Monday, September 14, 2015

Gunfire By Waco Police Killed Nine Bikers At Twin Peaks In Texas

Sources in law enforcement in Texas have indicated that nine bikers killed at the Twin Peaks Restaurant in Waco in May was as a result of gunfire by Waco police.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

September 14, 2015

Waco, Texas - Law enforcement sources in Texas have indicated that nine bikers killed in Waco at the Twin Peaks Restaurant parking lot on May 17 was as a result from gunfire by Waco police, according to forensic and video evidence withheld by the corrupt McLennan County D.A.'s Office, including Abel Reyna, the McLennan District Attorney himself and Waco police. All forensic and video evidence from the Twin Peaks biker massacre has been withheld and the release of video could result in criminal charges against Waco police officers and a Waco police detective that fabricated similar criminal charges against 170 bikers and several women to cover-up the biker massacre.
The McLennan County judges, Waco police, the Waco Mayor and the McLannan County District Attorney Reyna are known for their family ties in governing, political control, keeping the feds and the Texas State Attorney General's Office from taking over the biker cases resulting in allegations of corruption and a major cover-up of the Twin Peaks massacre.
The biker criminal warrant affidavits by Waco Police Detective Manuel Chavez illegally claimed without probable cause that all of the bikers detained engage in organized crime and were bonded by Justice of the Peace Walter H. Peterson who signed the warrants by Chavez and set illegal bonds of $1M each for the 177 arrested. Peterson can not preside over felony cases (only misdemeanor cases without jail time or bonds and civil cases up to $10k in liability), sign felony warrants or even set bonds, according to Texas state law.
Abel Reyna, the McLennan County District Attorney, Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman and other McLennan County judges knew that Peterson couldn't sign felony warrants and set excessive bonds, but kept quiet and proceeded to hold bikers on frivolous charges.
Reyna was able to have McLennan County Judges put a gag order for victims (bikers) charged and their defense attorneys not to talk about the pending cases. Ballistic forensic and video evidence was withheld from attorneys and the public including media since May. Attorneys for the majority of defendants have been filing for the forensic and video evidence to be release in order to get a fair trial.
The Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents representing most of the bikers charged confirmed that they will be filing a joint civil rights lawsuit against the Waco Police Department and McLennan County District Attorney Reyna for filing frivolous criminal charges against members (bikers) of the Confederation.

The following nine victims were killed by Waco police during the Twin Peaks Restaurant biker altercation between the Bandidos and Cassacks M.C.s in Waco, Texas.

● Daniel Raymond Boyett, 44, shot in the head. (Cossacks M.C.)

● Wayne Lee Campbell, 43, shot in the head. (Cossacks M.C.)

● Richard Mathew Jordan Jr., 31, shot in the head.

● Richard Vincent Kirshner Jr., 47. (Cossacks M.C.)

● Jacob Lee Rhyne, 39, shot in the neck. (Cossacks M.C.)

● Jesús Delgado Rodríguez, 65, shot in the head. (Bandidos M.C. affiliate) Rodríguez was a Purple Heart recipient.

● Manuel Issac Rodríguez, 40. (Bandidos M.C.)

● Charles Wayne Russell, 46, shot in the chest. (Cossacks M.C.)

● Matthew Mark Smith, 27. (Cossacks M.C.)

Breaking Update: Raw video leaked on October 29 of the Waco, TX biker Twin Peaks May 17, 2015 shooting

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mikesmithonepercenter said...

Everyone please remember that this was a Political Action Meeting. A political group that the DPS and ATF wanted disbanded.

The LEO's (Law Enforcement Organizations) were gathered at the scene well before the violence erupted.

Several days before the ATF erected "Pole Cameras" near the front door and the patio area of the restaurant.

The largest Law Enforcement Union in Texas was on hand hours before the violence with supplies sufficient to last the officers during a protracted siege.

The Justice of the Peace that wrote those arrest warrants was on hand hours before the violence. He was encamped with the LEO's. No word on when those arrest warrants were prepared.

According one eye witness; a member of the Cossacks MC in Waco; the Waco PD contacted members of his club and asked that they attend the meeting. According that witness, the Cossacks had not planned to attend prior to that.

There is a short story out on Amazon "The Waco Texas Biker Massacre" that gives a great idea of more than how this tragedy came about but why it came about.

It is my belief, based upon decades of experience, that no one at the Twin Peaks was there with the advance intention of killing anyone else. I believe that the LEO's were there to foment a riot and then use that riot as a pretext to arrest everyone present under the draconian state laws for organized crime. Then something went wrong and the scene devolved into a living hell for everyone there.