Sunday, June 10, 2012

Evans Targeted By Milwaukee County D.A. Probe For Misuse Of Funds At Sheriff's Detention Services Bureau

Nancy Evans

Sheriff's Department and the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office investigating Major Evans alleged misappropriation of funds geared for the County Detention Services Bureau.

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 10, 2012

Milwaukee - The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Fran McLaughlin has confirmed that Major Nancy Evans from the Sheriff's Office had been suspended with pay on May 25 by Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. Major Evans joined the department in 1997 and this year, Sheriff Clarke Jr. promoted Evans to manage the County Detention Services Bureau, which includes electronic monitoring of inmates, court services and both the Milwaukee County Jail and the County Correctional Institute-South in Franklin.
An internal investigation by the sheriff's department and a county audit into alleged misappropriation of funds at the jail and corrections facility in Franklin led to Evans suspension and paid leave pending the outcome of the case. McLaughlin didn't confirm how much money was involved, but sources at the county indicated it could total in the 10's of thousands of dollars.
No criminal charges have been filed against Major Evans in the probe. The Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office is reviewing allegations against Evans, but has not released any information about the investigation.

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Mike Bishop7 said...

Another great read and post on Hispanic News! I actually have been closely following this story because I have some family that work in the same department as Evans. I just hope they make the right decision in this case. Thanks again for the read!