Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Andrea Michelle Cardosa Sentenced To 10 years In Prison For Molesting Two Former Students

Andrea Michelle Cardosa, Jamie Carrillo and Brianna

Former assistant principal from Alhambra United School District sentenced to 10-years for several sexual assault incidents with students.

 By H. Nelson Goodson 
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

February 10, 2015

Alhambra, California - On Monday, Andrea Michelle Cardosa, 40, was sentenced to 10-years in prison for three felony counts for lewd acts with two former students after a plea agreement to drop 13 felony counts involving child sexual abuse. Cardosa's abuse was exposed by Jamie Carrillo, 28, during a video recorded phone conversation posted in January 2014 on YouTube where it appears Cardosa admitted to repeatedly sexually assaulting Carrillo when she was just 12. Carrillo says, the sexual abuse continued for years. She was first sexually assaulted by Cardosa when she attended Chemawa Middle School in Riverside.
The YouTube sexual assault exposé went viral and a second female victim age 18, also came forward and accused Cardosa of also sexually assaulting her when she was just 14 at the Val Verde School District between 2009 to 2010 in Perris, CA. The woman who just wanted to be identified as Brianna filed a lawsuit against the Val Verde School District claiming that school officials knew of Cardosa's behavior and failed to prevent the abuse. She seeks an unspecified amount for damages resulting from Cardosa's abuse.
Carrillo realized that Cardosa might never be prosecuted due to the statues of limitations expiring, but prosecutors charged Cardosa. She later pleaded guilty in order for the prosecutor to drop multiple felony counts that she was facing. 
Cardosa befriended Carrillo's parents in order to spend more time with the student. She took Carrillo on out of town trips to molest her at hotels. 
The YouTube video link of Cardosa confessing was sent to the Alhambra School District administrators and they contacted the Alhambra Police Department. When Cardosa found out about the video and that the school district was investigating, she resigned.

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