Monday, May 30, 2011

Mexican Kinder Teacher Applied Technique For Students To Hit The Floor When Gunfire Erupted

Photos: Youtube

Five reported dead outside a kindergarten school in Monterrey.

By H. Nelson Goodson
May 30, 2011

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico - On Sunday, Martha Rivera-Alanis, a kindergarten teacher posted a Youtube video taken while a gunbattle occured near the Alfonso Reyes Children's Garden school. Rivera-Alanis quickly reacted and had her students get on the floor with their chest to the ground moments after gunfire near the school was heard. She could be heard calming the children and getting them to sing a song while rapid gunshots were heard on the background.
She was able to video tape the moment it happened, which showed her students frighten, nervous, and curious. Rivera-Alanis posted the video on her Twitter account on Sunday and wrote that she wasn't looking for fame, but used a learned procedure to get the children on the floor quickly for their safety.
On Monday, she was recognized for "Civic Outstanding Courage" by the local Secretary of Education for her quick action to protect the children at the school. The Mexican officials have been using certain safety techniques in schools to prepare students to react when gunfire or emergencies occur.
Rivera-Alanis quickly reacted moments after a gun battle ignited outside the kindergarten on Friday and instructed the children to hit the floor for their protection. The gunfire ambush erupted
when five men inside a vehicle were selling drugs to drug buyers at a taxi stand in the Estanzuela sector in the southern part of Monterrey. When another group of suspects arrived and exchanged gunfire. Five men were killed, according to the Nuevo Leon State Attorney General's Office.

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