Friday, January 23, 2015

City of Milwaukee Fines Double For Failure To Shovel Snow Or Remove Ice From Sidewalks

Increase of fines for non-compliance and failure to shovel snow or remove ice from sidewalks take effect.

By H. Nelson Goodson 
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

January 23, 2015

Milwaukee, WI - On Tuesday, property owners in Milwaukee will be fined double for failure to shovel snow or ice form the sidewalk within 24 hours after a snow fall. The City Department of Public Works will oversee that all sidewalks be shovel after a snow accumulation.
The new change of Milwaukee City Ordinance 116-8-4 that includes doubling fines and raising fines for non-compliance or failure to remove snow or ice from sidewalks took effect on January 20.
Alderman T. Anthony Zielinski reported that City of Milwaukee private property, residential or commercial property owners and occupants are required to clear the sidewalks abutting their property of snow or ice within 24 hours after a snow fall. This includes the corner crosswalk area for property owners with corner lots, and those whose property abuts a midblock crosswalk.
Alderman Zielinski says, If a property owner is found to be in violation of this ordinance, a special charge of $50 (up from $25) will be assessed. Property owners who fail to clear all sidewalk snow and ice within 24 hours after receiving notice of the violation will be assessed additional special charges of $75 (up from $45) for the first violation and $100 (up from $90) for a second violation and any violations thereafter, plus the cost of snow and ice removal if cleared by the City.
The Department of Public Works staff is responsible for monitoring properties for snow and ice removal compliance and provides clean-up services when necessary. Residents can also alert DPW to problem properties by calling (414) 286-CITY, according to Ald. Zielinski.

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