Friday, June 21, 2013

Rodriguez Villava To Join Mexico's Department of Treasury

Juan Carlos Rodriguez Villava and José Antonio Peral

Rodriguez Villava leaving ProMexico Chicago to join Mexico's Department of Treasury. 

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 21, 2013

Chicago, Illinois - On Friday, Juan Carlos Rodriguez Villava, the ProMexico Deputy Trade and Investment Commissioner of Mexico for the Mid-West announced that he is leaving ProMexico Chicago on June 30 to join Mexico's Department of Treasury (Secretaria de Hacienda). ProMexico Chicago Trade Commission of Mexico develops and supports business leads between Mexico and the Mid-West by supporting companies deciding to expand or develop operations in to Mexico, according to its government industry relations profile.
Rodriguez Villava stated, "These past 2 years have been very significant and intense for the commercial relationship between the Midwest and Mexico, and specifically, this Trade Commission has participated in the completion of projects worth more than $950 Million USD with a portfolio that keeps growing.
"Agreements between authorities, trade missions, investment seminars,  amongst many other initiatives have marked this period and I am certain that they will continue to grow stronger, with one particular set of purposes: more efficiency, more jobs, more profitability, and ultimately, more Midwest of the US in Mexico and more Mexico in the Midwest."
A new Trade Commissioner has been appointed to lead ProMexico Chicago. José Antonio Peral was recently appointed Trade Commissioner and will head the ProMexico Chicago team, according to Rodriguez Villava. Peral was a former Trade Commissioner in Korea and recently the Trade Commissioner for Toronto.

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