Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Four Dead After VxT Facebook Mistakenly Posted La Cucaracha Business Was Associated With Zetas

Days after La Cucaracha business deposit in San Fernando was singled out as a Zeta hangout by Valor por Tamaulipas on Facebook, gunmen went to the business and killed the owner, her dentist son, an employee and a customer.

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 26, 2013

San Fernando, Tamaulipas, Mexico - On Wednesday, the administrator of Valor por Tamaulipas (VxT) posted on its Facebook account that Imelda Galván Zárate, the owner of La Cucaracha Deposit Business, her Dentist son Dr. Hugo Gabriel Gonzales Galvan, an employee and a customer were all innocent and were not members or associated with the Zetas as previously alleged on a posted meassage by VxT on June 20. 
A Zeta local leader Goyo Villa Franca used the business to collect quotas, held Zeta meetings and the Zeta's used the business as a hangout because the owner was threatened, forced to look the other way and ignore what was happening, according to VxT.
Last Saturday, La Cucaracha business Deposit was attacked by gunmen after it was exposed by VxT of being a Zeta hangout. The gunmen suspected to be from the Cartel del Golfo (CDG) around 6:30 p.m.went to the business and shot three people including the owner who was killed. Her son was also shot in the attack, including a customer and an employee. They all later died of their injuries. 
VxT had posted on Facebook on June 20 at 9:20 p.m. that a Zeta leader, Z Goyo Villa Franca used La Cucaracha business to hangout, get mail, where people came in to pay extortion quotas and use it as a meeting place for the local Zetas. VxT posted that it was confirmed that La Cucaracha was utilised by Villa Franca after he threaten the owner.
The owner of La Cucaracha was identified as Imelda Galván Zárate, a teacher and her son as Dr. Hugo Gabriel Gonzalez Galván, a local dentist.
The business was owned the Gonzalez Galván family and the former owner was Hugo Sr. who recently passed away and Imelda later took over the business with her son. The family is well respected and has no ties to organized crime, VxT is now posting.
The VxT administrator took responsibility for what occurred at the business after it was posted that La Cucaracha was used as a Zeta hangout and an extortion quota collection business. VxT asked his 240,000 followers, if VxT should continue to expose suspected businesses being operated by organized crime or cartels? 
In this case, four innocent people were killed by gunmen after La Cucaracha business was exposed as a Zeta operation by VxT. But many FB users following VxT who use fictitious names on accounts to protect themselves from retribution by organized crime say, no matter what VxT actually does, innocent people become victims of the cartels and organized crime every day. 
VxT confirmed, that users have a final say whether the FB page continues to expose criminal activities by organized crime.
VxT had previously stopped posting for a week and then came back active, but has become more blunt in exposing businesses, people, social gatherings, crimes, extortions, corruption in all levels of the Mexican government, including Tamaulipas and quinceñeras sponsored by cartels or organized crime.
A few days ago, a video was posted on the Internet by a cartel that depicted a woman being killed for tipping VxT about an incident. On Monday, VxT posted, there was no information of any tip provide by the woman killed after checking and reviewing the VxT inbox. VxT does not recognize or remember the woman killed.
VxT indentified both cities of Tampico as the capital of kidnappings and Victoria for homicides.

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