forced abortion. After the injection, Jianmei endured painful contractions at the hospital until 3:00 a.m. local time on June 4. Then she gave birth to her deceased child without any anesthesia. "It was much more painful than my first childbirth. The baby was lifeless, and she was all purple and blue,” Jianmei said.
In 2009, more than 13 million abortions were reported each year by Chinese health officials. Women having abortions in China ranged in ages between 15 to 44.
China in the 1970's passed the One-child Policy to control their population of 1.3 billion. Ajazeera reported, Chinese health ministry data since 1971 showed, 336 million abortions were done, 196 million men and women were sterilized under the 1-child policy.

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