Thursday, June 27, 2013

Morales Returns As Captain To District 2 Station Where He Began As A Rookie

Milwaukee Police Officer Jesus Gloria and Police District 2 Captain Alfonso Morales


Captain Morales assigned to Milwaukee Police District 2 in the South Side of Milwaukee.

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 27, 2013

Milwaukee, WI - Last Monday, Alfonso Morales, 42, began his first day as the newly assigned Captian to the Milwaukee Police District 2 Station. Police Chief Edward Flynn officially promoted Morales to Captain on June 23, but his promotion was actually recognized during a police promotion ceremony for all those rank and file that were promoted, including officers on June 21.
In 1993, Morales as a police rookie was first assigned to the Second Police District and served four years. But last Monday after 20 years of service with Milwaukee Police Department, Captain Morales returned as its commander. 
Captain Morales told Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) that he was elated to return to the Milwaukee Police District 2 Station as its commander. He is currently working to reach out to the community in his district along with Officer Jesus Gloria, a decorated Community Liaison and wants to make a difference by working with the young population as well. Captain Morales confirmed that in the month of June about 17 armed robberies and 17 strong arm robberies were reported, which many of those crimes were committed by juveniles. He plans to deter and minimize those statistics and believes that young people can look for alternative and positive things to do,  once given the opportunity. He is ready for that challenge and is confident he will succeed in lowering violent crime statistics with help of the community.
Morales is bilingual and speaks Spanish very well, which he says is an asset in communicating with the predominantly Hispanic population in his district. Morales is one of 10 siblings and his father is originally from the state of Michoacan.
He went to Milwaukee Trade and Technical High School from 1984 to 1988, in that same year he entered Carroll College and later received a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal justice and Spanish. While attending high school, he met assist. football and baskeball Coach David Borowiscz who encouraged him to pursue a college degree. Morales credits Borowiscz for his success today and he also wants to encourage other teens to succeed as Borowiscz has done for him.
Captain Morales has an impressive and honorable service record in the department. He was an officer from 1993 to 1999, then was promoted to detective from 1999 to 2003 where he served in the homicide division, then became a Lieutenant in 2003, where served  in several assignments that included the homicide division, internal affairs, training academy and the narcotics bureau.
Captain Morales will also be working with a former detective partner, Lt. Timothy Heier at district 2. Another highly recognized and respected supervisor is Lt. Alexander Ramirez. The Milwaukee Police District 2 Station has been making strives in community and police relations by preventing crime. Now with Captain Morales' leadership and experience, the highly staffing of professional police personnel at district 2 will definately contribute in lowering crime statistics and to provide a good working relations with the community it serves and protects.
With Captain Morales at district 2, there will definitely be no communication gap or misunderstanding between police and the predominantly Spanish speaking community, according to Morales. Morales is eager to be working to lower crime in the area, so local businesses can strive in district 2 and provide the much needed jobs for teens and the community. He is planning to encourage hard working parents in the district to be more aware of what their kids are involve in to prevent future problems.  
Captain Morales replaced Captain Rebecca L. Pixley who is now working for an assist. police chief. Captain Pixley was the first woman to head Milwaukee's Police District 2 Station in the South side. Captain Morales is the second Hispanic to command at district 2. Former Captain Eduardo Negron became the first Hispanic to lead district 2.
In May 2002, Morales was also instrumental in stopping a convicted murder felon from escaping during a trial at the Milwaukee Public Safety Building courtroom. Laron Anthony Ball, 20, was fatally shot by then Det. Morales after Ball attempted to escape from the courtroom moments into his convicted verdict. Ball jump from the box and tried to go through a window, but failed. He then jumped a Milwaukee deputy sheriff and while trying to disarm the deputy, the weapon fired shooting the deputy in the left leg. Ball also had bit another deputy. Det. Morales took out his service weapon and killed Ball.
Morales was hailed as a hero for preventing Ball from getting control of the deputy's weapon to shoot his way out and possibly injurying other people in the courtroom during his dramatic attempted escape. Ball had just been convicted for felony murder and several counts of arm robbery charges, according to court records.

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