Saturday, January 16, 2016

Carjacking In Milwaukee's Southside Caught On Cellphone Video By Witness

A dramatic carjacking involving multiple suspects driving several vehicles in the Southside of Milwaukee.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

January 16, 2016

Milwaukee, WI - On Thursday, a cellphone video was posted on Facebook (FB) warning users to watch out for carjackers. Several vehicles with multiple suspects carjacked vehicle at the 900 block of W. Arthur Ave. and the carjacking was caught by a witness across the street on his cellphone.
The video was posted on Facebook to warned Milwaukee Southsiders to be careful about carjackings. About 704 FB users shared the video including Hispanic News Network U.S.A.
No one was reported injured, but a child could be seen on the sidewalk along with the adult victim.
The witness asked the victim, if he was just carjacked in Spanish and the victim replied yes.
The Milwaukee Police Department reported that 6,944 vehicles were stolen in 2015, but when MPD district total's were added, it only totaled 6,940. It cost the victims in just auto lost value alone about $48M
In 2014, 6,691 vehicles were reported stolen, according to police stats. In 2013, police reported that at least 4,386 autos were stolen, an increase of 67% by last year.
According to Alderman Bob Donovan from the 8th Aldermanic District and candidate for Mayor, he saw the video on Thursday, but couldn't confirm when it happened. The police stolen vehicle data is not complete and "there were at least 7,350 stolen autos in 2015 and likely when they are all tallied in a week or two the number will be nearer 7,500," Ald. Donovan stated.
The FB user who posted the video says, the witness who recorded the cellphone video chased the suspects, police were notified and an arrest was made.

Vehicle thefts by police district in Milwaukee in 2015.

● MPD - District 1 - 484 

● MPD - District 2 - 1,464

● MPD - District 3 - 793

● MPD - District 4 - 1,131

● MPD - District 5 - 983

● MPD - District 6 - 651

● MPD - District 7 - 1,434

Total: 6,940

Video: An Arthur Ave. Carjacking In Milwaukee's Southside

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