Saturday, June 29, 2013

Casa Mexico -USA To Open Satelite Office In Milwaukee To Help Mexican Nationals Get Their Official Birth Certificates

Alfonso Morales

Chicago base Casa Mexico-USA to open a Casa Mexico-USA - Milwaukee, a consulting service at Las Reynas Bakery and Ice Cream in the Milwaukee's south side.

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 29, 2013

Milwaukee,  WI - A recent agreement between the Binational Institute of Human Development (BIHD), a nonprofit organization from Chicago who operates Casa Mexico-USA (CMUSA) with three Wisconsin business owners, Roberto Franco, Alejandro Mazatl Franco and Alfonso Morales will soon open an official satellite office to be called Casa Mexico-USA-Milwaukee (CMUSAM), a Milwaukee consulting service operation by July. Morales, spokesman for the Wisconsin busness group confirmed that by this Sunday, June 30, Mexican nationals can visit Las Reynas Bakery and Ice Cream, 1238 S. Cesar Chavez Dr. in Milwaukee where the CMUSAM will begin to operate before the official grand opening on July 20. Mexican nationals can now easily filed through CMUSAM for a request of their official civil registered copies of birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce and death certificates from Mexico, which have been difficult to acquire from the U.S. Other services by CMUSAM will include is a consulting service in assessing which documents are needed to be filed with the consulate to get other legal documents and help small business growth and development.
Morales says, having a consulting service like Chicago's CMUSA in Milwaukee, it will greatly provide the much needed services for filing civil and legal documents request in Mexico.

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