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Romance Brewing Between Kate del Castillo And El Chapo?

Recently leaked cellphone text conversations between Spanish television language actress Kate del Castillo and Sinaloa drug lord El Chapo indicate that a romance was brewing and the drug lord who couldn't wait to meet her vowed to also take care of her.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

January 13, 2016

Mexico, D.F. - Leaked cellphone text conversations between Kate del Castillo, a Spanish language television actress and Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Loera indicate a romance was brewing, a possible crush, both seemed affectionate to each other and El Chapo vowed to take care of Del Castillo, the Milenio newspaper reported and included a full text transcript of the conversations made available by the Mexican government. The text conversations intercepted by Mexican feds were between El Chapo's lawyer, Andrés Granados, Del Castillo and Guzman Loera.
In one text, Del Castillo told El Chapo, that it was the first time that anyone had told her that she would be taken care off and felt secured. What El Chapo meant about taking care of her wasn't explained during the conversations, but only Del Castillo and El Chapo know what he meant. El Chapo is married with children.
The U.S. government and Mexican federal authorities had both Sean Penn, an actor and Del Castillo under surveillance after learning conversations and negotiations were being conducted to interview and meet El Chapo who wanted a movie made about his life. El Chapo's quest to produce a movie about himself and affectionately getting involved with Del Castillo led to his arrest in Mexico.
Del Castillo says, that she wrote a piece that she trusted El Chapo better than the Mexican corrupt government that later sparked an interest by El Chapo to meet with her. An attorney representing El Chapo contacted Del Castillo.
Penn wanted to interview El Chapo, so he contacted Del Castillo to make arrangements to interview the Sinaloa drug lord. 
Apparently, most of the interview that Penn took credit for in the Rolling Stone Magazine was done by multiple communications with El Chapo's representative and not personally. He later did meet with El Chapo along with Del Castillo who travelled to Mexico.
El Chapo later approved Penn's written interview before it was even published. Del Castillo send him a photo copy of what Penn had written. In some texts, both Guzman Loera and Del Castillo would exchange text messages that they loved one another and missed each other too. El Chapo told Kate that his mother was eager to meet her too.
Del Castillo told El Chapo that one of her friends notified her that she was being watched and could be implicated by the feds for having contact with him, so she wanted to avoid getting busted and didn't want to take a risk of Guzman Loera being located and getting arrested.

Del Castillo tweeted that the text conversations between her and El Chapo were manipulated and misinterpreted "to make up items they think will make good stories and that aren't truthful."

Kate del Castillo and Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Loera leaked cellphone text conversations indicate possible crush for Del Castillo. Cellphone text transcript at

Some of the highlights of the text conversations beween Kate del Castillo and El Chapo translated into English and published by Slate dot com. The Mexican government has confirmed to Telemundo that the text messages are between Kate del Castillo and Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Loera.

The Mexican feds had both Sean Penn and Del Castillo under surveillance when they arrived in Mexico in October and took photos during their meetings with El Chapo's lawyers at a hotel restaurant and members of the Sinaloa Cartel who escorted them to meet with the drug lord.

September 25, 2015

El Chapo and del Castillo are texting for the first time to set up their first encounter. El Chapo says he wishes she could come and stay with him for three days, but there have been heavy rains and there’s no passage.

Chapo: “… we’ll drink tequila and champagne. I’m not a big drinker, but since your presence will be a beautiful thing, I’m very excited to meet you and become good friends. You’re the best in this world. … I’ll take care of everything so you’re comfortable. I will take care of you more than I do my own eyes." 
Del Castillo: "I am so moved to hear that you will take care of me. No one has ever taken care of me." Later that day, in messages between El Chapo and his lawyer: 

Chapo: “What did she say?”

Lawyer: “Very excited. Surprised. She couldn’t believe it.”

Lawyer: “… she wants to bring along actor Sean Penn…. curious fact, he is the most renowned actor in Hollywood.” An hour later…

Chapo: “What’s the name of that actor again?” Lawyer: “Sean Penn.”

Lawyer: “The guy in that 21 Gramsmovie.” 

Chapo: “21 Grams, what year was that?”

September 26, 2015

The lawyer is telling El Chapo that del Castillo got home very late the night before because she was drinking and dancing with friends. El Chapo is having trouble pinning down Sean Penn. 

Chapo: “Tell Kate that when she comes we will drink Tequila and dance, just tell her that.”

Chapo: “What’s the name of the director that will accompany the lady?” 

Lawyer: “Sean Penn...”

Chapo: “I’m looking up Sean Penn online now…” 

Lawyer: “Yeah, that guy used to be an actor I think, now he’s a writer and producer. The lady says he’s more badass than the guy who did The Godfather.” 

Later that day:

Del Castillo: “… you have no idea how excited I am…. But independently of our project, I’m anxiously looking forward to looking at you in the eyes, in person, THANK YOU …”

Chapo: “… You are so beautiful, my friend, in every way.”

Del Castillo: “I’ll confess that for the first time I feel protected. You’ll know my story once we have time to chat, but for some reason I feel safe, and that you know who I am, not as an actress or public figure, but as a woman, as a person. I’ll bring my tequila to share it with you, because that was a dream of mine that was due to come true.”

On September 27, del Castillo texts El Chapo on her whereabouts as she travels to Los Angeles. El Chapo calls del Castillo “beautiful,” thanks her for being such a good person, and wishes her safe travels. After an initial meeting with El Chapo in Sinaloa, Mexico on October 2, described in Penn’s Rolling Stone article, Del Castillo and Penn wait for about a week to have a second meeting, but it never happens because of security concerns. 

October 10, 2015

Del Castillo is traveling back home from Sinaloa after the aborted second meeting.

Chapo: “Good morning, my friend, I’m sorry, I was sleeping. I wish you safe travels, from the bottom of my heart. I’ll be on the lookout. I love you.” 

(There are two ways of saying “I love you” in Spanish: One is Te quiero, for friends, family, and the early stages of romantic relationships. The other is Te amo, as in, “I am in love with you,” reserved for serious romantic relationships. El Chapo used the former.) 

Del Castillo: “…and I haven’t slept much since I saw you, I’m so excited about our story... It’s the truth. It’s the only thing I think about…”

Chapo: “I’m more excited about you than about the story, my friend.”

Del Castillo: “hahaha, I’m so happy to hear that.”

Del Castillo: “You made me blush ;)”

October 23, 2015 

It’s del Castillo’s birthday.

Chapo: “Good morning. Happy birthday from someone who feels affection for you and loves you: your friend...”

Del Castillo: “What a great birthday gift!!! Thank you! We will hug each other very soon.”

 October 24, 2015

Chapo: “Good afternoon, how’s the best woman in the world, the smartest one, whom I admire greatly? … [Chapo gives Del Castillo a phone number to call in order to get photos of El Chapo and Sean Penn together from him.]”

Del Castillo: “hahaha, thank you!!! Hi, my beautiful friend, I’ll call him … take care, thank you =-* 

Chapo: Thank you, my friend, for your well wishes. Your friend loves you. Bye.”

Del Castillo: “I love my friend, bye.” On Oct. 29, El Chapo texts del Castillo again to tell her he wants to see her again, and wants her to meet his mom.

On October 31, and then again on November 5, they exchange texts again about logistics for El Chapo’s biopic, which del Castillo was reportedly meant to produce. El Chapo asks her what her favorite food is in order to offer it to her when she returns. He tells her he “loves and admires” her and “has no way to repay” everything she’s done for him and his sons.

On November 9, del Castillo texts El Chapo letting him know the article is finished and just needs his approval. She tells him she has been told by a friend she was being watched by the feds and didn't want to get busted for texting him, and that things are getting too dangerous, even though, she says, “both me and my friend (Penn) want to see you again and finish the mission you assigned to me.”

The text exchanges end.

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