Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hipolíto Mora Surrounded By Rival Self-defense Cartel Group Backed By Mexican Government

El Americano massacred part of the Hipolíto Mora's self-defense group in Michoacán and had surrounded Mora in a last fight for survival.

By H. Nelson Goodson
December 16, 2014

On Tuesday afternoon, a community defense group massacre included the son of leader Hipolíto Mora in Buenavista, Michoacán. In an audio interview, Mora says he is surrounded, the military and Federal Police have fled and abandoned them.
They have hours or days to died, according to Mora. Another insurgency self-defense group led by the American, Luis Antonio Torres who is known to work for Los Viagras, a criminal group and is backed by the corrupt Mexican governments has surrounded them. In Tuesday's massacre, Manuel Mora, the son of Hipolíto Mora was reported killed.
In an interview with Radio Formula on Tuesday, Mora blames Alfredo Castillo, the federal Commissioner for Security in Michoacan for the massacre on Tuesday. Mora said, that Castillo knew that an eminent attack on Mora's self-defense group from La Rauna was targeted by a rival self-defense group headed by Torres with connections with a local criminal organization. Castillo is accused of backing Torres and Los Viagras for control of the state of Michoacán. Federal Police and the military stood by on Tuesday while Mora's group was attacked and at least six people including his son were killed.
During the radio interview, Mora called on all Mexican citizens to rise up for the Mexican Revolution against the Mexican corrupt narco-goverment and to wake up and fight to the death with honor to defend the rights and freedom for all national citizens. Mora also told listeners not to believe the federal government, which has lied and continues to lie to the people to protect their financial gain through corruption and narco-goverment. Mora said, he is ready and willing to die with honor for his people, which could have hours or days to live, if the federal troops don't get deployed into the area to prevent another massacre by criminal groups backed by the Michoacán state and federal governments.
Castillo has not responded to Mora's assertion that he is part of the corrupt narco-goverment in Michoacán and the federal government.
Mora called on Mexican nationals to pick up arms or farm tools and to defend their rights or die trying along with their sons with pride and honor.
So far federal (Marines) troops or Federal Police have not to been deployed to Buenavista or where Mora's group is surrounded by Torres's criminal groups.
On Sunday, the Proceso Magazine and a report by the University of California-Berkeley (UCB) exposed what Mora is claiming against the military, Federal Police and President Nieto's administration that they are corrupt and working with narco groups. The report by Proceso shows that the 27th Infantry Battalion and Federal Police in Iguala helped corrupt Iguala and Cocula Municipal Police in the September 26 Ayotzinapa student massacre and disappearance of 43 students who are now believed murdered and bodies cremated to get rid of any evidence and identification of missing students.
Federal Police have denied the Proceso  allegations, but student testimony, cell videos and witness reports including 900 pages of documents acquired by Proceso and the UCB indicate other wise.
Castillo told Aristegui Noticias that 11 people were killed in a gun battle between the Mora and Torres groups. The gun battle has been a feud between the groups for territory and that the military was in the area. But Mora says, the military didn't even attempted to stop the gun battle. One of the groups was told to disarm and failed to do so by December 15, according to Castillo. Mora associated Castillo with the Torres group, which are former police officers and Templarios, a criminal organization that used to control most of Michoacán.

Mora's dramatic interview audio link at : http://alturl.com/v62oa

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