Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saving Lives From A Chicago Street Corner

Ulices Ortega

Religious Christian sermons at street corner in Chicago attempts to lure passersby to hear an impromptu evangelical word of Christ.

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 8, 2013

Chicago , Illinois - On Saturday, Ulices Ortega, 37, stands by a gas station at the intersection of S. Kedzie Ave. and W. 26th St. with loud speakers to phrase the word of the lord. Thousands of Chicagoans drive through the intersection allowing Ortega to say a few words to them in an attempt to save lives through religious evangelical sermons from bible scriptures.
Pastor Juan Valadez from the Missionary Church of the Disciples of Jesus Crist said, that 10 members were at the intersection taking turns in preaching sermons and messages to those stopping at the traffic control lights or who just stop by curiosity. Ortega loves to preach as often as he can, Valadez says. 
The church members gather at the Intersection every Saturday afternoon to preach and ask for donations to continue their task of helping people with the word of Christ. They also go to parks, hospitals with a senior citizen population and the Cook County jail to spread the word and provide religious comfort for those seeking it.

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