Wednesday, June 12, 2013

10-year-old Golden Charro Draws Racism From Anti-immigrants During Spurs-Heat NBA Game

Sebastien De La Cruz

De La Cruz drew plenty of racism from anti-immigrants on Twitter for singing the American anthem during the NBA finals.

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 12, 2013

San Antonio, Texas - On Tuesday, numerous anti-immigrants flooded Twitter with racist comments about Mexican-American Sebastien De La Cruz, 10, of San Antonio who is known as the Golden Charro for his Mariachi voice. De La Cruz sang the American anthem at Game 3 between the Spurs-Heat NBA finals.
Shortly after, anti-immigrants began to twit that he was undocumented, was a Mexican national and other racist comments that went viral on Twitter. Unfortunately, those making racist and derogatory comments about De La Cruz didn't know he is a proud native of San Antonio or they just made racist remarks for being a Hispanic.
The anti-immigrants seemed to lack any knowledge of their southern American history. Texas used to be part of Mexico from 1821 to 1836, it became a Republic until 1845 when it became part of the U.S. All Mexican nationals living in Texas became U.S. citizens and those of Mexican decent have strong roots to Mexico and its culture.
De La Cruz has become a singing sensation for singing Mariachi music, which is very traditional in the Mexican culture.

 De La Cruz sings American anthem video

Twitter users racist and derogatory comments about Sebastien De La Cruz.


Aracely De La Cruz said...

For all those hating on a 10 yr old Hispanic boy, there are numerous HISPANICS defending our country at this very moment, Hispanics, Latinos, Mexican Americans whatever you choose to name us. TO SEBASTIAN DE LA CRUZ (no relation, I think, even though my grandson said that's his cousin), YOU WERE AWESOME!!!!!!

veronica said...

Pure ignorance....feel sorry for them because their lack of education and knowledge of history is showing.

Disappointed american1 said...

What blows my mind about all the racist comments? Is that not one of them took the advantage & time of "AMERICAN education" & learn how to SPELL.Their grammar is so horrible, that not only do they look like fools but STUPID fools as well.

Victoria Cantu said...

Really ppl act grown and not a child so freaking what if he didnt what makes it any less if a white or black does it damn I swear grow up really reallity check please do me a favor right me when yall grow up

Hoot said...

these remarks are ridiculous and obviously spouted by the strongly ignorant!! Hold your head up high and keep using that amazing talent of yours. There will always be haters, but more lovers!! Hang in there!