Sunday, December 7, 2014

Eleven Contestants To Compete For Miss Hmong WI 2015

The Hmong Milwaukee New Year Celebration and Miss Hmong Wisconsin pageant to be held at the Milwaukee County Sports Complex on December 13 and 14.

By H. Nelson Goodson
December 7, 2014

Franklin, WI - This year, the Hmong Milwaukee New Year Celebration and Miss Hmong Wisconsin pageant for 2015 will take place at the Milwaukee County Sports Complex (MCSC), 6000 W. Ryan Road in Franklin, WI. Eleven contestants will be competing for the title of Miss Hmong 2015. The Hmong queen representing Wisconsin's Hmong community will be crowned on Sunday.
The 11 contestants are;

● Nkauj Zoo Lauj from Sheboygan, Wisconsin

● Maiv Ntxawm Xyooj from Sheboygan, Wisconsin

● Maiv Zuag Vaj from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

● Maiv Nyiaj Tsab from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

● Sua Xyooj from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

● Suzie Yaj from Green Bay, Wisconsin

● Npib Yaj from Sheboygan, Wisconsin

● Yeev Vaj from La Crosse, Wisconsin

● Sua Lauj from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

● Maiv Ci Hawj from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

● Oo Xyooj from Sheboygan, Wisconsin

The Hmong community event was moved to the MCSC to save money compared to having it at the Wisconsin State Fair Grounds. The State Fair cost to rent the facility and hold the two day event totaled more than $40,000 and this year holding it at the MCSC will cost at least $3,500 per day for two days, a huge difference, WA Chong Vang, the Chair of the Milwaukee Hmong New Year told SUAB Hmong News in September.
A dance competition will be held at the event and first place price is $1,200 and for the singing competition for first place will be $800 in price money.
People attending the event will have to purchase advance tickets for $9.00, which includes the day and night events. Without an advance ticket, $3 for the day event for both days and $8.00 for the Saturday night party event. Also an additional cost of $6.00 for parking and $3.00 optional for shuttle service.
The group Destiny will perform at the Saturday night party event, according to event organizers.
Food vendors, a market place and other exhibits will also be featured.

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