Thursday, February 5, 2015

Two Philly Police Officers Indicted For 2013 Brutal Beating Of Scooter Driver

A Grand Jury found that two Philadelphia police officers conspired to file a false police report and prompt up false felony charges against victim to hide their brutal beating.

By H. Nelson Goodson 
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

February 5, 2015

Philadelphia, PA - On Thursday, Philadelphia Police Officers Sean McKnight, 30, and Kevin Robinson, 26, were booked and charged with eight felony counts each for criminal conspiracy, aggravated assault, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, tempering with public records or information, false reports to law enforcement authorities, obstructing administration of law and official oppression. The felony charges stem from an investigation of the May 29, 2013 brutal beating of Najee Rivera, 22, a scooter driver by both officers. The officers in their false police report and when questioned by a detective alleged that Rivera assaulted one of the officers and resisted arrested. 
Rivera who suffered a brutal beating by both officers was taken into custody after being released from the hospital where he was getting treatment.
Rivera admitted that he fled from the officers when he was first stopped after he noticed that they took out their batons. Rivera became afraid and believed he was going to get beaten by both cops.
Rivera denied the charges against him and were later dismissed when his girlfriend found surveillance video footage of the officers striking Rivera's scooter while he was driving. The video was turned to police and an internal investigation by the department found that both McKnight and Robinson had conspired to file a false report and had prompt up felony charges against Rivera. If Rivera's girlfriend wouldn't have found the video, Rivera would have been convicted of the charges.
Police who investigated the May incident didn't attempt to look for any surveillance video cameras from buildings near the beating to determine how the incident transpired, according to the police department.
Rivera filed a lawsuit for the beating by both officers against the city and settled for $200,000.
The Grand Jury found that, "...The Grand Jury finds that Sean McKnight and Kevin Robinson were in their police car when they assaulted Najee Rivera by knocking him off of his motor scooter and then hitting him repeatedly with a baton and fists causing him bodily injury, including a fractured orbital and
numerous facial cuts requiring stitches and staples. Further, this Grand Jury finds that, while acting in their official capacity as police officers, McKnight and Robinson falsified police reports, including statements to the assigned detective and Use of Force reports to Internal Affairs, in order to effectuate the arrest and eventual criminal charging of Rivera."
"...A surveillance video of the incident shows the approaching headlights of Rivera's scooter and the police car driven by Robinson. When both vehicles enter the frame, the police car, without its emergency lights on and without any orders, commands, or sound or sirens, is immediately to Rivera's left and closing in on him. There is a blur of motion just outside of the front passenger window followed by the police car striking Rivera on his scooter. From the brunt of the impact, Rivera then crashes in towards the police car before spinning around and falling off of the scooter onto the ground.
"The video also showed that Robinson exited the driver side door and McKnight exited the passenger side door. Both McKnight and Robinson grabbed Rivera. Robinson pulled Rivera
towards the wall while McKnight struck Rivera with his baton a few times. Robinson pushed Rivera up against the wall while McKnight continued to strike him. Robinson eventually brought Rivera down to the ground and both officers repeatedly strike Rivera with the baton and fists.
"Throughout the entire encounter that is captured on the video, Rivera was wailing loudly and uncontrollably. Although he was moving around on the ground while being struck, he was
not resisting the officers or engaging in any aggressive actions. After about 40 seconds of continued repeated strikes, McKnight and Robinson placed Rivera into handcuffs and held him down with a foot on his back. For at least four minutes, either McKnight or Robinson kept a foot on Rivera's back as he lay on the ground bleeding."

Video Shows Philly Cops Run Down Man with Cruiser, Severely Beat Najee Rivera:

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