Friday, October 3, 2014

Termed Out Margaret Moran Rejected By National LULAC Institude And LULAC Corporate Alliance

Margaret Moran and Magdalena "Maggie" Rivera

Moran faced two embarrassing situations when she was rejected by both the National LULAC Institute and the LULAC Corporate Alliance for pretending to be the National LULAC president after being termed out.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 3, 2014

Washington, D.C. - This week, Margaret Moran, the termed out National LULAC president faced two embarrassing situations at both the National LULAC Institute (NLI) and the LULAC Corporate Alliance when she was rejected after pretending to be the actual president of the National LULAC. According to LULAC members and the Voice of the Land (VL), on Thursday, the Corporate Alliance Board (CAB) requested for Moran to submit a full account of expenditures of the 85th National LULAC Convention that took place in New York. An executive Board member from the McDonald's Corporation was requesting expenditures from food, hotel accommodations, conference registration of delegates using corporate funding that was provided to LULAC. The National LULAC ended up paying about $100,000 for unused hotel rooms in NY.
Moran attempted to pass off as the current National President of LULAC, but was not recognized by the CAB or the McDonald's executive, according to VL. Moran was asked to leave the GAB Board meeting, but Brent Wilkes, the executive director of National LULAC was asked to give the report instead of Moran.
The NLI cancelled their meeting on Friday after a controversial discussion about an attempt to recognize Moran as the current National LULAC president and her role in the NLI Board. Moran wanted to appoint a parliamentarian to the Board and presented an agenda to be approved. A motion was made to approve Moran's last minute agenda, but the NLI Board voted 5-4 to reject the motion. Some of the NLI Board members, including an executive from the McDonald's Corporation once again would not recognize Moran as the current National LULAC president. 
According to a majority of registered LULAC voting delegates at the New York 85th National Convention in July, Magdalena "Maggie" Rivera from Illinois was elected as the new National LULAC president. After Moran and her appointed Election Judge postpone the elections. Moran's term ended on July 12, 2014.
The General Assembly elections were postpone by Election Judge Luis Roberto Vera Jr. after a TRO was filed on Friday, July 11 and then provided to LULAC executives just before the elections the next day. The TRO by a New York court prevented Moran and Vera Jr. from using certain rules in an attempt to influence the election in favor of a candidate from Laredo, Texas, Roger C. Rocha Jr. who they were supporting. No National LULAC president from any other state has ever been elected to the position other than from Texas. Rivera from Illinois became the first Latina woman elected National LULAC president that broke the 85-year control of the National LULAC presidency by Mexican-Americans from Texas.
Vera Jr. under the recommendation by Moran and National Legal Council Manuel Escobar did postponed the elections after taking a two hour recess, failed to reconvene or adjourn the Assembly. The delegates reconvene without Vera Jr. or Moran because they had left the Assembly. They elected an interim National President, picked an Election Judge and parliamentarian to proceed with the elections. A whole new slate of candidates were elected by the delegates including Maggie Rivera from Crystal Lake, Illinois, who won the LULAC National president position.
A New York and a Bexar County in Texas case are pending over the result of the LULAC National elections. The courts are expected to rule in Rivera's favor, according to LULAC members. But Moran, Rosa Rosales, serving as Past National President, Manuel Rendon, serving as National Vice President of Young Adults and Mickie Luna, serving as National Vice President-Farwest are accused of illegally serving in the Executive Committee after serving out their four one-year terms, according to the National LULAC by-laws and its constitution.

● Open letter dated October 2, 2014 to the National LULAC Board of Directors clarifying that the July 2014 85th National LULAC Convention elections in New York were legal under the National LULAC Constitution, according to Alfonso (Al) Maldonado, III J.D., President of LULAC Council 60 from New Mexico and former National LULAC Parliamentarian. Letter at link:

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