Friday, June 1, 2012

McLaughlin Became The 13th Person Granted Immunity On The John Doe Scandal Involving Governor Walker Former Aids

Fran McLaughlin

Milwaukee DA grants immunity to former County spokesperson.

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 1, 2012

Milwaukee - On Thursday, Fran McLaughlin became the 13th person to be granted immunity in the John Doe probe that has resulted in two misdemeanors and 15 felony charges against 6 close associates, including three aids of former Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker. McLaughlin was the former spokesperson for Milwaukee County when Walker was an executive for the county.
While she worked for the County Board and Walker, McLaughlin managed to edit numerous outgoing e-mails from Walker's executive office.
She is the current spokesperson for Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office.
Last week, a reliable source indicated that multiple charges will be filed after the June 5 election targeting Governor Walker and five others. If the reliable source proves accurate, it will be a blow to the GOP in Wisconsin and a setback to their agenda to make Wisconsin a Red state.

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