Sunday, June 3, 2012

Milwaukee County John Doe Criminal Investigation To File Charges Against Several Top GOP Members

Governor Scott Walker

Several top GOP members and close associates of former Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker expected to be charge in John Doe criminal investigation after the June 5 election.

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 3, 2012

Milwaukee - The Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office is expected to file multiple charges in the John Doe probe against several top GOP members and close associates of former Milwaukee County Executive Scott Waker. Governor Walker (R) who is trying to get re-elected to serve and finish his first term could also be targeted with similar charges that might implicate him in a conspirarcy circle to engage in unethical action while at the county level and alleged statements made in the John Doe criminal investigation.
At least 13 former Walker associates, while he was a Milwaukee County Executive had been granted immunity in the John Doe investigation. Investigators didn't want to prosecute those who were granted immunity, but for them to get immunity, they must have provided key information and evidence sought to finally file charges against several top GOP members and possibly Governor Walker. A reliable source has confirmed that multiple GOP members and Walker are expected to face alleged charges in the John Doe probe.
The two year John Doe investigation is expected to finally charge those responsible for the Milwaukee County debacle, corruption and scandal that sparked the investigation.
So far, six Walker close associates, including three county aids have been charged either with misdemeanors or felonies in the John Doe probe. Walker has established a legal defense fund, hired two attorneys and has transferred more than $200,000 to the legal fund from his campaign funds.
Walker maintains that he is not a target of the John Doe investigation and continues to cooperate with authorities. Walker says, the liberals are just making allegations to try to influence next Tuesday's election. He expects to get re-elected in a tight race against Tom Barrett, the Democratic candidate. Barrett says, Walker has spent ten to every one dollar he has spent in the campaign and is surprised that Walker is in a tight race with him. People want change and the polls indicate it, according to Barrett.
More than 180,000 absentee ballots were cast throughout the state last week, according to the Wisconsin Government Acountability Board (GAB). The GAB is expecting a 65% or 2.8M voter turnout for the June 5, Recall Walker election.

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