Thursday, June 13, 2013

San Antonio's Teen Mariachi Singer De La Cruz Returns For An Encore At The NBA Game 4 Finals

Sebastien De La Cruz

Most of the racial slurs posted by anti-immigrants on Twitter targeting teen Mariachi singer Sebastien De La Cruz that went viral have been removed due to a national backslash.

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 13, 2013

San Antonio, Texas - On Thursday, Sebastien De La Cruz, 10, a popular Mariachi style singer known as "El Charro de Oro/Golden Charro" posted on his Facebook account that he will be returning for an encore to tonight's Spurs-Heat NBA Game 4 finals. Del La Cruz made national news shortly after he sang the National anthem before Game 3 of the Spurs-Heat game when anti-immigrants began to post racial slurs and comments about De La Cruz because of his Mexican descent. The racial slurs and comments targeting De La Cruz went viral on Twitter and Facebook. 
Since the incident, De La Cruz has become a Mexican-American role model for millions of Hispanics around the U.S. Millions of people worldwide are expected to tune in for tonight's Spurs-Heat NBA game to watch De La Cruz do an encore.
By Wednesday, most of the racial slurs and comments criticizing De La Cruz that were posted by anti-immigrants have been removed from their accounts after a national backslash. Their racial slurs went viral, but De La Cruz counter reacted by posting on his Twitter account, "Please do not pay attention to the negative people. I am an American living the American Dream. This is part of the American life." 
De La Cruz's reaction drew phrased and support from millions of Americans in the country. De La Cruz says, he doesn't judge people by the cover, but their opinions and actions show how they were raised.

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