Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Missing Employee Allegedly Connected To Educators Credit Union Robbery

Jessica Benson

Benson allegedly planned a May credit union robbery with boyfriend. 

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 18, 2013

Milwaukee,  WI - A search warrant filed in Milwaukee County Circuit Court by police confirmed that they are investigating a connection between a missing person, Jessica Benson, 22, to a May 7 robbery of the Educators Credit Union at the  7000 block of W. Appleton Ave. Benson worked at the credit union and disappeared days after the credit union was robbed. 
Two suspects, Kevin Blackburn, 25, and Ricardo Perkins, 31, were taken into custody shortly after attempting to flee from the credit union robbery. They were charged with robbing a financial institution. 
A police search warrant was issued to get rental car records from a car rental place that Benson used after the robbery. Police investigators believe that both Benson and her live in boyfriend, Nathaniel Robinson planned the robbery, but managed to move out from their apartment on or after May 3. Court documents indicate, a probation agent had visited Robinson's apartment earlier and furniture was still at the place. Soon after, both Benson and Robinson moved out. 
On May 14, police visited Benson's apartment and found an empty place and no one was there. She was reported missing. 
Robinson has not reported his new address to his parole agent and has missed a meeting with the agent. Robinson is now sought for violating his parole conditions. 
Police continue to treat Benson's disappearance as missing.

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