Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sonido Condor Launched Flyer Campaign To Locate Stolen Truck And Thieves

D.J. Arnulfo Aguilar Vásquez

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Vásquez to post hundreds of flyers throughout the California area where the Sonido Condor's truck with music equipment was stolen. 

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 23, 2013

Commerce, CA - On Saturday, D.J. Arnulfo Aguilar Vásquez,  53, from Sonido Condor announced through a YouTube video that he will circulate and post flyers throughout California about his stolen truck loaded with sound equipment in an attempt to locate it. A reward is being offered by Vásquez for information leading to the arrest and conviction of several suspects in connection with the stolen truck.
The Sonido Condor's truck had just arrived in California from Mexico loaded with the entire sound, light and D.J. equipment to be used during the U.S. multistate touring nightclub and dance hall gigs. 
Vásquez described the truck as an 18 foot long White Ford E450 truck van with California plates 68487G1. It also has the word "Marathon" in front of the upper cabin.
Several suspects driving a Green SUV Toyota Runner went into a parking lot and stole the parked Sonido Condor's truck on Tuesday morning next to a Ramada Hotel, which the theft was caught on several video surveillance cameras in the area.
Video from the day before also caught images of a similar Toyota SUV scoping the place around 5:15 p.m., according to Vásquez. 
Police continue to look for the suspects and the stolen truck.
Vásquez says, most likely by Monday the license plates of the Toyota will be made available through image enhancement. 
Hundreds of the Sonido Condor fans and other sonido groups in the area launched a campaign through Facebook and other social networks around multiple cities and suburbs where the truck was stolen in an effort to locate it.
Vásquez couldn't confirm, if a truck spotted in a Los Angeles neighborhood was his missing truck. But according to a tip, police had surrounded the area where a white truck was parked and no-one was allowed to get close to the scene. Los Angeles police hasn't released any information about the incident. 

D.J. Arnulfo Aguilar Vásquez sends out message to fans about his Sonido Condor truck at link:

Sonido Condor released the following list of items stolen in Commerce, CA along with truck, total worth in the thousands of dollars.

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