Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pitbull Shot Multiple Times And Left For Dead In Cudahy's Lakeshore

A man walking his dog along lake Michigan in Cudahy's lakeshore finds pitbull shot multiple times and left for dead.

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 26, 2013

Cudahy, WI - Police in Cudahy are trying to locate a suspect or suspects who on Saturday morning left a female pitbull tied near the lakeshore with multiple small caliber gunshot wounds. A man walking his dog along the lakeshore in Cudahy noticed the pitbull was tied to some concrete slabs near the water. The dog was bleeding from her chest, front legs and had a cut in her nose.
When police arrived, the pitbull was still alive and wagging her tail at the officers. The dog had between two to three gunshot wounds and was taken by MADACC to a veterinary clinic for treatment where it was later determined the dog was severely wounded and had intensive internal damage to be treated. The dog was euthanized, according to police. 
Police are trying to locate its owner. The pitbull didn't have an dog identification chip as required by Cudahy for pitbulls kept in the city.

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toocool said...

That's right. Let's not try to fix the dog and give this poor dog a chance at a better life. Typical!!