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Huyke, The Conquistador Newspaper Publisher Strongly Considering To Drop HCCW Membership

Who's Who in the Latino community claimed the HCCW continues to be a "Sell Out."

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

January 30, 2015

Milwaukee, WI - Since last Saturday, many members of the Latino community have stepped up on Facebook to claim that the local Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin (HCCW) has always been known to "Sell Out" the Latino community for profit. The "Sell Out" label was first bestowed on the HCCW when it was headed by Maria Monreal-Cameron, the former executive director/President of the HCCW who retired and now has followed Jorge Franco, the new CEO, Chairman and President of the HCCW. The latest business contract between the HCCW and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ignited another allegation that Franco is following the legacy of Monreal-Cameron in selling out the Latino business community and even its own membership like El Conquistador Newspaper. 
On Saturday, Victor Huyke, the publisher of El Conquistador Newspaper accused the HCCW of not working with fellow Latino businesses that are members of the same organization. The HCCW had announced that Visión, an upcoming newspaper would be published by its new partner, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (MJS) during the 25th HCCW Annual Banquet. 
Huyke was led to believe that he was betrayed by the HCCW, according to numerous postings and comments supporting his newspaper. Apparently, the HCCW didn't announce a contract bid to its own business memberships, including Latino businesses. 
In October 27, 2004, radio host Mark Belling made a racial and derogatory slur calling Latino community voters "Wetbacks" for potential voter fraud. He was suspended for about a week from his Clear Channel, Inc. WISN radio program after the Latino community protested. Monreal-Cameron from the HCCW and other members of the community represented some of the protesters and Monreal-Cameron was able to get Clear Channel to provide a radio spot for Perfecto Rivera, a member of the HCCW and give a donation to their conference and billboard advertising too. Many members of the community realized that Belling could have been forced to get fired, but the HCCW received credit for neutralizing the protests and they just faded away until now when Robert Miranda, the Editor of the Wisconsin Spanish Journal rehashed the Belling racial slur and the HCCW selling out in 2004.
One question that no one has been asking today is, how much business relocation has the HCCW attracted to the Southside, especially new development, small business growth including grand openings and job growth can the HCCW take credit for?, probably not much. The HCCW is currently facing a budget deficit and Franco is working to keep the HCCW afloat, according to its members.
A local business owner on César E. Chávez Drive has even accused Franco of possibly responsible for the Forest Home Library not locating to the 1100 block of Chávez Drive. Last month, the Milwaukee Library Board of Trustees Committee decided to relocate the Forest Home Library to the Hills Building at the 900 block of W. Historic Mitchell St. Milwaukee's Southside and the city would have been on the national scene, if the city would have picked a major development project on Chávez Drive and possibly creating the César E. Chávez Drive Library instead of a remodeling project on W. Historic Mitchell Street.
Franco has not released any statement regarding the Conquistador Newspaper, HCCW and MJS debacle. HNNUSA has attempted to reach Franco for comment, but was unsuccessful.
Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) contacted Huyke on Friday and confirmed that he is strongly considering to drop his membership with the HCCW and decided not to publish his discontent statement against the HCCW. But will keep his HCCW discontent statement on FB. Huyke implied that he is moving on. One thing for sure, Huyke has survived despite facing many obstacles including the current Visión newspaper HCCW issue and will continue to do so after 16 years of weekly publishing service to the Hispanic community.

The listed HCCW Board officers and members are:

Chairman, President & CEO: Jorge Franco

Vice Chair: Thomas Mason - Thomas A. Mason Co. Inc.

Treasurer: Frank Becerra - BITS & Associates LLC

Secretary: Dimas Ocampo - RC Insurance Services Inc

● Joaquin J. Altoro
Town Bank

● Tony Arteaga
Arteaga Construction Inc.

● Frank Becerra
BITS & Associates LLC

● Antonio Chavez

● Brian Ganos
Sonag Hispanic-Owned Companies

● Perfecto Rivera

● The Honorable Alberto R. Gonzales
Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis LLP

● Thomas A. Mason
Thomas A. Mason Co. Inc.

● Roberto Monteagudo DDS
Wisconsin Smiles

● Dimas Ocampo
RC Insurance Services Inc.

● Attorney Peter Ramirez
Von Briesen & Roper SC

● Aaron Rudberg
Robert W. Baird & Co – Private Equity

● Eric S. Serrano
Strategic Employee Benefit Services

Here are just a few posted comments from Facebook (FB).

Olivia Villareal, one of the owners of El Rey Grocery Stores posted, "This would NOT be first time Mr Franco kicked a Hispanic business or Hispanic organization in the teeth! Ask him why he made the Cesar E Chavez library NOT HAPPENED ON Cesar E Chavez Drive?...El Rey is tired of lip service and no positive action from this organization for us Hispanic businesses but they're the first to put out their hand for donations!"

Julio Maldonado, the César E. Chávez Drive BID executive posted, "I actually said the same thing to my wife while at the banquet, wow another Aqui! Then again, this move from Franco, is not surprising to me. The only business that is gained from the HCCW is that from the board themselves!...maybe it's time to revive Hispanic Entrepreneurs of Wisconsin! He did ask me this last summer "why don't we merge"? I laughed, as I read right through that.... He wanted our membership numbers and to say they "actually" help out small businesses! What a joke!" (Maldonado has since removed his comment from FB.)

Becky Quesada works at MATC, "Hispanic Chamber of commerce hasn't changed. Still a backstabber."

Raul Huertas, "It is nothing new, the what we should call left wing Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, always will contribute tho the growth of the anglos and African American business, they till this day treat us as illegals, that's why HEW was born, to REPRESENT AND EMPOWER LATINO BASE BUSINESS, wen I operate it, the chamber look at us as their biggest threat, and Gorge Franco?, what I think, he is just living on Maria's legacy, this events make me so sick that I even contemplating to revive HEW and show the chamber what the real LATINOS can do for their COMMUNITY, by not selling our self to the highest bidder...To all those that you don't know what HEW stands for, it means HISPANIC ENTREPRENEURS OF WISCONSIN, we were the real deal."

Graciela Hernández is a SOC Board member and business owner, "...I guess any collaboration with the hcc will have to be trademark so they don't steal it like always. As a business owner hcc was of no help to me on the contrary they discourage my business. I know they are only in it for the $$$. We need to establish a true Hispanic Chamber one that is for the hispanic community not one that sells our community for the highest bid..."

Cheri LaLoca González, "The only benefit i see is that it could be in english. Being a non-spanish speaking latina there is alot ive missed however they should use an hispanic business rather than non. I feel they sold out, not sending a good message of support to our youth."

Sylvia Ortiz is a former Milwaukee County Supervisor candidate, "Not supprised with the actions of the chamber. What the chamber did was wrong. Firstly it was your idea in the first place and to partner with non hispanic busineess when we have the el conquistador which has been here, on so many different levels, for the community. I SAY BOYCOTT. They probably figured that you would take it lying down. Smf.. They are out of touch with the hispanic community and have been for years.....I for one will not pick it up...Unfortunately to you really can't blame the milwaukee journal sentinel the chamber had always represented that they speak for the whole hispanic community."

Alan Eisenburg is the Editor of El Conquistador, "double cross...Hisp Chamber must be disbanded"

Update: On Friday, Victor Huyke only published a brief version of his Facebook statement to "thank everyone that has extended their support and kind words." He didn't explained, why the thank you notice was printed on his publication and I'm sure everyone coming upon his statement on page 5 are wondering, what is he referring too? Huyke's latest thank you notice indicates a deal might have been struck to neutralize Huyke's previous discontent with the HCCW and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's debacle and latest scandal.
Robert Miranda from the Wisconsin Spanish Journal when contacted by Hispanic News Network U.S.A. stated, "whatever arraignment was made between HCCW and the Conquistador, Huyke at least thanked the community for getting him what he wanted. SMH"

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