Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ford SUV Where Multiple Charred Bodies Were Found In Arizona's Vekol Valley Registered To Missing Family

Conflicting reports made by both local and county authorities regarding five charred bodies found in Vekol Valley.

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 7, 2012

Florence, Arizona - On Wednesday, the Pinal County Sheriff's Office (PCSO) reported in a news release that a Zeta hitman could be the prime suspect in the multiple homicide scene at Vekol Valley where five charred bodies were found in a smoldering Ford SUV by U.S. Border Patrol agents. The PCSO would not confirm, if in fact a Zeta Cartel hit took place last Saturday morning before 8:30 a.m., but made reference to other media reports indicating the possible connection citing a federal source.
The preliminary investigation report stated, the PCSO "Homicide Unit was called to the scene to investigate. The area had several shoe prints and also “sleepy feet” (shoes made of carpet remnants or burlap by smugglers to hide their footprints). It also appeared that an accelerant was used when the vehicle was torched as it and its contents were so badly burned."
PCSO also reported, it had received two different notifications of cases involving missing persons with Ford SUV's missing as well. The PCSO confirmed that on Saturday afternoon they received a call from an individual who didn't want to be identitied and indicated his brother-in-law, four others and their Ford SUV was missing and could be connected to the multiple homicide case. The individual told PCSO, "he feared his brother-in-law was among the dead. The brother-in-law had told him the night before that he was “going to Vekol Valley to make money.” The brother-in-law had left to Vekol Valley with four other acquaintances. Homicide detectives asked the reporting party if his brother-in-law was involved in drug or human smuggling and he said he didn’t get involved in his business but he “knows its illegal.” The reporting party said that when he tries to call his brother-in-law or his friends on their cell phones they go straight to voicemail."
PCSO says it knows the names of the family members involved including those who are missing, but PCSO has been asked to withhold the names as the family fears possible retaliation from the drug cartel.
The bodies have not been identified, but dental records would be used to identify the victims, according to PCSO.
The PCSO was also notified by the Tempe Police Department of a missing persons case they are working. The Tempe Police Department advised the PCSO that they had responded to a residence and the husband, wife and three children were all missing. All five individuals, James Butwin, 47, his wife, Yafit, 40, their children, Malissa, 16, Daniel, 14, and Matthew, 7, were confirmed missing along with their full size Ford SUV.
Local media is reporting that the Ford SUV found burned in the Vekol Valley and the bodies found are those of the Butwin family. Tempe police had confirmed on Tuesday, that the Ford SUV found burned in the Vekol Valley was registered to the Butwin residence and are treating the missing persons case as murder-suicide. But other local, state and federal authorities, including both the Pinal and Pima's County Medical Examiner's Office haven't confirmed the identities of the bodies, which will take up from two to six weeks to determine their identities and cause of death.
James Butwin and his wife were engaged in a divorce and might have triggered the disappearance, according to news reports.

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