Sunday, December 21, 2014

Woman Resorts To Facebook To Warn Others Of Boyfriend Domestic Abuse

Boyfriend booked for domestic abuse and 7 other charges in the beating of his girlfriend.

By H. Nelson Goodson
December 21, 2014

Village of Pleasant Praire, WI - On Friday, Crystal Andrews posted multiple photos on Facebook (FB) of an alleged beating by her boyfriend, Nicolas Jerome Kolbo, 32, of Racine. Andrews is showing a bruised face. She wrote that Kolbo struck her during a domestic abuse incident on December 18 at her place and wants other women to know that her boyfriend or ex-boyfriend abuses woman.
Kolbo was arrested, booked and is facing charges for P&P hold (felony), bail jumping, disorderly conduct, criminal damage to property, battery, false imprisonment, intimidate victim and theft-movable property. Bail of $1,500 was set for some of the charges and remains at the Kenosha County jail as of Saturday.
Andrews posted, "To all women out there, Date Nick Kolbo, be in a relationship with him and this WILL happen to you he's a liar, a fake, manipulator, he uses women ect...I was in the hospital. He make me sick." Andrews says, that when Kolbo attacked her, she tried to call 911 and got him mad, "My neighbors heard me screaming so they called the police. I tried calling 911 but that's when he really flipped & smashed my phone on the ground...the ambulance came & rushed to the hospital...I've never in my life experienced anything like this before. And I will never allow any man to do this to me again...all he does is find women obviously on Facebook butters them up and finds his way in. It is so amazing about all the stuff I know now and how it all makes sense now...his is a complete psychopath...I wish some would have warned me...I knew Nick way back in the day when we were 17 maybe younger...but ever since I posted the pictures last night I've gotten messages from other women telling me he's done this to them also. But never reported it. I'm NOT the type of person that's just going to allow him to do this to me and not do anything about it."
Kolbo had a temperary restraining order for domestic abuse in November 2001, according to court recourts.
Andrews posting has over 217 shares and keeps on sharing, according to her FB page.

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