Sunday, June 10, 2012

Eugene Had No Human Flesh In Stomach After Chewing Off Homeless Man's Face Autopsy Revealed

(L-R) Rudy Eugene and Ronald Poppo

The Dade County Medical Examiner confirmed, no human flesh was found in suspect's stomach.

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 10, 2012

Miami - A preliminary autopsy report by the Dade County Medical Examiner released to police investigators indicated that Rudy Eugene, 31, who was killed by an officer while mauling a homeless man's face off had no flesh in his stomach, according to the Miami Herald Newspaper. The autopsy stated, several undigested pills were found, but couldn't determined the source or identity of the pills. The report also says, Eugene was missing his two front teeth, had flesh between his teeth and THC (marijuana) was found in his blood.
The autopsy report is expected to be released after the fatal shooting investigation of Eugene is concluded, which will take up to a year, according to the Miami Herald.
Police found flesh on the ground near the flesh eating frenzie scene that prompted an officer to shoot Eugene multiple times killing him inorder to stop his attack on Ronald Poppo, 65 on May 26. Both Eugene and Poppo were found naked near the Miami Herald Newspaper building.
Poppo remains in critical condition and had most of his facing missing, including his nose and mouth. Poppo's upper forehead skin and meat was missing all the way to the bone, had no nose, no mouth and only had partial skin left on the lower chin.

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