Thursday, May 26, 2011

French Media Identified Strauss-Kahn's Sexual Assault Victim As Diallo Of Guinea

Nafissatou "Ophelia" Diallo

Photo posted at Inmalafide dot com

Sofitel Hotel cleanup maid that alleged Dominque Strauss-Kahn had sexually assaulted her has been identified by numerous French media.

By H. Nelson Goodson
May 26, 2011

New York City - Numerous French media outlets like the Slate, 20 Minutes, Le Figaro and others have identified the Sofitel Hotel housekeeper as Nafissatou Diallo, 32, nickname "Ophelia" of Guinea that accused French presidential hopeful and International Monetary Fund (IMF) Chief Dominque Strauss-Kahn, 62, of sexual assault. Slate France media contacted the New York State Attorney General's Office to confirm the victim's name as Diallo, but a spokesperson from the state attorney's office would not confirm or deny it was the victim, according to Slate.
Kahn resigned as chief of the IMF shortly after he was arrested on May 14 aboard an Air France flight minutes before lift off, which led police to escorted him out in handcuffs.
Diallo identified Kahn at a Manhattan police lineup and authorities confirmed DNA connecting Kahn to the assault was recovered. Kahn has denied any wrong doing.
At a preliminary hearing, a judge ruled that there was enough evidence to bound Kahn for trial. He is facing multiple felony charges of attempted rape and unlawful imprisonment. Kahn was freed on Wednesday on a one million dollar bail and surrendered his passport to New York authorities.
He moved to a Tribeca town house in New York temperarily and remains in house arrest, according to bail release conditions.
The criminal complaint states, Diallo went to clean a room that she thought was vacant. Kahn came into a room with no clothes. She ran out of the room after Kahn attacked her. He chased her into the hallway and force her back into the room. Kahn then forced Diallo to perform oral sex on him, according to police.
Diallo is a practicing Muslim and wears a traditional scarf to cover her hair. She is a single mother and has a teenage daughter. She also has permanent U.S. residency status, according to Inmalafide dot com who posted Diallo's photo.

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