Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Immigration Reform Undocumented Activist Jaime Valdez Released On $15K Bond

The Valdez family announced that it has raised $15,000 with in-kind needed donations to free Jaime Valdez by posting his immigration bond.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 29, 2014

Phoenix, Arizona - On Tuesday, the family of immigration reform activist Jaime Valdez announced that they had raised a total of $15,000 bond needed to secure his release yesterday from immigration detention while he challenges his deportation case. The Valdez family raised $9K and a Gofundme account has raised the balance through in-kind donations.
A YouTube video posted by Puente Movement in Arizona on Tuesday showed Valdez thanking his supporters from his residence in Arizona. Valdez is free on bond, but is continuing to challenge his unjust deportation from the U.S.
Valdez was deported in February 2014 after spending a year in detention. Soon after, he decided to present himself at the Nogales Port of Entry so he could continue challenging his deportation. He strongly believes that he was deported because his father and supporters were staging a hunger strike outside an ICE facility and ICE retaliated by deporting him the same day of the protest. The Puente Human Rights Movement created the Gofundme account on October 22 to help raise funds for Valdez freedom.

Thank You Video From Jaime Valdez:

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