Thursday, June 20, 2013

Several Suspects Sought For Stealing Sonido Condor's Truck Full Of DJ Music Equipment

D.J. Arnulfo Aguilar Vásquez

Stolen equipment won't effect Sonido Condor's scheduled performances in the U.S. or Mexico, D.J. Aguilar Vásquez confirmed. 

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 20, 2013

Commerce, CA - Police in City of Commerce are looking for several suspects that stole a truck full of sound and video equipment from the popular Super Sonido Condor from the Ramada Hotel parking lot around 8:24 a.m. on Tuesday. The suspects were captured on several video surveillance cameras from the hotel, a nearby Danny's Restaurant and a street camera from the city.
The suspects had another vehicle as well and they were heading to Freeway 5, according to D.J. Arnulfo Aguilar Vásquez. Vásquez, 53, is offering a reward for any information about the identity of the suspects and there whereabouts, including his equipment. 
D.J. Vásquez from Sonido Condor says, the truck had arrived from Mexico with his sound, lights and video equipment. But, the suspects had stole his truck. Vásquez described the truck as an 18 foot long White Ford E450 vantruck with California plates 68487G1. It also has the word "Maratthon" in front of the upper cabin.
Vásquez appealed to other D.J.'s in the area to keep a lookout for his truck. He also posted on Facebook that any contract performances that have been confirmed, "he will honor." The Sonido Condor is known to pack the house where ever he performs.
The stolen equipment won't effect his scheduled performances in New York, Kentucky, Alabama and California, including Mexico, according to Vásquez.

A suspect is driving the white truck away and another suspect driving an SUV is following. Images from video surveillance camera released by D.J. Arnulfo Aguilar Vásquez shows the 18 foot long white Sonido Condor truck Ford E450 being stolen.

Sonido Condor released the following list of items stolen in Commerce, CA along with truck, total worth in the thousands of dollars.

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