Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Two Local Milwaukee Spanish Newspapers And Tax Service Facing Boycott For False Statements

Jenny Contreras,  Juan G. Contreras, Victor Huyke and José Hernández

EL Mañanero Newspaper and El Conquistador Newspaper have failed to retract false published statements paid by MC Multiservicios against local HNNUSA news blogger.

June 5, 2013

Milwaukee, WI (HNNUSA) - On Wednesday, H. Nelson Goodson, the administrator and news blogger of Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) announced that he is personally boycotting and recommending for the public, all his friends and acquaintances to also stop doing any business with three Milwaukee local businesses that have failed to retract false statements made against his person. Goodson had requested for El Mañanero Newspaper and El Conquistador Newspaper to retract false statements about Goodson that were included in several full page ads paid by Jenny and Juan Contreras, owners of MC Multiservicios and Tax Service, 1010 S. Cesar E. Chavez Drive. The Contreras even went live on the Nfoque Latino, a Spanish language program hosted by Zonia Lopez on 1460 AM radio to also make false statements about Goodson. They accused Goodson of attempted extortion, which Goodson called in to the radio program to deny their accusations and told the public that they were attempting to buy him off, which they failed and they were obviously making false statements.
Goodson said, "Personally I've never done any business with the Contreras, but now that they themselves have engaged in making false statements about my person, really brings out their true character and I wouldn't recommend anyone to do any business with them. I strongly believe in free speech, but for El Mañanero and El Conquistador Newspapers to get paid by the Contreras to publish false statements about my person is not free speech, it's slanderous and defamatory." Goodson personally talked to both José Hernández, owner of El Mañanero and Victor Huyke, owner of El Conquistador about the false statements that the Contreras's paid to publish about his person and requested for them to retract, which they have failed to do so. Hernández and Huyke accepted payment to publish full page ads from the Contreras's and MC Multiservicios, eventhough the ads included false statements about Goodson.
None of these two local newspapers have made any effort to change their policies about accepting ads with false statements from anyone who pays to print them targeting someone, even if they engage in slander or defamation. 
Goodson says, he will continue to spread the word for people, organizations, groups and businesses to stop doing business with these three businesses until they publically retract their publication of false statements targeting Goodson.

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